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02-08-2001 to 14-08-2001

[AE] Auto parts
[AE] Branded Toiletries+Food
[AE] Cuttings and scraps of metals and plastics
[AE] Raisin
[AE] Refurbished or just used/secondhand computers
[AE] Saffron
[AE] TFT LCD monitor support T.V., DVD, Video Camera
[AL] Wearplate product
[AN] Bean seed
[AN] Synthetic hair
[AR] Oil filled radiator heaters
[AR] Rosewood
[AR] Wire wrapped jewellery
[AT] Nontransparent glass medicine bottles
[AU] 100K 15` monitor untested complete
[AU] Antique teak wood furniture
[AU] Any Item used in Arts & Crafts
[AU] CD Labeling Kit
[AU] Steel Trestles: Construction and Building
[AU] Top quality fabrics
[AW] Cigar accessories
[BD] Artificial leather
[BD] Billiard Table
[BD] CD protector
[BD] Fly Ash
[BD] Hardware products
[BD] Iron
[BD] Laboratory equipment
[BD] Runway Sweeper
[BD] Soda Ash & Caustic Soda
[BD] Used good condition accessories
[BD] Used textile machine
[BD] Vegitable seeds
[BD] Wood Seasoning Project Machinery
[BE] Blankets
[BE] Maize floormats from China
[BE] Powder coating recovery system
[BN] Ice cream cone making machine
[BR] Italian macaroni products
[BR] Unique products to market in Brazil
[CA] Brand Soft Drinks Bottling
[CA] Bulk Carrier to ship 3000MT Wheat Bran Pellets
[CA] Classic car parts wanted! 1960-1980 Parts and accesories
[CA] Embossing rolls
[CA] Footwear
[CA] Hook & loop cable tie assorted color and size
[CA] Male Condoms
[CA] Polar fleece fabrics
[CH] Porcelain & Crystal
[CH] Textiles and restaurant supplies
[CM] Cosmetics/pharmaceuticals
[CM] I V fluid machine
[CN] Anti-radiation accessory for mobile phone
[CN] Automatic bending machine
[CN] Bathroom products
[CN] Brush cutter, straw cutter, agriculture machine
[CN] Candle gift
[CN] Car speaker
[CN] Flyback transformers
[CN] High purity Titanium granular/powder
[CN] IC, amplifier and other devices for metal detector
[CN] Intensor
[CN] Japanese Pigskin
[CN] Lanolin
[CN] Lead Ore (Galena)
[CN] Leather scrap
[CN] Natural lecithin(raw unrefined lecithin)
[CN] Natural ox-hoof grease(original ox-hoof oil)
[CN] Novelty electronical gift FM Southeast
[CN] PVC K68-70
[CN] Rainbow Magic Pens Puzzle Vehicle
[CN] Underwear, nightwear and children wear
[CN] Used japanese forklift
[CN] Various chemicals
[CN] Wood kitchenware
[CO] Automobile inner tubes and tires
[CO] Polypropylene multifilament
[CO] Security Equipments
[CZ] Automatic Lubricator
[DE] Egg-timer, hour glasses (with fluid)
[DE] Garden Tools
[DE] Gillette, branded toiletries
[DE] Main ring units
[DE] Polyester fabrics
[DE] Tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol
[DK] Designer
[DK] Glow sticks / Light sticks
[DK] Silicone products
[DO] Dental supplies
[DO] Kitchen Stuffs
[EE] Ship
[EE] Ships wanted
[EG] Cannula Production lines
[EG] Chalk production line
[EG] Oil Search and Drilling Equipment
[EG] Used Cars
[ES] Notbook/camaras
[ET] Stationery Materials
[FR] Computer PIII, 800 Mhz & 733 Mhz.
[FR] Ligters
[FR] Polyamid yarn
[FR] Polyester HT yarn
[FR] Polyester yarn
[FR] Wine
[FX] Samsung N100
[GB] Data safes
[GB] Heaters
[GT] Promotional and stationary products
[HK] Backpacks
[HK] CD-R Production Line
[HK] Dongchunghacho Products
[HK] Ginseng Products, health & Nutrition foods
[HK] Locknut (it can lock itself )
[HK] PVC pipe & fittings
[HK] Scooter helmet
[HK] Stock lots of mugs, towels, pillow cases, sport socks etc..
[HR] Consumer goods of various kinds (especially household products etc)
[HU] Aluminium flake /RS/
[HU] Aluminium scrap
[HU] Camera micro
[HU] Cartridges
[HU] CCD Camera part
[ID] Air conditioner, portable air conditioner
[ID] Bulletproof Film
[ID] Car security alarm (2 way-LCD display)
[ID] Chicken Farm Products
[ID] Ferrous and non ferrous scrap
[ID] Food preparation machinery
[ID] Furniture from cocnut fiber
[ID] Internet phone
[ID] KSBC-electric
[ID] Motorcycle security alarm
[ID] Packing material
[ID] R-12, Refrigerant
[ID] Roll for steel mill
[ID] Secondhand heidelberg speedmaster
[ID] Textile machinery and water treatment
[ID] Yooshin Crown Velvet
[IL] Acrylic printed blankets
[IL] Advertising products
[IL] Lenses for sunglasses
[IL] XENON Searchlight
[IN] 320 HP Crawler Dozers suitably powered by water cooled Diesel Engine-13 Nos
[IN] 60Kgs. of cefixime oral USP 23 or 24
[IN] API-6A Monogram Surface Safety Valve
[IN] API-6D Monogram CS Ball Valve and Check Valve
[IN] Aromatic chemicals, fragrances and flavours, food additives.
