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Other international buy leads 25-12-2001 to 27-12-2001

Number of leads :205

[AE] Decorative dry flower
[AE] Dry flower
[AU] Decorative window film
[BD] 11kV and 0.4 kV aerial bundled cable, copper cables
[BD] Abrasives/waterproof slicon carbide paper
[BD] Ball bearing, electric motor, starter, main switch, rubber velt
[BD] Interlocking systems
[BD] Fittings, ball valves, regulators for high pressure gas transmission
[BD] Imitation jewelery
[BD] Industrial raw materials
[BD] Paper cup macking paper
[BD] Polyethylene pellet
[BD] Preserves vegetables & fruits
[BG] Unrefined sunflower oil
[BR] Rubber cartoon accessories for mobile phone
[CA] Fake fur
[CA] Imitation jewellery
[CH] Belt buckles, cowboy hats, medals.....
[CH] Cosmetics containers (plastics or in glasses)
[CH] Embroidery / badges / emblem
[CH] Motor parts
[CN] All kinds of special paper
[CN] Bearing
[CN] Black iron wrie and \`U\`shaped cutting wire
[CN] Building materials
[CN] Candle
[CN] Indigo denim
[CN] Methanol
[CN] Old printer, copier, fast-printer and relative
[CN] Optical function plastic
[CN] Printed sported flowered bed sheeting cotton clothes
[CN] Quantity big black melon seeds from Sindiang to supply
[CN] Samsung mobile phone
[CN] Vinyl cotton cloth with rubber adhesive
[CO] Automatic paper cup container forming machine
[CO] Lingerie, computer parts, optical frames and lenses
[CO] Traffic lights and accesories, and cat?s eyes
[CR] Architectural moulding
[CZ] Computer case
[CZ] Outdoor equipment
[CZ] Wire comb former
[DE] Fertilizer (chemical, for agriculture)
[DE] Golf grips
[DK] Textile accessories
[EG] Bakery & pastry production line
[EG] Jukebox, creative brand or any other brand
[EG] Plastic Bottles for Spices Packaging
[EG] Wide range of waste recycling equipments
[EG] Yarn, fabrics and tyres production lines
[ES] Portatil computer
[ES] Products for supermarket
[ES] Sennsoside 60%
[ET] New/used building, road construction
[FR] Plastic badges
[GB] Paper
[HK] Fashion accessories
[HU] Starter motor parts
[ID] 100% rayon grey fabrics
[ID] 2nd hand computerized sock knitting machines
[IL] 1000 used diesel Daihatsu engines, 1000 used diesel Isuzu engines
[IL] Fenestration weatherstrip
[IL] Fenestration weatherstrip (fiber brush style)
[IL] Sewage treetment
[IN] Automobile & white goods
[IN] Cellular SAMSUNG-SCH-6100 (50,000 pcs.)
[IN] Cement clinker
[IN] Energizer batteries
[IN] Fitted bearing 180 dia (in two parts) for diesel locomotive crankshafts
[IN] Flexible sign material
[IN] Four ball wear machine for the evaluation of antiwear characteristics of lubricants
[IN] Lead ingots
[IN] Leather
[IN] Olive oil, vergin & processed
[IN] Optical raw glass
[IN] Paper products
[IN] PCB\`s
[IN] Plastic sheet (poly carbonate grade)
[IN] Polyurethane coated silicone fabric
[IN] PVC leather
[IN] Refrigerator
[IN] Stainless steel strips
[IN] Textile machines
[IN] Tri methyl chloro silane
[IN] Wood
[IR] Eyeglasses
[IR] Optical frames
[IR] Wire wrap tool, electric power
[IT] Biometric scan
[JP] Apparel industrial machines
[JP] Calf leather
[JP] Dog`s clothing and Dog`s collar
[JP] Parts of machines & equipments for motor vessels
[JP] PET bottles
[JP] Seedling flowers
[JP] Special steel
[JP] Textile straight cutting machines
[JP] Urea fertilizer
[JP] Ventilating fan for under the floor
[KR] 100% cotton comb noil
[KR] Aluminium scrap
[KR] Ant hood cap
[KR] Automobile air conditioning, bus air conditioning, truck refrigeration
[KR] Bitter apricot kernels
[KR] Bowling equipments, GS-96
[KR] Cefotetan
[KR] Compressor
[KR] Intel cel900 chip
[KR] Johnston sweeper truck $ kamag pot carrier
[KR] LEDs flashing light emission bracelet, ring and necklace, etc
[KR] Packing container-closure of drum
[KR] Pedometers
[KR] Perfume, cosmetic
[KR] Perfume, skin care cosmetics
[KR] PET jars
[KR] Pillow slip
[KR] Printer inks for the huret & epson style
[KR] PVC compound
[KR] Sesame
[KR] Sprouter
[KR] Starter motor for automotive
[KR] Swimming wear
[KR] Tent, backpack and sleeping bag
[KR] The filter element of Ultra Filtration Membrance Filter
[KR] Underwear - Silk
[KR] UPS (Uniterruptible Power System) + AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator)
[KR] Used AMPS/CDMA Motorola phone
[KR] Wedding album
[KR] Wool top (18mic,19mic,20.5mic,21mic,22mic.)
[LB] D.I pipes, fittings and valves
[LB] Reflective fabrics & safety garments
[MM] PC computer
[MM] Pharmaceutical products
[MY] Mosstanol 120 chemical
[MY] Used injection molding machine
[NG] Military uniform, boots,berets, bayonnet ,etc
[NG] Textile fabrics
[NL] HP cartridge original
[OM] Computer consumables
[PK] Caustic soda flakes 98 - 99% min
[PK] Chemicals
[PK] Curtain fabric
[PK] Jewelery, neck ties & pens
[PK] Key chains, perfumes , watches
[PK] Photo Copier Minolta, cartridges
[PK] Plastic scrap
[PK] Polyester textured and filament yarn
[PK] Polyester yarn
[PK] Used cng gas kit & accesoires
[PK] Used computer hardware
[RU] Dental needle
[RU] Equipment for producing cotton threads
[RU] Medicine
[RU] Outboard motors
[RU] Packing m/c and materials, fish & meat processing m/c
[RU] Raw resin mixtures
[RU] Souvenirs
[SA] Acrylic blankets
[SA] Cosmetics
[SA] Household glass wares-- jugs & glasses, plates, bowls
[SA] Soy sauce, instant noodles, rice noodles, pancit noodles, tropical fruits
[SA] Stainless steel kettle, tea pots, cookwares
[TH] Zinc coated steel wire strand
[TR] Fabric 100%polyester 285cm
[TR] Fitness
[TR] PC133 128Mb 168pin SDRAM Modules
[TR] Yeongdong`s urine analyzers
[TZ] Marine outboard engines
[UA] Equipment for medical gloves manufacture
[UK] Badges, ties, scarves, heraldic shields, belts&bags, etc
[UK] Genuine ROLEX watches
[US] Advertising specialty products (imitation jewelry, key chains, medals)
[US] Agricultural tractors
[US] Aircraft cable and wire rope
[US] Antique militaria
[US] Capacitors and ferrite core
[US] CISCO routers
[US] DC motors and drives, servo motor systems, etc
[US] Electric Motor
[US] Electronic rice cooker
[US] Hockey stick
[US] Hosiery
[US] Italian accessories, handbags, watches, jewelry, etc
[US] Korean computer
[US] Ladies` shoes
[US] Lead battery scraps
[US] Lit pen
[US] Nursery growing pots and containers
[US] Pocket digital cameras etc
[US] Postcard and playing card
[US] Promotional items
[US] Purse and belts
[US] Titanium dioxide-pigment
[US] Used hospital equipment
[UY] Baby strollers, children vehicles, inflatable toys, riding toys, and amusement
[UY] Electrical motors and accesories
[UY] Footwear
[UY] Motorcycles spare parts for yamaha and outboard engines for boats
[UY] Office machines
[VN] Children`s implement products etc, necklane
[VN] Machine
[VN] Production line
[YE] Promotional gift items
[ZR] Blood bags, tranfusion set

