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04-07-2001 to 11-07-2001

[AD] American cigarettes
[AE] Cycles, bicycles, scooters, etc.
[AE] Hot Rolled Steel Angles
[AE] Textiles, garments, sundries
[AR] Automatic external defibrillator
[AR] Lock mechanism with a mech-lock cilinder
[AR] Self cleaning window
[AR] Sheepskin and goat skin nappa
[AR] Stock lot of sport shoes
[AR] Wireless Security Devices
[AT] Passenger elevators and Escalators
[AZ] Massager
[BD] Borax and zink sulphate granular
[BD] Brass Scrap & Zinc Scrap.
[BD] CD-R silver/silver in bulk pack.
[BD] Cosmetics empty container
[BD] Gray Spun Polyester Sewing Thread
[BD] LeadScrap/ZincScrap/BrassScrap/ZincDust
[BD] Upholstery fabric
[BE] Coal tar
[BG] Aluminuim ingot a7
[BG] Frozen mackerel, tuna
[BJ] GSM mobile phones and notebook/laptop computer
[BR] Filters (Air, Oil, Fuel)
[BR] PVC Sheets, Polyesthirene Sheets
[BR] Soya beans, sugar, yellow corn etc
[CA] KD Steel Book Storage Cabinets
[CA] Black decker appliances
[CA] Computer Hard Drives
[CA] Illusion body jewelry
[CA] K/D Steel Book Storage Cabinets
[CA] Scrape Metals
[CA] Soybean #3
[CA] Water Filtration Equipment
[CH] `Stevia Rebaudiana` Plant
[CH] Notebook/Laptop with integrated camera
[CH] Uncut and polished diamonds
[CI] Fish
[CM] GSM cell phones,computer sytem & many kinds of electronics
[CM] Computers, consumer electronics, electrical appliances
[CN] Diethyl Sulfate
[CN] Lysine
[CN] Motor helmet, toy, MP3 player
[CN] Plastic product
[CN] T-shirts, textiles and leather jacket
[CN] Acrylic, mink, blanket, hand, crocheted, cap
[CN] Aluminium ash
[CN] Cloves, nutmeg, cardamon, black pepper
[CN] Cold rolled coil
[CN] Cordless Keyboard
[CN] Diethyl Sulfate
[CN] Halogen Tubes
[CN] Large amount of aluminium ash
[CN] Lysine
[CN] Margarine and shortening
[CN] Material used as filter of sunlight.
[CN] Motorcycle helmet
[CN] One step HCG Urine pregnancy test strip/card
[CN] O-toluidine
[CN] Pencil transferal machine and transferal film
[CN] Pet bottle flake
[CN] Portland cement 425#,525#
[CN] Potassium Chloride BP98/USP24
[CN] Potassium Sulfate
[CN] Pumpkin seeds and kernels;beans
[CN] Screws
[CN] Silica Gel
[CN] Sodium Fluorosilicate ( sodium silicofluoride)
[CN] Solar cells for calculators
[CN] Switch, breaker etc
[CN] Synthetic diamond
[CN] The watch with compass
[CN] Trenbolone acetate,19-nor-4/5-androstenedione/diol, prohormone, pyruvate.
[CN] UMTS software and hardware
[CN] Vincamine
[CN] Weever fries
[CN] Wood and furniture products
[CN] Wooden jewellery boxes
[CO] Fabrics for manufacturing clothes
[CO] Fishing hooks, reels and accessories
[CO] HDPE and PVC.
[CO] Photovoltaic cells or solar panels
[CO] Spare parts for motorcycles
[CO] T.V. parts, video parts, audio parts, phone parts etc.
[CR] Disc pad, brake shoe
[CU] Electric Rice Cooker
[CZ] New interesting products
[CZ] Thickness fleecy blankets
[DE] Denim
[DE] Fabric Stocklots
[DE] Dosing valves
[DE] Ethyle vinyl acetate
[DE] Micro fiber fabrics
[DE] Oil-paintures !!!
