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[AE] Aluminium Sheets & Copper Busbars
[AE] Emergency & Exit Lights
[AE] Nickel Cadmium Batteries
[AE] PVC Sheets
[AE] Soft Toys (Camel)
[AE] Steel
[AU] eva and polypropylene moulded soles
[AU] Ready made garments for Young Fashion (MEL01-057)
[BD] Complete line of production for cap factory
[BD] T V in CKD condition(Black & White and colour)
[BE] Imitation alcantara fabric
[BJ] All kinds of electronics,computers,
[CA] Adult related products
[CA] Fancy glass or acrylic rings and bangles
[CA] Trade beads, glass beads,
[CH] Plaque of Polyethylene
[CN] Copper scrap and aluminium scrap wanted
[CN] Filter
[CN] Royal Jelly
[CN] Silicon metal, silicon
[CN] Urgent need for comprehensive components
[DE] Lemon squeezer
[ES] Fresh fish
[ES] Water-Air Pillow for Health Sleeping
[ID] Alumunium extrusion
[IN] Cubic zirconia & rhinestones
[IN] Ditness equipments, jogger & stepper treadmills
[IN] Electron Microscope
[IN] Fabric of all types
[IN] Fitness equipments, jogger & stepper treadmills
[IN] Gift articles
[IN] Heat trasfer materials
[IN] Plastic / Chemical
[IN] Plastic Powder and Micro Dot Powder
[IN] Pulses, lentils, spices, ginger, chilli, milk powder
[IN] Silver Buillion
[IN] Sport shoes, casula & fashion shoes
[IR] Hand tools & Locks wanted
[IR] Persian talking watches
[IR] Stocklot textile wanted
[JP] Phosphor bronze and other copper alloy for stamping use
[KG] Fancy and art goods
[KR] Booster unit
[KR] Chemical dosing pump&dewatering unit
[KR] Computer parts
[KR] Dewatering unit
[KR] Disperse dyestuff
[KR] Flow meter
[KR] G/T Generator H2 Purity Indicator
[KR] High Visibility Material
[KR] Non-Slip Pad useful in a car
[KR] Note book ( writing pad )
[KR] Reflective Cloth, Film, PVC.
[KR] Rotary blower
[KR] Salted Small Shrimps
[KR] Sand paper
[KR] Scale for human
[KR] STPP , sodium lignin sulfonate, calcium lignin sulfonate
[KR] tank & agitator
[KR] Tarred spun oakum
[KR] Upflow filter
[KR] Volute pump
[LB] Women & Men Novelty Textiles
[LK] Supper Glue ALTECO Brand
[LY] Nokia gsm mobile phones with good
[MA] Dialysis equipment and accessories
[MN] Used broadcasting system equipments
[MN] Used karaoke items
[MN] Used language laboratory equipments
[MX] Machinery for production of nylon hairnets
[NZ] Cocoon Bobbin for quiliting machine wanted
[PK] Embrodiery machinery / multi head
[PK] Homeopathic, Allupathic, Herbal, Vaccines, Veterinaryinary & Poultry Use
[PK] New or Used/Reconditioned Machinery all description.
[PY] Pharmaceutical products
[SY] Wood machines
[TR] Refilling machines of cartridge and tubes for silicone
[TR] Swiming pool equipment
[TW] CATV.MATV.SMATV Equipment & Accessories
[TW] Disabled products
[UK] Canned red kidney beans, garbanzo, black eyed et
[UK] Coffee roaster and grinder ( reconditioned)
[UK] Telephone headsets
[UK] Testing equipment for preshipment inspection for cashewnut and coffee
[US] Black leather credit card holders
[US] Bonzai Pots
[US] Energy Saving Product
[US] Gold Bars 999,5 or better
[US] Hydraulic Trailers
[US] Light speckled Kidney Beans/Mung beans etc.
