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[BG] Frozen tuna, mackerel
[CA] Hair net for use in food processing
[CN] Metoprolol tartrate
[CR] GSM mobile phones
[CR] Used machinery for production of tanks for fire extinguisher
[DE] Plastics from Korea
[GR] Refrigerators, tv, washing machines
[ID] Secondhand open-end spinning machine
[IN] Anti-riot equipments for police
[IN] Edible salt and quality detergent
[IR] 3 containers of acrylic sheets
[IT] Paper for copiers and printers
[IT] Tape head for cassette player
[JP] Baby strollers
[KR] AL scrap, good quality UBC
[KR] Textile for manufacturing mens wear
[KR] Toiletries from Italy
[NG] 60/70 bitumen
[NP] Wooden safety matches
[NZ] Golf course accessories and related products
[PK] Aluminium ingots alloy 6063 and scrap
[PK] Alumium foundry chemicals
[PK] Anodzing and electro-coloring chemicals
[PK] Rough white blank optical glass
[PK] Sweaters for men/ladies and children
[PT] Electric bikes, tricycles, scooters
[RU] 4-tert-Butylpyrocatechol
[RU] Chemical yarns
[RU] CR-39 plastic lens
[RU] Syringes and needles
[RU] Textile yarn
[SK] Black sunflower seeds
[SL] Exotic wood and furniture
[TR] 7mm silicon and EPDM spark plug wire
[TR] Condenser insulator coils
[TR] Insecticite and larvacite
[TW] PC133 downgrade sdram chip, q'ty 100K-200K
[TW] Raw material of facial oil absorbent paper(roll)
[UR] Machinery for processing rice husk
[US] All kinds of stock lot garment
[US] Branded soaps
[US] Consumer products from Korea
[US] Decorative bags for retail stores
[US] Mobile phone Cases & pouches
[US] Portland Cement
[US] White sparkling granulated sugar (8000MT)
[VN] Scrap vessel
[VN] Seamless steel pipes and tubes

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[AN] Educational toys for caribbean/south america
[AR] Glass & mirrors in sheets
[AU] 480-500 Spindles each RS Machines
[CA] Artificial flowers and arrangements
[CN] Carbendazim and Thiophanate
[CN] Logs
[DE] Gelatine
[EG] Hot rolled steel coils for Egypt
[EG] Production line for glass factory
[GR] Kodak film
[HK] Poly form cup making machines
[HU] Clocks
[IL] Hot rolled steelcoils
[IN] Diposable surgical goods, insectide
[IN] Mixer for mixing dry fruit with softice
[IN] Power torch(Flash light) in size of 300,350,500 & 700
[IR] Eyewear, cameras, optical frames
[JO] Blood bags and disposable items
[JO] High pessure mercury vapour lamps
[JO] Photo frames and albums
[JP] Pet bottles
[KR] 20,000 pcs of ice shaver
[KR] 500,0000 pcs of soccer game
[KR] Artificial marble of BOTICINO brand
[KR] Dried anchovy
[KR] Korean used motorcycles fo Cambodia
[KR] Stocklots
[NA] Tekila Cosmetics
[PK] Cellular Polyethylene
[PK] Jacks for telephone wire connections
[PK] Mink and fibre blankets
[RU] baby care products / height measuring equipment
[RU] Polyester yarn
[SY] Telecomm. cables and fiber optics
[TN] European brand toothbrushes
[UE] Audio and video tape from Korea
[UK] Abs plastic resin
[UK] Carbon steel pre laquered galvanised coil
[UK] Steel billets from Korea
[UR] Airco's for cars (Hyuandai, Daewoo, Kia and EU)
[US] Cluster tomatoes
[US] Gold bars
[US] Industrial work gloves
[US] Large supply of adult disposable diapers
[US] Paper converting machinery from Korea
[US] Yellow fin tuna, swordfish, shinners etc
[UZ] Marcaroni producing equipment
[VE] Clover pumps from Korea
[VE] Fish slicing machinery / plastic packing machines
[VE] Ignition cable, battery cable, wire set sparkplug
[VE] Led displays from Korea
[VE] Photocopy paper, gift wraping, paper for newspapers
[VN] Dosage cups for liquid medicines
[VN] Pottery, houseware, rugs, mats for UK market