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Other international buy leads 22-12-2001 to 24-12-2001

Number of leads :182

[BD] 500 mt. polyethylene pellet for participation an international tender
[BD] Flourcent tube light
[BD] Full cream milk powder
[BG] Agriculture
[BG] Candium ball, nickel nitrate, nickel carbon powder
[BG] Nickel carbon powder, nickel nitrate, candium ball
[BR] CD duplicator, CD replicator
[BY] CPU AMD K-7 Duron 800 MHz, Memory;
[CA] Animal print silk scarves
[CA] Brand name facial lotions
[CA] Gold
[CA] Loose tube cable
[CL] Car maintenance equipment
[CL] Fashion accessories
[CL] Miniature toys
[CL] Natural health products
[CL] Steel wire for mechanic springs
[CL] Working wear
[CN] Blank gold wafer cards
[CN] Diamond grinding wheels
[CN] Dry rotary-vane vacuum pump
[CN] Furniture handle
[CN] Hot rold steel slab & pig iron
[CN] PA12 powders
[CN] Polyurethane foaming raw material
[CN] Powercell batteries
[CN] Suiting fabric
[CO] Gas portable stove
[CO] Manicure and pedicure set, cosmetic puffs, cutter pen, depilators, nail cutter
[CO] Shoe pins
[DE] Baby and children clothing
[DE] GSM mobile phone
[DK] Explosives
[EG] CNC punching, notching and sharpeneg m/cs
[EG] Fishing tools and equipments
[EG] Production line for blood collecting bags
[EG] Production lines for noodles and snacks
[ES] Computer parts/ used computers
[ES] Sweet corn
[ET] Beef can
[FR] Carabines and steel hooks
[GR] Car, truck & bus tires - alloy wheels for passenger cars
[GR] Fertilizers, seed, pesticides
[GR] Rice mill m/c, silo m/c, dryer m/c, feed mill
[GR] Spare parts for home appliances & professional appliances
[HK] Beach toys
[HK] TFT 15.1` (LCD)
[HK] Used flexo printer
[HU] Filter media
[HU] Stuffed toys
[ID] Sample cutting machine
[ID] Yamaha keyboard type PSR
[IL] Different types, sizes plastic shopping bags
[IL] Insect fiberglass screening
[IN] Beta naphthol 99.1% Min
[IN] Bleached softwood sulphate chemical pulp 2000 ADMT
[IN] Body piercing jewellery
[IN] Cellular internal antenna & wave shield
[IN] Dampers for WAP-5 locomotives
[IN] Disposable syringes
[IN] Dyes
[IN] Emty gelatin capsules
[IN] Emulsion particle size analyser microsizer - 1 no.
[IN] Equipment for automated measurement of particle size as well as zeta potential
[IN] Fitted bearing 180 dia (in two parts) for diesel locomotive crankshafts
[IN] Flatware
[IN] Fur/fabrics for toy making in stock
[IN] Gas chlorinator
[IN] Graphite mould blanks
[IN] Lightning arresters
[IN] Line pipes (bare), (api 5l x46-hferw)- value: more than us$ 1.8 million
[IN] Main bearing shell thrust (gen end upper)- for diesel locomotives
[IN] Many products
[IN] Microwave reactor system- 1 no.--for petroleum industry
[IN] MS galvanised forged pins for 33 KV and 11 KV pin insulators
[IN] Oil pressure relief valve for diesel locomotives
[IN] Phenayl acetic acid
[IN] Polymerized chain reaction (pcr) system- 11 nos.
[IN] Polyster fabric
[IN] Polyster mono filament yarn
[IN] Polyurethane coated silicone finished synthetic fabric for raincoat
[IN] Power transformers, 5 mva-- 153 nos.
[IN] Reactive ion etcher system (rie) for via hole etching of gallium arsenide substrates
[IN] Resin impregnated filter paper for manufacture of long life filters
[IN] Single phase electronic energy meters with pilfer proof boxes
[IN] Stainless hr coils, cr coils, seamless pipes, welded pipes
[IN] Stainless steel hr coils
[IN] Steel plates conforming to ASTM a 537 class 1
[IN] Stereo zoom microscopes- 6 nos and others
[IN] Zinc sulphate with zinc not less than 21%
[IR] Cloths, wears, toys, gifts, bags ,shoes and stationery
[IR] Wire wrap tool, electric power
[JP] Artificial marble
[JP] Jelly type floating candle
[JP] Urea fertilizer
[KR] 24,000 cartons (one pile)
[KR] 3mm chipboard and MDF
[KR] 5000-10`000 MT of PE material
[KR] Auto calling router phone
[KR] Borocilicate gauge glass
[KR] Break parts, engine parts, oil/water pump parts, transmissio
[KR] Cartier, Gucci, Prada and Almani brand
[KR] CDP, walkman, tapes
[KR] Electric teethbrush from china
[KR] Fishing hook
[KR] Fresh ginger
[KR] Golf ware
[KR] Latex mattress
[KR] LCD module
[KR] Power
[KR] Promotion item
[KR] Promotional item
[KR] River run gravel
[KR] Robusta & arabica green coffee beans
[KR] Sawdust briquette, korean b.b.q
[KR] Stainless steel plate
[KR] Urea N46
[KR] Used bowling equipment, brunswick gs-96
[KR] Wire
[KW] Rubber, tubes and barite
[KW] Transformers
[LB] Jewels boxes
[LB] Vinyl papers
[MA] Extrusion moulding machines
[MA] Plastic raw materials, masterbatch for painting plastic and medical stuff
[MK] Polyester staple fiber
[MY] Black light bulb for insect killer
[MY] PU material (polyol & isosinate/water base) for mattress
[NG] Colour laboratory equipment
[NG] Electric products;building materials;processed food products & auto parts
[NG] Medicated soap
[NG] Night vision equipment
[NG] Optical frames of all kinds, mobile phone SET,CAMERAS,WRIST WATCHES
[NL] Silk ties and angora neatwear
[NZ] Iodine CH
[PF] Button cell battery li/lk
[PH] Filter paper for vacumm cleaner bags
[PH] Hair iron and straightening equip
[PH] Stainless steel pipes
[PK] Aluminium alloy, sheets and different aluminium products of grades
[PK] Nitric acid 99%
[PK] Spare parts for finishing lines specially stenters, thermosol
[PL] All kinds of cosmetics
[PL] Electrical and electronic equipment for shops
[RO] Polyester staple fibres, 200mt/month
[RU] Computer parts and components
[RU] H2000 optical sensors
[SA] Oil filled radiant heaters
[SE] Cosmetics, perfume
[SE] Healthcare products
[TG] Stocklots t-shirts, Polo shirts, textile fabrics, Children garments
[TH] Brass sheet
[TH] Medical & laboratory supplies and equipment
[TR] Agricultural chemicals
[TR] Aluminium wire rod
[TR] Uriscan pro urine analyzers
[TW] Curtain hook / polyresin
[TW] Environmental equipment for water and air pollution
[TW] Sticker for tile
[TW] TFT LCD panel
[UK] Steam irons
[US] 200 hospital beds
[US] Aluminum wheel rims and used cars
[US] Anything
[US] Coins, medallions, pins
[US] Consumer audio components and equipment
[US] Dental chair (new and used)
[US] Electric motors
[US] Eye glass frames and packages
[US] GSM world phones
[US] Jacks, spotlights, 2 wheel hand carts
[US] Jewelry made of semi-precious stone beads and pearls
[US] Ladies panties/ mens underwear
[US] Mink blankets
[US] Nestle coffeemate
[US] Plastic trigger sprayers
[US] Plumbing Supplies, Hardware Tools, and Fire Sprinkler Parts
[US] Popcorn making line
[US] Unlocking software
[UZ] Automatic line to produce and for dosage of injection solutions
[UZ] Furniture, leather, home appliances (refrigerators, aircondicioners, etc), audio & video appliances
[VN] Agricultural product/herb
[VN] Passion fruit juice concentrate

