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    Period: 3-2-2002 to 4-2-2002

    Number of leads : 160

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    [AT] Ceramic wash basins
    [AT] Wash basin
    [AU] Feed barley
    [AU] Industrial grade lump sulphur
    [AU] Surplus / liquidation items of all kinds
    [BD] Public health engineering equipment
    [BF] Gold bares
    [BR] Energy saving lamps
    [CA] Gifts
    [CA] Gold
    [CA] Power tools
    [CM] Laptop computer
    [CM] Petroleum
    [CN] Agent electric contact silver copper alloy
    [CN] Ascom
    [CN] Bitumen of Iran
    [CN] New gardening products
    [CN] POF film
    [CR] Can tuna, random detergent and juices
    [DE] Bed sheets
    [DE] Mobile phone adaptors
    [DK] Gold carat 24 & gold bars
    [EG] Hardware
    [EG] Housing projects
    [ES] Imitation flower for woman`s dress
    [FR] Cosmetics
    [FR] Medical equipments
    [GB] Mono earphone (ear hanger)
    [GB] MP3 CD player
    [GR] Linen & denim fabrics
    [IL] Colgate t.p, Red-Bull, cheap beer (0.5l can), cheap pasta
    [IL] Stocks
    [IN] Apparatus for determination of carbon and sulphur (simultaneously) alongwith furnace and pc monitoring system (digital display panel)
    [IN] ASTM SEQ IV-A Bench
    [IN] Bead wire
    [IN] Borex
    [IN] CD jewel case (slim) mould
    [IN] Clock movement
    [IN] CNC vertical jig boring machine (for tool room) with grinding attachment
    [IN] Coconut shell charcoal
    [IN] Di-ammonium phosphate
    [IN] Direct tension tester
    [IN] Hosiery, socks, underwears
    [IN] Hydrocracker catalyst
    [IN] IV-D test bench (to evaluate intek valve cleanliness of gasoline enginesqty
    [IN] Medical tools and accessories
    [IN] Mono-ammonium phosphate
    [IN] Muriate of potash
    [IN] Natural rubber
    [IN] Normal sulphur
    [IN] Nylon tyre cord
    [IN] Optical, opthalmic spectacle frames
    [IN] Pamper diapers (S/M/L/XL)
    [IN] Pharmaceutical formulations
    [IN] Raw materials for fertilizers
    [IN] Rock phosphate
    [IN] Self propelled barge
    [IN] Steric acid
    [IN] Sulphur
    [IN] Synthetic rubber, butyel rubber
    [IN] Universal length measuring machine for calibrating mechanical measuring instruments
    [IN] Wheat, rice
    [IN] Zink oxide
    [IR] Citric acid mono
    [IT] Asbestos felt in rolls height mt. 1,50
    [IT] Frozen vegetables
    [IT] Raised toilet seat/digital blood pressure meter
    [JP] Hats - OEM - 100% cotton
    [JP] Nike and Adidas shoes
    [JP] TFT LCD monitor
    [KH] Used computer & related parts
    [KR] 4 kind of gloves
    [KR] Acryl for display
    [KR] Acrylic yarn
    [KR] Backphone (headset headphone)
    [KR] Beer or Alcopops
    [KR] CD-R
    [KR] Cloth
    [KR] Diesel engine & generatior spare parts
    [KR] Dish towel
    [KR] E2000 fiber optic connectors
    [KR] European turbot fish
    [KR] Gold bares
    [KR] Houseware, stationery, gifts
    [KR] Inline wheel
    [KR] Jet fuel
    [KR] Ladies hair accessories
    [KR] Machine for sawdust charcoal
    [KR] Nylon plastic hair roller
    [KR] PC sheets
    [KR] Pig iron
    [KR] Plywood
    [KR] Power supply cord A'ssey manufacturer
    [KR] Public health engineering equipment
    [KR] Rugged hunting pants
    [KR] Salted codonopsis lanceolata
    [KR] Salted small shrimps
    [KR] Small generator
    [KR] Spices
    [KR] Used 14" monitors (digital & coloured)
    [LK] EN471 fabric
    [LK] EN471 textiles
    [MY] Arch welding rod making machine
    [MY] Bard wire making machine
    [MY] Cold steel rod stretch machine
    [MY] Copper plating of steel rod machine
    [MY] Electric arc furnace machine
    [MY] Galvanization for the steel rod machine
    [MY] Nescafe
    [MY] Steel net making machine
    [MY] Used Nokia 8250 & Nokia 8310
    [NP] Air cooler, electric fan
    [PK] Computers & mobile phones
    [PK] Insulin syringe
    [PK] Linseed or linseed oil from China or India
    [PK] Mobile phones
    [PK] PVC scraps
    [PK] Stock lot's / surplus in garments
    [RU] Tomato paste brix 33%
    [SG] Conveyor belt & air diffuser
    [SG] Stuff toy (bear doll)
    [TR] Embroidery needles
    [TR] Photo film
    [TR] Shoe machines
    [TR] Wooden tongue depressor
    [TW] DVD
    [TW] Environmental equipment for water and air pollution
    [TW] Fish meal
    [TW] French fries
    [TW] Frozen peas
    [TW] Ink
    [TW] Lard (pork fat)
    [TW] Lard oil
    [TW] Pollack
    [TW] Red fish (pacific perch)
    [TW] Wated lard (pork fat)
    [TW] Wax
    [US] All types of leather wallets, belts,and gloves
    [US] G7 Currency
    [US] Gloves
    [US] Pocket knifes
    [US] Soybeans, animal feed
    [YU] Natural pigments
    [YU] Pheromones