[US] Medical examination table metal,vinyl covered top,adjustable back
[US] PPG Paints by the pallet load
[US] Refined or Raw
[US] Suppliers for precision machined components
[US] Watch
[VN] Brass round bars
[VN] Cold Rolled Grain Oriented electrical (Silicon) steel
[VN] Remote control of fans
[VN] Stationary (HAN-053)
[VN] Steel billets CT3; Around wood, including: Pine, Iron wood, Abele
[VN] Truck Crane, Concrete Mixer, Oil tanker truck,
[ZA] Glass Marbles

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[AR] Cosmetic Brush
[AR] Electrode
[AR] Lamps for squip fishing
[AR] Offset Printing M/C
[AR] Razor Manufacturing M/C
[AR] Stringed instruments
[AR] Tires
[AU] Traditional Dress Dolls Japanese / Chinese
[BD] Cargo Vessel
[BG] Frozen fish-mackerel, tuna, colius
[CA] Coil and Valve Springs (Category Industrial & Automotive)
[CA] Fancy glass or acrylic rings and bangles
[CA] Magnetic products and menu covers
[CA] Potassium Sulfate
[CL] Batteries, motors and tires for motorcycles
[CL] Bicycles
[CL] Blowing injection moulds
[CL] Photo albums
[CL] Steel wire rope
[CN] Agaricus Blazei Murill
[CN] Fiberglass products
[CN] Filter equipment for pharmaceutical factories
[CN] Linen and mixed
[CN] Palm oil
[CN] Reserpine
[CN] Sewing machine
[CN] Ursolic Acid 95% , 99%
[DO] Office furniture and supplies
[ES] Sex products
[ES] Wood products
[HK] Hotfix rhinestone
[IE] Toys, Educational, Books and Communications
[IN] Carbon Black and Graphite
[IN] Dyestuffs
[IN] Fabrics for manufacturing of V-belts
[IN] Herbal medicine
[IN] Hot rolled steels
[IN] Phenolic and nevalex resins
[IN] Polyester cords and Yarns
[IN] Sanitary napkins/pads
[IR] Photography cameras and spectacles
[JM] Satellite dish for wireless internet
[KR] Artificial Marble(Roma Stone) from Taiwan
[KR] Bike Accessories
[KR] Brand watches
[KR] flow meter
[KR] Frozen tuna
[KR] Glutamic Acid (urgently)
[KR] Jewelry stone
[KR] Jute Felt
[KR] Plastic resins and products
[KR] Polaroid lens for sunglasses
[KR] Polymer
[KR] Povidone Iodine USP
[KR] Pulnix tm-7ex CCD camera
[KR] Scrap of Non-ferrous metal, precious metal,PCB
[KR] Steel ball
[KR] Water-Entanglement Spunlace Non-Woven Fabric
[LY] Garbage recycling plant
[LY] PE Film manufacturing plant
[LY] Printing machines, photo camera, rapid developing lab
[MA] Dialysis equipment and accesories
[PE] Laminating Film
[PE] Pigments
[PH] Corner post / angle protector machine
[PK] Import of Machinery/Equipment
[PL] Reinforcing bars, Smooth bars...