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Other international buy leads 19-12-2001 to 21-12-2001

Number of leads : 141

[AE] PU foam injection machine
[AR] Self cleaning window
[AR] Wireless security devices
[AT] DVD players with Mp3 play function
[AU] Lady fashion
[AU] Poultry
[BD] Full cream milk powder
[BD] PVC profile
[CA] Animal print silk scarves and handbags
[CA] Automotive cable
[CA] Ear muffs
[CA] Glasseware, houseware, giftware, bathroonware and kitchenware
[CA] Label stitcher-the travel desk
[CA] Machine for wet towels
[CA] Motorcycle clothing
[CA] Toys-pat
[CA] Valves-rafco
[CM] Computer
[CN] Aluminum alloy tuyere of air conditioner
[CN] Karaoke hit mix
[CN] Lighter
[CN] Projector screen fabric
[CN] Remote door strike lock converter
[CZ] Hardboard, plywood
[CZ] Sugar
[DK] Bags & backpacks
[DK] Medicin dispenser for babies / children
[DK] Permanent make-up and tatoos
[DK] Sound control system for TV, Radio, etc.
[DO] Home appliances
[ES] Canned foods
[ES] Pet preform scrap
[ES] Steel coils and strips
[FR] Blankets
[FR] Elastic bands/white diodes/bags webbing/ fabric bags
[FR] Mosquito nets
[GB] 3% film formin flouro protein (FFFP)
[GB] Leather garments in lamb, goat,cow and pig skin leather
[HK] Nylon spandex yarn
[HU] Bicycle components
[IN] 100% polyester woven heavy mink peach finish fabric in 58\`/60\` width
[IN] 100% silk fabrics
[IN] 3M
[IN] Aluminium scrap & calcium carbide
[IN] Barium carbonate
[IN] Casing, api 5 ct, seamless steel, screwed and coupled with api monogram
[IN] Chemicals
[IN] CNC CO2 laser cutting machine (3 axis)
[IN] Emboidary fabric for ladis dress in cotton and polyester blended
[IN] Equipment for automated measurement of particle size as well as zeta potential- 1 no.- for metallurgical research
[IN] Footwear
[IN] Galvanised street -light poles
[IN] Gold metal ball chain in size 1mm 1.25mm & 1.5mm
[IN] High speed digital data portable recorder with high speed scs/data transfer package and magnetic tape
[IN] Metallised poly propylene
[IN] NCQ drill rods-1500 nos., NCQ rod stabilizer - 48 nos
[IN] Polyurethane coated silicone synthetic fabric for raincoat
[IN] Power generation projects
[IN] Premixed zinc alloy powder zncu 7025
[IN] Pure silver
[IN] Pure silver
[IN] Reactive ion etcher system (rie) for via hole etching of gallium arsenide substrates
[IN] Sourcing/laisoning people or organizations
[IN] Viskose sponge
[IN] Wet etch station consisting of wet solvent chemical processing station and wet acid chemical processing station
[IR] Glass and mirror production line
[IR] Machine for stainless steel spiral scourer machinery
[IR] Polyester staple fiber
[IR] Road wheel (tire wheel) for cars production lines
[IR] Stock dyestuff
[IT] Wine, grappa, acquavite, organic wine
[JO] Sewing machine spare parts
[KR] Auto calling router phone
[KR] Alfalfa
[KR] Auto calling router phone
[KR] Bicycle
[KR] Borosilicate gauge glass
[KR] Canned sweet corn
[KR] Carbon steel plate
[KR] Gasket material
[KR] Kamag slag pot carrier
[KR] NE556 (dip type, Philips)
[KR] PCB (Printed circuit board) maker
[KR] Pentium 2 computer
[KR] Ping-pong ball
[KR] Promotion item
[KR] Scuba and diving
[KR] Silver pomfret
[KR] Woven PP Cloth
[KR] Yamaha keyboard type PSR
[LB] Anti pollution boats
[LB] Carpet weaving machines (face to face/ single face)
[LK] Used machinery
[MA] Palm oil
[MN] Any kind of children products and school equipments
[MN] Home appliances and kitchenware
[MY] Graphic arts films for use in printing industry
[MY] PU material (polyol & isosinate/water base) for mattress
[MY] Second hand home appliances
[NG] Agricultural exposition for regional government official in Korea and Malaysia
[NG] Home and office furniture catalogues wanted from all countries worldwide
[NP] Metal detectors
[NZ] Metal-working lathe
[PL] Brake pipe
[PL] Circuit-breaker
[PL] Machines for horticulture
[PL] Machines for producing shutters
[RO] Polyester staple fibres, 200mt/month
[TH] Bulldozers and excavators etc (both new and used) from all over the world
[TR] Ammonia
[TR] Used HP 14A cartridge
[TW] Computer peripherals and accessories
[TZ] Fishing net
[TZ] Marine outboard engines
[UK] Flouroprotein foam compound
[US] All types of mens and womens clothing and all leather goods
[US] Auto shock absorber
[US] Computer hardware
[US] Customized case and bags
[US] Door locks and electric strikes
[US] Eye glass frames and packages
[US] Gas masks
[US] Handbags, scarves, and hair accessories
[US] Laminated notebooks and grease pencils
[US] Promotional items about soccer (not balls)
[US] Sheets, pillow, comforter
[US] Sunglasses
[US] Tattoo and piercing equipment
[US] Wireless telephone set
[UY] Cellular phones (tdma & cdma) and cellular phones accesories
[UY] Promotional items, gifts and sundries for world cup 2002 Korea - Japan
[UY] Wire nets and specials barriers (razor mesh), cctv (professional type), microwave barriers, all kind of items for perimeter security
[UZ] CPU AMD K-7 800 MHz, memory
[VN] Candle
[VN] IP phone equipment
[VN] Production lines of baby diaper backsheet, femine napkin and wall paper
[ZA] Glue

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Other international buy leads 15-12-2001 to 18-12-2001