    Period: 31-1-2002 to 2-2-2002

    Number of leads : 180

    Click here for full buy leads and contact details

    [AE] Almond slicing machine
    [AE] Paper core making machine
    [AU] Miscellaneous to australia
    [AU] Ply wood
    [AU] Surplus / liquidation items of all kinds
    [BD] 7 sets forklift trucks for participation an international tender
    [BD] Clinker for cement industries
    [BD] Per-boiled rice
    [BD] Red hard spring wheat
    [BD] Taxi fare meter
    [BR] Bullet proof vests
    [BR] Halogen lamps
    [CA] Canon copier toners
    [CA] Food items from China
    [CA] Gold
    [CA] Sony thermal paper
    [CN] Cashmere coat and furs coat
    [CN] Fish products
    [CN] New ideal toys, sports game item and all kind of 1 dollar items
    [CN] PTA off grade
    [CN] Stainless steel wire
    [CN] Used rubber conveyor belts
    [CN] Welding & cutting machine
    [CN] Zinc ingot 99.994% min
    [DE] Writing materials
    [DK] HGH (Human Growth Hormones) in capsules or liquid
    [ES] Coca Cola
    [ES] Pet crystal regrinded
    [ES] Pet preforma crystal
    [ET] Jewelry box
    [FX] Mitsubishi brand second hand cars
    [GB] Agents/merchandise
    [GB] Cement
    [GB] Cement
    [GB] Flexible, waterproof keyboard
    [GB] Raw brown sugar, soya beans, yellow corn, sunflowers seeds
    [GB] Stock lots - toys
    [GB] Synthetic primer b & coal tar enamel b
    [GB] Wallnut kernel and sesame
    [IL] 1000 used diesel isuzu engines
    [IL] Various models of used engines
    [IN] Accessory for garments
    [IN] Agri product
    [IN] Any good product
    [IN] Artificial/industrial/functional/synthetics/coated/ leather fabric
    [IN] Bedslippers from China and fabrics from Korea Taiwan & China
    [IN] Cam machine for cutting of fabric for garment production including automatic spreader for laying of fabric
    [IN] Cocoa powder
    [IN] Coking coal
    [IN] Double acting hydraulic shock absorber (vertical) for secondary suspension
    [IN] Explosive detectors- 3nos.
    [IN] Fabric
    [IN] Gold
    [IN] Hosiery items bras, underwears, ties,
    [IN] HR sheet
    [IN] Hydraulic press with provision for thermo-mechanical processing- loading capacity- 1000 ton
    [IN] Instruments for petroleum lab-order value: more than US$ 1.62 million
    [IN] LP gas appliances and equipments
    [IN] Microsilica
    [IN] Ortho nitro toulene
    [IN] Paraffin wax for candle making
    [IN] PVC sticker sheet from Taiwan/China /korea
    [IN] Ships for demolition
    [IN] Sulphur guard catalyst of hgu catalyst for petroleum refinery type htz-3(htas make or equivalent) and chlorine guard catalyst of hgu catalyst type htg-1(htas make or equivalent)
    [IN] Surgical goods
    [IN] USB mouse keyboard
    [IR] Cutter blade for handy cutter
    [IR] Mini refrigerators
    [IT] Black pepper
    [IT] Dop (Dioctyl Phtalate) for the production of PVC
    [JO] Asphalt paver finishers (10 pieces)
    [JO] Building materials
    [JO] Concrete batching plant + mixers
    [JP] Fabric print designer
    [JP] Fashion designer
    [JP] Miscellaneous goods to Japan
    [JP] Sam Da Soo Cheju mineral water
    [JP] Uera prilled
    [KR] 50dx75d polyester satin from China
    [KR] Air compressors
    [KR] Alibendol
    [KR] All kinds of garment
    [KR] Avesta 2205 (din w. nr. 1.4462)
    [KR] Battery
    [KR] Beauty care and health equipment
    [KR] Butter and cheese
    [KR] Cartilage of squid
    [KR] CD-R
    [KR] Creosote oil
    [KR] European turbot fish
    [KR] Filter media
    [KR] Food
    [KR] Gelatin
    [KR] General merchandise products
    [KR] Germany vehicle
    [KR] Ic Micom M34300-603(Or 605)
    [KR] Iron scrap
    [KR] Iron scraps, old vessel, old ship
    [KR] Japanese vehicle
    [KR] Latex mattress
    [KR] LBM (light burned magnesite)
    [KR] Low voltage garden light
    [KR] Nylon plastic hair roller
    [KR] OPC drum
    [KR] Oriented silicon steel
    [KR] Salted codonopsis lanceolata
    [KR] Small generator
    [KR] Stainless steel 304 scrap
    [KR] Sus 304 scrap
    [KR] Toy(plaything)
    [KR] Used CDMA/AMPS Motorola phone
    [KR] Wood flooring materials
    [LK] Solar-power for house and office
    [MG] Listing of single men and women
    [MN] Camera
    [MN] Leather sewing machines
    [MN] Printing and packaging machine
    [MY] Computer to Malaysia
    [MY] Japan or Korea origin household electronic appliance
    [MY] Second hand computers parts and computer and monitors
    [NG] Textiles, Watches, Bags
    [NG] Watches and jewellries
    [NZ] Corona beer
    [NZ] Premicil phones
    [PK] Computer games (PC)
    [PK] Hide and skin
    [PK] Incubators and hotairovens
    [PK] Memory module, piii
    [PK] Steel billet
    [PK] Tissue paper
    [PL] PET
    [RO] Powder coating line
    [RU] Laundry equipments
    [RU] Nickel-contained scrap
    [SG] 100% bleached white cotton yarn
    [SG] Conveyor belt and air diffuser
    [SG] Corn oil/powder making machinery
    [SG] Hair rebonding cream
    [SG] Waterproof bags
    [TH] Aluminum air filters
    [TH] Hyderated phenol
    [TH] Melamine
    [TH] Opthalmic & optical frames
    [TH] Virgin inkjet ink cartridges
    [TR] Bosch, Siemens, Aeg home appliance stocklots
    [TR] Coffee roaster & grinder
    [TR] Embroidery needles
    [TR] Hewlett Packard print toner, print cartridge
    [TR] Hewlett Packard print toner, print cartridge and laser printer
    [TR] HP 6614A compatible inkjet cardridges 2000 units
    [TR] Hp 6614a used or 100% compatible inkjet cartridges
    [TR] Medical disposables
    [TR] Nonwoven fabric
    [TR] Pet resin/ granule
    [TR] Sewing needles
    [TR] Shoe machines
    [TR] Synthetic leder
    [TR] Wooden tongue depressor
    [TW] Led full color outdoor displays, led boards, led panels
    [UA] Beef from Ireland
    [US] Bathroom-toiletroom equipment
    [US] Electic blankets
    [US] Iomega CDRW drive
    [US] Laptops
    [US] Mexican tequila
    [US] Rubber sole brush
    [US] Scratch cover for wood
    [UY] Image pipe
    [VN] Dehumidifier using in pharmaceutical factories
    [VN] HDD (computer ) 10g, 20g......brand new or used...
    [VN] Ice-cream
    [VN] Pelleting machines
    [VN] Processing line of cattle feed
    [VN] RAM (DIMM ) 32mb, 64mb, 128mb, 256Mb...used or new
    [VN] Used or new RAM, VGA , HDD of computer
    [VN] VGA (computer) 4mb, 8mb, 16mb, 32mb..brand new or used...
    [ZA] Jam
    [ZA] Jelly
    [ZA] Marmelade
    [ZA] Technical know-how and expertise