[PR] Fabric
[TH] Formic Acid and fertilizer
[TH] Glass bottles
[TN] Beauty soap in gift pack
[TN] Suitcases
[TR] Computer parts parts
[UA] Construction material
[UK] AMerican long grain and broken basmati sought
[UK] Fragrant thai rice and jasmine rice for italy
[UK] Vending machines
[US] Cam
[US] Chips
[US] Crowd control equipment
[US] Cuckoo clock movement
[US] Die struck medallions
[US] Eel skin handbags
[US] Lamps
[US] Machinery for bags
[US] Medical examination table
[US] Rubber V Belts
[US] Screw Machine Parts
[US] Security systems
[US] Steel, cement, lumber, rice, fertilizer, trucks etc
[US] Sugar and Wheat
[US] Valves
[UY] Computers peripherals and accesories

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[AE] Cotton ball machine
[AE] Stablizers, spike protectors, computers and accessories plastic
[BD] Attendance Terminal and automation devices
[BD] Auto disposable razor manufacturing plant
[BG] Baby disposable diapers
[BG] PA technical yarn
[BG] Products for Bulgarian market
[BJ] All kinds of electronics,computers,
[BJ] Computers (desktop / notebook)
[BR] Machineries for textile industries:
[CA] New products for Canada
[CA] Nutritional products, personal care products, weight Loss products
[CL] Car airco / motor starter / alternators
[CM] Computers, garment underwears
[CN] IC, diodes, transistors and sensors
[CN] Molecular seive 13x Spherical beads
[CN] Monazite
[CN] Polypropylene random copolimer
[CN] Raw material of synthetic rubber
[CN] Vehicle Products, Vehicle Locks
[CR] Clinique and Kanebo cosmetics, and branded perfumes
[CZ] Investors for processing wooden scrap
[CZ] Metalworking machines
[CZ] Plums, coconuts, walnuts, apricots, pineapples, raisins, pistachios,
[CZ] Unsized 100% cotton thread (yarn) waste
[DE] Recycled plastics
[EG] Used embroidery machines
[EQ] Construction company in your country
[ES] Apricots, cherries, peaches, plums, watermelons, others
[ES] Fresh fish
[GR] Egg products: fresh egg, pasteurized egg and powder egg
[HR] Decorating fabrics - upholstery
[IN] CNC jig grinding machines
[IN] Copper electrolytic
[IN] Heat exchanger bundle extractor for Petroleum Refinery
[IN] Investment opportunity in hotel industry
[IN] Offset printing ink
[IN] Soya licithin
[IR] Sequestrene Fe 138 100 SG
[IT] Joint venture partners for cigarette production in Albania
[JP] Duracell/Energizer Manganese/Alkaline Battery with full sizes
[JP] Glass wool products suppliers
[JP] Maxell/Sony Professional Tapes, Betacam SP, Digital Betacam,
[JP] Playstation I/II 4)Sony/Maxell/TDK Audio & Video Tapes
[JP] Single used recycled camera's shell
[JP] Steel products such as HR,CR coil & sheet
[KR] Chemical tank and agitator
[KR] Fresh tuna
[KR] Polymer
[KW] Machinery & Technical Knowhow for Making Baby Milk Cereals
[MY] Electrogalvanized steel sheet and aluminium sheet
[MY] Live Lobsters, Live Mud Crabs, Live MURREL
[NP] Dry battery size UM1 R20
[NZ] Food manufacturing products
[PE] Laminating films
[PK] Ferro silicon 65%
[PK] Moslem dresses
[PK] Pharmaceutical raw and packing materials
[PK] Tin Mill Black Plate and Electrolytic tinplate
[PK] Untested Used Computer Peripherals
[PL] Health oriented equipment
[PY] Veterinary medicine
[RU] Yeast fodder, sunflower oilcake, fish flour
[SA] Tuna cans, 200 grams, 2 million pcs
[SG] Chiffon
[TR] Condenser insulator coils
[TW] Children fold-able 3 wheels bicycle
[UA] Potatoe flakes
[UA] Spring Rainbow, sliding mug
[UK] Complete coffee processing to add value to beans
[UK] Credit Card Holders
[UK] Nokia 8210 GSM Nokia
[UK] Sets of 'unbranded' golf clubs
[US] $5,000,000.00 to purchase and move an FAA part 125 cargo airline
[US] A4 copier paper
[US] Equipment for wireless internet
[US] Household items for Nigeria
[US] Jockey Boxes used in Restaurants and Bars
[US] Products for companies in North/South America
[US] Platinum Bars
[VN] Leaf spring and hydraulic rubber hose
[VN] Ni-Cd Battery and Charger
[YU] Pharmaceuticals / medical equipment / lab. equipment
[YU] Seamless pipes

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[AE] electrical eqpt
[AT] spectacle frames
[BD] tapioca Starch &, Maize Starch.