Number of leads : 256

[AE] Automatic filling machine
[AE] Plywoods/MDF/G.I.Sheets , sawn timber
[AR] Brake and clutch spare parts
[AT] Laboratory analysis apparatus
[AU] Automobile ac air compressors
[BA] LED modules
[BD] Air compressor, water pumps
[BD] CD-R manufacturing plant
[BD] Stainless steel sheets & coils
[BD] Tunnel dryer for t- shirt printing industries
[BD] Ultrakleen filter for 0.3 micron filtration
[BE] AU metal
[BJ] Cellular phone/mobile phones
[BJ] Garments, pharmaceutical drugs, foods/beverages and cosmetics
[BJ] Medicine and drugs/antibiotic medicines
[BR] Paper and powder milk
[CI] Original inkjet cartridge of HP
[CI] Permanent suppliers of medical products
[CN] YAMA air compressor
[CN] Air and nitrogen compressor
[CN] Bronze ware, crystal, jade article
[CN] Cleaner accessories
[CN] Epmma+eps for lost-foam casting
[CN] Flint pebbles ball for grinding in ceramic industry
[CN] Game lid
[CN] Hot rold steel slab
[CN] Natural lecithin
[CN] PP BCF yarn
[CN] Products as follows
[CN] Shoes for 2002-2003
[CN] Sole fish
[CO] Compressor for refrigeration, contactors, breakers, relays, cables, optical fiber
[CO] Electric tooth brushes,glucometers,latex gloves,blood pressure monitors
[DE] Acsessoires for wallet and handbag
[DE] GSM mobile phone
[DE] GSM phones
[DE] Hazelnut
[DO] Ginseng
[EG] Electrical components
[EG] Medical and packaging materials
[ES] Hardware products liquidation
[ET] Agricultural machinaries
[ET] Corned beef can (trapezoidn - 340 gm)
[FR] All range of sporting goods
[GB] Carbon steel pipes 1200 m
[GB] DVD duplication controller
[GB] GSM mobile phones
[GH] Chemical company to be thier sole agent in ghana
[GH] Food products
[GR] Brass bulkhead lights for outdoor
[GR] Oval type bulkhead lihghts
[GR] Used kubota engines
[HK] CD player for kids
[HK] Ceramic powder
[HK] Military backpack
[HK] Neck-straps (lanyard)
[HK] Plastic sports drinking bottle
[HK] Promotional gifts
[HK] Scrap copper (Cu)
[HK] Solar radio
[HN] Bamboo crochet knitting hooks
[HU] Infra heater for outdor use
[ID] Pearl pigment
[ID] Yarn cotton/polyester
[IL] Aluminum portable banner display
[IL] Bulk bags
[IL] Medical supplies
[IL] Solar led traffic safety products
[IL] Used enamel coating machine for metal industry israel
[IN] Aluminium foil/coil/sheet
[IN] Beta naphthol 99.1%Min
[IN] Billets (forging quality)
[IN] Cellular internal antenna & wave shield
[IN] Cheap shirt
[IN] Commercial plyboard
[IN] Crushers, vebro feeders etc.
[IN] Filters & seal kits
[IN] Green mung beans
[IN] Haircare & herbal products
[IN] Humidifiers and hygrometers for cigar humidors
[IN] Machinery for coin blanking
[IN] Medical devices
[IN] Mobile phone electro magnetic field gaurd/shield
[IN] Molecular sieves-type 13x
[IN] Pharmaceutical raw material
[IN] Soles for golf, tennis & football shoes
[IN] Steel & metal,aluminium extrusions,building hardware
[IN] Steel plates conforming to astm a 537 class 1
[IN] Steel scrap rails
[IN] Textiles
[IN] Timber
[IN] Tires
[IR] 5000-10`000 MT of PE material
[IR] Equipments
[IR] Thermocouple
[IR] Used tetra pack packing system
[IT] Audio items
[JO] Medical equipment and diagnostics
[JP] Emblems, badges, pins
[JP] Sports badge
[KR] 5000-10`000 MT of PE material
[KR] Aenex filter, filter
[KR] Air bra
[KR] Air filter
[KR] Attractive items for top eu shopping malls
[KR] Bags & skin products
[KR] Caustic soda
[KR] Cellular internal antenna & wave shield
[KR] Chicken
[KR] Confectionery
[KR] Cotton yarn
[KR] Cow leather
[KR] Electronic balance
[KR] Golf steel shaft
[KR] Golf ware
[KR] Melody box(orgel)
[KR] Micro switch
[KR] Mini coin wallet
[KR] New idea goods wanted: gift, fency, toy, stationery, etc...
[KR] OPP film or tape used for packing
[KR] PC 17 CRT pure flat monitor
[KR] Pet food
[KR] Plastic injection mold for acrylic imitation stone
[KR] Plastics popsicle stick
[KR] Polyethylene
[KR] Power supply
[KR] Pulp
[KR] PVC compound
[KR] R404a compressor
[KR] Regenerated fiber
[KR] Sesame seed hulling equipment
[KR] Shoe parts, glove, leather
[KR] Sodium carbonate(Na2Co3)
[KR] Splint & medical supplies
[KR] Stainless steel pipe
[KR] Synethic leather for shoes
[KR] T/C fabric 186 38` in grey
[KR] Teicoplanin and cefpodoxime proxetil
[KR] Transparent soap
[KR] Tungsten carbide saw tip
[KR] Used marine engine
[KR] Viscose rayon filament yarn
[KR] Water purifying filter made of synthetic fiber
[LB] Polycarbonate
[LT] WPC, DWP, SMP, FCMP, lactose, butter
[MN] Any kind of new idea and technology products and goods
[MN] Car alarm system
[MN] Denim shirt & T-shirt
[MN] Kid`s products
[MN] Kitchenware and kitchen related products
[MN] Leather & furskin garment products
[MN] Medical products
[MN] Roller
[MN] Used computer and software realted parts and processors
[MN] Used computers
[MN] Used construction equipments
[MX] Finished silver jewellery with original designs
[MY] Cooking oil
[MY] Dibutyl phthalate
[MY] Gypsum board
[MY] Jinseng barley tea and noni tea
[MY] LCD monitors
[MY] Potato chips slicer, fryer & automatic packing machine
[MY] Rice and sugar
[MY] Second hand home Appliances and computer
[MY] Smart wallet
[NG] Bulldozers and excavators etc (both new and used) from all over the world
[NG] Computer and its accessories (brand new)
[NG] Generators (both new and used) from all over the world
[NG] Lorry (both new and used)
[NG] Mobile telephone/radio hand sets
[NG] Motorcycles (both new and used)
[NG] Printing machines and cutting machines (both new and used)
[NG] Readymade garment
[NL] Coriander seeds
[NZ] Metal-working lathe
[NZ] Truck tires
[NZ] Tylenol tablets
[OM] Minoltapage pro 6 Serietoners and drum original
[PK] Computer accessories, mobile phonesand clocks
[PK] Door censor & water filter
[PK] Footwears
[PK] Jogging shoes
[PK] Plastic scrape or ldpe ntural fluff.
[PK] Screw air compressors
[PK] Used embroidery machine
[PK] Used embroidery machine, tajima 18 ~ 22 heads
[PL] Machines for grinding
[PL] Machines for horticulture
[PL] Machines for parceling
[PT] Nutrition
[PY] Sesame seed hulling equipment
[RU] CPU PIV 1.5GHz socket 478
[RU] Engineering company to install the packaging line on the fish plant
[RU] Paint application devices
[RU] Sunflower oil
[SE] Ginseng - in bulk form
[SE] Imitation jewlery and hair accessories
[SE] Pork sides
[SE] Ready-made clothing
[SE] Stationary items
[SE] Wigs and toupee
[SE] Wrist watches
[SG] High quality gel or silicone footcare products
[SN] Hand tools
[SN] Plywood, hardware
[TG] GSM mobile hand tels & accessories
[TH] Marine product and equipment
[TH] Scientific instruments
[TN] Filters
[TR] Blood collection mixer, etc.
[TR] Caustic soda flakes
[TR] Cutters for cutting copper
[TR] Galvanised sheet
[TR] IC and transistor
[TR] Printer supplies
[TW] Environmental equipment
[TW] Jumbo roll of toilet tissue
[UA] Compressors, pumps
[UK] Automotive cars parts, electronics parts, and photocopy machine parts
[UK] Cable, automotive components/windscreen wiper blade
[UK] Machines which needed in underground cable laying
[UK] Melody roses
[UK] Silk flower bridal head-dresses
[UK] Two types of computer monitors
[US] 19 TVs
[US] 50X TO 52X CD-ROM
[US] Bronze-brass metal die casting
[US] Childs pedal car
[US] Computer hardware
[US] Dry cleaning equipment/machinery
[US] Frozen foods
[US] Harry potter products
[US] Keychains and golfball
[US] Plasma TV
[US] Polar fleece
[US] Polyethylene
[US] Products
[US] Room air filter
[US] Seeking OPGW fiber optical cable
[US] Solid colored\ mink blankets
[US] Textile and clothing
[US] Vacuum cleaners
[US] Wheel for plastic cart
[VE] Medical equipment
[VN] Acrylic sheet
[VN] Antibiotic
[VN] Ceftazidim 1g, Tobramycine 80mg, Cefoperazone 1g
[VN] Charcoal filter
[VN] Label Papaer (HAN-124)
[VN] Production line
[VN] Screw compressor
[VN] Used tractor
[ZA] Air inflator/compressor
[ZW] Building & constructoin materials & accesorries