[DE] Pipes for Gas Pipeline (BERLIN 043)
[DE] PVC-compounds and -textiles
[DE] Verpackungsmaschine / Packing machine
[EG] Diving & Swiming Tackles
[EG] URGENT5.000.000AL covers for Medical Bottles
[EG] 20 tons aluminum foil tapes size 60/200/60
[EG] 5.000.000AL covers for Medical Bottles
[EG] All Printing Chemicals
[EG] Aluninum profiles
[EG] Bridge Wire electric hoists
[EG] Disinfecting Equipment and Blowers
[EG] Interlinning for Collars
[EG] Marlboro Red/White-Bar Code 5-Original
[EG] Medical Equipment
[EG] Nickel chromium wire nicr 80/20
[EG] Soybean Meal
[EG] Stainless steel sheets
[EG] T-Shirts-Poloshirts White/light-dark colours
[EG] Vibration Isolation, Vibration Absorbers
[ER] Micro fiber fabrics
[ES] Canned pineapples
[ES] Mobile phone
[ES] Baby eels
[ES] Canned pineapples
[ES] Potatoes diamond and spunta
[ES] Vessels
[ET] Aluminium Circle
[FR] Cereal products
[FR] Gaz gates
[FR] Red wine in bulk
[GB] 230 volt sockets
[GB] Canopies with steel framework
[HK] Computer
[HK] Plastic scraps-PMMA, POM, PC
[HK] 300T nylon taffeta stocks
[HK] Full Cream Milk Powder
[HK] Isoamyl Alcohol
[HK] Thermostat
[HR] Upholstery fabrics
[HU] Diving clothes and accessories
[ID] Bolnes Spare Parts
[ID] Cosmetic jar cream
[ID] Glass Vial
[ID] Nelsonite
[ID] Television
[IL] Cotton Blend Socks
[IL] Gazebo
[IN] 2Mt Vitamin E Oil 98%
[IN] CNC Special Purpose Boring Machine With Swarf Removal System
[IN] Mono sodium glutamate 99% plus purity, large crystals
[IN] Primaquine phosphate 7.5 MG--- 28 Million
[IN] Second Hand Medical Equipment
[IN] Sulzer PU or P7100 looms width85`
[IN] Textile raw materials
[IN] Timber Logs/Acrylic Waste/ Textile Dyes
[IN] 1. spark plugs 2.flashers 3.car mats 4.car horns 5.decorative asseccories
[IN] 2000 kitchen oven (stove) gas or electric
[IN] 2Mt Vitamin E Oil 98%
[IN] 8 bit t.v game joystic micro chip requirments
[IN] Air piston gauge
[IN] Ammonia plant
[IN] Blow energy single frame open die forging hammer
[IN] Box strapping machines
[IN] Calcium silicate/thermal insulation
[IN] Catalyst for fccu
[IN] Circular saw with numerical control
[IN] CNC hydraulic turret punch press
[IN] CNC special purpose boring machine with swarf removal system
[IN] CNC system
[IN] Cosmetics
[IN] Crosscamellose Sodium ( Primellose)
[IN] Diposable lighters
[IN] Double Sided Tissue
[IN] Drill grinding machine
[IN] Electrical and electronics products
[IN] Electronic ignition for maruti suzuki cars,
[IN] Electronic rail corrugation & weld measurement system
[IN] Forged steel round bars
[IN] Garment manufacturing unit
[IN] Gas glow system
[IN] Graphite electrode with nipple
[IN] Guillotine machines
[IN] Heat exchanger bundle extractor
[IN] Heat Transfer Film
[IN] Heating and cooling stage
[IN] Inkjetpapers, ohp sheets,flouroscent papers
[IN] Iodised Salt
[IN] Josephson series array chips 1V&10 volt chips
[IN] Leather for garments
[IN] LPG bottling plant.
[IN] Mabuchi Micro Motors
[IN] Machine Made Carpet
[IN] Machinery
[IN] Machinery for Manufacturing LPG Cylinder
[IN] Magnesium metal
[IN] Magnesium metal 99.8 %
[IN] Manufacturers +Exporters Aids Rapidtests(like Hiv Hbsag Hcv Hcg etc.,
[IN] Metal block calibrator range: 50-700C.