[BR] Conveyor Belt
[BR] electricity generator
[BR] energy saving products
[BR] sewing Needle and Safety Pin Manufacturing Machine
[CA] leaf Springs
[CA] rubber boots
[CM] white T-shirts 180gsm
[CN] waste cable and waste electric motors
[CN] waste plastics PP PE PET
[HR] closure/lock for piggy banks
[ID] garment manufacturing unit
[IN] chinese made polyresin figures/gifts
[IN] liquid nitrogen plant
[IT] sequins
[KR] fendi or burberry muffler
[KR] scarf
[KR] toggle, real horn
[KR] used pipe threading machine
[KR] white oak charcoal & sawdust charcoal
[MN] submersible and engine pump manufacturer/supplier
[MY] charcoal making machine
[NZ] web internet digital recording systems wanted
[PE] stabilizer
[PE] steel coils
[PE] yarns and pigments
[PL] air conditioning parts for cars and buses
[PL] steel plates, wire rods, pig iron
[TR] electric cables
[UA] dental products
[UA] paper machines
[UK] Artificial flowers / heat transfer embroidery motifs
[UK] cocoa cola cans 10 pence per can 330ml
[UK] cococola 2ltr pet 44 pence per btl
[UK] mains extension leads. with en60309-2 plug & coupler
[UK] maribou feathers, fire retardent only
[UK] nokia 8210 gsm nokia 6210 gsm
[US] cast iron pots and pans
[US] promotional items from Korea
[VN] industrial air compressors

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[AE] Janome 802 Sewing Machine New and Used.
[AE] stock of carpets wall to wall
[AE] Used motorcycles from Japan.
[AE] zinc ash
[BG] Frozen fish - mackerel, tuna
[CA] glass jars and wax fruit shaped pieces
[CA] Potassium Sulfate
[CN] communication IC products and others
[CN] filter equipment
[CN] heating element
[CN] Paper
[CN] refined magnesium chloride
[CN] Sewage System
[CN] The equipment and technology for sewage disposal
[EC] computers
[HK] bingo game
[HK] Modern Anti Riot products
[HK] single can cooler
[HR] decorating fabrics - upholstery
[ID] Liner For Pulverizer
[ID] Used Lathe & Grinding Mc.
[IE] Toys, Educational, Books and Communications
[IN] machinery for artificail leather and special finishing machines
[IN] printing ink manufacturers in china
[IR] Alkathene SCI (6-10% VA & 1-4% MSI)
[JO] military helmets
[KR] ceramic label
[KR] eletronic components
[KR] Saw Filter for RF Module
[KR] ship, more than 100 vessels on need
[KR] Small furnitures, lights, frames, gifts, etc.
