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Other international buy leads 27-11-2001 to 29-11-2001

Number of leads : 157

[AR] Used cigarrette making machines
[AU] Granulated industrial sulphur 30.000ton
[AU] Plates
[AU] Shipping container castings
[AU] Water absorbent cloth
[BD] Printed roll rewinding machine with ink jet printers
[BD] Rotogravure cylinder making machinery
[BE] Diamond powder
[BE] Flow pack machines
[BE] Pens`parts & accessories
[BR] Fishing article, magnetic compass, massagers
[BR] Security system
[BR] Sugar in containers ( cane, brown & beet sugar
[CA] Automotive cable
[CA] Body care accessories
[CA] Clocks operated with 1 aa battery
[CA] Currency counter
[CA] Golf apparel & supplies
[CA] Ladies accessories
[CA] Men`s apparels
[CA] Nails and screws
[CA] Restaurant equipment
[CA] Scrap copper wires
[CA] Slipper
[CA] Stainless threaded fittings
[CA] Sticker postcard
[CA] Valves
[CM] Cosmetics/tinned food,canned food
[CN] Cold rolled coil
[CN] Cotton yarn
[CN] Electrical sockets/switches
[CN] Hydraulic hose
[CN] Nylon 6
[CN] Polyester fibre
[CN] Products adapt to the chinese market
[CN] Wood products
[EG] Used fish processing & packaging plant
[ET] Laptops
[ET] PP bags
[GB] Ex network stock
[GR] Air fresheners
[GR] Ammonium sulphate
[GR] Distribution transformers, gen-sets, electric motors, vertical propeller pumps
[GR] Laboratory & scientific equipment
[HU] Used vehicle with thermo king, 30 m3
[IL] Car kit for NOKIA -6210,6150,3210,8210.
[IL] LCD monitor
[IL] Medical supplies
[IN] Bag filter retrofit system as the subject
[IN] Bag filter retrofit system- for pollution reduction in thermal power station
[IN] Cetane improver (2-ethyl hexyl nitrate)-- 200 mt
[IN] CNC profile slotting machine
[IN] Color TV sets, 14`
[IN] Cranes
[IN] Dampers for WAP-5 Locomotives
[IN] Diamond cutting wheels, diamond tools
[IN] Digital timer alarm
[IN] Double rack pressure cooker type steam sterilizer [IN] Energy drink
[IN] Graded copper slag- 4800 mt
[IN] Icelined refrigerators- 2473 nos, deep freezers-- 1800 NOS
[IN] NCQ Drill rods-1500 nos., NCQ rod stabilizer - 48 nos.
[IN] Polymer raw materaisl
[IN] Portable shot hole drilling rigs
[IN] Pressure control valve
[IN] PVC insulated aluminium conductor
[IN] Radiator assembly
[IN] Segments
[IN] Single phase electronic energy meters
[IN] Three phase electronic energy meters
[IN] Torque multiplier alco cat no 2472053 s.w. no. 3912 -41 NOS.
[IN] Twin roll model support system for 1.2 m wind tunnel
[IN] Ultra filtration membranes
[IN] Unplastisized PVC pipes
[IN] Used textile machines
[IN] Voltage stabilizers small-- 5320 nos.
