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15-07-2001 to 18-07-2001

[AE] 50% Deminaralised Whey Powder
[AE] Acrylic Sheets
[AE] Building Materials
[AE] Cuttings and scraps of metals and plastics
[AE] Hydrolic Pipe and fittings.
[AE] MDF Sheets.
[AE] Ply wood and timber.
[AE] Scraps of metals and plastics
[AE] Spare Parts for window and split A/c
[AE] Used computers and monitors
[AT] Leather gift and promotional items
[AT] Shopping bags made of cotton
[AU] Components for pneumatic motors
[BD] Baby food & Dairy products
[BD] Chemicals and reagents for diagnostic clinics
[BD] Lubrication equipment
[BD] Polyester chips dryer
[BD] Talking Toys
[BD] Walkman
[BE] Cat repellant for gardens
[BJ] Pharmaceutical formulation/antibiotics supply
[BR] General Remote Controls
[BR] Liquid Cristal Display
[BR] Polycarbonate Ophthalmic Lens
[BR] Residencial Water Heater by Gas
[CA] Fabrics
[CA] Inkjet Cartridge
[CA] Leaf Springs
[CA] NAND Flash Memory
[CH] Key-fob
[CH] Spice
[CN] `ASIS` untested IDE Hard Drives
[CN] Chinese traditional handicraft
[CN] Cold rolled coil
[CN] Electronics, plastic, hardware
[CN] Keyboard, case, mouse, speaker, MP3
[CN] Live tiger prawns
[CN] Motor helmet, toy, MP3 player
[CN] Norfloxacin
[CN] Parts and oem
[CN] Retractable Cord Reel
[CN] T-shirts, textiles and leather jacket
[CO] Children hearing aids and optical frames
[CO] Computer software
[CO] Dental disposable needles
[CO] Powder melamine and gum rosin
[CO] Toys and all kinds of products for ornamental fishes, aquiculture and aquarium products
[CO] Transparency film, highlighter, markers and printer ribbon
[CZ] Laser interferometers and measurement systems
[DE] Electric Scooter
[DE] Glasses about 150.000 pieces/year
[EG] Computer components
[EG] Unsaturated polyester
[ES] Baby eels
[ES] Cement and clinker
[ES] Wood planks
[FJ] Purchase of refurbished photocopier
[GB] Soft drinks
[HK] C.V.C Fabric
[HK] Prolong Tile
[ID] Kempas, yellow balau, meranti
[ID] Production Control Display
[IL] Charcoal fire lighters
[IL] Medical supplies
[IN] Chip on board
[IN] Cotton seeds
[IN] Die for pvc zipper (extrusion), or ziplock with slider
[IN] Engine Parts
[IN] Garment manufacturing unit
[IN] Heat resistant thick pvc for heatpack
[IN] Heatpad
[IN] Hexamine
[IN] Kitchenware
[IN] Medical Disposalbles
[IN] Mineral water storage bottles in bulk
[IN] Polywool suitings
[IN] Resistor, diod, capacitor, transistor
[IN] Soft aluminum scrap
[IN] Stock lot of garments
[IN] Suits manufacturer
[IN] White cement or its clinker required
[IR] Aluminum polyester foil aluminum foil laminated with polyester
[IR] Building materials & accessories
[IR] Optical frames , sunglasses , reading glasses to middle east .
[IR] Spandex
[IT] Filters
[IT] Hot stamping foils
[JO] Electrical items
[JO] Fabrics and machinery
[JO] Office equipment
[JO] Pipes
[JO] Stocks of merchandise
[JP] Security alarm
[KR] 7` TFT LCD Color Panel or Video Monitor
[KR] 700mhz, 900mhz wireless microphone set
[KR] A and B grade POY at the moment urgently
[KR] Automotive Parts
[KR] Brush Motor
[KR] Car accessory
[KR] CCTV Camera (High Resolution Color Board Camera)
[KR] Ceramic wall and floor tiles
[KR] Chain saw, acrylic sheets
[KR] Clothing/military supplies
[KR] Color CCTV Camera Module
[KR] Construction equipments
[KR] High Resolution Color CCD Board Camera
[KR] Logo patches, Rhinestones, Spare parts for embroidery machines (Tajima, Barudan, etc.)