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[BD] Chalk Powder & 2-Ethyl Hexanol of European or Iran Origin
[BG] Frozen fish, mackerel and tuna
[CA] Detergents, phosphate-free and with biodegradable surfactants
[CN] Hi-tech electronic compenents and parts
[CZ] Fasteners from Korea
[EG] Equipment for factory of diamond saw blades
[EG] Steel sheet corrugating line, foam injection machine
[GR] Fish rope
[HK] Used Hino engines
[IL] Backgammon and chess games (wood)
[IN] Plastic powder for coating on wire products
[IN] Pulses, beans, lentils
[IR] 20 feet container PVC sheet 0,07 or 0,08 mm
[IT] Microwave oven providing value for money
[JP] Steel products
[KE] Diamond, 120,000 carats uncut and 30,000 carats cut
[KE] Gabions and guard rails from Korea
[KR] African Veneer Round Logs, especially from Gabon
[KR] Batteries for remote control
[KR] Condom maker to distribute in Korea
[KR] Dump truck, tower crane, excavator
[KR] HP51604A of 60,000 pcs per year
[KR] Machine to make oxygene from Korea
[KR] Salted shrimps
[KR] Sardine fish from thai and china
[KR] Used production line for stainless steep pipe
[KW] Training suits for school children
[MO] School related used equipments
[PE] Various chemicals
[PL] Airco parts
[PL] Health-oriented equipment, appliances and devices
[RO] Disposable syringes
[SA] Digital voice recorder from Korea
[SA] Industrial hand gloves from Korea
[SE] Leather belts, metal buckles with company logos
[SL] Tinplate slitted coils
[TN] 1.000.000 pc project
[TZ] Electro-mechanical/electronic watt hour metres
[UK] 100 mt refined white cane sugar Icmusa 45
[UK] 15 tons of pears and 20 tons of kiwi's (monthly)
[UK] Avanti oxygenated mineral water
[UK] Childrens party wear, wedding gowns, hats, embroidery
[UK] Crystal, glass articles
[UK] Hooks, spools of twine for South Sudan
[UK] Nokia 3310 mobile phone housings
[UK] Welding rods / electrodes
[US] Anime and Anime related products
[US] Bags, footwear, computer products, electronic components, watches, toys
[US] Casters and wheels from Korea
[US] Ginseng/celadon
[US] Iron accessories (chandeliers, candle holders etc)
[US] KOREAN manufacturers of men`s suites, trousers, shirts, ties
[US] Korean weaver of lace ribbons
[US] Mermaid products from Mexico (garden / yard)
[US] Meteorite specimens
[VN] 14'' Monitor
[VN] Electronic Appliannces of Electrolux & Zanussi
[VN] Gas Valves for refregeration industrial system
[VN] Reflective tape

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[AL] Machine to produce eggs trays with pulp of paper
[AM] Automotive cylinder heads and related parts
[AT] Hot rolled steel coils, galvanized steel coils
[AT] Slate slab
[AU] Small glass fish, seacreatures, animals etc
[BD] 1000 laptops
[BD] Fish feed making machine
[BR] Electronic Circuit in SMD System for Analogic Smoke Detector
[CA] Excavator and bulldozer parts
[CA] Miniture, battery-operated water pumps
[CN] Medical soft bag (IV solution bag)
[CN] Nitrile gloves
[CN] Recover Emulsion Oil
[CY] Fishing Nets
[CZ] Stocklots of shoes
[DE] English teapots
[EG] Steel tube longitudinal welding of material carbon steel
[ES] Fresh seafood
[ES] Spare parts and accessories for scooters
[HK] Movable dehumidifier for Asian market, stainless steel cabinet
[HK] Plastic temperature indicating strip
[HR] Consumer products for Croatian market
[ID] Want to buy seacucumber
[IN] Coal Liquefaction plant
[IN] Complete Traction Motors for Locomotives
[IN] Gamma Camera
[IN] Glycerine - Dynamite Grade
[IN] Petroleum coke
[IR] Machineries for producing surgical blades
[IT] textile machinery
[JO] CPU, Ram, HD, CD, SVGA 8 ram, Floppy drives
[KR] 10,000 pcs of mouse
[KR] Cantilever Jack up Rig
[KR] Filefish
[KR] Police use Radio System
[KR] Promotional items, personal ornaments
[KW] Low priced promotional items
[LK] Recordable cdr unbranded
[MU] Soyabean seeds
[PK] Demand USED Computer Parts
[PK] Loppers & Socks Knitting Sliders
[PK] Quality veterinary products
[SA] Stickers for Venetian blinds
[SE] Oranges
[TR] 100,000 pcs CDR's
[TR] Crystalbeet sugar
[UK] Orange juice
[US] Cosmetics, health/medical/hospital supplies and equipm
[US] Fish
[US] Hand painted ceramic bead with2mm hole
[US] Power diesel generators
[US] Socks 85% Cotton 15% nylon
[US] T-shirts manufacturer from Honduras or Mexico