[IN] AT Atx Cabinets
[IN] Benzaldehyde
[IN] Capacitor for Transmission Line on turnkey
[IN] Carbidopa
[IN] Carousal type electronic LPG filling system
[IN] Coach air conditioners
[IN] Conveyor belt and n/n belt
[IN] Cow, Sheep and Goat
[IN] Die Making Machine
[IN] Erythromycin Base
[IN] Fish Meal
[IN] Fixed Series Capacitor package for 400 KV Transmission Line at Sub-station on turnkey basis.
[IN] Fluorspar, praffin wax etc
[IN] Fuel for Cetane Engine
[IN] Fully automatic four reactor micro flow unit
[IN] Fully Automatic Four Reactor Microflow Unit For Hydrocracking/Hydrotreating
[IN] Glow in dark film
[IN] Harmony soap - pineapple flavour
[IN] HMS Scrap
[IN] Lead metal
[IN] Long grain white rice-12,500 MT
[IN] Long Grain White Rice-12,500 Mt Most Urgent 12500 MT.
[IN] LPG---1000 MT monthly
[IN] Magnet Powder
[IN] Metallurgical Microscope with Photographic arrangement and image analysis system
[IN] Microscope with Photographic arrangement
[IN] Old ship for demolisitation
[IN] Overhead Fibre Optic Cable Package
[IN] Pinch roll for hms
[IN] Resistors, diod, capacitor, transistor
[IN] Rhodes Grass Seed
[IN] Steel and Aluminium Plates
[IN] Steel bare line pipes electric welded
[IN] Sulfasalazine
[IN] Surface Safety Valve-3-1/8`, 5000 PSI
[IN] Technology
[IN] Textile handicraft
[IN] Transmission Line Package having line length of approx. 240 kms
[IN] Used computers, barley, honey
[IN] Winter fabric
[IN] Worsted Yarn - 250 MT
[IR] Acrilic Sheets (Golden)
[IR] C.N.G. gas conversion kit
[IR] Concentrate
[IR] Cosmetics, toiletries , odours only made in UK, France, Italy , Germany
[IR] Diagnostic kits
[IR] Electric blenders
[IR] Excellent quality hair driers ,walkmans and electric blenders .
[IR] Inkjet catridge & toner
[IR] Light track maintanance machinery
[IR] Mobile harbor crane
[IR] Optical frames, sunglasses, reading glasses to middle east .
[IR] Stop Cocks
[IR] Walkman
[IT] Used Machines for Textile, Mattress, Springs
[JO] Catalyst
[JO] Conveyor belts
[JO] Dental chairs and dental units
[JO] Foodstuff
[JO] Hair dying materials and cosmetics
[JO] Home appliances
[JO] Machines and raw material for chocolate
[JO] Penetrating oil
[JO] Pressure transmitters
[JO] Scarves
[JO] Security and battery
[JO] Steam turbines and power plants
[JO] Used copiers and parts
[JP] Abrasive products for DIY
[JP] Non-ferrous metals
[KE] Packaging Machine
[KG] Building construction equipment
[KP] Balls
[KR] [JP] Wooden disposable chopsticks
[KR] 10kA Polymer Lightning Arrester
[KR] A&Video tapes product of Samsung or LG
[KR] Acryl handle flatware
[KR] Activated carbon
[KR] Air Fliter
[KR] Baseball hat
[KR] Building Materials
[KR] CAM-Master
[KR] Canned fruits and all kind of nuts
[KR] Car baby sitter
[KR] Car interior vacuum cleaning machine
[KR] CD case
[KR] Cement carrier
[KR] Climbing crampon
[KR] Copper tube
[KR] Cosmetics for baby
[KR] Costume jewelry. All women fashion items: bags,clothes, accessory etc
[KR] Crankshaft grinding machine
[KR] Denim
[KR] Dried anchovy
[KR] Earphone & Headset for Walkman
[KR] Essential oil
[KR] Fishing items
[KR] Fresh sago
[KR] Gifts, etc
[KR] Glass items for coffee&teaware
[KR] Gypsum board
[KR] Halogen heater & Halogen lamp
[KR] Health (Fitness) Equipment
[KR] Heat resisting glass of Eastern Europe
[KR] Heavy machinery
[KR] High pressure & Low pressure hoses
[KR] Hoses
[KR] Lather m/c, Roll Balancing m/c etc.
[KR] Leather for leather garment
[KR] Li-ion Rechargeble Button Cell Battery
[KR] Materials for manufacturing power/telephone cable
[KR] Molding machine of Barrel and Plunger
[KR] MS connector
[KR] Non-working monitor
[KR] Paper Product
[KR] Pearl Necklace
[KR] PEP Bottling plant, PEP manufacturing
[KR] Police hat
[KR] Polymer
[KR] Production line of DC motors for automotive parts
[KR] PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene)
[KR] Radio control airplanes
[KR] Realtech 8139 Lan Card ..quick answer!