[KR] Miliatary Communication Equipment
[KR] Paper bag making machine
[KR] Pitch Coke, Petrol Coke
[KR] Polyelefin plastics for cables
[KR] Polyester pre-oriented yarn semidull, raw white
[KR] Second hand production line manufacturig tea bags
[KR] Split type air conditioners
[KR] Steel and polyester strapping and seals
[KR] Steel scraps
[KR] TFT LCD Color Video Monitor or TFT LCD Panel
[KR] Used AJL
[KR] Used tea bags manufacturing machine line
[LB] Metal optical frames and green houses
[LB] PVC & Polyethylene cling film in jumbo reels
[LB] Refined petroleum products for Lebanon
[LB] Telephone Cables
[LK] Hearing Aid
[LK] Side Sealing Machine
[LK] Straw Dispensers
[MM] Heavy vehicles
[NG] Automobile tires and inner tubes
[NG] Automotive battery
[NG] Textile and fruit processing machine
[NL] `Helicopter `ALOUETTE 111-SA 319``
[NL] Baumaschinen, Radlader usw
[NZ] Light bulbs
[NZ] Paper trimmer made with a rotary cutting wheel
[PA] Light bulbs, wall clocks, meat grinder
[PE] Carton pines cones
[PE] Hot stamping foil
[PE] Porcelain-on-steel surface
[PE] Promotion products
[PE] Single use cameras
[PK] 17` monitors
[PK] Braiding Machines
[PK] Cold rolled sheet
[PK] Glassfibre cloth, yarn
[PK] Heat Gauge for Gyzers
[PK] Pig iron
[PK] Scrap of steel iron
[PK] Used machinery
[PL] Bikes
[PY] Chemicals and tinctures
[RO] Canned mushroom
[SD] Industrial Gasses
[SE] Cheap textile fabrics for curtains, fabrics for in tafta, silk, embroidery, small quantities in stockproducts in textile
[SE] Elements of wooden pallet
[SE] Fabrics/Materials for Evening Gowns/Dresses and Curtain fabric
[SE] Various Fabrics/materials for Even Gowns/Dresses and Curtain fabric
[SG] Beauty/cosmetic products and more
[SG] Panasonic CGR-D 320 /220 batteries
[SR] Fresh oranges
[SY] Aluminum foil
[TH] Fuser Film Sleeve, Printer Parts
[TH] Hair looped
[TH] Mylar Film 75u
[TH] PTFE Lined Valves and Ceramic Lined Valve
[TR] 1100 dtex polyester yarn
[TR] Ammonia
[TR] Copper clad steel
[TR] Enamel cookware
[TR] Nokia, Ericsson, Siemens Mobile phone
[TR] Polyurethene for cable production
[TR] PVC floor covering
[TW] 600W power supply
[TW] Brand `organiser` soap dispenser
[UK] Baby sanitary napkin making machine
[UK] Casing pipes and water filtration
[UK] Fake fir fabrics
[UK] Marine equipment
[UK] MIL Standard electronic components
[UK] Seagate, IBM, Quantum & WD Hard Disc Drives
[US] `ASIS` IDE Hard Drives
[US] Agoya seashell buttons
[US] All Terrain Vehicles
[US] Dices
[US] DVR Cards & Software
[US] Electric wireless remote
[US] Emeralds
[US] Full Line of Audio & Video Products
[US] Gold Bullion
[US] Gold Dust
[US] Grinding Machine
[US] Heating Vessel
[US] IDE Hard Drives
[US] Lamps
[US] Licensed Manufacturers & Exporters of Mens Suits
[US] Machine shops
[US] Novelty Lighters
[US] Polyethylene
[US] Programmed memory cards
[US] Sony CD-R 7000 Mg
[US] Uncut Diamond & Precious Gems
[US] Various Products for Large Retail Store
[US] Wolframite
[US] Women`s Knitwear
[VN] Extrusion line for making masterbatch
[VN] Glass Laminating Machine
[VN] Lamps
[VN] Machine Tools/Hydraulic Equipment
[VN] Machinery for making zippers
[VN] Porcelain Processing Equipment
[VN] Production line
[VN] Sand making plant
[YU] Adult sex toys
[YU] Lingerie & underwear
[ZA] Big garden / outdoor chess sets

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11-07-2001 to 14-07-2001

[AE] Hot Water Soluble Non-Woven Interlining
[AT] Syringes and needles
[AT] Thermal iron stove
[AU] Cotton damask
[AU] Forged steel pipe flanges
[AU] Moulding machine
[BD] CD-R silver/silver in bulk pack.
