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Other international buy leads 3-1-2002 to 8-1-2002

Number of leads : 517

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[AE] Automatic Oil Test Set &   Oil Filtering Machine
[AE] Bathroom rug machine
[AR] Cardio monitoring
[AR] Coupling, fitting
[AR] Machine tools
[AR] Powder coating
[AT] Raw sawn oak elements
[AU] Alcohol
[AU] Ammonium nitrate
[AU] Batteries
[AU] Clothing
[AU] Computer ribbons & ink cartridges
[AU] Cosmetics
[AU] Diamond cutting blades
[AU] Industrial grade lump sulphur
[AU] Pentium IV 1.7G 478pin x 100K desperately
[AU] Portable global positiong system
[AU] Tractors 10 to 25 hp
[BD] 67, 20, 000 pcs. paper towel
[BD] Auto car parts, light(fog,head,indicator), car polish(cream & liquid)
[BD] Carbon rods for cenema projector
[BD] Denim fabric
[BD] Machineries
[BD] Needle for mosquito net
[BD] Power transformer
[BD] Ppen fitting, stainless steel pipe of oil and gas sectors
[BD] Tires
[BD] Used computer
[BE] Countdown clock module based on LCD or LED
[BE] Gold
[BE] Gold metal
[BE] Machine tools
[BE] Neckties
[BE] Rattan article
[BR] Hot and cold galvanized laminated sheet
[BR] Hydrogen peroxide 50%
[BR] Spun yarn, cotton yarn
[CA] 100% spun polyester thread
[CA] Automated labeling machine
[CA] Body jewelry
[CA] Consumer electronics
[CA] Consumer electronics
[CA] Pipe fittings/pipe nipples-fitting
[CA] School material
[CH] All kind of tools......
[CH] Solar products - solar cell, solar cell modules
[CL] Cast resin current transformers
[CN] 3X20 t/c poplin 65/35 45*45 / 110*76 60\`
[CN] 6000 MTS lead ingot
[CN] Ascom
[CN] Auto equipment, wire wheel, hub
[CN] Bulk MOP, DAP, urea
[CN] Cemented carbide
[CN] Computer intasia machine
[CN] Copper
[CN] CPU, HDD, FDD, monitor
[CN] LCD 15 monitor B grade
[CN] LWC paper 52g
[CN] NacooH(90%MIN) ,the quantity is 500MT
[CN] Polyester chip,yarn grade
[CN] SCA paper
[CN] Steel castings
[CN] Towels, bed-sheets, wool quilts, pillow case
[CN] Valve
[CO] Woodfree art paper and duplex board
[CY] Food fish products
[DE] Bowls/dishes of stainless steel
[DE] Model railways
[DK] Brand name perfumes toiletries cosmetics
[DK] Gold carat 24 & gold bars
[EG] Accessories
[EG] Computer components
[EG] Cubic zirconia
[EG] Electroplating plant
[EG] Pharmaceutical machines, accessories and instruments
[EG] Sewing & packing machinery
[EG] Shock absorbers
[EG] Small machinery for manufacturing tricot shawls & scarves
[EG] Textile
[EG] Used machine tools
[EG] Used machinery & machine tools
[ES] Beer
[ES] Beer
[ES] Canned vegetables
[ES] Chiclets & chocolates
[ES] Computer parts
[ES] Glow in the dark merchandise for parties
[ES] Hardware products
[ES] Laundry powder soap
[ES] Mineral water
[ES] Napkins
[ES] Nokia mobile phones
[ES] Packed roasted coffee
[ES] Packed sugar
[ES] Paper towels
[ES] Soft drinks
[ES] Sunflower oil
[ES] Toothbrush & toothpaste
[ES] UHT milk
[ES] Whisky
[ET] Hospital equipments
[ET] Packing cans for food products
[FR] Radar detector for autos
[GB] Citrus fruits
[GB] Domestic water pumps
[GR] Digital pricing & weighing scales
[GR] Stocklots of small furniture
[GR] Stocklots of toys & games
[GR] Used computers - used monitors
[HK] Blotting paper for car airfresheners
[HK] Electric ironing board