[KR] Recycled/off grade polyester staple fiber etc,
[KR] Rocking Chair for Children
[KR] Rubber air pump
[KR] Scania 113 & Benz Truck Engine
[KR] Scrap of non-ferrous metal
[KR] Shoes
[KR] Span Velvet fabrics
[KR] Spare Parts of Hydraulic Rock Breaker / Hammer
[KR] Stainless steel scrap
[KR] Stainless steel sheet & coil
[KR] Steel billet
[KR] Stereo Ear-phone / Head-set at half-dollar
[KR] Sweater
[KR] Textile for banner
[KR] Used metal moulds
[KR] Used Motorola Microtac Phones
[KR] Water Purifying Machine
[KR] Your products for Korean market
[KY] Ladies Board Shorts
[LB] Automotive voltage regulators and rectifiers
[LB] Foam agent, afff
[LB] Heavy equipment and security equipment
[LB] Material handling product, wire mesh, cleaning equipment, air compressors
[LB] Upholstery & Furnishing Fabrics
[LK] Milk Powder and machines
[LK] Textile Chemical
[LT] Sport timers w/radio & earphone
[MM] Heavy vehicles
[MN] Kindergarten`s related products
[MV] Baby diapers
[MX] Cigar plastic humidifier and hygrometer
[MX] Sulphuric Acid
[MY] Electrical Components
[MY] Fancy photo sticker
[MY] Grey Cloth/Fabrics (unprinted)
[MY] Luminous self glow products
[MY] Military and Fire Fighting Equipment
[MY] Needle Pin Making Machine
[NE] Chemical reagents
[NG] Bags, shoes, textiles, watches, electronics
[NG] Banknote counting machine
[NG] Cameras, brassieres
[NG] Cameras, jewellery, glasses, clothes
[NG] Computer parts
[NG] Electronic home appliances
[NG] Furniture and garments
[NG] Garments
[NG] Ladies and men shoes and handbags
[NG] Leather products and rugs
[NG] Military sleeping bags
[NG] Mobile phone and accessories
[NG] Pharmaceutical and medical goods
[NG] Sewing machine
[NG] Soaps
[NL] 50MW Gas Turbine
[NP] Carpet Flooring Machineries
[NP] Magic seal/ zipper seal polythene bag making machinery
[NP] Polythene zip lock bags making machinery
[NZ] 35mm film and color roll paper
[NZ] Kitchenware, bed and table linen, furniture, home interior textiles, gifts and toys
[NZ] Security Door Locks
[NZ] Sewing thread
[NZ] Ski & snowboard bags
[OM] Craft paper Plant
[PA] Hard disc
[PE] Golf cars
[PE] Optical supplies
[PE] Rice machinery
[PE] Used autoparts
[PH] Machine for Metal Lug Cap
[PH] Softgel encapsulating m/c
[PK] 200,000 Pieces Blankets
[PK] 600,000 paris socks
[PK] Beauty + nutrition products swiss made only
[PK] Green house joint-venture/collaboration
[PK] Pharmaceutical raw and packing materials
[PK] PTFE (Teflon)
[PK] PTFE yarn
[PK] REQ branded computers
[PK] Sanitary napkin, baby pampers making machinery
[PK] Spherical beads for moulding machines
[PL] Copper clad laminate (for printed circuits)
[PL] Parts for jewellery assembly
[PR] Sports Uniforms
[PT] Latex pillow, latex mattress, systems massage motors for chairs
[PY] Audio CDs
[PY] Tires for trucks
[RO] CD rom games stocks
[RO] Super glue
[RU] Auto parts
[RU] Blood pressure monitor
[RU] Galvanized stell covered with polymer
[RU] Health supplements, condoms
[RU] Ozone systems
[RU] Purchase of reefer
[RU] Reefer
[RU] Second-hand M/C for production of pvc dotted working gloves
[SA] Detergent raw materials
[SA] Portable pelleting machine
[SA] Washing powder raw materials
[SG] Feeds
[SG] GSM mobile phones in Bulk
[SG] Jelly powder
[SG] Live Fishes & Live Crustaceans
[SG] Wax in large quantity
[SI] Anti-freezing liquid for cars
[SK] Pavement-blocks
[SY] Hardness tester
[SY] Second hand square bottom paper bags machine.
[SY] Spare parts & accessories of cars
[TH] Businesses
[TH] Grey fabric cotton canvas
[TH] Lenticular ( 3 - D ) Printer
[TH] Printer Parts
[TR] Artificial leather
[TR] Car spare parts moulds
[TR] Catering
[TR] Curtain
[TR] Low Quality Cotton
[TR] Mini CDs (600.000PCS)
[TR] Mobile phones
[TR] Natural products
[TR] Nokia, Ericsson, Siemens Mobile phone
[TR] PC mouse
[TR] Porcelain
[TR] portakal
[TR] Security and Control Systems
[TR] Used Mack trucks and Caterpillar machines 80-81 models
[TW] Asian products
[TW] Cars Packing Equipment
[TW] Electric, electronic products
[TW] Faked gucci handbag
[TW] Furniture hardware, castors
[TW] Keyphone or telephone
[TW] Memory chips & wafer
[TW] Neon tube 2)UV lamps
[TW] Plastic resins
[TW] SDram chip & wafer
[TW] Strand braided machine
[TZ] Currency counting machines/u.s dollar checker.