[BD] Cold rolled steel coil, pig iron (foundry grade)
[BD] Edible oil (soya/sunflower)
[BD] Full line of fan producing M/C
[BD] Polar Fleece Fabrics
[BD] Used Circular Knitting Machines from Korea
[BE] Active and passive electronic components
[BJ] GSM mobile phones and notebook/laptop computer
[BJ] Pharmaceutical formulation/antibiotics supply
[BR] Soya beans, sugar, yellow corn etc.
[CA] Acrylic Blankets
[CA] Garment, electronics
[CA] Greenhouse
[CA] PCB & Textile
[CA] Work gloves
[CN] Agent lift table
[CN] Car tyre
[CN] Dried tapioca
[CN] Electronic Kiln controls
[CN] Forage cubing(pelleting) system
[CN] House electronic products
[CN] L.L.D.P.E
[CN] Machines to produce stationery
[CN] Magnesium alloy anodes zinc alloy aluminum alloy reference electrode backfill
[CN] Novel style, elegant & in good taste eiderdown products
[CN] Pencil transferal machine and transferal film
[CN] Plastic product
[CN] Plastic zipper
[CN] Potassium Sulfate
[CN] Processed glass and glass processing chemicals
[CN] Shampoo
[CN] Sushi nori knitted crochet apparel
[CN] TV, PC game
[CN] Vincamine
[CN] Washing machine
[CN] Wire
[CN] Wooden jewellery boxes
[CO] PP woven bags Material
[CZ] Beet sugar
[CZ] Jasmin rice
[DE] Electric Scooter (BER 044)
[DE] Jeans und Bekleidung
[DO] Embroidery Yarn
[DO] Marking and Label Machine
[DO] Posters, Banners, stickers, sign and graphics, Standee-Type Displays, Hanging Signs
[EG] Electronics
[EG] Milestone lead acid batteries required
[EG] Nankang tires
[EG] Used Tomato Pasta Production Lines
[ES] Citric Acid Monohydrate
[ET] Used cars, steel & iron products, sanitary goods (soaps, shampoos, etc.), processed food [GB] Branded clothes
[GH] Raw material for fibre glass
[GH] Used Auto Parts
[ID] 2 Co line Phone.
[ID] Aotu Laser Cutting Machine
[ID] Auot laser cutting machine (textile)
[ID] Corn in big quantity
[ID] Diapers making machine
[IL] Digital Copier
[IL] Electric pumps for whirlpool and spa
[IN] African teak logs or rough square
[IN] Balloon for advertise & fly to over sky
[IN] Bottling plant
[IN] Cesium baem frequency standard
[IN] Circular saw with numerical control
[IN] CNC hydraulic turret punch press
[IN] Corrugated box scrap
[IN] Dead weight type force primary standard of 50KN capacity
[IN] Electronic ignition for maruti suzuki cars, glowplugs, glowplug controllers.
[IN] Factory Rejected Plain/Bare Polyester Film.
[IN] Factory Rejected Polyester Film.
[IN] Gel pen
[IN] Guillotine machines
[IN] Home appliances
[IN] Inkjet cartridges. Branded cdr
[IN] Methanol
[IN] Microprocessor controlled a.c. package system
[IN] Natura Hue Chem Ltd
[IN] Pasta
[IN] PC-2 10 stage quartz crystal micro balance, Y-5001 spare crystal
[IN] Primary standard of radiance
[IN] Pumps, centrifugal horizontal barrel
[IN] PVC product
[IN] Readymade garments
[IN] Realistic 3-D images
[IN] Vacuum guage calibration system
[IN] Vibrating sample magnetometer
[IR] Industrial Diesel Engines
[IR] Optical frames , sunglasses , reading glasses to middle east .