[HK] Fishnet pantyhose
[HK] PVC pipe & fittings
[HK] Recycle / scrap computer
[HK] Vacuum packaging machine
[HR] Car tires, aluminum car wheels
[HR] Gift paper, paper stationery, photo albums
[HR] Light speckled kidney beans - cranberry beans
[HR] M/C for production of paper bags
[HR] Plastic processing machinery
[HR] Wood for production and furnishing of boats
[HU] Original inkjet cartridge
[ID] Pharmaceutical
[ID] Sanitary product & brass
[ID] SDH/MUX or radio microwave
[ID] Second choice SS 304 and SS 430
[ID] Soy bean milk making machine
[ID] Used injection moulding
[ID] Valve
[ID] Wheat bran and wheat pollard
[IE] Hurling balls. leather
[IL] Metal building materials
[IL] Vinyl gloves
[IN] 2000 used diesel engines
[IN] 400 KV , 220 KV capacitor voltage transformers
[IN] 66 KV current and potential
[IN] Agrl & seafoods
[IN] Aluminium foil
[IN] API 5L plates,pipes & fittings
[IN] Art paper
[IN] Art paper 250 MT
[IN] Automobile spare parts,machine tools and accessories
[IN] Bleached softwood sulphate Chemical Pulp 2000 ADMT
[IN] Borex
[IN] Borosilicate glassware, & materials
[IN] Ceramic mugs
[IN] Chemicals
[IN] Chromic acid flakes
[IN] Coconut shell charcoal
[IN] Copper and aluminim wires, cables an conductors
[IN] Disposable facemask, Gowns, surgeon`s caps
[IN] Fabric
[IN] Fixed Series Compensation Package for 400kV S/C and 400 kV D/C Transmission Lines on turnkey basis
[IN] FMCG products & agricultural products
[IN] Form fill seal machine
[IN] Gold bullion
[IN] Grade #1, ul approved copper wire
[IN] High pressure boiler
[IN] High speed coining presses horizontal machine
[IN] HR sheets
[IN] Keyboards, mouse & computer cases
[IN] Medical products
[IN] Mens cotton shirts from Thailand
[IN] Multimedia CDROMS softwares
[IN] OEM Fingerprint reader
[IN] Optical raw glass
[IN] P4 Processor
[IN] Package boilers-2 nos.-order value: more than us$ 3.6 million
[IN] PET & PP packing straps
[IN] Pharmaceuticals- vecuronium bromide bp, nalidixic acid tab ip, dextrose iv 5%
[IN] Plastic trapulins
[IN] Poly-tarpaulins--pv coatedplastic sheet
[IN] Pressure control valve
[IN] Rhinestone beads
[IN] Secondry/stocklot steel
[IN] Soya flour
[IN] Steel plates in grade D2 to ASTM A 681
[IN] Syringes & paper products
[IN] Telecommunication system for approx. 375 Km long Pipeline on Turnkey basis - order value: more than us$ 1.5 million with duty
[IN] Timber logs
[IN] Transistors, ICs & PF
[IN] Weighing balances
[IN] Woven laminated paper
[IN] Zinc Sulphate with Zinc not less than 21%
[IR] Aluminium clad steel (acs)
[IR] Automotive fuel and out put gas measurement device
[IR] Blood cell counters
[IR] Ignition plug - ignition switch -push button switch for gas cooker
[IR] Soya beans
[IR] Start relay & overload relay for refrigerator compressor
[IR] Thermostat (6208) for DANFOSS and Compressor (G20) for national refrigerator
[IT] Brass wire/copper wire
[IT] High voltage transformer
[IT] Paper
[IT] Strapping and tying machine for packaging
[IT] Valves for aspiration and drainage
[JO] Electrical motors
[JO] Electro mechanical products
[JO] Fans for stoving oven and spray painting
[JO] Lamp, CDM
[JO] Lead alkyl anti-knock compound
[JO] Lighting
[JO] Low tension 400v explosion proof, ip55. m.c.c
[JO] Multimeter calibrator