[UA] Polysterene package forms
[UA] Wall-paper
[UK] Aluminium A7 ingots
[UK] Coco cola in 2,25 litre pet bottles from czech rep
[UK] Cola
[UK] Dog Tag Silencers
[UK] Electric hand dryer
[UK] Gold 24 & gold bars
[UK] Insecticies
[UK] Looking for choline chloride
[UK] Menswear, ladieswear, childrenswear, sportswear etc
[UK] Mobile phones and computer components
[UK] Oil
[UK] Original Branded Pampers nappiesmutliple size
[UK] Photographic equipment and accessories
[UK] Schiffli zang 10 and 15 yard used embroidery
[UK] Seagate, IBM, Quantum & WD Hard Disc Drives.
[UK] Second-hand buses
[UK] Sewing machines
[UK] Toilet paper similar to andrex 2 ply from dubai
[UK] TURKISH/USA white kabul chick peas
[US] 250,000 Pentium 4 (1.5Ghz) CPU`s
[US] Alloy Castings
[US] Aluminum (A7) ingots or copper cathodes
[US] Authentic Louis Vuitton Merchandise
[US] Auto electronic fuel pumps
[US] Bags
[US] Biotin, pahrmaceutical supplies and feed additives
[US] Chicken
[US] Chinese herbal medicines
[US] Clothing and Toys
[US] Clothing, shoes and accessories
[US] Coffe and tea
[US] Computer Hardware
[US] Copper circles
[US] Cosmetics
[US] Crest Toothpaste
[US] Diapers/Nappies
[US] Giftware products
[US] Gold Bars 999.5%
[US] Gold Bullion
[US] Gold Dust
[US] Golf and Denim Shirts
[US] Hand painted photographic muslin background products
[US] Handicrafts
[US] Headlamp brand Depo or esdepo
[US] Home Stereo Entertainment Equipment
[US] Home storage and shelving products
[US] Household products
[US] Kitchenware products
[US] Lighted lapel pins
[US] Lighting products
[US] Maker electric scooters/atv 4wheel drive 50cc/up
[US] Medicines wrapping material
[US] Men`s Sport Watches
[US] Newly invented health, medical products
[US] Packaging
[US] Personal Care Products
[US] Prada/Gucci/Fendi Handbags and accessories
[US] PS Foam disposable food containers
[US] Red rubber gaskets
[US] Samsung Cell Phones
[US] Self closing sliding door device
[US] Special Fabric Handbags needed - NOT PVC/MicroFibre
[US] Sphygmomanometer
[US] Sports equipment
[US] Steel products
[US] Thermal printers and flat panel LCD`S
[US] Toilet Seat
[US] Uncut (Rough) Diamonds and Precious Gemstones
[US] Unrefined Gold
[US] Unusual and fun items
[US] Viagra
[US] Washing machines
[UY] Caraven S.A. is looking for machines to produce CREPE PAPER from plain papers of 17 to 20grms/m2
[UY] Electronics components
[UY] Machines to produce CREPE PAPER from plain papers of 17 to 20grms/m2
[UY] Synthetic Leather for footwear manufacture
[UY] We are looking for Radio Control Planes,Cars and Boats
[UZ] Packing machines suppliers
[VE] Electrical Automotive Parts & Equipment
[VE] Electronic Time Clock, Employee Time Tracking
[VE] Fabrics: suplex
[VE] Low carbon wire
[VE] Ophthalmic Instruments and Equipment
[VE] Relays for electronics, shrinkable tubing, solid state relays, optoelectronics
[VN] Environmental Equipment (HAN-073)
[VN] Evaporitive Cooling Pad
[VN] Felspar Mine Exploiting Machine
[VN] Heat Exchanger - Cooler
[VN] Low carbon wire
[VN] Magnetic recordable part contained inside 1.4MB floppy disc
[VN] Plastic Bathroom Accessories (HAN-072)
[VN] Sandwich Panel
[VN] Security Equipment
[VN] Waste paper (OCC)
[YE] Motorcycle helmets
[ZA] Biaxially Orientated Poly Propylene

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25-07-2001 to 02-08-2001

[AE] Cigarette Paper and Aluminum Foil
[AE] Refurbished or just used computers
[AE] Rough gem stones
[AE] Soya bean oil
[AR] Oil filled radiator heaters
[AT] Educational plastic toys
[AT] Stationery and Office Products
[AT] Sugar
[AT] Top gel pens
[AU] Die cast Toy Trucks
[AU] Digital Sphygmomanometers for personal use
[AU] Fabrics