[IT] Filters
[IT] Littlee wooden vases
[IT] Stamping foils
[JO] 2002 world cup promotional items
[JO] Cosmetic containers & raw materials
[JO] Food processing and packaging m/c
[JO] Hydraulic hoses and fittings
[JO] Printing m/c & supplies
[JO] Raw materials, films and foils
[JO] Security systems and cigarettes
[JO] Tyres and tubes
[JP] Glass wool products suppliers
[KR] `The Tongkat Ali`
[KR] 100% Cotton fabric
[KR] Air conditioner Cooler
[KR] Aluminium coil
[KR] Aluminium primary ingot
[KR] Beverage Vending machine
[KR] Car accessary
[KR] Car seat for infant
[KR] CD(empty) manufactory for exporting
[KR] Ceramic wall and floor tiles
[KR] Chicken Meat
[KR] Construction equipments
[KR] Cosmetics
[KR] Electric Tricycle
[KR] Electrical cord
[KR] Folding bicycle for children
[KR] Germanium
[KR] Gold Ore
[KR] Lipton tea
[KR] Mechanical fan for homes
[KR] Nestle coffee mate
[KR] Plastic Band Watches & Radio Clocks
[KR] Plastic box for fish
[KR] Polynosic stock
[KR] PVC compound
[KR] Rabbits
[KR] Scarf, shawl, muffler
[KR] Security system
[KR] Silicon Watches & Radio Clocks
[KR] Smoked eels(seasoned)
[KR] Stuffed Toys
[KR] Tongkat Ali
[KR] TPU (incl. scraps, regrind)
[KR] Ulexite
[KR] Used Tube Mill Line
[KR] Various.
[KR] Water purifiers
[LA] Molding machine of Barrel and Plunger
[LB] Metal optical frames & green houses plastic sheets
[LB] PVC & polyethylene cling film in jumbo reels
[MA] Shoes suppliers
[MX] Jacket
[MY] Corrugated Board Machine
[MY] Fancy Novelties and Wedding Invitation Card
[NG] Electronics, industrial textile pins and needles
[NG] Floor covering (rubber carpets)
[NG] Medical and hospital disposables and equipments
[NG] Sodium hyroxide,nitric acid,tin sulfate
[PE] Chemical raw material
[PE] Petrochemical products
[PE] Piping
[PH] Restaurants joint venture
[PK] Braiding Machines
[PK] Glassfibre cloth, yarn
[PK] Hardware for distribution/transmission lines
[PK] Pharmaceutical Chemical
[PK] Ropes - Eyelets - Tooth Washers
[PK] Used Tajima/Barudan
[RU] Beauty and household goods, MOW/01-216
[RU] Kinetic sculptures
[RU] Polyester tetured yarn, MOW/01-202
[RU] Polyester yarn, MOw/01-214
[RU] Souvenir globe, balls, MOW/01-15
[RU] Wood preservation equipment
[SA] All kinds of Sign board material, Flex, Banner
[SA] Auto parts
[SA] Chemicals
[SA] Hydraulic Hammer,Pumps,Chisles & spare parts steel, Rubber
[SA] Office Machines Consumables.
[SA] PVC Plastic Sheet MATT FINISH.
[SG] Kicthen Cabinet
[SN] Oil meter
[SY] Second hand square bottom paper bags machine.
[TH] Biscuit and snack manugfacturing whole plant
[TH] Sugar
[TH] Window film
[TR] Computer compenents
[TR] Dosing valves
[TR] Egg Powder
[TR] Electrical heating elements & parts
[TR] Feed corn
[TR] Marble and mining
[TR] Nokia, Ericsson, Siemens Mobile phone
[TR] Refrigerating Components
[TR] Sea water magnesia
[TR] Soapwort root
[TT] Canned Salmon, Cow Ghee
[TW] Brand new item of consumer goods or health food
[TW] CD&Lens cleaner
[UK] Branded Pampers nappies
[UK] Kilobar and 12,5 kilo bar gold
[UK] Seagate, IBM, Quantum & WD Hard Disc Drives.
[US] Artificial Ivy
[US] Auto parts
[US] Biochemicals
[US] Ceramic Bisque, paint brushes, glaze, plastic containers
[US] Concrete Block machinery & equipment
[US] CREST Toothpaste
[US] Gold Bullion Wanted
[US] Gold Dust (Wanted)
[US] Heavy Duty Truck Parts
[US] Magnatite Jewelry Beads
[US] Plastic Cosmetic Bottles
[US] Polo rl jeans
[US] Salted & Wet Blue Cow Hides
[US] Seek inexpensive `Door Viewers`
[US] Sound chip 12v with speaker
[US] Tire equipment
[US] Tropical fruits
[US] Uncut (Rough)Emeralds
[US] Universal Remote Controls
[US] Used /re-condition Machinery/Plant from Eupore.
[US] Vinyl
[UY] PC consumables, accesories and peripherals
[UZ] A mould for hubcap of Nexia car
[VN] 02 units of used concrete paver
[VN] Pharmaceutical Materials
[VN] PP Paper Bag Machine 
[VN] Roll abrasive paper
[VN] Used out vessel for scrap
[VN] Used Passenger car 
[VN] Used vessel engine
[ZA] Artist material products & Glass bottles

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