[JO] Printing lottery tickets
[JO] Servo & single speed motors
[JO] Weaving machines
[JP] Cork
[JP] Landscaping materials, garden goods, and home and interia goods
[JP] Optical device & transport equipment for fiber optics communication & emerging digital communication
[JP] Printed circuit board(pcb) ,2 layers, 4 layers
[JP] Stainless steel
[JP] Steanless steel coil & plate
[KR] 128/256m Pc133 Samsung Original Memory
[KR] A jewelry case of high quality
[KR] Alfalfa
[KR] Alibendol
[KR] American football
[KR] Ball valve
[KR] Bath towel for `Public bath` use
[KR] Bicycle
[KR] Books
[KR] Buy vga card
[KR] Calender machine
[KR] Caustic soda
[KR] Charcoal for BBQ
[KR] Coating powder
[KR] Copying/printing and art paper
[KR] DC lighting bulb
[KR] Deputy manager
[KR] Electrical oil transformer and KWHM
[KR] Expansion joint board
[KR] Farming tools, floorcloth with handle
[KR] Filter element
[KR] Finished drug factories in Viet Nam
[KR] Float/flat glass
[KR] Frozen poulp squid
[KR] Gauze fablic
[KR] Gold bullions
[KR] Hair scissors
[KR] Hot fix
[KR] Insulation board
[KR] Items for dental surgery like toothpaste, toothbrush, gargle..
[KR] Japanese vehicle
[KR] Joint filler board
[KR] Kamag pot carrier
[KR] Kitchen towels
[KR] Latex pillow & mattress
[KR] Log - merbau
[KR] Machine for sawdust charcoal
[KR] New products for The World Cup
[KR] Optic fibers & cables
[KR] Optical frames, metal glasses eyewears, sunglass
[KR] Pig leathers for garments
[KR] Pillow slip
[KR] Pineapple sliced canned in 4 kg tin
[KR] Products
[KR] Promotional gift items
[KR] Raw materials in industry
[KR] Satin fabric
[KR] School bags
[KR] Secondhand machining tools
[KR] Strawberry & apple
[KR] Strawberry&apple puree
[KR] Supersonic waves & Blood monitering system
[KR] Top(toy)
[KR] TPU plastics resin & film
[KR] T-Shirts
[KR] Used HP printer cartridges and toner cartridges
[KR] Used monitors(main item) & Used parts for computer
[KR] Used textile machines
[KR] Vacuum cleaners (industrial use)
[KR] Viagra
[KR] Wood doors
[KW] Natural rubber
[KW] Pipe and fittings and valves
[KW] Underwear
[LB] Mushroom cultivation growing rooms
[LB] Notebooks/ Video monitoring/ Inventory systems
[LB] Packaging machines & materials
[LB] Packing machinery for `sugar tubes`
[LB] Velour car upholstery fabrics
[LB] Wedding dressing
[LK] Galvanized iron sheets
[LK] Side sealing machine
[LY] Pet blowing, filling, labeling & sealing system
[MA] Ananas/magoo/and fruit cocktail and juice/ confectionery
[MA] Gold wafer card(pic16f84+24lc16)
[MA] Machine second hend for shredding polyester fibre wadding
[MA] Pen tupes conductivity (range:100-19900 Ás/cm)
[MA] Polyester fiber wadding
[MM] Pharmacutical products
[MX] Cattle
[MX] DECAL Paper
[MX] Valves, tubes and couples
[MY] 003Modulator Valve
[MY] A4 size art paper
[MY] All types of paper related products-a4 paper, kraft paper, offset pape
[MY] Automotive seats
[MY] Computer to Malaysia
[MY] CPUs and HDDs
[MY] Disposable baby diapers/sanitary napkins
[MY] Mini size electrical blender
[MY] Packing machine
[MY] Spoiler wiper
[NG] GSM Phones
[NG] Plastic extruder , cutting & sealing M/C
[NL] Coriander seeds
[NL] Flashing items
[NL] Used or defective monitors in containerloads
[NP] Electric stand fan etc
[NZ] Art paper