[IN] Wheels for locomotives
[IR] Acetyl acetone peroxide
[IR] Fancy and beautiful bags, purse
[IR] Formic acid
[IR] Genius speaker
[IR] Hands
[IR] Itaconic acid
[IR] Paraffin slax wax
[IT] Micro chips
[IT] Phone
[IT] Shopping bags/disposable plastic tableware
[JO] Graphite tubes
[JO] Hydraulic press
[KR] Aluminum ubc
[KR] Bags & skin products
[KR] Butylacetate
[KR] Cellular phones and accessories
[KR] CNC Punching, Notching and Sharpeneg M/Cs
[KR] CNG conversion kit
[KR] Diesel welding generator
[KR] Electrical n coaxial cables
[KR] Electronic animal toy
[KR] Friction and sealing products
[KR] Germanium powder
[KR] Melody box(orgel)
[KR] Motor cycle/truck/engine
[KR] Paper & ink
[KR] Parts for immitation jewelry
[KR] Plastics popsicle stick
[KR] Powder fire extinguisher-3.3kg
[KR] PTFE rod
[KR] Snowblowers or remover
[KR] Solvent like acetone, talc powder
[KR] Styrofoam recycling machine(crusher)
[KR] Thermocouple-Primary S/H Outtube Metal
[KR] Used clothes
[KR] Used digital photocopiers
[KR] VDU and television oscillator
[KR] Vigra
[LY] Plastic processing machinery
[MA] Polypropilaine for making the plastic tubs
[MN] Car alarm system
[MN] Leather & furskin garment products
[MN] Used construction equipments
[MY] Food and beverages processing machine for restaurant, fast food outlet
[MY] Second hand
[MY] Udon noodle
[NZ] Antrax test kits
[NZ] DLT IV & SDLT Tape media
[PE] Medical supply
[PH] EENT Equipment
[PK] Branded computers
[PK] Ceramic raw materials
[PK] Computers and peripherals
[PK] Desktop and notebook computers
[RU] Coated chipboard
[RU] Equipment for production glass frames made of metal and plastics
[TH] Digital loop carrier, home tel-line networking alliance (hpna) or Tel-line Networking alliance
[TR] Burma teak logs
[TR] Laserdraw system machines
[TR] Latex coated glove
[TR] Nitrile dipped gloves
[TR] Oil
[TR] Polyester yarn waste (drawn & undrawn , white , soft)
[TR] Viscose yarns
[TW] Mackerel
[UK] Computer full systems peripherals, hardware & software
[US] Bicycle cable lock
[US] Cellular phones
[US] Cigarette Paper
[US] Custom tailored dress shirts
[US] Drawstring suede pouches
[US] Fish net yarns: nylon high tenacity, dyed to black
[US] GAS cylinder
[US] Hydraulic parts
[US] Seamless carbon steel pipe
[VN] Brick making machine
[VN] Machine to make plastic card
[VN] RAM, CPU, HDD of computer

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Other international buy leads 22-11-2001 to 26-11-2001

Number of leads : 353

[AR] Audio, telecommunications
[AR] Electronic Components
[AR] Households
[AU] Electronic components
[AU] Leather Gloves
[AU] Men\`s Shirting
[AU] PVC Gloves
[AU] Simulated security camera
[BD] 70,000 MT Urea
[BD] CD-R. Manufacturing plant
[BD] Cotton spinning plant
[BD] Iron Scrap 2,000ton/week
[BD] Mobile battery and accessories.
[BD] Paper Towel 67, 20, 000 pcs
[BD] Scrap ship/tanker
[BD] Spare Parts of Industrial Voltage Stabilizer, Un-interruptible Power Supply
[BD] Straight-tube fluorescent lamp
[BD] Submicro filter of glass fiber
[BD] T.S.P, urea.,mop (fertilizer)