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Other international buy leads 12-12-2001 to 14-12-2001

Number of leads :145

[AE] Automatic filling machine
[AE] Handicrafts
[AE] Jhonny Walker Black & Label Whisky
[AE] Non woven fabrics
[AE] Plywoods/MDF/G.I.Sheets , sawn timber
[AT] Coking coal
[AU] Plates
[BA] Led display modules;led video boards
[BA] LED Modules
[BD] Crust & finished leather
[BG] Tyre, tire
[BJ] New tyres
[BJ] Publication
[BJ] Textiles stock lots, shirtings, poly taffetas, poly suiting, tarpaulin, tailoring matrials, lycra etc
[BR] LCD monitor
[BR] Sport shoes
[BR] Synthetic rubber SBS
[CA] Cigarrette lighters-brikana enterprises
[CA] Custom moulding tools and maschines for plastic
[CA] Glasseware
[CA] Medical brushes/cosmetic brushes-canadian medical brush
[CA] Medical threads and instruments-i.m. engineering
[CA] Pipe fittings/pipe nipples-fitting wholesale ltd.
[CH] Hand hacksaw blade
[CH] Hot rolled steel slab
[CM] VSAT equipment
[CN] Clothing
[CN] Household products stock (non-electrical)
[CN] Need vitamines, amino acids
[CN] Old printer, copier, fast-printer and relative
[CO] Pharmaceutical products: glucometers,blood pressure monitors,electric tooth brush
[DE] Cotton bags
[DE] Golf rain-suits
[EG] Inflatable door seal
[EG] Scientific and medical equipment
[ES] Credit card \` converter \`
[ET] PP woven sacks
[FR] Blankets
[GB] Loud hailer
[GB] Pampers Diapers wanted European stock only
[GB] Stainless steel exhaust sytems and parts
[GT] Wire and cable, aluminum and copper building wire (thhn, spt, acsr, coaxial)
[HK] PPU, PVC, paper packaging industrial
[ID] Bootom roll for spinning machine/drafting machine
[ID] Ceramic ball
[ID] Furniture (wooden chair)
[ID] Skin pass mill
[IL] 24,000 cartons (one pile)
[IL] Immediate Fabric Gloves
[IN] 400kV substation
[IN] Air break disconnectors (isolators) with post insulators- approximate order value: more than us$ 5.7 million with duty
[IN] Aluminium foil/coil/sheet
[IN] Beaded bags (full range) christmas ornaments & jewellery boxes
[IN] CDMA 800 mobile phone
[IN] Cement
[IN] CO2 welding machinaries
[IN] Commercial plywoods
[IN] CPU III and IV and 20 Gb DVD and all other products details
[IN] Stainless steel scrap
[IN] Sugar
[IN] Telecommunication equipment package
[IR] Peanut from China
[IR] Smokingpipe-pipetobacco, cigrette, cigar, haircolor
[IT] Alluminium
[IT] Hardware and software parts/components
[JO] Pig iron
[JP] Awningu
[KE] Wheat in big quantities
[KR] Attractive gift items & gadgets
[KR] Auto calling router phone
[KR] Connector (Butt splicing)
[KR] Dried seacuucmber, dried shark
[KR] E.V.A. foam sole
[KR] Educational toys & materials
[KR] Fancy self adhesive stickers
[KR] Hairdye
[KR] Hand tools
[KR] Heat resistant kitchen glassware
[KR] Inflatable or hardplastic/rubber decoy birds
[KR] Leather
[KR] MS connector
[KR] Paper and ink
[KR] PC 17` CRT PURE flat monitor
[KR] PCB connector
[KR] Polyester fabric 600DX600D, 60
[KR] Secondary st. steel strip
[KR] Spring gun & paint gun
[KR] Sputter film
[KR] Stainless steel coil and strip
[KR] Used machinery
[KR] Wire rope clip
[LB] Anti-pollution boats & engines marine for mooring and tug boats.
[LB] Split type air conditioners (capacity 24,000 + 60,000 btu/h)
[LY] Plastic processing machinery
[MN] Used or new brand construction building materials and equipments....
[MN] Used or new medical related any equipm
[MX] Cardboard
[MY] Sugar
[NG] General goods
[NL] Coriander seeds
[PE] Caviar beads
[PE] Kooclip
[PH] Hepa filter
[PK] All kind of used machinery
[PK] All kinds of vitamins (pharma & feed grades)
[PK] Sulphonic acid soft
[PL] Brake pipe
[PL] Rubber goods
[RU] Packaging equipment for fish industry
[SE] LCD panel
[SG] Alcoholic drinks
[SY] All kind of fabrics & yarns
[SY] Fabric & yarns
[SY] Rice
[SY] Tuna fish
[TG] GSM mobile hand phones & accessories
[TR] Date printing apparatus(machines) on cans, food bottles, etc
[TR] Phosphorus
[TR] Shoes
[TR] Time switch
[TR] Used /re-condition machinery/plant
[TW] Mackerel
[TW] Pollack
[TW] Reprocess aluminum spindle / try aluminium alloy
[TW] SDP10S30, Schottky Diode, 100 pcs
[UA] Fasteners
[UA] Venetian blinds from China
[UK] Mashi maro products - stationery, toys & gift
[UK] Brown cartons
[UK] Minature hanging football strips
[US] Aluminum A7 ingots & copper cathodes
[US] Electric scooters
[US] New items
[US] New product
[US] Radio tracking telemetry
[US] Snowboard equipment
[US] Sporting goods
[US] Surveillance/Security Devices..bug detectors
[UY] Autoparts
[UY] Flooring material from korea
[VE] Antibiotics, cyclosporine
[VN] Acrylic sheet
[VN] Finished pharmaceutical products
[VN] Used RAM, CPU, HDD of Computer
[ZA] Material of table clothes (not PVC)
[ZA] Nutraceuticals; hormones eg progesterone, vitamins, herbs, amino acids