    Period: 26-1-2002 to 30-1-2002

    Number of leads : 115

    Click here for full buy leads and contact details

    [AU] 10W solar home lighting kits
    [AU] Plastic bags
    [BD] 11 KV switched type capacitor bank
    [BD] Mobile soil testing van
    [BD] Second hand computer monitor
    [CA] Designer name leather bags
    [CA] Sunglass
    [CI] Jewelry
    [CN] Ethylene dichloride
    [CN] Glass
    [CN] Projector screen fabric
    [CN] Seeking cooperation
    [DE] Mobile phones
    [DE] Mobile-phones Nokia and Motorolla
    [EG] 17 alpha methyl testosterone
    [EG] Agriculture fertilizers production line
    [EG] Fishing tackles (tools)
    [EG] Lens Meter, lens sharpener devices
    [EG] Macaroni production line
    [EG] Malleable iron pipe fittings, bathroom
    [EG] Strong air compressing hose production line
    [ES] Frozen, fresh fish
    [ES] Injection machine for plastics
    [ET] Jewellery box
    [FR] Computers, handies for West Africa
    [GB] Red onion
    [GT] CD-RW/DVD-R unit
    [GT] DVD player, multiregion
    [GT] Ornamental plants
    [GT] Polyestyrene beads
    [GT] SPT cable
    [IL] Mobile phones
    [IN] Aerial bunched power cables - order value: more than US$ 8.3 5.7 million
    [IN] Ballast cleaning machines-order value: more than us$ 2.5 million
    [IN] CD-R
    [IN] Current and potential power transformers - order value: more than US$ 436,000
    [IN] Cylinder mould vat made watermarked bank note paper
    [IN] Mechanical carousals- order value: more than US$ 458,000
    [IN] Power generating units
    [IN] Raw mat
    [IN] Renovation, modernisation
    [IN] Tray CPU's and RAM (MEMORY)
    [IN] Upgradation of 493.00 Km. roads
    [IR] Air fresheners and toilet fragrance
    [IR] Garments, bags, toys, gifts, household, children wears,
    [IR] Soya bean & sugar & yellow corn
    [IT] Barbed steel wire, galvanised
    [JO] Metallic manufacturing, enviromental consultations
    [JP] Branded sneakers
    [JP] Ductile casting parts
    [JP] New products
    [KR] Air blowew moter (pump)
    [KR] Best flat satellite antenna
    [KR] City bike
    [KR] Coin purse in stock
    [KR] Health care goods loved by women
    [KR] Material for surgical but chromic
    [KR] Nylon plastic hair roller
    [KR] ROM 20GB
    [KR] Sharpening machine for hob and shaving cutter
    [KR] Soft goat skin
    [LY] Fishing & marine investment
    [MA] All kinds of computer components and device
    [MA] All kinds of cosmetics and perfume, beauty accessories
    [MA] Machines for plastic transformation
    [MA] Porcelain and ceramic ware for kitchen
    [MX] Cajas Met?licas para transformadores
    [MY] Bull dozer
    [NG] General goods
    [PH] Toys story products
    [PK] New or used tested 128 Mb pc ram and Celeron 400 more processors in bulk [PK] Nickel scrap
    [PL] Branded surgical products
    [PL] Roche analyzers - Cobas Integra, Elecsys
    [PR] Motors gear AC
    [RO] Steel sheet and tube processing line
    [RU] Nickel-contained plates
    [SA] Tailoring materials
    [SG] Bleached white cotton yarn
    [SG] Waterproof bags
    [SK] Rejected loaders made in Slovakia
    [SV] Spare parts and accessories for computers
    [TR] Aluminum scrap
    [TR] Computer parts
    [TR] Embroidery/sewing needles
    [TR] Galvanized steel sheet
    [TR] Miscellaneous products
    [TR] Needles
    [TR] Non-woven fabric machine
    [TR] Portable data terminal and printer
    [TR] Product for amusement sector
    [TR] Ram, processor
    [TR] Twisting machine
    [TW] Spangle material for sequins fabric
    [UA] Mobile accessories
    [UA] Pharmacetical chemicals: analgin, vaseline, etc...
    [US] All phones
    [US] Corn for human consumption and for cattle feed
    [US] CPU's
    [US] Electric scooter
    [US] Female girdles
    [US] Fish (fresh or frozen)
    [US] Margarine and shortening
    [US] Nike air force one (low)
    [US] Raw hides of cow/buffalow
    [US] Samsung6100 - 50000 pieces
    [US] Shop online for your sporting goods
    [US] Toilet paper, paper towels and diapers
    [US] Women to arrange parties for profit
    [UY] Tubo de imagen
    [VN] Cylinder/equipment
    [VN] PU & PVC paper overlay
    [VN] Used folklift
    [YU] Copper tubes 27 x 1,3
    [YU] Laser modules