[KR] Squid liver oil and powder
[KR] vessels ferry cargo tanker
[PE] pigments
[PK] ferro silicon 65% / ferro magnese
[PK] new tyres and tubes
[PK] Used/Re-conditioned or New Machinery & Plants
[PR] blankets, bedsheets sets, towels, showers
[SY] thermal polypropolene film adheasive
[TR] wild Ochies Powder Root
[TW] Chip capacitor, electronics component
[UK] pipe threader
[US] Oysters
[US] Water deionization and filtering systems

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[AU] Bearing Housing (MEL01-039)
[BR] Materials to manufacture Hermetic Compressors for refrigeration
[CA] Digital Security Video
[CA] PC Camera
[CN] Cummins K380
[CN] Die Cast Model, Collectiable Military Aircraft
[CN] Fodder
[CN] Phosphor Powder for Making White LED
[CN] Steel wire rope for diamond wire saw
[ET] Aluminium Circles
[FR] Auto parts head lights back lights
[GB] White sugar
[HK] 24` satellite dish actuator
[IE] Laundry Bags - Patient Apparel
[IN] Alloy bearing steel for one year
[IN] Fabrics, towels & blankets
[IN] Prallethrin (large qt)
[IN] Solid state amplifier frequency band
[IR] Supply Sodium Molybdate and Nickle Sulphate
[JO] Instant Coffee Mix
[JP] Glass wool products
[KP] Smoked eels from China
[KR] Aluminum ingot or pallets
[KR] Credit Card Holders
[KR] Disposable wood chopstics
[KR] Dried red pepper
[KR] Generators
[KR] Ideal Goods and Winter season goods
[KR] In/out thermo hygrometer
[KR] Japanese Cars
[KR] Judo suit
[KR] Luminous doll (Hand made)
[KR] Polymer / plastic resins
[KR] Raw materials etc for petrochemical products
[KR] Stationery
[KR] Sugar cane pulp
[KR] T/C 65/35 ,110X76
[KR] Textile (polyester, ployester with wool) for men
[KR] White oak charcoal
[KZ] Soccer game 500,000 pcs
[MM] Used trucks / transporter
[MN] Submersible and engine pump manufacturer/supplier
[MX] New products for Mexico
[MY] Desktop Overhead Projector
[NP] PVC flooring
[NP] Roofing Nail making machine
[PE] Car Parts (BER 031)
[PE] Spun Yarn
[PK] Carbon Vs Ceramic/Mechnical Seal
[PK] Ceramic fibre wool for insulation in rolls wanted.
[PK] Ferro alloys business
[RU] CDMA phones.
[SN] Marine propulsion engine
[TM] Potassium iodate
[UA] Fabrics
[UK] Baby psuhchairs
[UK] Chenille and Plain acrylic velvet furnishing fabric
[UK] Clothing (shirts)
[UK] Duplex boards
[UK] Electric domestic appliances
[US] Hot Rolled Wire
[US] Seafood Products from Korea
[US] Source for Erosion Fencing Fabric
[US] Stained glass sticker

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[AE] Sodium sulphate anhydrous 98% - Detergent grade
[BG] White beans
[CA] Menu covers
[CA] Weight Loss and personal care products
[CN] Stearic Acid and MCL, DMF, Bendaldehyde
[CN] Turbot Fry needed (Scophthalmus maximus)
[CN] Waste plastics, waste cable
[CY] Sex toys
[DE] Mini Lemon squeezer in metal
[EG] Lenses Cutting Machine
[ET] Aluminium Circles
[GB] Credit Card Holders
[GR] Kodak film
[HK] 24" satellite dish actuator
[HR] Consumer products
[IN] Copper clad laminates and scrap
[IN] Gift items, novelties, toys, consumer products
[IN] Lingerie, rainwear, neckties, stationary products
[IR] Concentrate of pineapple/ mango
[IR] Pineapple and mango concentrates
[JO] Instant Coffee Mix
[JP] Latex toy for pets
[KR] Cinnamon
[KR] Football table
[MY] Industrial manipulators
[NL] Milk powder
[NP] Apples
[NP] Battery
[PK] Fermentation Unit
[PK] Spareparts for Jeep M38 A and Truck M34
[PK] Used computers
[SA] Desktop clocks
[SL] Tomato paste
[SN] Marine propulsion engine
[TR] 80 GSM A4 and A3 photocopy and inkjet papers
[TR] Complete Tin Cans Production Line for Paint and Aerosol Packing
[TW] car stereo head unit + CD changer
[US] Live Lobsters, Live Mud Crabs, Live MURREL, GROPER -CHILLED
[US] Nile Perch
[US] Tomato Paste

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[AE] Potato flakes
[AE] Scrap BOPP metalized and pearled
[AE] Steel pipes
