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[AU] Products for Australia
[BD] Transport costs for Egyptian port to Bangladesh
[BD] Used/refurbished/reconditioned imagesetters for pre press
[BG] Lhd jeep wrangler 2.5 se
[BG] Lhd mitsubishi l200 double cab 4wd "gls"
[CM] Computers, electronics, garment, watches, underwear etc
[CN] 5000mt cool rolled steel sheet from slovak
[CN] Crab shell
[CN] Digital thermometer
[CN] Glycerin
[CN] LS-100, DOP, ldpe fb3000
[CN] Military clothing
[CN] Nmp, 1,4-dioxane, piperazine anhydrous
[CN] Vert
[DE] Agricultural machines
[EG] Copycat car head lights
[EG] Dry transformers
[EG] steel, copper, chemicals, phenol crystal
[FR] Fibers, yarns grade a and b in stock lots
[HK] White ceramic wall tiles
[IN] 1.2m wind tunnel
[IN] 600mt of ferro silicon
[IN] Blister boxes
[IN] Cnc optical profile grinding machine
[IN] Ebony wood
[IN] Industrial & textiles chemicals
[IN] Portland cement for North Africa
[IN] Surface roughness measuring instrument
[IR] Aquarium air pumps
[IR] compressor of piston/piston ring set use for mack/volvo `tf-500` model
[IT] Ink-jet cartridges
[IT] Steel profiles ipe beams in quality st 37.2
[JO] Tires from Jordan
[KR] Ambulance cars
[KR] EVA 0.3(transparency)
[KR] Glass-bead for reflective fabric
[KR] Skyliner
[KR] Turbo separator
[KR] Vegetable oil
[LK] Off-set printing machinery
[MY] India produced beef
[MY] Industrial needles of various gauges for semiconductor industry
[PK] Cold rooled steel sheets
[PK] Copper wire scrap
[PK] Hitachi wheel excavator
[PT] Rubber expansion joints, pipe fittings and industrial valves
[RU] Rubber & synthetic rubber & rubber chemicals
[RU] Seafood, hardware, phones, jewellry
[SA] Optical frames and sunglasses
[SA] Raw materials for fertilizer
[SG] Soya beans
[TR] Acetone
[TR] Monoethylene glicol and adibic acid for shoes industry
[TR] Recordable business card shape cdr's
[TW] Aluminium oxide
[TW] Lcd panel 4-12 inch/color crt 9-10 inch
[UA] Mobile phones
[UK] Dvd players from china (5000 per month)
[UK] Empire red apples
[UK] Overstock items
[UK] Tennis balls for Italian buyer
[US] Computer spares
[US] Electric generators from 10 to 50 kwa, 110 volts
[US] Garment bags for travel use
[US] Medical immobilization device from Korea
[US] Sporting goods for US market
[VN] Edibleoil of processing line
[VN] High pressure steel pipe , copper wire, old used rail