[IN] Microprocessor controlled a.c. package system 5 tr.
[IN] Molecular sieve
[IN] Nickel
[IN] Nickel
[IN] Nylon Tarpaulin as Manufactured Finished Product
[IN] Optical dew pint measuring instrument along with chilled mirror
[IN] Ortho Boric Acid, Sodium Nitrite, Citric Acid
[IN] Orthopaedic implants
[IN] Poly/Cotton or Polyester Open End Spun Y
[IN] Polyurethane (synthetic)
[IN] Precision resistance dcc bridge
[IN] Precision resistors
[IN] Pumps centrifugal horizontal barrel
[IN] PVC / PU Coated Fabrics, Non Woven Fabrics etc
[IN] PVC Waste
[IN] Realistic 3-d images
[IN] Reverse Osmosis Units
[IN] Rockwell hardness
[IN] Rough of Precious and Semi Precious Stones
[IN] School stationery
[IN] Second Hand Medical Equipment
[IN] Spare Parts and Accessories
[IN] Spare parts for heavy earthmoving equipments
[IN] Steel Angles & Plates
[IN] Steel Angles Plates Structurals Sections
[IN] Steel Angles Plates Strucucturals Hot Rolled
[IN] Super insulated MU-metal shielded liquid helium dewar
[IN] Synthetic hockey surface
[IN] TC (Poly/Cotton) recycled Fibre Spun yarn
[IN] Timber
[IN] Transfer Printing paper & Film
[IN] Turbo- Molecular drag pump with dry backing pump
[IR] Complete line of Producing Tissue Paper
[IR] Inkjet catridge & toner
[IR] Optical frames, cameras
[IR] Pvc sheets
[IR] Security camera -cctv
[IR] Wound pad cutting machine
[IT] Silver handicrafts
[IT] Chanel women bags
[IT] Components for paint finishing machinery
[IT] Horse trailers
[IT] Trimming
[JO] Carbon steel pipes
[JO] Chemicals and raw materials
[JO] Seamless pipes
[JO] Tiers tyres
[JO] Alsief for equipment supplies
[JO] Ambulances & emergency medical equipment
[JO] Automotive hoses
[JO] Base fluid
[JO] Chemical raw materials
[JO] Electrical materials
[JO] Firework
[JO] Floating roof tanks drain hoses
[JO] Gate valves & tees & fittings
[JO] Glass paper
[JO] Grease
[JO] Hydraulic hoses and fittings
[JO] Kerosene and electric heaters
[JO] Kerosine heater
[JO] Marina basin construction
[JO] Medical disposable equipment
[JO] Mineral water
[JO] Musical light & sound systems
[JO] One 20 ft. wooden doors acc.
[JO] PC and parts
[JO] PET & PVC machines
[JO] Pipes
[JO] Power cables
[JO] PVC floor tiles
[JO] Raw material for foam rubber
[JO] Raw materials, films & foils
[JO] Semi-finished blankets
[JO] Spare parts for heavy eqpt
[JO] Tank carrier
[JO] Tiers
[JO] Tyres and tubes
[JO] Van mobile workshop
[JP] Chalk making machine
[JP] Single use camera's shells
[JP] Non-ferrous metals
[JP] Single use camera's shells
[JP] Steel products
[KE] Packing M/C for disposable syringe
[KR] "Firmness"
[KR] 58`` 300 danier satin jacquard plain dyed
[KR] Acriseol
[KR] Acriseol276-urgently
[KR] Blood Pressure Monitor
[KR] Butt welding M/C for wires (Biz-Channel)
[KR] Cold glue labeller
[KR] Disposable Telephone
[KR] Drink & beverage
[KR] DVD player for car
[KR] Gift & toy
[KR] Homeshopping goods
[KR] Polyster yarn
[KR] Used AMF and Brunswick.
[KR] W-Ni wire welding M/C
[KR] (1)Dried persimmom leaves (2)dried red/blue pimento
[KR] 100%cotton corduroy 21w print`
[KR] Al insect screen of window
[KR] All kind of fabics dacrylic mink blankets
[KR] Artemia Cysts
[KR] Bandana
[KR] Blood Pressure Monitor
[KR] Butt welding M/C for wires.