[NZ] Corona beer
[NZ] Plastic mobile phone bag
[PE] Butano gas lighter refill
[PH] Cheesecloth for soft flour packing
[PH] Instant noodles
[PK] 2-Ethyl hexyl acrylate
[PK] Acrylic sheet waste
[PK] All kind of chemicals: solvent and petrochemicals
[PK] All type of paper(fax: paper, ecg paper. ofset paper)
[PK] Aluminium oxide red colour flexable emery cloth in jumbo roll
[PK] Artificial jewelry
[PK] Butyl acrylate
[PK] Citric acid mono BP93
[PK] Coated abrasive disk, hardware items
[PK] Decoretive water fountains
[PK] Electroplating equipment
[PK] Iron on stickers (diamondes)
[PK] Iron on stickers for garment
[PK] Maleic anhydride
[PK] Packing Machines
[PK] Penta
[PK] Phenol
[PK] Phthalic anhydride
[PK] Plant for welding electrodes
[PK] Plastic raw material, HDP bottle
[PK] Plastic shrink wrapping machine
[PK] Plastic trigger sprayer gun
[PK] Powder coating material/powder
[PK] Protectors and sliders for leather motorbike suits
[PK] Shredded auto scrap
[PK] Staple pin making machines and glue
[PK] Styrene monomer
[PK] Surgical equipments,disposable syringes, disposable needles and general merchandise, computer parts
[PK] Swing machines, knitting machines
[PK] Textile machinery & accessories
[PK] Toys
[PK] Used complete gold electroplating unit
[PK] Vaccine and life saving drugs
[PK] Venyl acetate monomer
[PL] Aluminum profiles
[PL] Economical energo saving bulbes
[PL] Exclusive gifts like pens, clocks - all top quality
[PL] Fishing equipment, skiing equipment
[PL] Photo frames and other gifts
[PL] Ultrasonic detectors and meters
[PT] Frozen chickens and parts
[PT] Meat beef in carcasse and parts
[RU] Engineering company to install the packaging line on the fish plant
[RU] Labeling machine
[RU] Packing machine
[RU] Three-side sealing m/c for production pe vacuum bags
[RU] Used monitors
[SA] Edible oils
[SA] Machine tools & industrial supplies
[SE] Lingerie
[SG] Log - merbau
[SG] Machine tools
[SG] Maxam & sanxiao soaps
[SG] Mini disc casing
[SG] Pipe & fitting/valves/precision measurement items
[SG] Strapping machines
[SY] Child toys and games
[SY] Fabrics & yarns
[SY] Music module
[TH] Carbon black
[TH] Carbon cathodes and anodes
[TH] Cotton yarn, modal/cotton yarn
[TH] Fitting and flangs
[TH] Tools, machine, machintools, hardware, spare of power tools
[TH] Valve
[TH] Yarns
[TN] Port shoes, footwear
[TO] Fishing vessels (for tuna)
[TO] Fresh and canned sq
[TR] Ammonia
[TR] Anticancer finished products
[TR] Arm-watches
[TR] Automobile bearings
[TR] Catalizatore 3260 F3280
[TR] CR39 resin lenses
[TR] Crepe paper
[TR] Decoration stocks of ceramic vase and jewelry box
[TR] Dervis
[TR] EE PROM 200 16*64 Byte memory chip
[TR] Fabric 100%polyester 285cm
[TR] Fabric for curtain
[TR] Fitness
[TR] Household / in-door furniture
[TR] Human gammaglobulins and vaccines
[TR] Isocianato
[TR] Napkin
[TR] Paper
[TR] Polyurethanic sytems Component 760/17
[TR] Powder coating
[TR] Remote control
[TR] Rough ophthalmic glass blanks
[TR] Sdram memory modules will be bought
[TR] Steel rods
[TR] Uriscan urine analyzers&parts
[TR] Wicks and glass
[TW] AC/DC 78rpm record players (phonograph)
[TW] CD lens cleaner
[TW] Filter papers
[TW] Fish meal
[TW] Foundry pig iron
[TW] Indium
[TW] Memory
[TW] NEC DVD VCD CD MP3 player...