    Period: 22-1-2002 to 25-1-2002

    Number of leads : 193

    Click here for full buy leads and contact details

    [AT] Duplex board (paper board)
    [AU] Garments & fabrics
    [AU] Motorola T2288
    [BD] 11 kV capacitor banks with auto switch
    [BD] Capacitor banks with auto switch
    [BD] Double decker bus, mini bus & buses
    [BE] Gold
    [BG] GSM mobile phones in bulk quantities
    [BG] Stainless steel sheets
    [BR] Copper coil
    [CA] Gold/dust
    [CA] Motorcycle apparel, boots, helmets, leather, textile
    [CA] Real estate
    [CA] Remote car starters & alarm systems
    [CI] Original ink cartridges
    [CM] Computers
    [CM] Consumer electronics, cosmetics, garments, watches, computers, underwear
    [CM] Cosmetics products
    [CM] Home appliances
    [CM] Jewelries
    [CM] Umbrella
    [CN] 2,6 dichlorophenol
    [CN] 70-100 million male rubber condoms
    [CN] Chenille fabric
    [CN] EGCG99%
    [CN] Food
    [CN] Fur / mink fabric material for jeans
    [CN] Garments
    [CN] Linear high pressure polyethylene
    [CN] Miscellaneous products
    [CN] Plastic folding case
    [CN] Printing machine
    [CN] Projector screen fabric
    [CN] Stainless steel wire
    [CN] Textile
    [CN] Valve
    [DE] Ann Taylor merchandise
    [DE] Bandages, supports of knitted or woven material
    [DK] Sunflower oil
    [EG] Bakelite powder
    [EG] Sports sets (bulding body)
    [ES] LDPE
    [ES] One use plastic glass and plates
    [ES] Powder milk
    [ES] Products for supermarkets
    [ES] Resin or polyresin dancer figures
    [FR] Frozen chicken/ turkey
    [GB] China clay processing plant
    [GB] Vegetarian vitamins
    [GB] Water filters
    [GH] Used sound jute sacks
    [HK] Containers 100% rayon 30x30 68x68 63 shuttle grey fabric
    [HK] Plastic scrap
    [HK] Plastic scrap
    [HK] T/R 80% polyester 20% rayon 45x45 88x56 61 grey fabric
    [ID] Pharmaceutical packaging
    [ID] Used notebook
    [ID] Used notebook
    [IL] 400 used diesel Volkswagen engines
    [IL] Cheap products for 1 $ stores in Israel
    [IN] 500 TPD ECF bleach plant
    [IN] Acrylic sheet & poly carbon roll
    [IN] All type of cotton waste, acrylic hard waste, wool/ wool waste of carpet grade, carpet thread waste etc
    [IN] CDMA mobile phones
    [IN] CD-R
    [IN] Cosmetic & beauty face cream, hair care, eye care
    [IN] Glass cutter handy
    [IN] Gold
    [IN] Graphite mould blanks
    [IN] Inkjet & laser toner cartridges
    [IN] Laser toner and OPC drum for all HP cartidges
    [IN] Line pipes (bare) , (api 5l x46-hferw)- value: more than US$
    [IN] Linen and Ramie fabrics
    [IN] Low silicone pig iron
    [IN] MDF, melamine, formaldehyde, acetone
    [IN] Methyl ethyl sinzic
    [IN] Musical instruments
    [IN] Petrological polarising microscope- 1 no, stereo zoom micros
    [IN] Polymerized chain reaction (pcr) system- 11 nos.
    [IN] Power transformers, 5 MVA-- 153 NOS.
    [IN] Protection panels- 15 NOS. and event loggers -10 nos
    [IN] PVC cable-unarmoured, 4 SQ. MM, 4 CORE- 235 KM
    [IN] Resin impregnated filter paper for manufacture of long life
    [IN] Rough stones precious and semi precious stones
    [IN] Scanning electron microscope- 1 no.
    [IN] Semi automatic viscosity bath (set of two baths with four ca)
    [IN] Single phase electronic energy meters with pilfer proof boxe
    [IN] Small power stations
    [IN] Soya meal, beans
    [IN] Stereo zoom microscopes- 6 nos and others
    [IN] Titanium, monel, inconel, hastalloy
    [IN] VHS
    [IN] Viscose spun yarn
    [IN] Zinc Sulphate with Zinc not less than 21%
    [IR] Automotive fuel and out put gas measurement device
    [IR] Baked anode
    [IR] Cheminals (industrail or laboratories grades)
    [IT] Barbed steel wire, galvanised
    [IT] Branded toiletries , detergents , batteries...
    [IT] Counterfeit money detector
    [IT] Films and machineries for general radiology
    [IT] Industrial/commercial refrigeration (HVAC and automotive)
    [JP] Special stone ware-catalyst
    [KR] Aluminum ingot
    [KR] Best quotation flat antenna for indoor
    [KR] Carnival and party items
    [KR] Cigarette & whisky
    [KR] Cinnamon
    [KR] Cotton fabrics for towels in pub restaurent
    [KR] Desktop/laptop computers
    [KR] F type connector
    [KR] Fishing goods (lures, floats, rods ...)
    [KR] Flashtube
    [KR] GSM dual band handset
    [KR] GSM mobiles & laptop computers
    [KR] Hair roller (curler)
    [KR] Memo holder
    [KR] MR-16 lamp
    [KR] New idea goods (electronic toy promotional item etc...)
    [KR] New regrinding machines for hib & shaving cutter
    [KR] Permanent wave machine
    [KR] Reprocessed PC pellet resin for Injection
    [KR] Shirts
    [KR] Vacuum test tube
    [MA] Furnace for bricks of construction
    [MX] Branch office in the Mexico-Usa border
    [MY] Computer to Malaysia
    [MY] Dried chillies
    [MY] Garlic
    [MY] Onions
    [MY] Potatoes
    [MY] Second hand electric home appliances and computers
    [MY] Used computer and monitors
    [NG] Internet service providing
    [NG] Mobile phones
    [NG] Petroleum products
    [PH] Concealed hinges and drawer slides
    [PK] Auto spare parts, car accessories, car care products
    [PK] Memory module
    [PK] Nylon monofilament fishing nets
    [PK] Optical frames
    [PK] Reading glasses frames
    [PK] Rice
    [RO] Belt buckles
    [RO] Cocoa powders-alkalized and natural
    [RU] "Brilliant" toothpaste from Natural White
    [SA] Electrical insect killer
    [SA] Service trays and trolleys
    [TR] 100%silk and 100%polyester neck tie
    [TR] Black pepper
    [TR] Cell phone parts
    [TR] GSM siemens, motorola, sony, samsung, philips savy
    [TR] Kitchenware stainless steel
    [TR] Men`s wear
    [TR] Miscellaneous
    [TR] Potato seed
    [TR] Spray dryer machine
    [TR] Tetra ethyl lead (TEL)
    [TR] Two for one twister
    [TR] Urea
    [TR] Wooden tongue depressors
    [TW] Fish meal
    [TW] Frozen peas
    [TW] IC of universal remote control
    [TW] Universal remote control
    [TW] Wax
    [UK] Cash registers
    [US] Baby goods
    [US] Batteries
    [US] Consumer goods
    [US] Consumer products
    [US] Duracell AA batteries
    [US] Ericsson T28
    [US] Foam and wooden blocks for yoga
    [US] Goods from United Kingdom
    [US] Leather jackets
    [US] Miscellaneous
    [US] Motor oil
    [US] Mustard seed
    [US] Nestles USA Nido milk powder
    [US] Office chairs
    [US] Raw chocolate for baking cakes
    [US] Raw hides fresh, salted & dried & dried yellow corn
    [US] Rayon
    [US] Roller chains
    [US] Technics prodct
    [US] Used GSM phones
    [UZ] Cotton oil refinery mini plant
    [VN] Accessories and material for garment
    [VN] Mineral water filter
    [VN] Used forklift
    [YU] CPU coolers