[KR] Car wood handle
[KR] CD recordable (650MB, 74MIN)
[KR] Ceramic toilet
[KR] Cold glue labeller
[KR] Computer hardwares
[KR] Control System for Injection Moulding Machine
[KR] Cooling Fan
[KR] Crushing (crumpling) machine
[KR] DC/DC Convertor
[KR] Dried red/green pimento
[KR] Ear-Phone
[KR] Electric Motor, BLDC Motor
[KR] Electric Tricycles
[KR] Embrodiery machinery / multi head
[KR] Fishing items. Wears, rod, hooks lures, nets, pins, etc...
[KR] Frozen Food in Korea
[KR] Gift & toy
[KR] Glass woven + 10% PTFE coating
[KR] Glucomannan & Konjac
[KR] Golf bag
[KR] Gum rosin & paraffin wax
[KR] Gypsum board
[KR] Hairbrush
[KR] Headhunting
[KR] Homeshopping goods
[KR] Infrared heater
[KR] Korean Ginseng (Insam)
[KR] Lamination paper for leather.........
[KR] Lathe m/c, Roll Balancing m/c etc.
[KR] Lathe, Roll balancing
[KR] LED for RED and RG (RED + GREEN)
[KR] Live globefish
[KR] Microcrystalline Cellulose
[KR] Milling Wheat & Durum Wheat
[KR] N/C twill peach
[KR] Newest toys
[KR] NS cutting system
[KR] Paper/board, cup stock, SBS, LWC
[KR] Pearl Necklace
[KR] Persimmon/pimento
[KR] Pet bird feeding products
[KR] Pitch Coke, Petrol Coke
[KR] Plywood
[KR] Polar fleece
[KR] Polynosic stock
[KR] Polyster yarn
[KR] Portable alcohol breath tester
[KR] Promotional Goods
[KR] Raw materials for petrochemical products
[KR] Russian seafood
[KR] Seamless underwear (functional, fashionable)
[KR] Secondhand machining tools
[KR] Socks & sock material
[KR] Sodium lignin sulfonate/calcium lignin sulfonate
[KR] Stainless Steel product
[KR] Stock lot of polyester fabrics
[KR] Sweater
[KR] Tile
[KR] Touch Screen
[KR] Used forklift, Kalmar
[KR] Used Marine Engine(Cummins)
[KR] Used plastic mould
[KR] Used textile machine(Italy MENEGATTO)
[KR] Wall Fan
[KR] Water fall fountain
[KR] Whisky
[LB] Composites raw material, paints raw material, alucobond, alucor
[LB] Elevator & Escalators
[LB] Elevator & Escalators
[LB] Gas cylinders machinery
[LB] Production line for television of different sizes
[LK] Ferrules, used for water supply connections from the water distribution mains.
[LK] Gunmetal Ferrules
[LK] Charter cargo vessels
[LK] Charter fishing vessel
[LK] Chemicals, geranium…
[LK] Construction material
[LK] FRP and GRP products
[LK] Pharmaceuticals
[LK] Water meters
[LK] Yellow fin tuna
[LT] BOSCH -GSM 900 -model 607
[MA] Shoes suppliers.
[MN] Agriculture & Farming used equipments
[MN] Medical used equipments
[MN] Sausage manufacturing related equipments
[MR] Solar energy system/recycling machine
[MV] Remote control
[MX] Bed cloth, t-shirt and fabric
[MX] Cap making machine
[MX] Cotton fabric in gray
[MX] Heat transfer foil machine
[MY] Refrigerators, freezer, cooler
[MY] Refrigerators,freezer,cooler......