[UA] Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) granules/resin
[UA] Pumpkin seeds
[UK] 4.000 MT frozen hallal red meat (ovine carcasses)
[UK] Chalk boards - double sliding
[UK] Computer products
[UK] Glass, ceramics, paper, packaging, children`s clothing wooden produdts, stationery, emdical equipment, etc
[UK] Notebook / Laptop computers
[UK] TFT 15` monitors
[US] Animal feed
[US] Anti-wrinkle night cream
[US] Canned meat
[US] Card NIC
[US] Cash carrying trucks
[US] Cell phones
[US] Cellulose acetate phthalate
[US] Colorful napkin & table cloths
[US] Computers
[US] Copper wire bars/cathodes
[US] CPU and hard disk
[US] Desktop and monitors
[US] Digital/electronic drum set (musical instrument)
[US] Donut machine
[US] Fancy stationery
[US] Fastener products (cap screw,set screw)
[US] Fertilizer
[US] Fiber optic components
[US] Flags/banners
[US] Hair ornaments
[US] Infant/baby accessory wear and hair accessories
[US] Jumping rope
[US] Kodak disposable camera
[US] Leather goods cheap
[US] Men & woman socks
[US] Monitors
[US] New agricultural tractors
[US] Paper
[US] Pentium 4 processors
[US] Perchlorethylene
[US] Phone cord
[US] Plastic bags
[US] Plastic flag holder for car windows
[US] Plastic ophthalmic lenses(any material)
[US] Primary aluminum ingots
[US] REVON-brand name cosmetics
[US] Scrap steel
[US] Sealing machines for small bottles and paper bags
[US] Spices with spice racks
[US] Steel wire rope
[US] Sugar
[US] TFT monitors and monitors parts
[US] Toilet paper, papertowel, napkins, etc.
[US] Toothpaste
[US] Valves
[US] Water dispsensers
[USA] Baseball products
[UY] Commercial freezers, showcases, and all type of commercial machines for supermarkets, stores, etc..
[UY] Households and kitchenware
[UY] Promotionals items and gifts about korea - japan 2002 worldcup
[UY] Public telephones tubes and accesories for tender bid at local state phone company
[UY] Rigid PVC of 70 microns and 40 cm width
[UZ] Textile equipment
[VE] Machine tools
[VE] Paper
[VN] Auto parts of trucks
[VN] Computer parts
[VN] Dyeing production line
[VN] Ethyl acetate
[VN] Flexo printing machine
[VN] Internal mixer and open mill used in rubber laboratory
[VN] KIWI Shoe Polish
[VN] Machine tools
[VN] MATV system
[VN] Mircowave oven plant new or old
[VN] Paper in Japan
[VN] Plasticmaking machine
[VN] Processing line
[VN] Refregeration valves
[VN] Trapping machine (for packing)
[VN] Tubular knitting machines
[YU] `Do it yourself` handy tools
[YU] Adidas, Nike, Fila
[YU] Agricultural polypropylene binders
[YU] Bamboo culms for furniture production
[YU] Boiler
[YU] Fabrics for working-protection clothing, footwear
[YU] Hand-held price labeling machines
[YU] Homogenizer de-aeration unit for lubricating greases
[YU] M/C for production of toilet paper
[YU] Material for production of mineral heatproof brics- reflectors
[YU] Office consuming materials (files, registers, toners...)