[BD] TSP Fertilizer
[BD] Ultrakleen Filter for 0.3 micron filtration
[BG] Mackerel (Scomber scombrus)
[BG] Tyre, tire
[BJ] Electronics, computer system, dvd
[BR] Remote Control Transmitter Duplicator
[BR] Sugar cane, brown & beet sugar
[CA] A Set of Equipments for Chicken
[CA] Various sporting goods
[CA] Martial arts item
[CA] Motorcycle apparel,helmets,boots,motocross pants,leathers
[CA] Napkin, Bath, Facial and Towel tissue and Kraft liner board
[CA] Plastic Pump wet-ends or whirlpool pumps
[CA] Private label requires various top quality clothing
[CH] Connectors
[CM] Mobilephone, Desktop Computer
[CN] Bath trays, natural soap
[CN] Beechwood from Europe
[CN] Kinds of non-ferrous metal
[CN] Pentafluoroethane
[CN] Plastic Clad
[CN] Potassium metal
[CN] Products adapt to the chinese market
[CN] Scooter,electric scooter
[CN] Sodium carbonate
[CN] Stretch
[CN] Used textile machinery
[CN] Vacuum-packed chicken,duck and other meat
[CZ] Household articles
[DE] Denim
[DE] Used PCB Assembly Equipment
[DK] Promotional CD-ROM in different shapes
[DO] Telecommunications products
[EE] Brazilian sugar
[EE] Home appliances
[EG] Aluminum Fused
[EG] Experienced Fishing Labor
[EG] Heavy duty tires
[EG] Poly Vinyl Chloride Resin Powder
[EG] Soya bean and yellow corn
[EG] Stainless sheets
[EG] Telecommunications and Power Supply
[ES] Demostration Cars BMW MB Factory -Management
[ES] Mobile phone Siemens SL45
[ES] Nuts
[ES] Stocks and facilities
[ES] Xmas decorations and accesories
[ET] Intravenous fluid filling machine
[ET] Laptops
[GB] DVD players
[GB] Grade A shipbuilding steel
[GB] GSM Mobile phones
[GB] Printers Ink for newspaper manufacture
[GB] Sports Bags
[GB] Surplus/Clearance items
[GB] Toilet papers and jumbo rolls for france
[GH] Crude oil
[GR] Air freshener dispensers, aerosol cans, dosometric valves, liquid fragrance cans
[GR] Oval type bulkhead lihghts
[GR] Potatos
[HK] Stainless Materials
[HU] Clothing
[HU] Mobile phone accessories
[IL] Air condition compressors
[IL] Aluminum portable banner display
[IL] Baby`s and Children 0-8 Garment (Clothes)
[IL] Car kit for nokia -6210,6150,3210,8210.
[IL] Carbon steel pipes & accessories
[IL] Clean rooms components
[IL] Computer components & peripherals for...
[IL] Fabric gloves
[IL] Hair salon products
[IL] Immediate Fabric Gloves
[IL] Join conectors
[IL] Plastic pump
[IL] Solar led traffic safety products
[IL] Water pump
[IN] 12 Fibre Single Mode Optical Fibre Cable, Qty.
[IN] 20W/40W Radio frequency Transreceiver RFT`S (C-BAND)
[IN] Aluminium flouride-6500 mt
[IN] Aluminium Scrap
[IN] CNC CO2 Laser Cutting Machine( 3 Axis)
[IN] Copper clad laminates
[IN] Copper Concentrate- 10000 MT
[IN] CRNO Steel Sheet/Coil and Scrap
[IN] Dish towels,Tea towels,Napkins, cushion cover, etc
[IN] Electronic energy meters
[IN] Emboidary fabric for ladis dress in cotton and polyester blended
[IN] Hardware and Software on board Vessel
[IN] Homeworkers
[IN] Kerosene Wick Stoves
[IN] Laminating machines
[IN] Magnetic chains & Jewelery
[IN] Manufacturing ceramic PTC
[IN] Medical test kits- Elisa, pregnancy,etc.