[MY] Futon Mechanisms and Porecelain Accessories
[MY] High Pressure Blower
[MY] Noryl Resin for Eletrical & Electronic Parts
[MY] T-shirt & Cap
[NG] Automotive Battery
[NG] Fire proof safety safe
[NG] Hospital supplies
[NG] Used and brand new auto spare parts
[NG] A/C, Fridge, finished, underwear unisex
[NG] Automotive battery
[NG] Automotive parts & blank audio/video tapes
[NG] Blank audio and video cassette
[NG] Crude soyabean oil
[NG] Disposable syringes & needle, blood bags, gloves, plaster, medical equipment
[NG] Foreign participation in petroleum exploration
[NG] Furniture and garments
[NG] Limitation leather, footwear, used motorcycles
[NG] Nail wire drawing machine
[NG] Palm kernel oil (pko) and palm kernel cake
[NG] Pay phone/pay phone cards
[NG] Power stabilizers, UPS, line conditioners
[NG] Printing of post and greeting cards
[NG] Radio Communication Equipment and Accessories
[NG] Telecommunication equipment
[NG] Used bags
[NG] Video compact disc and television sets
[NL] Baumaschinen, Radlader usw
[NP] Night Vision Gogals & Night Vision Binoculars
[NP] Photocopy paper
[NU] Samsung monitors/accessories
[NZ] Computer Business
[NZ] Bags & Luggages
[NZ] Chromite
[NZ] Cooking oil (used)
[NZ] Ice Cream dispensing Machine
[NZ] Ice Cream vending machine wanted
[NZ] Merlo brand machines ( ex UK )
[NZ] NPK Fertiliser, compound fertiliser
[NZ] NPK Fertiliser, compound fertiliser
[NZ] Snow mobile heated handle bars
[NZ] Wooden beverage sachet display boxes
[PE] Family tents
[PK] Caustic soda
[PK] Embrodiery machinery / multi head
[PK] Petroleum Products
[PK]  CD-R and PC Camera from China and HK.
[PK] All Hair Assessories,Clips, Inimation Jewellery Stock lots and Fresh
[PK] Artificial Leather
[PK] Brassiers Accessoriese Hook and Eye Tape.
[PK] Caustic soda/ sulphonic acid
[PK] Computer
[PK] Copper Rod (99.9% Contents)
[PK] DVD Rom New and CD Rom Old
[PK] Labelling machine
[PK] Match machinery
[PK] New L.G. CD-ROM & Monitor
[PK] Petroleum Products
[PK] Pig iron/ferro alloys
[PK] Ram 64MB & 128MB
[PK] Rough Optical Frames Lense
[PK] Sports Goods, Track Suits, Martial Arts, Boxing Gloves, Uniforms, Weight Lifting Belts
[PK] Stock Lots of electronic spare parts
[PK] Used C.P.U. Pentium II & III
[PK] Used Embroidery machine
[PK] Used S.V.G.A. Monitor 14` 15` 17` 21`
[PK] Wax for water proofing Tent materials
[PL] Working gloves, protecting clothes
[PT] Rubber Expansion Joints, Pipe Fittings,
[PT] Pipe-fittings, steel flanges, valves, rubber expansion joints
[RU]  Phosphorus pentasulphide
[RU] Completing Parts for Computer Monitor Included
[RU] Medical expendable stuff (MOW-01/195)
[RU] Professional cosmetics and beauty parlours, MOW/01-205
[RU] PVC production plant (MOW-01/
[RU] Sunflower oilcake, fish flour, yeast fodder
[RU] Synthetic fibre on a substrate for doormats
[RU] Synthetic yarn and fiber, MOW/01-203
[RU] Three-side sealing M/C for production PE vacuum bags (MOW-01/190)
[RU] Vessel for catchin squid
[SA] Auto mobiles. Oil seals for GM & FORD.
[SA] Inner tube for vehicles
[SA] Office Machines Supplies.
[SA] PANASONIC 134 & 136 film for fax machines
[SE] Complete tool bags
[SE] Women\`s Knitted Garments
[SE] Women`s Leather Clothes
[SG] Repro , Antik , Colonial Furniture
[SG] Cigarettes
[SG] Dove Cream Bath
[SG] Gelatin
[SG] Small fermentation unit
[SG] Steam coal
[SG] Toys, educational toys, play house items for the age 1.5 to 4 children.