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Other international buy leads 07-12-2001 to 11-12-2001

Number of leads : 195

[AE] Net Pc phone
[AR] GILLETTE MACH3 two per pack
[AT] Hydrochloric acid 33%
[AT] Innovative promotional articles
[AU] 100% cotton: single jersey
[AU] A water absorbent cloth made out of either pp or any other
[AU] Granulated insdustrial sulphur
[AU] New & innovative novelty & gift items
[BD] Caustic soda and soda ash..
[BD] Chewing gum
[BD] Drop box looms
[BD] Mortuary refrigeration system
[BD] Regarding urgent import of 75,000 MT
[BD] Rutile pigment
[BD] Zeolite
[BR] AT/ATX tower cases (cpu cases)
[BR] Automatic wet hand towel machine
[BR] Fax/modem
[BR] Pantyhose design / 100% poliamida
[BR] Soldering station, station to cutting and accessories to soldering station
[BR] Sony playstation 2
[BR] Soy oil,cocoa, biscuits, powder milk, honey, powder cheese
[BR] Stamping soils used in hot stamping
[BR] Tyres (Hankook, Woosung, Kumho)
[CA] 3 pcs stirring spoon set
[CA] Body piercing jewellery
[CA] Cleansing cloths
[CA] Deluxe peeler
[CA] Ear muffs
[CA] Facial cleansing cloths
[CA] L-lysine supply
[CA] Mobile phone leather goods
[CA] Nut & lobster cracker
[CH] Some timbers of oak
[CL] Rubber sole/eva sponge sheet
[CN] 6-nitro-2-amino-4-tert-pentaphenol
[CN] Copper scrap
[CN] EVA,PVC,rubber,sponge materials
[CN] Fashion clothes and stock-clothes
[CN] Fuel oil
[CN] Leather for sofa at a good quatity
[CN] Nature Spain olive oil
[CN] Pure water and/or medical-use-waer processing m/c
[CN] Seamless steel pipe and pipe sets
[CN] Sodium carbonate(99%) etc.
[CN] Sport shoes working shoes leather shoes
[CN] T/C khaki twill
[CN] Whey powder feed grade
[CO] Assembly insole and eva sheet
[CY] Detergents, tooth paste, soaps, tooth brushes...
[DE] White refined or beet sugar
[DO] Arts and publicity products
[DO] Baby goods
[DO] Computer parts and accessory
[DO] Diamond tools
[DO] Galvanize steel
[DO] Glasses
[DO] Hobnails, halters
[DO] Home appliances
[DO] Industrial tools
[DO] Intercom
[DO] Ophthalmologist equipment
[DO] Security products
[DO] Solar energy
[EE] Ship
[EG] Fluorescent lamps procuction line
[ES] EPIBROMIDRINE:( 1-bromo-2,3-epoxypropane)
[FI] Beautiful jacket for women
[FR] Copper and brass elbows/faucets/brass bars
[FR] Garage/reparing equipment
[GR] Multihead embroidery machines
[GR] Wiper blades for automobiles
[HK] All kinds of fabrics
[HK] Gift
[HK] Used rails
[ID] Medical/hospital equipment
[ID] Napkin paper roll
[IL] Chemicals
[IL] Small water pump
[IN] Agro commodities like pulses, beans , rice, raisins, sesameseed
[IN] Calcined petroleum coke
[IN] Calcium carbide
[IN] Candy
[IN] CDMA 800 mobile phones
[IN] Chilled cast iron rolls for rubber processing machinery
[IN] CRNO steel sheet/coil and scrap
[IN] Gifts etc
[IN] Hologram
[IN] Pencils, shapner, eraser, pencil box. wanted urgently
[IN] Single tube(steel tube with copper plated)
[IN] Sodium Perborate 96%
[IN] Sodium perchlorate monohydrate - 10mt
[IN] Transformer oil
[IR] Gray back duplex board
[IR] Optical lens
[IR] Polyamide yarn
[IR] Polyethylene terephthalate(p.e.t.)
[IR] Yoken whiteboard trade mark
[JO] Gift items
[JO] Military fabrics
[JO] Steel pipes
[JP] Motorcycles - business use
[JP] Solid styrofoam
[KR] 7` TFT LCD color panel or video monitor
[KR] ACR phone
[KR] Ant hood cap
[KR] Auto parts
[KR] Cars for handicapped persons
[KR] CD/DVD/business card replication, cd/business card
[KR] Computer Hardware
[KR] Gift item
[KR] Glass tube for electric fuse
[KR] Heat resisting glass
[KR] Innovative product
[KR] Ladies wallet
[KR] Motocross boots, ski boots, skis, snowboards, motocross ches
[KR] Non sharpened pencil
[KR] Novelty items / idea items / gift items
[KR] Pencil
[KR] Pillow case
[KR] Polyester filament yarn (20d/12f)
[KR] Rice
[KR] Safety clothing, such as helmets, gloves, etc
[KR] Second hand computers and screens
[KR] Skate ray, croker
[KR] Wet-blue of each, cow,cow-calf,buffalo,buffalo-calf, goat, sheep
[LB] Forklift trucks ( 3 & 7 tons)
[LB] Gift items & souvenirs
[MM] Heavy vehicles
[MY] Automotive related machine
[MY] Fully electrically adjustable automotive seats
[MY] Hard gelatin capsules 00
[NG] Business gift items
[NL] Marlboro, paper, citric acid, coca-cola, levi`s, cd-r, hardboard
[NZ] Golf ball
[PE] Dioctyl orthophthalates
[PK] All kind of used embroidery machines
[PK] Chemical (stearic acid)
[PK] Sponge & leather
[PK] Welding rectifier 500a dc
[PK] Zinc oxide nodular (0.25% maximum lead)
[RU] Electroshavers and trimmers
[RU] Folding baskets
[RU] Furniture accessories for wardrobes
[RU] Jeans wear and coats
[RU] Mini canned friend toys
[RU] Security systems
[RU] Shoes & jeans
[RU] Stainless steel and brass tubes and fittings
[RU] Technical fabrics
[RU] Telecommunication equipment
[RU] Vertical blinds fabrics
[RU] Wooder accessories for cooking
[SE] Milling machinery and drills/ boring machines of hss
[SG] Recycled PET resinsand PET molds
[TG] Cosmetics and laundry detergents
[TR] Drawn % undrawn , white , soft polyester yarn / filament waste with no cones
[TR] Electronic components transistor,led,tuner
[TR] NOKIA 8210
[TR] Ram, CPU
[TR] Tranzistor, electronic companent, led, tuner
[TW] Wire netting machinary
[UK] 12,000 EVA mats
[UK] Embrodiery stocks
[UK] Fish canners
[UK] Gold bullion
[UK] Machinery of feminine hygiene products and baby diaper/nappies
[UK] Nickle ore
[UK] Sony microphones/headphones and sennheiser headphones
[UK] Tooth brushes, socks, shirts, vests, shaving blades, towels and reading glasses
[US] 80,000 km Corning Leaf
[US] Acoustic guitars, electric extention cordlight and scissors
[US] Computers
[US] Cube sugar
[US] Dry cleaning equipment and supplies
[US] EVA luggage
[US] Gift Items
[US] Gold, platinum, palladium & rhodium
[US] Lights and lamp assemblies for forklifts
[US] Novelty and gift items
[US] Primary aluminum ingots
[US] Stainless steel tube clamps
[US] Ultrasonic transducer for humidifier
[US] Unit 80/20 nylon spandex warp knit for swimwear
[US] Used computer monitors
[US] x-10 compatible remote controllers for automated home
[UY] Cable for medium and low voltage, also assembly harness for cars
[VN] LED board
[ZA] Coco powder
[ZA] Safety hats, rainsuits, electrical gloves and goggles