    Period: 19-1-2002 to 21-1-2002

    Number of leads : 99

    Click here for full buy leads and contact details

    [AE] Bopp packing tapes
    [AE] Nokia phones
    [AE] Turnkey project or complete machinery for plants
    [AR] ADSL DSLAM, pair gain, internet appliances, DLC
    [AT] Duplex board (paper board)
    [AU] House hold lighting & plasticware
    [AU] LDPE poly bags
    [AU] Tiles & supplies
    [BE] Digital satellite receiver
    [BE] Korean manufacturers of DVD players
    [CA] Unique vacuum cleaner
    [CN] Foldable chair
    [CN] Garments
    [CN] Textile
    [CN] Thermoplastic rubber compound(sbs)
    [CO] Cotton tipped swabs
    [DE] Coffee bean
    [DK] Blanket
    [GR] X-box accessories
    [HK] 2X20` containers 100% carded cotton 30x30 68x68 63` shuttle grey
    [HU] Necktie for man
    [ID] Videotelephone (videophone)
    [IN] Acetone peroxide
    [IN] Children desk writing table
    [IN] Computer SD RAM, CPU etc
    [IN] Electric motor
    [IN] Fluoresence microscope and flourimeter
    [IN] Health & fitness
    [IN] Textile fabrics
    [IN] Vitamin C BP98, paracetamol BP98
    [IN] Voltage transformers
    [IT] Gilette, MACH 3; AXE3 after shave
    [JO] Additives to produce jopetrol railway engine oil
    [JO] Elevators & escalators
    [JO] Laboratory eqpt
    [JP] Disposable kitchen masks
    [KR] A-scan (biometer) and other medical instruments related eye
    [KR] Biuret urea
    [KR] Dried cuttle fish (dried squid)
    [KR] Handicraft, art work, A4 copy paper
    [KR] Incandescent lamps
    [KR] Incandescent lighting bulbs
    [KR] Kichenware
    [KR] MR-16 lamp
    [KR] Plastic windows
    [KR] Portable grease injector
    [KR] Used car
    [KR] Vacuum test tube
    [LB] Packaging related supplies & materials
    [LK] Sonic and luminous alarm eqpt
    [MA] All electric tools, measuring and security equipment, cable lightings
    [MA] Furnace for bricks of construction
    [MA] Hair dressing equipment and tools, cosmetic tools, hair extension...
    [MU] Genuine branded stocklot
    [MU] Vegetable edible oil
    [MY] CPUs and HDDs
    [NP] Electric fan, air cooler
    [PH] Energy saver
    [PK] A-scan (biometer) and other medical instruments related eye
    [PK] Blankets, different item of textile
    [PK] Electric wire and cable electric fitting and accessories, garments, building material and machinery and all kind of tools
    [PK] Hardware & abrasive item
    [PK] Iron on stickers (diamondes)
    [PK] Toys
    [PK] White oil, carbon black n-330, titanium dioxide paint grade
    [SG] Robes, Kung Fu suits, etc.
    [SY] Steel bar forming machine
    [TH] GSM mobilephone for Asian market
    [TH] Handsfree with flash earphone
    [TH] Helicopter (model: Bell 412)
    [TH] Mobilephone and telecom accessories
    [TH] Original housing for Asian market
    [TH] Polypropylene (PP)
    [TH] Portable inspector X-Ray (for security)
    [TH] RF and microwave test measurement equipment
    [TH] Smart card
    [TN] Lamb meat (halal)
    [TR] Fabric for curtain
    [TR] MP3, cassette, CD, DVD players; HI-FI; mixers; A/V; audio VI
    [TR] Polyester yarn 150 -----1000 denier
    [TR] Two for one twisting machine
    [TW] Ladies, men, children` fashion gloves, socks, stocking, ladies hats
    [TW] Mackerel
    [TW] Mobilphone for big quantity
    [UA] Corded & cordless telephone sets, telecom accessories & answering
    [UK] 25,000 key chains + bottle opener
    [UK] 30,000 of each of 2 promo items low cost
    [UK] 50k-500k ballpens metal or plastic
    [UK] Cash registers
    [UK] Hair straightening irons
    [UK] Looking for wigs, accessories, etc
    [UK] Mobile phones, non branded
    [UK] Padlocks
    [UK] Plasma screen T.V`s
    [US] Beaded fringe trim
    [US] CAT. 5 Cable 1.5M 250K/ month
    [US] Home appliances
    [US] Liquid tight cord connectors
    [VN] Used forklift
    [VN] Used productin line for granite