[AU] Origami folding paper
[AU] Polyester fabrics
[AU] Ropes and Cords
[AU] Window color craft paint
[BD] Ceramic Plate (FULL, HALF & 3/4 SIZE)
[BD] Sports cap manufacturing accessories such as button parts, pvc, foam etc
[BE] Blankets
[BE] Chains/ bracelets
[CA] 4 way stretch fabrics
[CA] Magnets
[CN] Automatic bending machine
[CN] Baby bed
[CN] Cactus for Golden Barrels
[CN] Chemical products for vehicles
[CN] Detergent and others
[CN] Dumper
[CN] Gemstone
[CN] Halogen Tubes
[CN] Isinglass powder
[CN] Medical instrument and reagent
[CN] Rubber
[CN] Used forklift
[CN] Wire mesh and metal products
[CO] Automobile and machinery filters
[CO] Copper wire and steel galvanized pipes emt
[CO] Gas cylinders
[CO] Hoses, neumatic equipments, measuring equipments
[CO] Polyester and acetate fabric
[CZ] Round grain rice
[DE] Cleaning brushes
[DE] Used PCB Assembly Equipment
[DK] Electronics and kitchen appliances
[DZ] Computer parts
[DZ] Rashel bag machines
[EG] Accumulators
[EG] AMD Duron 900 Mhz OEM or retail with cooler
[EG] Artificial fur garments
[EG] Used Aluminium Die-Casting Machine
[EG] Used Feed Production Line
[EG] Used Fish Feed Production Line
[ES] Fresh fish
[ET] Aluminum Circle
[FR] Disposable syringes and medical goods
[FR] Generating set
[GB] Barbeque Fire Starter
[HK] Chemicals
[HK] Fashion Watch
[HK] Tattoo Machine and Needle
[HK] Toni silkwave
[ID] Airway needle
[ID] Cane Raw Sugar
[ID] Universal Testing Machine
[ID] Wheat Flour
[IL] Acrylic printed blankets
[IL] Advertising products
[IL] Air condition
[IL] Auto parts
[IL] Brand toiletries
[IL] Lenses for sunglasses
[IL] PCB wireless antennas
[IN] Acrylonitrile
[IN] Artemisinin technology
[IN] Artificial flowers
[IN] Battery containers
[IN] Braiding Machine
[IN] Chick peas
[IN] Chrome lingo sulphonate
[IN] Diaphragm
[IN] Finished leathers
[IN] Furniture
[IN] Inhalation Dispenser
[IN] Low Silica Lime Stone
[IN] Mobile image intensifier system with accessories
[IN] Pinch roll for hsm
[IN] Polyester staple fiber
[IN] PP packaging strip
[IN] Rhodes Grass Seed
[IN] Scrap
[IN] Technology
[IN] Textile fiber wastes
[IN] Turbine Disc Assembly (Tab lock) 350C Turbocharger
[IN] Zinc sulphate
[IR] Cutter sheet size machine
[IR] Flower tape & stem warp
[IR] Galvanized steel sheet
[IR] Motor gearbox
[IR] Spandex linel
[IS] Jepara Furniture
[JP] Chopstick making machinery
[JP] PC parts, Peripherals and PC system
[JP] Steel-processing products like H-shape steel, steel shaft, etc.
[KE] Aluminium Cladding, windows and doors
[KE] Medical Equipment
[KE] Steel pipes & PVC water pipes
[KE] Textile
[KR] [TH] Grey fabrics
[KR] 10kA Polymer Lightning Arrester
[KR] A4 paper/HPgeunine ink
[KR] Aluminium Hydroxide
[KR] Apricot Puree
[KR] Ashtray
[KR] Balls which are used in bowling
[KR] Brand toiletries
[KR] Car baby sitter
[KR] Car interior vacuum cleaning machine
[KR] Communication Products
[KR] Crankshaft grinding machine
[KR] Ferro-Manganese and Ferro-Silicon
[KR] Filter Element
[KR] Gifts, handicrfts, toys, timepices, miscellaneous,
[KR] Golf simulator (used)
[KR] Hands-Free Kits
[KR] Latex glove, disposable PVC glove, nitrile glove for industrial
[KR] Medical innovations
[KR] MIXED C4 raw materials
[KR] Muffler
[KR] NAPHTHA raw materials
[KR] Natural White Sesame Seeds
[KR] New idea goods
[KR] Phase change material
[KR] RAFFINATE-1 raw materials
[KR] Rubber air pump
[KR] Small glass bottle
[KR] Stainless steel scrap
[KR] Stick candy
[KR] Textile for banner
[KR] Used/ scrapped copper pvc cable
[KR] Voice Chip
[KR] We import MIXED C4 raw materials
[KW] Pumps and Diesel Generator
[LB] Asphalt-batching plant
[LB] Chemicals: solvents, PET resin, nitrocellulose, methylene chloride...