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Other international buy leads 03-12-2001 to 06-12-2001

Number of leads : 135

[AE] Fancy plywood and hardboard
[AE] Galvanised iron sheets
[BD] 8 Color Printing Machine, 4 Color Printing Machine, Slitting Machine
[BD] Electronic index type turbine gas meter
[BF] Gold bullion bares
[BG] Unrefined sunflower oil
[BR] Forged link, chain, anchor shackle
[CA] Aluminum chairs
[CL] 100% Polyester semi-dull woven voile plain dyed
[CN] Art-print paper
[CN] Leather for sofa at a good quatity (cowhide)
[CN] Natural gas burner
[CN] Nature spain olive oil
[CN] Pig iron
[CN] Sell electronic inductive dustbin
[CO] Office furniture, bedding furniture and ktchen furniture
[DE] Denim
[DE] Devices for telecommunication, electronics, food
[DE] Fabric stocklots
[DK] Furniture
[EG] Cutlery
[ES] Digital watch camera
[GB] Chocolate syrup and perfume
[ID] Adhesive tape
[IN] X-ray diffractometer
[IN] 100% polyester fabrics woven & knits
[IN] Base oil & lubricants
[IN] Bitumen, urea, kerosene oil for india
[IN] Blanking line
[IN] Bleached softwood sulphate Chemical Pulp - 2000 ADMT
[IN] Chilled rolls for rubber machinery
[IN] Coking coal, steam coal, cal pet coke for india
[IN] Copper clad laminates
[IN] CRNO Steel Sheet/Coil and Scrap
[IN] Diamond cutting wheels, diamond tools
[IN] Hovercraft
[IN] Liquid chemical for colouring glass
[IN] MDF, plywood, gypsumboard, chipboard
[IN] New or used cnc drilling & routing machine for pcb
[IN] PET preforms
[IN] Photocopy & offset printing paper
[IN] Reverse osmosis water tank manufactured by pa.e.machinary industrial
[IN] Scanning electron microscope
[IN] Silico manganese- 38000 mt
[IN] Sodium nitrite 99.9% (not from china)
[IN] Steel products
[IN] Tin plates and circles
[IN] Titanium dioxide anatase
[IN] Velvet
[IR] PII 350 MHz PC Systems
[IR] Polyester staple fiber
[IR] PVC soft key chain producing machinary
[IR] Refrigerators
[IR] Various used pieces of medical equipment
[IT] Indoor/outdoor Lantern
[IT] Vorwerk accessories
[IT] Woman beef
[JP] Air filter for car
[JP] Beverage
[KR] 600V building wire
[KR] All style SOCKS
[KR] Analog & digital satellite receiver
[KR] Ark shell (scientific name scapharca)
[KR] Autoparts; Piston ring
[KR] Back-pack
[KR] Cement
[KR] Dry radish slice and sea slug
[KR] Geared motor
[KR] Gould type fuses
[KR] GSM data capable phones
[KR] National bobble remover
[KR] New, innovative and cheap household appliances
[KR] Piston ring
[KR] Plastic compound
[KR] Polyester fabric 600DX600D, 60
[KR] Polymer
[KR] Promotional Products
[KR] School accessories/supplies
[KR] Simmed milk powder / Full cream milk powder
[KR] Stainless steel coil and strip
[KR] Sulbutiamine
[KR] Sweater
[KR] Used computer monitors
[KR] Used computer, parts accessories wanted
[KR] Used textile machine
[KR] Used tyres
[KR] YGUR3025 chip LED
[KZ] Gincgo beloba, densing, glucosamine, flavonoids, melatonine, royal jelly,velarium
[LB] Drip irrigation pipe
[LB] Plastic processing machinery
[LB] WSRF -windows shuttering glass films
[MT] Photo chemicals and paper
[MY] Olive in can, olive oil sunnflower oil.canned food, beer, wine, juice
[NG] Electronics, textiles, garments etc
[NG] Home & office furniture catalogues
[NG] Power generators and transformers
[NZ] Soy bean wax or natural vegetable wax
[PE] Fastener & industrial machineries
[PE] Solar panels
[PH] Metal components and parts
[PK] Buttons
[PK] Men shirts
[PK] Old/used forging press
[PK] Pipes & pipe fittings
[PK] PP Yarn In Prime And Stocklot
[PL] Circuit-breaker
[RU] Air-sucking device
[RU] Computers
[RU] Finished medicine formulations
[RU] Panel oil coolers
[SG] HDD`s & CPU`s
[SI] Oval cisterns from 50 to 10.000 li
[SY] Textiles and yarns
[TH] Nike, Adidas sportshoes
[TW] Furniture
[TW] Reprocess aluminum spindle / try aluminium alloy
[TW] Tig welding brazing & soldering materials
[UA] QCP800
[UK] Stainless steel pedal & push bins
[US] Human & synthetic hair extensions
[US] Jewelry parts
[US] Metal brackets
[US] Office furniture parts and components
[US] Office furnitures and accessories
[US] Quality PVC, vinyl and wooden windows
[US] Reflective conspicuity tape for USA
[US] Small, home furniture
[US] Wheel chocks for trucks - rubber
[VE] Furniture, jewels
[VN] Fruits/vegy wash products
[VN] Korean textile dyeing specialist to work in Vietnam
[VN] Saw granit stone machine

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Other international buy leads 30-11-2001 to 02-12-2001