[YU] Photo film
[YU] Scale

Hot lead:

UK company is urgently looking for :
Low grade Vinyl Floor covering Range 1mm to 3mm thickness. 1.5 to 3m widths
Bulk quantities minimum 20 Container Shipments
Full contact details

Other international buy leads 28-12-2001 to 2-1-2002

Number of leads : 271

[AL] Lighting apparatus
[AU] Pentium IV 1.7G 478pin x 100K desperately
[AU] Plastic shelves for product placement
[AU] Portable global positiong system
[BD] 8 color printing machine, 4 color printing machine, slitting machine
[BD] Abrasives/waterproof slicon carbide paper
[BD] CD-R manufacturing plant
[BD] Crystal gift item
[BD] Lubricant oil for cars
[BD] Organic chemicals
[BD] Video editing panel
[BG] Crude sunflower oil
[BJ] Computer system (note book PC etc), DVD player GSM, cell phone
[BJ] Football, computer parts/accessories, shoe polish
[BR] Economic lamps
[CA] All kind of gift bag
[CA] Food storage box
[CA] Loose tube cable
[CL] Copper wire
[CN] 3X20 t/c poplin 65/35 45*45 / 110*76 60`
[CN] Auto equipment, wire wheel, hub
[CN] Bag filter retrofit system- for pollution reduction in therm
[CN] Black iron wire
[CN] Brushes and combs
[CN] Ignition cable
[CN] Optical function plastic
[CN] Paper pulp for use in producing diapers/pads/pantiliners
[CN] Plastic resins each month
[CN] Portable shot hole drilling rigs
[CN] Print paper & fax paper
[CN] Toughened glass
[CO] Air filter for automobiles and machinery
[CO] Bed clothing and fabrics for manufacturer bed clothing
[CO] Engines with natural gas
[CO] Machinery for manufacturer motorcycle?s chains and outboard engine
[CO] Parts for printers
[CO] Sulphonic lineal acid
[CO] System board, mainboard for Celeron and Pentium iii and DIM memory
[CO] Thermoforming foamed polyestyrene and PVC film
[ES] Packed products for supermarket
[ES] Packed sugar
[FR] Electrical bulbs
[GB] AC bells for use in telephones
[GB] Plugs & sockets, industrial
[GH] Rough uncut diamonds
[GR] Stocklots of rather big quantities
[GT] Wire and cable, aluminum and copper building wire (THHN, SPT, ACSR, Coaxial)
[HK] Keyboard and mouse units
[HK] Leather men`s wallets with display boxes and PVC ladies purses
[HK] Semi-conductor B2L or C2
[HK] Slitter and winder machinery
[HK] Stock lot of electrical home appliances
[HK] Sun sensitive ink and UV ink
[HK] Vanillin; 4-ethylguaiacol; 4-methylguaiacol; Na
[HK] Wood
[HR] Boiler
[HR] Scale
[HU] Blood-pressure meter
[HU] EDM and WEDM parts
[HU] Optical cable
[ID] Machine for cd blank
[ID] Mangnesite refractories
[IL] Disposable vinyl non sterile gloves
[IL] Vinyl gloves
[IN] 180 CST fuel oil
[IN] 400 KV current transformers- 24 Nos, 220 KV current transformers
[IN] Balloon for advertise & fly to over sky
[IN] Burmese teak veneer
[IN] Cable accessories
[IN] Chinese star lens for mini lab
[IN] Clock movement
[IN] Cosmetic & beauty face cream, hair care, eye care
[IN] Energizer batteries
[IN] Energy saving lamps Taiwan orgin only.