    Other international buy leads 15-1-2002 to 18-1-2002

    Number of leads : 378

    Click here for full buy leads and contact details

    [AE] Audio (Hi-Fi & VCD) systems
    [AE] Footwear making machines
    [AE] Fuses
    [AE] Spare parts for katsura
    [AR] Cigarrete lighters
    [AR] Lighters
    [AS] CD holder
    [AT] PVC
    [AU] Automobile
    [AU] Golf equipment
    [AU] LDPE poly bags
    [AU] Rolled lead
    [AU] Urea, yellow corn #2, feed barley
    [BD] Carbon rods for cenema projector.
    [BD] Fabric
    [BD] Knit item
    [BE] Korean DVD players
    [BF] Gold bars
    [BG] Electric tools
    [BJ] Sport goods
    [BO] Equipment of computation, similar palm
    [BO] Marlboro red & white
    [BO] Modern furniture of office and the home
    [BR] Battery testing equipment
    [BR] Ferrosilicon
    [BR] IGBT
    [BR] Magnetic copper coil
    [BR] Rectifier
    [CA] Circuit breakers
    [CA] DELL latitude labtop computers
    [CA] Electric jug kettle & rice cooker
    [CA] EVA foam grip around kayak pump
    [CA] Roll bag machine
    [CH] Necklanyard
    [CL] Natural health products
    [CN] ABS
    [CN] All kind of raw or dressed fur
    [CN] Aluminium smelting
    [CN] Artificial leather(pu)
    [CN] Copper sulphide concentrade
    [CN] Filter bags
    [CN] Projector screen fabric
    [CN] Pure water and/or medical-use-waer processing m/c
    [CN] Scooter, electric scooter
    [CN] Stainless steel 304 coil sheets
    [CN] Steam injection pump
    [CN] Water treatment equipments
    [CO] Silk fabric and silk ties
    [CZ] Instant glue
    [DE] Bandages / supports
    [DE] Bed sheets
    [DE] Electric scooter
    [DE] Jeans/denim
    [DE] Oxygen mask / canula (for oxygen therapy)
    [DE] Toys
    [DE] Used boring mashine
    [DE] Welding machines
    [DK] Brand perfume cosmetic toiletries
    [DK] Sunflower oil
    [DO] Home appliances
    [EC] Cocoa butter, cocoa paste, cocoa licuor
    [EG] Inner tube for bicycle tyres
    [EG] Medical equipment
    [EG] Motor controller
    [EG] Pharmaceutical machines, accessories and instruments
    [EG] Used printers, inks, toners
    [ES] 100% polyester thread
    [ES] Beer
    [ES] Canned vegetables
    [ES] Mineral water
    [ES] Packed refined sugar
    [ES] Shirts
    [ES] Shirts, t-shirts, underwear, socks ...
    [ES] Soft drinks
    [ES] Sunflower oil
    [ES] Toilet paper
    [ES] UHT milk
    [ES] Whisky
    [FR] Cosmetics
    [FR] Dental prosthesis
    [FR] High performance & custom parts
    [FR] Radar detector for autos
    [FR] Roller plate roll
    [FR] Second hand computer, new monitors, modems,etc
    [GM] Low grade pine/fir
    [GR] Empty metal aerosol cans & dosometric aerosol valves
    [GR] Frozen chickens
    [GR] Stocklots of small furniture
    [GR] Stocklots of toys & games
    [GR] Used computers - used monitors
    [HK] Mashi Maro products - stationery, toys & gift
    [HK] Elec stock lots, VTR
    [HK] Notebook lock 1000 pcs
    [HK] Pen with light
    [HK] Plastic scrap--PP
    [HK] PP scrap vacuum forming grade
    [HU] Bicycle components
    [HU] DVD for playstation2
    [HU] Electric home appliance
    [HU] Military belt PP woven material
    [ID] 3000 MT steel scraps
    [ID] Baby strollers and baby walkers
    [ID] Cooper pipe for air conditioner
    [ID] Molding compound
    [ID] OEM notebook
    [ID] Product from Italy, German, Taiwan, China, Australia
    [IE] Bottle coolers and draft beer coolers
    [IL] 1000 used diesel Isuzu engines
    [IL] Fenestration weatherstrip
    [IN] 100% nylon and crochetted fabrics
    [IN] Batteries
    [IN] Bulb type turbine generators
    [IN] CD-R in bulk
    [IN] Cellular SAMSUNG-SCH-6100 (50,000 pcs.)
    [IN] Children desk writing table
    [IN] Clock movement
    [IN] CNC vertical turret (turning ) lathe- order value: more than US$ 540,000
    [IN] Computer parts- 1000 sets per month
    [IN] Computer SD RAM, CPU etc.
    [IN] Dry fruits - almonds, cassia, dates
    [IN] DVD
    [IN] Footwear
    [IN] Forged wheels about US$ one million
    [IN] Ghana origin teak/pine wood
    [IN] Gift & toys
    [IN] Grey portland cement type I or II
    [IN] Inkjet cartridges
    [IN] Ivory coast origin teak/pine wood
    [IN] LDPE
    [IN] LT outdoor transformer package for thermal power project- 1 pakage
    [IN] Nigerian origin teak/pine wood
    [IN] Novelty inovative toys gifts promotional items
    [IN] PET & PP packing straps
    [IN] Photocopy paper
    [IN] Plastic zipper extrusion machine
    [IN] Polyester suiting, knitted fabrics in terry
    [IN] Polyresin items
    [IN] Rhinestone beads and rhinestone ball beads
    [IN] Seeds
    [IN] Shower cubicles
    [IN] Skimmed milk powder
    [IN] Spares for floppy disk drive
    [IN] Stud turning machine (cnc lathe)-order value: more than US$ 150,000
    [IN] Toilet/tissue paper
    [IN] UPS battery
    [IN] USB drive
    [IN] Vitamin E 50%Feed Grade
    [IN] Wire used in heating pad
    [IR] 22 sets of x-ray baggage scanning machines
    [IR] Brush making machine
    [IR] Citric acid mono
    [IR] Color TV
    [IR] PP
    [IR] S.S. sheets or coils for decorative works
    [IT] Empty laser toner and empty inkjet cartridges
    [IT] Suction cup
    [IT] Water dispenser
    [JO] Sports footwear
    [JP] Pneumatic systems
    [JP] Power cable
    [JP] TFT LCD monitor
    [KE] Furniture raw materials
    [KE] LCD TFL monitor
    [KE] Steel pipes
    [KP] Alibendol
    [KP] Alibendol
    [KR] AC/Dc adaptor
    [KR] Beryllium copper master alloy (BCMA)
    [KR] Bicycly-electrical motor
    [KR] Bimetal thermostat
    [KR] Caustic soda
    [KR] CD-R
    [KR] Cloth
    [KR] D2 gas oil
    [KR] Dish antenna
    [KR] Dish towel
    [KR] Dried ginger
    [KR] Electric tricycle
    [KR] Froebel gifts
    [KR] Frozen poulp squid
    [KR] Gasoline engines for mitsubishi cars
    [KR] Gift items
    [KR] Golf ware
    [KR] Guarana soft drink
    [KR] Hair roller (curler)
    [KR] Joint filler board
    [KR] Kichenware
    [KR] Levi`s jeans and Gucci
    [KR] LNG compressor (natural gas)