[IN] Microwave absorbers
[IN] Muriate of potash (mop)
[IN] New or used cnc drilling & routing machine
[IN] Noodle making machine(2nd hand)
[IN] Pharmaceutical Raw Material
[IN] Pick and place machine (SMT facility)
[IN] Rails and hms 1&2
[IN] Recorders/Controllers/Transmitters
[IN] Sand Control Through Gravel pack in Oil Fields
[IN] Seismic data processing system
[IN] Spectrum Analyser along with accessories
[IN] Stationery, educational supplies & paper products
[IN] Steel line pipe
[IN] Telecommunication Equipment
[IN] Toner
[IN] Virgin and never used Canon ink cartridges for BJC 3000
[IN] Warping machines,sizing mzchine,air jet/rapier looms
[IN] Window room air conditioner
[IR] AEG Contactor
[IR] Aluminium casting factory
[IR] Contactor & relay & circuit breaker
[IR] Fluoroquinolonic Acid (Q-Acid)
[IR] Smokingpipe-pipetobacco, cigrette, cigar, haircolor, pocket knives,glass lenses,lighter,health care
[IR] Switch mode power supplies
[IR] Washing machine
[IT] Double side adhesive tape
[IT] Fishing supply
[IT] Mother of pearl for furniture
[IT] Phone
[IT] Wall clock/Imitation Jewelry
[JO] Magnesia bricks
[JO] Tender for pressure transmitters
[JO] Water Pumps
[JP] Corporate Logo Badges
[JP] Emblems, Badges, Pins
[JP] Humidifier Aerosol dispenser
[JP] Sports badge
[JP] Young barley leaf essence
[KR] 3 phase voltage monitor
[KR] Acrylic fleece
[KR] Aluminum CD Holders
[KR] Beauty/health products,cosmetics
[KR] Butylacetate
[KR] C/T Box making M/C & Equipment
[KR] Camera
[KR] Car Accessories
[KR] CDCA (chenodeoxy Cholic Acid),Raw
[KR] Cellular phone accessories
[KR] CNG kits for automobile
[KR] Connector(Butt splicing)
[KR] Copper & Aluminium Rod
[KR] DC/DC Convertor
[KR] Digital timer
[KR] Ear mic handsfree kit
[KR] Epimerdii Herba extract etc.
[KR] Eucalyptus pulp
[KR] Following items
[KR] Fried sweet potatos
[KR] Hastelloy gate valve
[KR] Humidifier
[KR] Local distributor for CCTV + DVR from korean new origin
[KR] Metal ring for mobile phone accessory
[KR] Mouse, backTel, speaker for computer
[KR] Novelty inovative toys gifts promotional items
[KR] OPP/BOPP films
[KR] Orthopedic splint
[KR] PC 17` fure flat monitor
[KR] Plastic Compound
[KR] Plastic compound in Bangladesh
[KR] Poly64% rayon33% spandex3% flannel twill
[KR] Prepaid calling card
[KR] Promotional Iced Tea Spoons
[KR] Pulp
[KR] Rotation plate with bearing
[KR] Sawdust briquette charcoal
[KR] Smart Card Solution
[KR] T/C khaki twill
[KR] T/R spandex 3x1 twill ,flanel with brushed
[KR] TFT LCD Monitor
[KR] Toner cartridge canon
[KR] Tourmaline
[KR] Used hard disk, 2gb
[KR] Used HP printer cartridges and toner cartridges
[KR] Used motorcycle but recycling like new
[KR] Used Shrink Wrapping Machine
[KR] Used teabag packing machine
[KR] Used Zecchetti Palletizer
[KR] VDU and television oscillator
[KR] Water Dispenser
[KW] Equipments for handing and treatment of sludge
[KW] Stock lots
[LB] Auto lights & truck lights
[LB] Process control instruments: level switches, transmitters, flow meters...