[IN] Fluoresence microscope and flourimeter
[IN] FM/AM mini radio
[IN] Hastalloy
[IN] Hosiery socks, undergarments, ladies undewears, bras etc
[IN] Knitted cloth, or bonded cloth or 2 way 2 color winter fabrics for SW
[IN] Perforation materials for petroleum and gas production
[IN] PVC coated plastic sheets
[IN] Redcoral jewellery
[IN] Sealing tapes
[IN] Self adhesive tape and PVC insulation tape
[IN] T/C Fabric
[IN] Textiles and garmnets
[IN] Transmission roller chains
[IN] USB drive USB card reader and video capture cards
[IN] Use car batteries dumb
[IR] 12 sets of escalators (new/used)
[IR] 30 diesel generator units
[IR] Machine for stainless steel spiral scourer machinery
[IR] Optical frames, eyewear, eyeglasses, spectacles frames
[IR] Optical frames, spectacles, eyeglasses
[IR] Tuna fish
[IT] Aluminum
[JO] Architectural industry
[JO] Hotel supplies
[JO] Photo albums
[JO] Steel plates and sections
[JO] Toilet soap soap noodles
[JO] Velvet
[JP] Furniture, dining set, chest, bed, sofa, shoe-box, rattann products etc..
[JP] Industrial mixer, mixer components and related parts.
[JP] Parts of engines and other equipments for motor vessels
[JP] 24V motor
[JP] Antique record player
[JP] Carbon brush motor with fan for vacuum cleaner
[JP] Circular saw blades
[JP] DC brushless motor
[JP] Delrin/plastic and invisible zippers.
[JP] Foaming adhesive tapes
[JP] Lubricating oil, chemical additives, AFT and the referencing goods for automobiles
[JP] Pressure sensor for semiconductor and pump controlling
[JP] Purchasing high brilliance LED
[JP] Purchasing solor power battery which can operate LED
[JP] Reptilia
[JP] Spruce timber, pine timber, used railway sleepers
[JP] Wish to import bags, suitcases and bags for outdoor use
[KR] Aero bed (airbed)
[KR] Airbed for baby
[KR] Alibendol (CAS No. 26750-81-2)
[KR] Aluminium scrap
[KR] Bath & body product from Europe
[KR] Bolt
[KR] Charcoal
[KR] Chinese charcaol ( hard wood charcaol )
[KR] CID module for telephone
[KR] Copper base
[KR] Diamond/gold/silver/other jewelries
[KR] Easels & artist brushes
[KR] Educational products
[KR] Eyeglasses
[KR] Furniture in Switzerland
[KR] Gold and others
[KR] LCD TVs & touch monitors
[KR] Lucky international co., ltd
[KR] Markers, correction & ink pen
[KR] Micro piezo head and specification for printers
[KR] Safety product, welding gloves
[KR] Sirocco impeller
[KR] Slitter for plastic film
[KR] Slitting machine
[KR] Stainless steel scrap ( 18-8 type)
[KR] Styrofoam recycling machine (crusher)
[KR] TDMA cellular phone (used or re-manufactured)
[KR] Thiocolcicoside
[KR] Used spare parts for automobile
[KR] VGA card
[KR] Wire
[KR] Wood charcoal
[LY] Casio wrist watches, other brands
[MA] Automatic starapping machine
[MA] Digital satellite receiver
[MA] Food additives
[MA] Glow starter
[MA] Glow starter and ballast
[MA] Housware /kitchenware
[MA] Music recording equipment
[MA] Printing ink
[MA] Products
[MA] Screen printing machine
[MA] Sewing machines
[MA] Stationery and office supplies
[MA] Stitching machine
[MN] Digital and pocket, other kind of camera
[MN] Glass, ceramic and building materials
[MN] Kindergarten`s pre-school children products
[MY] Dong shin used injection molding machine
[MY] Fully electrically adjustable automotive seats wanted
[MY] Items being sourced