    [KR] Molding compound ( plastic raw material )
    [KR] New idea goods: gift, fency, toy, stationery, etc...
    [KR] Peppermint candy
    [KR] Picnic basket
    [KR] Polyresin items
    [KR] Power supply cord A
    [KR] Shower cubicles
    [KR] Small bag (promotional)
    [KR] Spy ear sound enhancer toy
    [KR] Tennis shoes & new-design of bag-pack = factory
    [KR] Titanium sponge
    [KR] Used 14 Monitors (Digital & Coloured)
    [KR] Used CDMA/AMPS Motorola phone
    [KR] Used printing machine
    [KR] Water dispenser
    [KR] Yarn & thread - Coma\`s 30s and Coma\`s 20s
    [KW] Computer item price
    [LB] Silicon coated transformer laminated rolls
    [LB] Silkscreen printing m/c: flat/ round/ pad...
    [LK] Auto airconditioners
    [LK] Water pumps
    [MA] Cosmetics
    [MA] Denim
    [MA] IC eprom flash+lcd
    [MA] Satellite receiver
    [MN] All products and tools
    [MN] Kid`s products
    [MU] Armoured vehicles
    [MY] 15` Monitor 2K~20K
    [MY] Computer
    [MY] Fully electrically adjustable automotive seats
    [MY] Glucosamine sulphate
    [MY] Intel Celeron 1G, 900Mhz CPU
    [MY] PORSCHE 996 interior parts
    [MY] Used Nokia 8250 & Nokia 8310
    [NG] Audio/video cassette
    [NG] DVD, VCD
    [NG] Textiles, leatherates, garments, computers sets, mobile phone
    [NL] Chewing gum production line
    [NL] Coriander seeds
    [NL] Fresh wild mushrooms
    [NL] Husky pet preform moulder
    [NL] Used or refurbished Toshiba notebooks with CD
    [NP] Essential oils
    [NZ] Golf ball
    [NZ] Rosehips (dried)
    [PE] Pet machinery
    [PE] Pistons and retainers
    [PE] Used TVS, PC & VHS
    [PE] Wood cutting machine
    [PH] Stainless flat sheets
    [PK] Metronidazole benoate
    [PK] 250 Nos of automatic voltage regulators of capacity 10 KVA TO 75 KVA
    [PK] Baby infant milk powder
    [PK] Ball valve
    [PK] Bicycle & its parts
    [PK] Bicycle/scooter
    [PK] CD-R, CD-RW, mouse and keyboard
    [PK] Filter cartrage and parts of water filter
    [PK] Filter paper
    [PK] Gas cooking range (used)
    [PK] Heat transfer paper and foil
    [PK] Panel meters components / parts
    [PK] Purification plant, mineral water plant
    [PK] Refined naphthalene flakes
    [PK] Stainless steel sheet
    [PK] Tetracycline, chalorophinical
    [PK] Toys
    [PK] White oil, carbon black n-330, titanium dioxide paint grade
    [PL] Bikes
    [PL] Golf and tennis balls
    [PL] Tools
    [RO] Canned food
    [RO] Interior and exterior car accesories
    [RO] Surplus
    [RU] Electric air-sucking device for vacuum cleaners
    [RU] Equipment for producing glass frames
    [RU] Polyester yarn
    [RU] Polyether thread
    [RU] PVC resin
    [SA] Cosmetics containers and nail polishes
    [SA] Gift accessoires for chocolat & wedding & gift itmes
    [SA] Some products
    [SG] Water heater
    [SY] Blood bank equipment
    [SY] Child toys and games
    [TH] Cotton yarn, modal/cotton yarn
    [TH] Digital vertical horizon instrument
    [TH] New and secondhand GSM mobilephone for the Asian market.
    [TH] Polyester metallized film (PET Film)
    [TH] RF and microwave test measurement equipment
    [TH] Roof shingle
    [TH] Roofing materials
    [TH] Used computer & peripheral
    [TH] Vaccum casting machines
    [TH] Water purifier
    [TN] 100% cotton fabric shetting, raincoat materials
    [TR] 1100 dtex 150 --500 dtexpolyester yarn
    [TR] 150, 300, 450, 1000 denier or so polyester yarn
    [TR] Aluminium scrap
    [TR] Artificial casing
    [TR] Embroidery machine needles
    [TR] Mobile phone
    [TR] New tyres in all sizes
    [TR] PET
    [TR] Polyester yarn 150 -----1000 denier
    [TR] SDRam memory modules will be bought
    [TR] Sesame
    [TR] Sport shoes
    [TT] Cooling tower
    [TT] Polypropylene film
    [TW] Beauty & salon products
    [TW] Beauty salon products
    [TW] Carbon monoxide detector
    [TW] Environmental equipment for water and air pollution
    [TW] Infra sensor
    [TW] Security system
    [TW] Supersonic transducer
    [UA] CD-Rs, CD-RWs, 3,5 Disks, ZIP Disks
    [UA] Fabrics, subsidiary materials
    [UK] Anti-doze device
    [UK] Barcode label printer
    [UK] Cash registers
    [UK] Cement urea & sugar
    [UK] DDR mat
    [UK] Golf umbrella
    [UK] Kraft paper WTD
    [UK] Label printing scale
    [UK] LCD monitors
    [UK] Precious metals investment
    [UK] Small motorcycles (electric scooter)
    [UK] Spacewriters
    [UK] WTB cosmatics raw material
    [UK] WTB furan
    [UK] WTB lead
    [US] 14 gage stainless steel bottle openers
    [US] Air freshener for cars, small, attaches to air conditioner vents
    [US] All terrain vehicles (ATV`s)
    [US] American flags
    [US] Chandelier prisms
    [US] Desktop and monitors
    [US] DVD headsets
    [US] Electric guitars
    [US] Electronic pet products
    [US] Electronics
    [US] Emergency light/exit sign
    [US] Ethylene glycol
    [US] Eyeglass frames
    [US] Fluorescent tubes
    [US] Folding table legs
    [US] Glass chess sets - all styles
    [US] Gold jewelry
    [US] Home appliances
    [US] Hosiery & socks
    [US] Kitchen cabinets harwere
    [US] Lancets
    [US] Laser pointer key chains
    [US] Milk & whey products, various
    [US] Monitors
    [US] Nokia phones
    [US] Perchlorethylene
    [US] Plumbing supplies, hardware tools, and fire sprinkler parts
    [US] Plush airplane toy
    [US] Prodcuts for home shopping networks
    [US] Products
    [US] Realistic breast forms
    [US] Scrap steel
    [US] Spices with spice racks
    [US] Sporting wear and caps
    [US] Tape measure for construction for USA
    [US] Toys
    [US] Water dispsensers
    [UZ] CPU AMD 800
    [VE] Autoparts
    [VE] Lenses
    [VE] Rainwear
    [VE] Toys
    [VN] Baby strollers, baby walkers, play bed
    [VN] Measuring & testing equipment
    [VN] Microwave oven
    [VN] Rolling steel production line
    [VN] Screen projector
    [VN] Stainless steel pipe fitting
    [VN] Toshiba battery
    [VN] Used productin line for granite
    [YU] Adidas, Nike, Fila