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[AR] Portable air conditioner
[AU] Hospital beds
[BD] 30,000 mt Rock Phosphate
[BD] Hotel equipment, computer accessories
[BD] Industrial chemicals, pharmaceutical raw materials
[BD] Industrial sewing machines, garment accessories
[CA] Aluminum castings and extrusions
[CA] Coaking coal
[CH] Cosmetic coloured contact lenses
[CM] Apparels, garments, footwears
[CN] Black doll, 10.000pcs
[CN] Plastic scrap
[CN] Solar hat clip
[CN] Solar hot water heating system
[DE] Textile, fabric stocklots
[ES] Garlic , first quality, large quantities
[IN[ Digital Weighing Scales 200gm. to 2kg. of 0.1gm ,0. 001
[IN] CD-rom drives 52x
[IN] Iron scrap, spong iron
[IN] Rough diamonds
[IN] vaccum interrupter for 12 KV & 36 KV vaccum circuit breaker
[IN] Various type of gift articles
[IN] Wool wastes, acrylic wastes etc
[JO] Products for beach and water sports facilities
[JO] Strip Chart Temperature Recorder
[KR] Dried red pepper
[KR] Metal chairs
[LV] Pork cutting fat,pork back fat(EU approved plants)
[PH] Disposable plastic cups
[PK] Asbestos fibres
[PK] Medical equipments and consumables
[RU] Phosphorus pentasulphide
[SG] Optic fiber
[SK] 100t crystal sugar from Poland, Ukraine or Russia
[SK] Rice from Italy or China
[TH] Tetra methyl, boric acid, borax, DAP
[TR] Bullet proof vest and helmets (NATO standards)
[TR] Raw materials for baby diaper producing industry
[TW] Cherry from US, Canada, Chile or Australia
[UK] 10.000mt of aluminium A7 ingots
[ZM] Computer accessories

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[AE] Dry milk with out creme 800 bags of 25 Kg
[AE] Tyres
[AR] Leather boots
[AT] 10.000 pcs Sony Playstation-one / two
[BO] GSM cell phones
[CA] 15000 units of Hawaiian shirt
[CA] Crystal/stones jewelry
[CA] Hairbrushes from Korea
[CA] Ladies fashion garments from korea
[CA] Parts for excavators, bulldozers
[CA] Refractories or metallurgical from Korea
[CA] Toys, housewares, novelties, giftware
[CN] Aluminium ignot
[CN] Crab,Shrimp Shell or Chitin
[CN] Electromotor used for elevator
[CN] High technology products agencies
[CN] Various chemicals
[DE] Cables for pc, telephone, etc
[DE] Stocklots designer clothing
[EC] Equipment for LAN network, switches and routers
[EC] Surface treatment machinery for furniture
[EG] Bulk onion seeds
[ES] Adhesive tapes for industrial use
[ES] Sex articles
[ES] Spareparts for VCR (Asian brands)
[ES] Wood products
[HK] Desktop items
[HK] Laser equipments for 3d internal sculpture
[HR] PlayStation accessories
[IN] HMS#1, Aluminum scrap an stainless steel
[IN] Kitchenware, kitchen accesoires
[IN] Laser Wire Measure (Ultraviolet Laser) Mark and cutting machine
[IN] Parts for earthmoving equipments
[IN] School stationery
[IT] 1.000.000 pcs Tshirts
[IT] Scrap iron
[KR] Artifical marble of boticino
[KR] Buck wheat from China
[KR] Japanese cars like Nissan Cefiro, Civic, Toyota land cruiser etc
[KR] Martial art products
[KR] Pressed aluminium can
[LY] Car batteries, alarm system
[MO] Textiles machine parts from Korea
[MT] Foodstuffs and confectioneries for Malta/North Africa
[NZ] Electronic gadgets
[PL] Cosmetics, electronics, consumer goods, automotive goods
[PL] Fabrics for garments from S. Korea
[SG] Heineken lager beer
[TO] Mobile phones and accessories.
[TR] AAA batteries
[TR] Olive oils, corn oils,sunflowewr oils for super markets in china
[TR] Sunflower seed and oil
[UK] Housings for Nokia 3310 and other models
[UR] Household flocking gloves
[US] Aluminium castings and extrusions
[US] Gasoline 89 octane, 50,000 mt per shipment
[US] Industrial necklace, bracelets, anklets from Korea
[US] Mini refrigerators
[US] Unusual products for TV / Internet sales
[US] Airco units from Korea, 200pcs
[UY] White and black pepper