Number of leads : 245

[AE] Polyester filament yarn
[AT] Accessories for handy phones
[AU] Hospital solid waste destroyer equipment
[AU] Soil suppliars
[AU] Steel
[BD] 75,000 MT. granular urea in bag
[BD] Disposable syringe mfg plant
[BD] Iron scrap 2,000ton/week
[BD] Submicro filter of glass fiber
[BD] Ultrakleen Filter for 0.3 micron filtration
[BR] Accessories for cellular phone
[BR] Computer case
[BR] Fabrics
[BR] Fishing equipments
[BR] Guitar string
[BR] Imitation jewerly
[BR] Inflatable boats
[BR] Knitting needles
[BR] LCD monitor
[BR] Plastic and aluminun moulds
[BR] Remote control
[BR] Roller pen
[BR] Satellite receptor
[BR] Solding equipments
[BR] Stainless tubes
[BR] Stationary
[CA] Brake rotor
[CA] Coil springs and pipe hangers
[CA] Gold
[CA] Partner suspension systems
[CH] Liquid crystal display
[CL] Industrial gloves
[CL] Yarn
[CM] Shoe parts, and other shoe care products. etc...
[CN] Astaxanthin
[CN] Foxskin scrap and minkskin scrap
[CN] Medical equipment
[CN] Natural gas burner
[CN] Nature Spain olive oil
[CN] Polyester yarn
[CN] Pump
[CN] Rice
[CN] Six panels soccer ball
[CN] T/C khaki twill
[CZ] Bamboo woods
[DE] Anti Slip Mat
[DE] Eel pike perch trout
[DE] Silk and polyester neckties
[DK] Pin bolt M10
[EC] Laptops
[EG] Dictionary of the firms products japanese& korean cars
[EG] Fiber glass
[EG] Insenerator
[EG] Nylon yarn & hosiery m/c
[EG] Pre-manufactured yarn and plastic raw materials
[EG] Printing Machine
[EG] Textile and yarn
[EG] Vinyl sheets
[EG] Yarn
[ET] Printing machine for pp bag
[FX] 300 petrol lamps (little size)
[GR] Laboratory & scientific equipment
[GR] Mooring ropes
[HK] Baby/adult diapers - drop out
[HK] Metal spring for toys
[HK] Portable stereo cd radio cassette recorder with
[HK] Rag doll
[HR] Beans
[ID] Aluminium coil printing machine
[ID] Jelly powder
[IN] 55 SQ. MM. AAA conductor
[IN] Aluminium scrap & calcium carbide
[IN] Auto pilot system
[IN] Bag filter retrofit system as the subject
[IN] Bleached softwood sulphate chemical pulp - 2000 admt
[IN] Carbon black (n-326, n-330, n-339)
[IN] Cetane improver (2-ethyl hexyl nitrate)-- 200 mt
[IN] Chemicals
[IN] CNC laser cutting machines
[IN] Coil spring crack detection machine
[IN] Compact fluorencence lamp
[IN] Graded copper slag- 4800 mt
[IN] High pressure cementing units
[IN] Inconel material, fasteners & disc springs
[IN] Inkjet & laser toner cartridges
[IN] Nylong fabrics and polyester yarn
[IN] Plastic and rubber hoses
[IN] Poy(Polyester Oriented Yarn),Texturised Yarn
[IN] Scanning electron microscope
[IN] Silico manganese 38000 tons
[IN] Springs for piston rings
[IN] Stainless steel tubes and aluminised tubes for automotive exhaust application
[IN] Thermostat for refrigirator
[IN] Ultra filtration membranes
[IN] Unique decorative gift item made of natural flowers
[IN] Weighing balances
[IN] Welding consumables & other welding related product
[IN] X-ray Diffractometer
[IR] CD for various game and play
[IR] Phenol
[IR] PP grade H5300
[IR] Second hand printing machinery (sakurai)
[IR] Sodium sulphate
[IR] Used tetra pack packing system
[IT] Baby feeding bottle /Baby dummy
[IT] Latex disposable gloves/razor blade
[IT] Nylon yarn
[JP] Gas heat pump type air conditioner
[KR] Action leather
[KR] Aluminium hydroxide, wet type
[KR] Any items for birthday and party
[KR] Any U.S.A. beef
[KR] Bimetal thermostat
[KR] Car audio head-unit
[KR] Chip LED & lamp
[KR] CNG conversion kit
[KR] Cotton 60s 9088 Poplin
[KR] Eucalyptus pulp
[KR] Fabrics from China
[KR] Frozen black tiger shrimps
[KR] Goloshes
[KR] Magnesium sulphate(MgSo4)
[KR] Polyester pre-oriented yarn semidull, raw white
[KR] Red phosphorous
[KR] Salted codonopsis lanceolata
[KR] Scratch cover for funiture, old english
[KR] Sereen, flow meter
[KR] Stainless steel plate/sheet in rolled
[KR] Styrofoam recycling machine(crusher)
[KR] T/C 65/35% blend yarn dyed check fabric
[KR] Used tractor, trailer
[KR] Vinyl or eqivelent
[KR] Wabco part
[KR] Water well drilling machines
[KR] Yarns and fibers
[KR] Zinc & al ingot
[KR] Zinc ingot and aluminum ingot
[LB] Auto scanners & diagnostic equipments
[LB] Diagnostic tools & brake pads
[LB] Garbage vehicle
[LK] Cotton yarn
[LK] Nylon fish net yarn / fish net twine
[LY] Granular packaging machine
[LY] Printing machinery
[MA] Bath and sanitary accessories
[MD] Agricultural machinery for processing rice
[MN] Gifts and handicrafts
[MN] Glass, ceramics and Building materials
[MX] Machinery of ZIG-ZAG springs for the furniture industry
[MY] 003Modulator Valve
[MY] 100% Modacrylic Flame Retardant Yarn
[MY] Black light bulb for insect killer
[MY] Bolt and nut / impact socket
[MY] Cocoa cake - alkalized & kibble 400 m/t each per month
[MY] Fibre optic lighting system
[MY] Simulation system for military use
[MY] Stainless steel chopsticks
[NG] 25GB fujitsu and samsung hard drives
[NG] Clothings etc
[NG] Computer and computer parts, cameras
[NG] Computer laptops and ink jets
[NP] Magic seal/ zipper seal polythene bag making machinery
[NP] Offset printing machine
[OM] Acrylic sheet pvc flooring in rolls
[PA] Guangzhou door locks, hinges
[PE] Spun yarn
[PK] 20KGS Oxatomide
[PK] A.C. slip ring motors
[PK] Acrylic tow
[PK] Anti freezers
[PK] CNC universal milling m/c
[PK] Computer related products
[PK] Cotton yarn
[PK] Cylindrical grinding machine
[PK] Fabrics
[PK] Flat springs
[PK] Magnetic particle testing equipment
[PK] Medium density fibreboard
[PK] Pamper, cosmetics, rubber
[PK] Polyester film(pet film), cotton yran
[PK] Seeds & pulses
[PK] Vertical honins machine
[PL] Engines and engine spare parts for mopeds, bikes
[PL] Gardentools, plastic birds, bamboo
[PT] Banana
[RU] Butterine
[RU] Mocro-centrifuge tubes for PCR diagnostics
[RU] Polyester tetured yarn, MOW/01-202
[RU] Polymeric film for inking for packages and paints for flex-graphic printing
[RU] Roll built up bituminous polomeric soft roofing
[RU] Stretch film
[SA] Burner for boiler industry
[SE] Still picture camera
[SI] PET preforms
[SI] Springs made by stainless stell for batery
[TH] Agricultural & constructional equipment and parts
[TH] Airconditioners
[TH] Automobile and parts
[TH] Furniture hardware ; hinge, fittings and handle
[TH] Polyester staple fiber yarns
[TH] Teak wood ( s4s )
[TR] Cotton waste & low grade raw cotton
[TR] Crab meal
[TR] Denim fabric
[TR] Ericsson t 28 mobile phones
[TR] Essential oils
[TR] Low quality raw cotton & cotton waste
[TR] Pocket handkerchief or regular nadkerchief machine
[TW] Hair bow
[TW] P.P.yarn(dty)
[TW] Pollack
[TW] Roller slide
[UK] Dual sim (twin sim) covers
[US] ABS plastics
[US] Aftermarket performance parts for cars
[US] Chopsticks
[US] Cigarette paper
[US] Colposcope, surgical units, autoclave, morgue refrigerator
[US] Complete used military hospital
[US] Fish net yarns
[US] Gift and souvenirs
[US] Indian rosewood and black ebony products
[US] IV Solution
[US] Lightimg products
[US] Multiple items
[US] Nestles carnation coffeemate
[US] Okra, fresh
[US] Polyester yarns
[US] Saw logs
[US] Soft drink dispenser
[US] Surveillance/security devices
[US] Trailer axle springs double eye 4 leaf
[US] Ultra suede/micro suede fabric
[US] Used cellular phones
[US] Used GSM phones
[US] Yarn and dye
[UY] Condons
[UZ] Blades for disposable lancets and shaving individual devices
[VN] Barbed wire
[VN] Chemical making machine
[VN] Stainless steel
[VN] Used photocopy machine
[YU] Build new steel yachts
[ZA] Compressors
[ZA] Power kites

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