[AE] Synthetic Surface track 400m and 200m for ground fields
[AN] Pork sides
[BD] Reconditioned plant of Spinning Mill
[BD] Semi refine paraffin wax
[BH] Autoloaders for plastics material feeding to blown film extrusion lines
[CA] Computer S/W
[CN] Agriculture machinery
[CN] IC, diodes, transistors and sensors
[CN] Inorganic Chemicals
[CN] Nylon
[CN] Stearic acid
[CN] Used plastic as pvc, pe, pet-a or -g, pp, ppo, ABS
[CN] Ventilator for refrigerator
[EG] Frames, Sunglasses, Lenses...optical Devices
[EG] Used forklifts `CATERPILLER`
[ES] Wood products
[FR] Squads
[HK] Original software
[HR] Batteries for watches, clocks, cellular phones, photo cameras
[IN] Hi accuracy offset printing machines
[IN] Laser & other stickers
[IN] Product: Copper Clad Laminates,PCB Laminates
[IN] Scrap ships
[IN] Titanium Di Oxide
[IR] Steel strip-steel bar-steel tube cylinder tube used in shock absorber
[JO] Digital Satellite DVB PC Cards
[KP] LCD original for nokia products
[KR] Belt
[KR] Construction Equipment
[KR] Cow leather for shoes
[KR] Digital monitor, video doorphone, wireless alarm system
[KR] Filefish
[KR] Hungarian or polish origin frozen pork cutted meat
[KR] Sewing machinery parts ans accessories made in China
[LY] Corn for animal feeds
[NP] Electronics
[NZ] Lens shaped discs used in game Baduk or Go
[PK] 100mt ammonium bicarbonate food grade
[PK] 1fcl citric acid mono size : 8-20 mesh
[PK] 22 mt cement high alumina
[PK] 60 mt amorphous graphite 175 carbon : 75% min.,
[PK] Al hydroxide dried powder
[PK] Bearing factories
[PK] Chemical manufacturers from China/Russia
[PK] Dl-Tartaric Acid Anhydrous
[PK] Sodium hydro sulphide flakes 70%
[PK] Sodium sulphide solid 60% min
[PK] Substitute minerals 2000mt
[RO] Pharmaceutical, para-pharmaceutical, OTC, cosmetics products
[RU] Circon (zircon)
[RU] Paintball game balls
[RU] Second-hand dairy plants, dairy products (yogurt, packed milk etc)
[RU] Swimming pools, aqua-parks and sauna
[SA] Kraft paper from South Korea
[SA] Reconditioned vehicles from Korea
[SE] Men`s shirts and women`s blouses
[TH] Film sleeve
[TM] Three-phase current generators
[TW] Ladies fashionable garments from India
[UA] Equipment for polyethylene packets
[UK] Cultural souvenirs
[UK] Fish products
[US] Aluminum ingots
[US] Barley For Animal Feed Grade 2 USA Origin
[US] Bullion bars
[US] Copper cathodes, coils, ingots or billets
[US] Detergent dispersing additive packing
[US] Glass Boards & POLYVINYL BUTYRAL SHEETS for Glass Industry
[US] Korean Servo/Stepper Motor Drive
[US] Low density polyethylene
[US] Machines for digging wells
[US] Men`s suits, trousers, shirts, waist coat with trousers tomatch
[US] Noodle machine
[US] Rice
[US] Tshirts
[US] Uncut (rough) and Polished Gemstones
[VE] Sodium cyanide, Briquettes of power, Technical grade
[VN] Second hand vessel engine

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[AE] Plastic Pots Ornamental Plants/Trees/Shrubs
[AU] Australian Chickpeas
[BG] Jeep wrangler cars
[BG] Second hand airco's
[CL] Blankets
[CM] Computers and mobile phones
[CM] Computers, electronics, garments, watches, underwear
[CM] Footwear and leather products
[CN] 40,000 mts of Recover Emulsion Oil (REO) up to 120,000 mts/year
[CN] Reserpine
[CN] Tennis balls
[CR] Electronic, magnetic, HID and emergency ballast
[CR] Mylar film capacitor
[CZ] Alloy Alnico 500 raw material for magnets
[CZ] Game accessories and mobile phone accessories in big quantity
[CZ] Knitted garments
[CZ] Lingerie, mainly from the Eastern Europe
[CZ] Plums, coconuts, walnuts, apricots, apricots, papaya, almonds
[CZ] Slab/tile/plates made from talc
[EG] Caterpillar equipment
[EG] Electrical and electronics product agencies
[EG] Footwear accessories
[EG] Women Accessories - Immitation Jewelry, Magnetic Health Accessories
[EG] Yellow corn
[ES] Die Cast Models and Collectables for Canary Islands.