[LB] Halogen and fluorescent lamps
[LB] Oil based ink & media for flex face or vinyl
[LB] Polyester fabrics
[LB] Sky-lifts
[LB] Turnkey project in Iraq
[LB] Worsted Wool Fabrics for Suiting
[LK] Laboratory test kits
[LK] Out Board Engines
[LK] Radioactive Meterial
[LK] Transformers
[LT] Beef meat
[LU] Medicinal herbs and plants
[MM] Wooden educational toys
[MU] Stainless steel sheets, water taps and glass pane
[MX] Transmission for washer, motor, wather valve, presure, houses, electronic boards
[MY] Grey Cloth/Fabrics (unprinted)
[MY] Medical Equipment
[NG] Furniture and garments
[NG] Laboratory equipments
[NG] Ladies hat materials
[NG] Mobile phone and accessories
[NG] Musical instruments
[NG] Sewing machine
[NL] Electric 220 V pedicure & manicure sets
[NL] Magnetic switch alarms for windows and doors and enfrared motion detectors alarms
[NL] Mortal shell containers
[NL] Used Mercedes Benz and BMW, 1999/2000/2001 models, left side steering wheel
[NP] Machinery for manufacture of zinc oxide
[NP] Steel wool manufacturing machines
[NZ] Automotive Filter Media Paper
[NZ] Bolt/Nuts/washers
[NZ] Braille and digital talking watches for the blind
[NZ] Printers and printer spare parts for cash register
[NZ] Squeeze bottle LDPE
[PE] Reach Stacker Equipment
[PH] Cat eye metal road block
[PH] Non perishable meat and food
[PH] Potassium aluminum sulphate
[PK] 200,000 Pieces Blankets
[PK] 600,000 pairs Socks
[PK] Pen
[PK] Plastic cards
[PK] Pure Medicine/Pharmeceutical
[PK] Used monitors
[PL] Marble stone
[PY] Audio CDs
[PY] GUNS used by civilians
[PY] Tires for trucks
[SK] Pavement-blocks
[TH] Ethanol Production Plant
[TH] Panel board accessories
[TH] Pellet Mill
[TH] Pelletizing Machine
[TH] Testing Machine for Steel Bar
[TN] Fishing tackle
[TR] Boron
[TR] Essential oils and open perfume
[TR] Oiled paper for spare parts packing
[TR] PC mouse
[TR] Pill Packaging machine
[TR] Polyester yarn, filament, poy waste
[TR] Sports shoes
[TR] Standart pc mouse
[TR] Surplus bearings
[TR] Viscose Staple Fiber
[TW] Disposable Diapers, wet wipes and associated
[TW] Pack sealer
[TW] Patent health product
[TW] Steel billet
[TW] UV lamp with Ozone generation
[UK] AU metal 10 tons/mth
[UK] Data safes
[UK] Laser acupuncture equipment for clinical
[UK] Medical products
[UK] Metal spray machine, machine for production of screwdrivers blades, and acryrex granules
[UK] Promotional items
[UK] Textile, leather garments and all kinds of gloves
[US] Artificial trees, palm trees, plants
[US] AU Metal Term Contracts
[US] Auto Baking equipment for filled miniture cakes
[US] Automatic Glass Bottles
[US] Bollywood Rights or Finished Stock
[US] Financial Instrument
[US] Gold Dust
[US] High quality non-toxic wooden educational toys
[US] Lapel pins, using a lighted electronic back attachment
[US] Lingerie Fabrics
[US] Mack engines
[US] Musical instruments
[US] PS Foam disposable food containers
[US] Timing Belts and Timing Belt Tensioner Bearings
[US] Unrefined Gold
[US] Vegetable/corn/edible cooking oil
[VE] Cotton T-shirts
[VE] Promotional products for marketing and advertising
[VE] Stationary products
[VN] Sandwich Panel
[VN] Trapping machine
[ZA] Chrome Plated Ashtray

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19-07-2001 to 24-07-2001

[AE] Badges machinery
[AE] Bathroom Ceramics
[AE] Contract packaging of color cosmetics
[AE] Spare parts for kawasaki motors(wheel loader)
[AE] Steel Bars
[AE] Tailoring/Garment Accessories
[AE] Used passenger car tubes.
[AR] Eva, pvc, rubber, sponge materials
[AR] Kerosene heaters
[AT] Connector pin and socket
[AT] Innovative promotional articles
[AU] Brass Swivells with Interlock Snaps used in Fishing
[AU] Craft Window Colour Paint
[AU] Fashion accessories
[AU] Jet fuel
[AU] PVC moldings
[AU] Rip Stop Nylon
[BD] ERW line pipe
[BD] Industrial Chemicals all sorts
[BD] Low cost fun toys, Bouncing Balls, innovative sports toys
[BE] Essential oils
[BE] Lighters
[BE] Stadium seats
[BG] Autoparts
[BR] Electrical Panel, Instrument Panel
[BR] Frequency Inverter
[BR] General Remote Controls
[BR] Liquid Cristal Display
[BR] Polycarbonate Ophthalmic Lens
[BR] Power Supply
[BR] Reflective Sheeting
[CA] Air Suspension Systems-Air Bags, Bellows
[CA] Silent air compressor
[CA] Tools
[CA] Wheelchair parts
[CL] Dyed polar fleece fabric
[CN] Agaricus Blazei Murill
[CN] Cool-processing Mould Steel
[CN] Corrugated paper ` tear strength` test machine
[CN] Elechronic health products
[CN] HP Genuine Ink Cartridge and Toner
[CN] Joint veture wanted !!!