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[AE] Butter
[AT] 40 tons of pumpkin kernels per week
[AU] Safety vests and helmets with led
[BD] CDR's silver
[BD] Cement clinker
[BD] Natural gypsum for cement industries on regular basis
[BD] PVC Floor mat
[BD] Used /reconditioned hand operated flat sweater knitting machines
[BD] Used /reconditioned industrial sewing machines.
[BE] Subcontractor in the steel-branche for all kinds of metal-works
[BG] Aluminium (purity 99)
[BG] Aluminium alloy
[BG] Ferro Alloys
[BG] Floating dock full steel
[BG] Graphite electrodes
[BG] Mitsubishi l200 double cab 4wd "gls"
[BR] Cement , 15.000 tons per month
[CA] Profitable companies for sale
[CA] Sports wears, track suits, jogging suits, spring sports jackets
[CM] Computers, consumer goods, electronics, garments, watches
[CM] Ups modems, computers, vcd sets
[CN] Cap
[CN] Machines and instruments which can seperate protein
[CN] Vert
[CR] Snacks, candies and all kind of food
[CZ] Goods from Bulgaria / Yugoslavia
[CZ] knitted garments
[CZ] Lingerie from Eastern Europe
[CZ] Sandals, shoes and footware for retail stores in usa, europe and asia
[CZ] Slab/tile/plates made from talc
[DE] High-grade steel tubes
[EG] Agencies for electrical / electronic products
[EL] Electric motors
[ES] Tyres, blankets, perfumes
[FR] Decorative articles
[GH] Hospital supplies, medical disposables, building materials,
[GR] Agencies for Greek market
[GR] Elecrical appliances from Holland, Denmark and Germany
[GR] Products for Greece
[ID] Alu board, hologram board
[IN] 3m products
[IN] Amorphous boron powder
[IN] Crank shafts for diesel locomotives
[IN] Crystals, rhinestones, glass beads, mc chatons
[IN] Stainless steel coil 304 & 316 for mfg
[IN] We immediately require 6 computerised knitting machines for rib knit
[IR] Cacao powder from malaysia
[IR] Plastic hoses
[IR] Products for Iran
[IT] Manufacturers of lighting equipment
[JO] 500 mt of sea water magnesia from China
[JO] Chromic anhydride
[KR] Men's panty (trunk style) made of cotton yarn
[KR] Used or new hydraulic clamping press
[KW] Food, beverages, paper, houseware, cosmetics, textile, garments
[LU] Power cables
[LY] Car paint for korean, japanese & european cars.
[MX] Toothpaste
[MY] 8 containers of combed cotton yarn 30s 45s 60s
[MY] Bulk inkjet printing pigmneted inks for wide format inkjet printers
[NZ] Products for use in the hospitality industry
[OM] Robin ey20 petrol engine
[PK] Automobiles made in Poland
[PK] Canned fruit juices
[PK] Resins and plastic raw materials
[PK] Socks
[PK] Stainless steel pipe + flanges
[PK] Wrist watches for ladies and gents
[RO] Large quantity of stocklots
[RO] Stocklots
[RU] Old or non-standard video-cameras from 30 to 30.000 units
[RU] Ship equipment from Korea
[RU] Solvents neopenthyl glycol (npg), diacetone alcohol (daa)
[SG] High speed steel scraps (m2.m3, m42, m35 etc.)
[SG] Manganese dioxide mno2
[SG] Zinc ash
[SL] Sweet korn, green peas
[SP] Tyres, mobile phones, electronics, garments, blankets, perfumes
[TR] Polyester satin fabric
[TW] Cherry
[TW] Resistor in mega ohms
[TW] Various machines
[TW] whole-plant painting equipment supply
[UK] Knives, forks, spoons, teaspoons
[US] Brand new jet engines for boeing. 747-200
[US] Building materials
[US] Computer and notebook
[US] Excess/overstock items
[US] Hardware, locks, tools
[US] Overstock
[US] Platinum bars/blocks of 100kg or more
[US] Product representations for US and caribbean region
[US] 10-20 containers per month of heineken beer 330 ml bottles
[VN] Plastic heavy-duty strapping band making machine
[VN] Scrap vessel
[ZA] 35mm entry level camera

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