[MY] Sheet pile and machineries
[MY] Used injection molding machine
[MY] Used metal coil slitting machine
[MY] Used the injection molding machine from Korea/Taiwan
[PE] Wires, plates and bars
[PH] Electrical power cable
[PH] Forklift diesel
[PH] PDA or palm pilot clone
[PH] Polycholoroprene rubber, plasticizer
[PK] Ink cartridges for large format and hi-fi printers, printing media
[PK] Iron, alumnium, scrap
[PK] Large quantity mobile phones
[PK] Machines
[PK] Motor starting capacitors vol.a.c.275-300 hz50, machinery
[PK] Power cable, raw material, textile printing
[PK] PVC braided hose pipe machinery
[PK] Security hologram manufacturing machine/system
[PK] UPSes and inverters (uninterruptible power supplies), medical products
[PL] Galvanized rubber elements
[PL] Rubber shoes
[PL] Satellite TV equipment
[PL] Shoes
[PL] Steel and aluminum wheels
[PL] Tarpaulins, debris net, tape fabric
[PT] Canned fish (sardines, tuna fish, mackerel in tins
[RO] Raw cotton, 600mt/month
[RU] Celluloid
[RU] Diagnostical sets
[RU] Fabrics for jalousie
[RU] Football, computer parts/accessories, shoe polish, walking stick, mobile phone, cellular ear phone with /without hook
[RU] Sawing equipment and raw materilas
[RU] Statinary
[RU] Stationary, cosmetic sets
[RU] Street-clock
[RU] Used monitors
[SA] Foodstuff products
[SA] Membrane aerator for sewage treatment plants
[SG] Balloon
[SY] Fiberglass factory
[SY] Footwear
[TH] Car audio system; amplifier, preamplifier, car speaker and other car audio relevanted items.
[TH] Fabric in suiting for trouser
[TH] LCD & monitor
[TN] 100% cotton
[TR] 150, 300, 450, 1000 denier or so polyester yarn
[TR] Inkjet cartridges
[TR] Polyester sewing thread, 40/2
[TR] Polyester yarn 150, 300, 450 denier and 1000 denier
[TR] Super absorber for baby diaper
[TR] Vinyl
[TW] Scarves, mufflers, shawls, ladies hats, stocking, and stocks
[UA] Water Temperature sending unit, oil pressure switch, oil pressure sender
[UK] Compact gas cylinders, metallic foil balloon
[UK] Conveyors
[UK] Halogen flood lights
[UK] KeyGuards for computer keyboards
[UK] Mens American wear
[UK] Pentium4--2.GB processor
[UK] Television and audio
[UK] Vehicle locks and keys
[US] `HP` and `OKI` inkjet printer ink cartridges
[US] 2 tone 1680 D nylon
[US] 45mm hi bouncing balls
[US] 50,000 GSM mobile phones
[US] Acrylic mink blanket
[US] Balloons
[US] Bedding and related fabric
[US] Box matches
[US] Brand name mens shoes
[US] Business photo printing machine
[US] Cell phones
[US] Chest expander
[US] Die casting
[US] Electric & gas scooters, bicycles, ATVs, handicap scooters
[US] Feltip pens
[US] Fine jewelry, watches, toys, leather goods and consumer electronics
[US] Fruit design fork
[US] Grain
[US] Harry potter products
[US] Hitch
[US] Kang Yuan (meditalent)
[US] Kitchen and hand towels
[US] Korea Taihan fiber G652A
[US] Laboratories supplies
[US] Landscaping equipment
[US] Medical equipment
[US] Non-working hard drives and tape drives
[US] Non-woven blankets
[US] Photo film 35mm
[VN] Chemical making machine
[VN] Corrugated board making machine & carton box making machine
[VN] Oil heater
[VN] Parliament - 20 class a cigarettes ( charcoal)
[VN] Truck crane
[ZA] ATX BOX for computers
[ZA] Hardware
[ZA] Tooth pick making machinery

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