    Other international buy leads 9-1-2002 to 14-1-2002

    Number of leads : 219

    Click here for full buy leads and contact details

    [AR] Baby walkers and strollers
    [AR] Cement
    [AT] Moulds
    [AU] Electric bicycle
    [AU] Parts for vacuum cleaner
    [AU] Plastic bags
    [BD] Auto car parts, light (fog,head,indicator), car polish(cream & liquid)
    [BD] CD manufacturing machineries
    [BD] Paper bag
    [BD] Paper carry/shoping bag making machine
    [BD] Public health engineering equipment
    [BD] Spare parts for navigation
    [BE] Korean antique furnitures
    [BF] Gold bares
    [BJ] Computer software
    [BR] Baby carriage, baby walker, baby bag, children decoration
    [BR] Capacitance meter, oscilloscope & power supply
    [BR] CCTV 6\` monitor
    [BR] Digital printing plotter
    [CA] Door handle
    [CA] Faucet
    [CA] Lighting fixture
    [CA] Lightstick
    [CA] Plumbing brass stem
    [CA] Trowels/working gloves
    [CH] Bicycle parts
    [CH] Snowbody skin-lightening cream made in Switzerland
    [CL] Automotive equipment
    [CN] Check valve & motorcycle bush
    [CN] Chemical analysis meter and relation equipments
    [CN] DVD
    [CN] IC
    [CN] POF film
    [CN] Scooter, electric scooter
    [CO] Silk fabric and silk ties
    [CU] Scooters 49cc
    [CZ] Instant glue
    [DE] Bed sheets
    [DE] Denim
    [DE] Electric scooter
    [DE] Fabric stocklots
    [DE] Vacuum cleaner parts
    [DO] Dental equipment
    [EG] Aluminum fused
    [EG] Aluminum tube packing
    [EG] Car parts and printing ink
    [EG] Electronics
    [EG] Oils & gas
    [ES] Beer
    [ES] Canned food fruit vegetable fish seafood
    [ES] Mineral water
    [ES] Toilet paper
    [FR] Cosmetics
    [FR] Handy termninal/bar code scanning
    [FR] Medical equipments
    [GB] TFT 15` monitors
    [GH] Soya beans
    [GR] Linen & denim fabrics
    [HK] \`Mashi maro\` products - stationery, toys & gift
    [HK] 100,000 pcs AM-FM radio
    [HK] Many industrial items
    [HK] Plastic scrap--PP
    [HK] Vacuum cleaner, rechargeable lantern, electric iron
    [HR] Gift paper, paper stationery, photo albums
    [HR] Light speckled kidney beans - cranberry beans
    [HU] Necktie for man
    [ID] Chemical
    [IL] 4 kind of gloves
    [IL] Galvanized and pre painted steel coils
    [IL] Half leather working, heat resistant, welding, PVA gloves
    [IN] 128 MB hyundai/hynix RAM (memory)
    [IN] Car accessories
    [IN] CDR
    [IN] Chemicals
    [IN] Energizer batteries
    [IN] Gifts etc
    [IN] Grade #1, ul approved copper wire
    [IN] High temperature simulated distillation analyzer - for use in petroleum industry
    [IN] Hr/CR/GI coils and sheets
    [IN] Inkjet cartridges
    [IN] Machine cut crystal chaton
    [IN] Oil pressure relief valve for diesel locomotives
    [IN] Plastic and rubber hoses
    [IN] Rhinestone beads and rhinestone ball beads
    [IN] Secondry HR/CR/GI coils and sheets
    [IN] Self propelled barge
    [IN] Silicone o ring
    [IN] Steel backing rivets
    [IN] Sweaters in stock for spring& summer for ladies
    [IN] Transmission roller chains
    [IN] UPS battery
    [IR] Citric acid mono
    [IR] Cosmetics, personal care, toiletries
    [IR] Electric/electronic parts & components for household appliances
    [IR] Electronic home appliances
    [IR] Vinyl papers
    [IR] Wire wrap tool, electric power
    [IT] Shoes
    [JO] Gift items
    [JO] Lighting
    [JO] Weaving machines
    [JP] Curtain
    [JP] Hats - OEM - 100% cotton
    [JP] Lamp, CDM
    [JP] Pneumatic systems
    [JP] Rare metals
    [JP] Steanless steel coil & plate
    [KR] Aluminium ingots
    [KR] Aluminum foil
    [KR] Bicycle
    [KR] Chemical assitant or auxiliaries for textile
    [KR] Cloth
    [KR] Computer monitors
    [KR] Cotton yarn, modal/cotton yarn
    [KR] Electric parts maker
    [KR] Gold bares
    [KR] Hair scissors
    [KR] Kamag pot carrier
    [KR] Kitchen towels
    [KR] PC (polycarbonate) off grade or scarp regrind
    [KR] Picnic basket
    [KR] Power supply cord A
    [KR] Seeds for vegetables
    [KR] Socks knitting machine
    [KR] Socks or horsiery knitting machine with 6`,28gauge, 2feeder
    [KR] Stock/off-cut - voile fabrics
    [KR] Styrofoam recycling machine
    [KR] Summer health items
    [KR] Supersonic waves & blood monitering system
    [KR] Top (toy)
    [KR] Traveller`s bag & auxiliary bags
    [KR] T-Shirts
    [KR] Unique & innovative gift / promotional items
    [KR] Used 14` monitors (digital & coloured)
    [KR] Used teabag packing machine
    [KR] Yellow croacker
    [LB] 3-way tipper boxes of aluminium
    [LK] Chemicals - fishnet manufacturing industry
    [LK] National personal identification card system
    [MA] Amplifier/public address/speakers
    [MU] Genuine branded stocklot
    [MY] Computer to Malaysia
    [MY] Electrical components
    [MY] Second hand home appliances
    [MY] Second hand refrigerator and washing machine
    [MY] Used Nokia 8250 & Nokia 8310
    [NG] DVD, VCD
    [NG] Estate
    [NG] Textiles, leatherates, garments, computers sets, mobile phone hand sets etc
    [NL] Fresh wild mushrooms
    [NL] South African rands (zar)
    [NO] Phone accessories
    [NZ] GSM new cellular phones
    [NZ] SDLT & DLT IV Tape media
    [PH] 3-piece tinned can
    [PH] Drill pipes
    [PK] Anti freezers
    [PK] Citric acid mono bp93
    [PK] Decoretive fountains
    [PK] Energy (kwh) meter parts
    [PK] Filter paper
    [PK] Industrial sewing machine parts
    [PK] Petrochemicals products, ethyl esetate, MEK
    [PK] Plastic trigger sprayer gun
    [PK] Refined naphthalene flakes
    [PK] Used computer monitors and parts
    [PK] Water purification plant, mineral water plant
    [PL] Cheap articles for babies
    [PT] Beans, rice and beans (principally light speckled beans
    [PT] Canned fish (sardines, tuna fish, mackerel in tins
    [PY] Home appliances
    [QA] OPC clinker and used /second hand cement plant
    [RU] Accessories for LCD monitors
    [RU] Fruits
    [RU] Molds for pet bottle caps
    [RU] Oats (food`s oats).
    [RU] Onion (code: 0703 10 110 0)
    [RU] Raw materials for plastic disposable syringes
    [RU] Soya oil
    [RU] Tomato paste brix 33%
    [SA] Fish processing plant
    [SA] Tailoring materials
    [SG] Plastic cups
    [TH] Automobile and parts
    [TH] Used computer & peripheral
    [TN] 100% cotton fabric shetting, raincoat materials
    [TR] Aluminium scrap
    [TR] Fabric 100% polyester 285CM
    [TR] Sound system
    [TW] Digital thermometer for human
    [TW] Hot/cold wet towel(tissuepaper) dispenser
    [TW] Medical shower tray and accessories
    [UA] Plastic resin
    [UK] Precious metals investment needed
    [US] American flags
    [US] Audio & guitar amplifier
    [US] CD jewel cases
    [US] Claimdigger- surf short (surf wear)
    [US] Cosmetic brushes makeup brushes
    [US] E2000 fiber optic connectors
    [US] Electronic components & consumer electronics
    [US] Eye glass frames and packages
    [US] Ladies bathing suits
    [US] Ladies board shorts
    [US] Mckids-pique kids shirt
    [US] Mens suits
    [US] Need E2000 fiber optic connectors
    [US] New agricultural tractors
    [US] Saw logs
    [US] Textiles
    [US] Vacuum cleaner
    [US] Wheat flour
    [US] Wood cloth hangers
    [UY] Thermoplastic rubbers
    [VE] Mechanical attractions
    [VN] Baby strollers, baby walkers, play bed
    [VN] Products electronic appliannces of sharp corporation
    [VN] Shrimp feed processing line; instant coffee processing plant
    [VN] Steel pipes for oil and gas industries

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