[FR] Decorative articles to supply a sales network in France
[FR] White and colored t-shirts
[HK] Rapeseed, soyabean meal
[IL] Men's shirts
[IN] 2 Guillotine Machines for currency
[IN] 60 complete traction motors for locomotives
[IN] Air plasma cutting machine
[IN] Carbon black, resins, graphite
[IN] Cement
[IN] Choline Chloride 60% Corn COB
[IN] Eucalyptus/ bamboo poles
[IN] Fishing Lures
[IN] Glycerine - Dynamite Grade. Qty: 250 MT a year
[IN] High speed digital imaging system
[IN] Interlinnings to be used for mens suits
[IN] Laser Wire Measure (Ultraviolet Laser) Mark and cutting machine
[IN] Micro earthquake recording system
[IN] Molecular sieves-type 13xUse
[IN] One Gamma Camera, dual head for cancer hospital use
[IN] Synthetic leather
[IN] Used offset machines
[IN] Usedmolds for plastic industry.
[JO] Stocklots of European home appliances
[JP] Glass wool
[KR] Cosmetic sets from Lancome or chanel
[KR] House decoration, women garments etc
[KR] Ladies and men's check print shirts
[KR] Plastic raw materials
[KR] Plastic resins
[KW] Mug screen printing machine
[LT] Branded fast moving consumer goods
[MG] Flour for bread baking (Bakery) int'l standard, good quality
[MX] Investors for real estate
[NO] Leather jackets and pants
[PK] Ceramics fibre in rolls (1 FCL)
[PK] Complete line for production of medical syringes
[PK] Copper Pipe Insulation, Foam Pipe, Asbestos Products
[PK] Fruit juices
[PK] Indonesia Glass Wool, Rock Wool, Aluminium Tape
[PK] Pressure Gauge, Trolley Wheel, Carbon Rods, Carbon Brushes
[PK] PVC, buckles, hologram films and more from Malaysia
[PK] Slippers for the Pakistan market
[PK] Used computer parts / accessories
[RO] From Czech republic barley, sunflower oils, soybean, maize
[RO] Second hand computer systems P166, P200, P233
[SA] 5 mm polyethelene rope 10,000 kgs per month
[SA] Disposable nappies
[SG] Manganese Dioxide MnO2
[SK] Sweet korn and green peas
[TH] Film sleeves
[TN] Representation or partnership in the Telecommunication
[TR] 100,000 pcs. of recordable CDs for computers
[TR] 1000 ton of raw materials for production of PVC plastic bottles
[TR] Baby food
[TR] CD-Rs, no-name or branded. 100.000 to 1.000.000 monthly
[TR] Olive oil, corn oil, sunflower oil for super market sales in China
[TR] Stainless steel resistors for ovens. Power:800 - 1000 Watts
[TR] Sunflower seeds / 5000 tones and Crude Sunflower Oil / 1000 tones
[TW] Stainless steel full rim frames
[UR] White and black pepper
[US] Brand apparels / furnitures
[US] Concentrate banana juice
[US] Galvanized sheets for export to Pakistan from USA.
[US] Platinum bars/blocks of 100kg or more
[US] Unfinished pine furniture (bureaus, trunks, chairs, etc.

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