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[AE] Variety of Baskets
[AE] Zinc ingot at 99.99% purity, 150MT/month C F DUBAI
[AE] Zinc wastage
[AR] 400 monitorīs computer of 15 and 17 inch
[AU] Mobile Telephonec car kits
[BA] Cara potatoes for baking/eating for barbados
[BD] Kraft Paper for making Cement bag
[BD] Natural gas fired vapour absorption chiller, cooling tower
[BD] PVC Resin , Type No . SP660 from Thailand
[BE] Gourmet Food Items, Spirits, Juices, canned fish and seafood
[BN] Used clothing and shoes
[CH] 500kg per week of fresh fish for switzerland
[CL] Medical products, cosmetic products, pharmaceutical products
[CN] Canned Pineapple
[CN] Crab shell or prawn shell
[CN] Deutz BM1013C engine wanted
[CN] High pressure centrifugal type fan U.S.A origin
[CN] Old mineral-water bottle(P.E.T)
[CN] Stocklots of following knitted fabrics from Korea
[CN] White duplex board with natural brown back
[DE] Clothing, textiles
[DE] Wanted Big Quantity Paravent
[HK] Ashtrays, mugs
[HK] Hot Stamping Foil (Silver and Gold Foil)
[HU] Christmas decorations
[ID] Fresh fruit from Thailand
[ID] Thai silk
[IL] Barex bottles/Pet Sellar Bottles/Polyamide bottles(PA)
[IL] Elliptical Heads for Pressure Vessels
[IN] AU-metals
[IN] Cotton buds, balls, swabs, toilet paper
[IN] Jet fuel and petroleum products
[IT] Wheat, maize, barley
[KR] plastic resins and products
[KR] Sesame oil
[KR] Used rail & scrap
[NP] Thai exporter of Motorcycle helmets and wax
[PH] Rice in can
[PK] Aluminium Profile for Door & windows
[PK] Bopp / polyester film
[PK] Rice boiler
[PT] Machines to produce plypropylene fin oven to windows seal
[SA] Ladies Chiffon Overblouses
[SA] Melamine/plastic bowls/plates for children with Disney or animal shapes
[SA] PVC resin, UPVC compound, plasticizers, stabilizers, fastners
[SA] Textile Fabrics and readymade garments and lingerie from Thailand
[SA] Traditional Blue Thai Crockery.
[SG] Dextrose Monohydrate
[SG] Electrical, Electronic components and related products
[SG] Scrap Latex Gloves
[SN] Jamine rice: broken, non sticky
[SP] Lemons, mandarines, oranges
[TH] Hair ornament, bracelet, necklace
[TH] Inktjet transfer papers for light/dark textile
[TH] Wireless Surveillance System and Security / CCTV System
[TR] Carpet
[TW] Bopp of Taiwanese origin
[UK] Fresh and frozengreen peas
[UK] Frozen monk tail and scallop for france
[UK] Handcrafted teak furniture
[UK] Medical and dental products
[US] Alligator shoes
[US] Aluminum case for tape drive
[US] Asian style jewelry, 18k, 24k gold, wholesale, manufacturing.
[US] Glass
[US] Household items
[US] IRON ( Ukrainian Origin )
[US] Jewelry
[US] Laptop components
[US] Latex Gloves for Industrial Grade
[US] Natural rubber STR20
[US] Palladium in the Philippines Wanted
[US] Recycled PVC Plastic
[US] Small Electronic Devices
[US] Small wood carvings of animals
[US] T shirts
[US] Vase, aluminuim vase, metal vase from Thailand
[US] Water Source Heat Pump Needed

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[AE] 600D and 420D bag materila
[AU] Bank instruments
[AU] Dog pet products
[AU] New products for Australia
[AU] Water proof heavy duty torch
[BG] LHD Mitsubishi L200 Double Cab 4WD "GLS"
[CA] Currency
[CN] Buy crab shell,shrimp shell or chitin
[CN] Flow Measuring equipment for R/O water industry
[CN] Military supply
[CN] Plants for processing of edible oils/tomato paste
[CN] Software
[CN] Valves
[CN] Wasted steel
[DK] Ralph L, Hugo Boss to import
[ES] White sugar cane from India
[FR] Hydraulic components from Asia
[IN] Bitumen, base oil and paraffon wax
[IN] Cement quantity 150000mt-200000mt bag50kg
[IN] HDPE Tarpaulin/Polythene Sheet
[IN] Industrial & Textiles chemicals
[IN] Knock down furniture
[IN] Raincoat and ankle shoes
[IN] Surplus stock
[IT] Ink catridges
[KR] Plastic resins and products
[KR] Wood free paper
[MD] Fabrics for making footwear
[MM] Garment soft washed & cotton
[MY] Caverta 50 from India or similar
[MY] Plastic recylcing machineries
[NZ] Judogi, hakama and martial arts uniforms
[PH] Soya bean oil
[PK] Railway scrap / steel / iron
[PK] Surplus / stocklots
[PK] Tested cd-roms
[PK] Wrist watches (5000 pcs)
[PL] Microfibre Cleaning Cloth
[SG] Buy plastic scrap or pellet
[TH] Used Food Service Equipment & Machines
[TW] Faucet for bathroom
[TW] Foods for Taiwan
[TW] LCD Panel 4-12 inch/Color CRT 9-10 inch
[UA] 1000 M.Tons of Caustic Soda Solid and 200 M.Tons of Caustic Soda Flakes
[UA] Charcoal (500 tons per month)
[UK] Judo suits
[UK] Machine for manufacturing disposable cups/plates
[US} Silver colored costume jewelry
[VN] EdibleOil Of Processing Line
[VN] Used engines of ships/cars/trucks

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