[CN] Oil painting
[CN] Parts and oem
[CN] Pharmaceutical equipment
[CN] Red pepper
[CN] Selenium ore powder
[CN] Snow crab shells
[CN] Soybean protein seperation DECANT
[CN] Spirit Level Producing M/C
[CO] PP woven bags Material
[DE] Denim Fabrics
[DE] Teflon release sheets
[DK] Plywood
[DZ] Memory, cpu
[DZ] Package tape
[DZ] School items and stationery
[EG] 14000 Tons Mn Sinter
[EG] 15300 PCS Complete Motor for Ceiling Fan
[EG] 20 M/T Polyester transparent tape
[EG] 4868 M/T Cold Rolld Steel Sheets & Coils
[EG] 500 M/T Galvanized Steel Coils
[EG] Aluminum Sulfate
[EG] Hot Rolled Steel Round Bars
[EG] Pollutry vaccine
[EG] Polyester Fiber
[EG] Polyester Flat Yarn
[EG] Polypropylene Tape ( 1000 Kg white - 250 Kg Red )
[EG] Stainless Steel Sheets
[EG] Steel Bars
[EG] Steel Plated with Tombac
[EG] Used Car Motors
[ES] Fresh fish, frozen seafood
[FR] Mountain bikes
[FR] Piercing jewelery
[FR] Polyamid fabrics
[HK] Gear locks for cars
[HK] Metal spring for toys
[HK] Optical Fiber
[ID] Liquid packaging
[ID] Rerollable steel (Misrolled billets)
[IL] Brand toiletries
[IL] Condoms
[IL] Dog and cat treats and biscuits
[IL] Isotanks, containers, marine ship-shore equipment
[IL] Labs
[IL] Lady`s elegant fashion hats
[IL] Perfums
[IN] 100% Cotton Yarn for knitting gloves
[IN] 100% Polyester Open End Spun Yarn Ne 5/1
[IN] Aluminised Steel Sheet
[IN] Automotive Parts
[IN] Baseball caps
[IN] Bicycles for East African market
[IN] Bottling plant for mineral water
[IN] Chip on board
[IN] Cigarette paper
[IN] Commercial items
[IN] Cuttle fish bone
[IN] Dumet wire
[IN] Electric kitchen ware..
[IN] Lipton and Ahmad branded tea
[IN] Non Magnetic Stainless Steel Material
[IN] Nylon sheet PVC Coated for making school bags
[IN] Off-grade or factory rejected pet film
[IN] Organic Chemicals
[IN] Ortho-toluidine
[IN] Polywool suitings
[IN] PU Foaming Plant
[IN] PVC sheet for making School bags
[IN] Rice
[IN] Self adhesive tape
[IN] Stainless Steel Material
[IN] Thermoforming and allied machinery required
[IN] Truck Inner Tubes Scrap
[IN] Used CNC Wood Working Machines
[IR] Acylic fiber
[IR] Card board, paper production line
[IR] Compressor
[IR] Copper-Nickel alloy TUBE
[IR] Date syrup/liquid sugar production line from date plam
[IR] Electrolytic Copper Cathode Grade A
[IR] Motor -Run and Lighting Capacitors
[IR] Spandex
[IR] Spandex
[IR] Steel tube coated with copper
[IR] Veterinary Blood collection/ blood transfusion equipment
[IT] China and Korea Products
[IT] Electronic material for industries
[IT] Imitation jewellery
[JO] 10000 Business CD Cards
[JO] Computer monitor
[JP] Combs for flea control for dogs and cats
[JP] Optical frames and lenses
[JP] Sea bream(Amadai), scabbard fish
[KR] 4 Fold umbrella
[KR] AC small motor, Geared motor
[KR] AC/DC Motor for grinder or handdrill
[KR] Aesthetic Items
[KR] All Kind of Carpets
[KR] Aluminium Profile, Pneumatic Parts
[KR] Barber`s scissers and hair clippers
[KR] Cacl (calcium chloride)
[KR] Calculator pen
[KR] Car baby sitter
[KR] CCTV Camera (High Resolution Color Board Camera)
[KR] Cinnamon bark, powder
[KR] Csmetics perfume material
[KR] Electrical cord
[KR] Excavator
[KR] Filter for a warm air circulator
[KR] Fireproof product
[KR] Glass woven + 10% PTFE coating
[KR] Gypsum board
[KR] Hammock
[KR] Health(Fitness) Equipment
[KR] Kitchen wears, and/or utencils
[KR] Leather Garment for women
[KR] Liguid Lignin(Lignosulfonates)
[KR] Living accessary
[KR] Machinery
[KR] Maple syrup and Maple products
[KR] Memory
[KR] Methyl-3-mercapto propionic acid
[KR] Mixed C4 raw materials
[KR] NAPHTHA raw materials
[KR] Natural sterilizer using for disinfection , fungicide, insecticide, etc
[KR] Paper bag making machine
[KR] PC parts
[KR] PHILIPS - Electric port
[KR] Polo T-Shirts
[KR] Polyester
[KR] Polyester pre-oriented yarn semidull, raw white
[KR] Pvc compound
[KR] Pyrolysis gasoline
[KR] RAFFINATE-1 raw materials
[KR] SHF 6 X 4100 cutting machine
[KR] Sodium Alginate,Tungsten Carbide
[KR] Spares for water dispencer
[KR] Stainless steel
[KR] Steel Billets
[KR] TEFAL - electric port
[KR] Used AJL
[KR] Used bowling equipment
[KR] Used Motorola Microtac Phones
[KR] Used/scrapped copper pvc cable
[KR] Waste of Arrowroot
[KW] Security printers
[LB] Gaz & Electric Heaters.
[LB] Light bulbs
[LB] Lysine
[LB] Machine to make plastic school tables
[LB] Signs, printing, advertising
[LK] Gem Cutting & Lapidary Tools
[LK] Textile Chemicals
[LT] Aliuminium Fluoride
[MM] Heavy vehicles
[MY] Cosmetics Container
[MY] Fogger
[MY] Mould making flower on ready made frame and machine
[MY] Refrigerators, freezer,.....