[SG] Used electrical home appliances
[SI] Cotton yarn
[SK] Shrimp shell
[SV] Softball bats, gloves, balls
[SY] Medical & physical therapy and beauty care products
[SY] Anti-shop lifting devices
[SY] Boarding M/C for socks
[SY] Heat resistant and anti-shock glassware
[SY] Sealing srtps
[TC] clothing
[TG] Mobile phone and computer accessories
[TH] Communication Products System
[TH] Garlic in 50 Kg DW drums
[TH] Polycarbonate roofing sheet
[TH] Polyester thread
[TO] Mobile phones
[TR] Caller Id Machines
[TR] Rdyleme, para-diethylbenzene
[TR] 80 gr A-4 Photocopy Paper
[TR] Chooped glass fiber, mat strad
[TR] Jean
[TR] Lab equipment
[TR] Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB)
[TR] Marble and mining
[TR] Oilseed machine
[TR] PC parts
[TR] Timer and thermostat for nofrost refrigerators
[TR] Underwear
[TR] Water sterilizer
[TR] Ylbenzenepara-dieth
[TW] Copper sulphate
[TW] Transducer for Ultrasonic washing machine
[TW] Fish scaler, over door hanger, microwave lid, bottle opener
[TW] Notebook computer
[TW] UV lamp with Ozone generation
[TW] Window knife for W+D machinery
[UA] Cellular phones
[UA] PET granulated
[UK] Aluminium foil containers making machinery
[UK] Army boots & surgical syringes
[UK] Beet sugar wanted urgently cnf Karachi
[UK] Central air condition plant/cold storage/computer games/stone breaker machine/solar tubes and bulbs/water treatment systems, etc
[UK] Cussons (uk) ltd packaging components
[UK] Handbags and chain belts
[UK] Industrial safety helmets
[UK] Match box
[UK] Military and police uniforms
[UK] Mobile phone
[UK] Plastic beads & sequins
[UK] Security identity cards, accessories, card printing machines, digital cameras
[UK] Ship spare parts
[UM] Flame torch
[US] Aluminum A7 Ingots & Copper Cathodes
[US] Braid extention
[US] Gloves and cots
[US] Primary aluminiumignots & copper wire bars/cathodes
[US] Temperature controllers
[US] 1934 Morganthau Bonds
[US] Aluminum A7 Ingots
[US] Au Metal: Refined or Raw
[US] Bamboo flooring
[US] Beet sugar
[US] Camera
[US] Clothing
[US] Conveyor belts
[US] Copper Cathodes
[US] Cowboy Hats
[US] Crude diesel d2 jet fueljp54A1 hi test gasolime
[US] Edam Cheese
[US] Ginsu 2000 knive sets
[US] Gold Bars 999.5%
[US] Gold Bullion
[US] Gold, platinum, palladium & rhodium
[US] Goldplated Silverware
[US] Keys, locks, staples, bolt, screws, hinges, padlocks, etc
[US] Laptop PC
[US] Microfibre Fabrics
[US] Natural Uncut Emeralds
[US] Printing Paper Greeting Cards
[US] Scarves and ties
[US] Steel coils
[US] Television
[US] Textile Manufacture
[US] Uncut (Rough) Diamonds and Precious Gemstones
[US] Variegated Trees & Shrubs
[US] Vertical form-fill-seal auto packaging machine
[US] Wheat bran pellets
[UY] AIRBAG SYTEM to install in cars and pick up trucks
[UY] Packing materials
[UZ] Aluminium Pavements suppliers
[UZ] Autoparts for Korean cars.
[UZ] Copy equipment and parts and Korean automotive parts.
[UZ] Pager 159,5 Mhz
[UZ] Polypropylene in granules
[VE] Medical Materials
[VE] Rhinestone motifs for garment
[VN] Crude squid liver oil
[VN] Engines for 50-seated buses
[VN] Generating sets
[VN] Ship, Boat, Sea going Vesel (a passenger vessel)passenger
[VN] Valves used in the water field
[VN] Wrecker (HAN01-062)
[ZA] Genarl Merchandise
[ZA] Plastic insects

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