[NG] Bulk cement & re-bagging plant
[NG] Electronic indoor and outdoor advertising equipments
[NG] Industrial chemicals
[NG] Shoes, bags, garment, textiles
[NG] Steel Billets and Nail making machine
[NG] Surgical Disposables and Medical Equipments
[NG] Technical partner in solid mineral exploitation
[NL] DVD players & Digital cameras`
[NP] Night Vision Gogals & Night Vision Binoculars
[NZ] First aid dressing/ plasters/bandages
[NZ] Light bulbs
[PE] Bowl noodle soup
[PE] Epoxy resins
[PE] Paper film for sterilization
[PE] Promotion products
[PE] Single use camera
[PE] Sporting goods
[PE] Tires and wheels machinery
[PH] Offset printing equipment
[PH] Pet preform
[PK] Desktop and notebook computers
[PK] Drill chucks
[PK] Fermenter/Oxytetracycline
[PK] Glassfibre cloth, yarn
[PK] Green house joint-venture
[PK] I.V. CANNULA korea or china made
[PK] Jute bags
[PK] L-Lysine Feed Grade
[PK] Refrigerants, Air Condition, Refrigerators Spare Parts
[PK] Rubber Vulcanizing & Tyre Industry`s Chemicals
[PK] Selenium sulphide
[PK] Sodium bi Carbonate B.P / Food grade
[PK] Used comerio embrodiery machines
[PK] Used mother board
[PK] Vehicle & Compressors
[PK] Vitamin A Feed grade
[PK] Waste and in rope Polyester Staple Fiber in any denier
[PK] Zinc Sulphate Feed Grade
[PL] Bikes
[PL] Men`s ties, scarves
[PL] Metal sheet plates for charts (boards)
[RO] Central heating
[RO] Meters
[RO] Pens
[RU] All sorts of printed matter
[RU] Citric acid
[RU] Cosmetic accessories, MOW/01-218
[RU] Formic acid 85%
[RU] Galvanizing steel & self-adhhesive film for metal
[RU] Malathion, Tri-chloroisocyanuric acid
[RU] Souvenir products, MOW/01-217
[SD] Oxygen Plant
[SI] LCD monitor
[SI] Shopping plastic bags
[SY] Aluminum foil
[SY] Second hand square bottom paper bags machine
[SY] Silk Screen three or four colors printing machines for holloware glass
[TG] Athletic Gear - Soccer
[TH] New Innovative Gift
[TH] Poly Vinyl Cabamate (Release Agent)
[TH] Products available to market for Drop Shipment
[TR] Agency
[TR] Polystrene(HIPS) and ABS scrap or regrind
[TT] Caribbean Seaonings, Spices & Hot Sauces
[TW] Disposable underwear
[TW] Facial mask(beautificatin)
[TW] Gas cap (oil cap)
[TW] Make up tissue
[TW] OEM Eltron YMCKO Thermal Transfer Ribbon
[TW] Optical Frames bestco
[TW] Roof tiles
[TW] Satellite LNB or satellite Low Noise Convertor
[TW] Usb & ieee 1394 peripheral products-winbest
[TZ] Motor vehicle registration number plates
[UK] Casual and active Sportswear
[UK] Children’s pedal cars
[UK] Copier Paper and Newsprint
[UK] Industrial grade oranges for Germany
[UK] Knitwear and woven clothes
[UK] Paper to make paper bags for Germany
[UK] Seagate, IBM, Quantum & WD Hard Disc Drives.
[UK] Toilet paapers similar to andrex 8pence per roll
[UK] Wooden pallets 10,000 sought for Europe
[US] 20,000 Sets PDA
[US] Aluminum A7 Ingots & Copper Cathodes
[US] Asbestos (Raw-Long Fibre)
[US] Blankets
[US] Clothing Fabrics
[US] Crystal Metal Transfers
[US] Customized plastic case to hold 150 spools thread
[US] Dices
[US] Fabrics for Apparel
[US] Forging and casting companies, machine shops
[US] Glitter for Cosmetic Products
[US] Gold Bullion
[US] Gold Dust
[US] Gold Dust / Powder
[US] Golf Equipment
[US] Hot Stamp Foil
[US] Injection Molding, Conduit, Zinc Die Cast and Push Pull Cables
[US] Inserts
[US] Jewellery
[US] Led powered flashing bracelet
[US] Lucent/Avaya DEFINITY PBX and phones
[US] Machinery, tools,machinery, tools,
[US] Medical
[US] Men`s wear
[US] Metal Striping Line , Metal Tabe Line
[US] Pine wood, hardboard
[US] Pine, hardboard and Plywood
[US] Plush Toys
[US] Polyethylene
[US] PVC Resin
[US] Radio Remote Controls
[US] Samsung sch 6100
[US] Search for Men`s wear
[US] Sheep casing
[US] Sphygmomanometer, watch, vaporizers, humidifiers
[US] Steel Molds
[US] Uncut (Rough) Iranian Turquoise
[US] Unrefined Gold
[US] Vegetable Oil
[US] Women`s Knitwear
[UY] Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration Equipments
[UY] Electronic components
[UY] Elements for installation of cable TV
[UY] Koreans Autoparts
[UY] PC consumables and accesories
[UY] Sliding doors
[UY] Tempered and Floating glass
[VC] Car air bags
[VN] Knobs for electronic audio-video devices
[VN] Machinery for making zippers
[VN] Organic fertilizer plant from garbage
[VN] Production line (HAN-067)
[VN] Sand making plant
[VN] Stainless steel mini gas cylinder
[ZA] Big garden / outdoor chess sets

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