[LB] Water pumps & solar energy products
[LK] HDPE Pipes & Fittings
[LK] Jackets, pants, blouses, t-shirts overalls etc
[LY] Calcium carbide- gas generating plants
[LY] DRY yeast
[LY] Feed barley grade 2
[LY] Machines for embroidery, knitting and socks making
[MA] Bath and sanitary accessories
[MA] Pesticide
[MN] Fashion clothes and accessories
[MN] Medical products
[MN] Used computer and software realted parts and processors
[MN] Used construction equipments
[MN] Used or new kitchenware & any kind kitchen room products
[MY] Chicken Manure Drying and Fermentation Machine
[MY] Electrical Components
[MY] Jaguar Tail lights
[MY] Packing Machine
[MY] Refrigeration Insulant & Refrigerant
[MY] Second hand electric and electronic
[MY] Squeegee
[MY] Used injection molding machine
[NG] General products
[NZ] Mobile phones
[NZ] Natural Gas Burner
[NZ] Self adhesive packing tape
[NZ] Truck Tires
[NZ] Tylenol tablets
[PE] Steel pipes
[PK] Combustion Analyzer
[PK] Electric motor
[PK] Fabrics
[PK] HP Laser Printers
[PK] Hydraulic grab for lifting of steel scrap
[PK] Plastic Scrape or LDPE Ntural Fluff
[PK] Pressure gauges
[PK] Steel & iron sheets and coial
[PK] Subwhite fused corrundum
[PK] Veterinary and Poultry Medicines
[PK] Waste Paper
[RU] CPU PIV 1.5GHz socket 478
[RU] Inks for duplicators
[RU] Panel oil coolers
[SA] All cosmetics
[SA] Sandwitch tissu paper
[SE] Electro-Mechanic Components
[SE] Programable Electronic Timer
[SG] Corporate gifts
[SG] PET Resins
[SG] PVC cloth extruder
[SI] Automative multimeters and digital mutemeters
[SI] Oval cisterns from 50 to 10.000 li
[SZ] Infra-red Sauna
[TG] Garments, bedsheets,tableclothes,underwears
[TH] All kind of Waste Paper
[TH] Nokia 22 or Nokia 11
[TH] Water Purifier
[TN] Raw material for making pencil
[TR] Autocopy paper
[TR] Billet-ingot
[TR] Bra-straps
[TR] CD cases and diskette cases
[TR] CD-R and diskette
[TR] Cell phones
[TR] Crude oil
[TR] Fruit juice concentrates
[TR] Handkerchief machine
[TR] Methanol
[TR] Milling Machine
[TR] Paper
[TR] Photo film and paper
[TR] Printer cartridge
[TR] Sewing machine`s needles
[TR] Speaker
[TR] Timer and thermostat for nofrost refrigerators
[TR] Turbo charger & spares for isuzu
[TW] 2002 spring/summer fancy fabrics urgently
[TW] Glass jar
[TW] Mackerel
[TW] PET bottle
[UA] Diving equipment, fishing gear, yacht equipment
[UA] Paper and Paper Products
[UA] Polyester Pouch Film
[UG] Drugs
[UK] Body piercing jewelry
[UK] Laces
[UK] Leather, jeans, sweatshirts, knitwear, patches, labels, etc
[UK] Musical instruments, musical equipment&accessaries, toolbox/tool/electronic tools, profesional audio equipment
[UK] Satalite Decoders{ to receive signal from astra and decode to play at tv
[US] 120,000 mobile phone handsets
[US] 900000 Ferrules
[US] Body care lotion
[US] Butterfly- hand tighten hose clamps size 1- 1 1/2 inches diameter
[US] Cellular phones
[US] Cement
[US] Chemicals
[US] Commodities (grain, feed, timber, ect)
[US] Denim Shirt & T-shirt
[US] DEP(Di Ethyl Phthalate)
[US] Diapers Baby and Adult
[US] Disposable cameras
[US] Meteorological Instruments
[US] Nescafe in Bulk
[US] Polypropylene film
[US] Racing Car Models
[US] Radio Control Airplanes
[US] Remote video surveillance for PC
[US] Soccer Jerseys needed....club and national teams
[US] Stainless steel scraps
[US] Sugar
[US] Sulfur
[UZ] Canned Food, Dairy products
[VE] Autoparts, Filter
[VE] Clothing, Sportswear
[VE] Computer
[VE] Cosmetics
[VE] Furniture & Home Appliances
[VE] Furniture, jewels
[VE] Gold 18k
[VE] Home products
[VE] Home, electric
[VE] Home, Toys
[VE] Jewels
[VE] Security equipment
[VE] Telecommunication
[VE] Telecommunication, computer
[VN] Brick making machine
[VN] Cellophane Membrane
[VN] DC Motor
[VN] Machine to make plastic card
[VN] Pharmaceutical material & herb extract
[VN] PP resin
[VN] Refregeration Valves
[VN] Sock and Stocking
[VN] Zinc ingot
[ZA] Compressors (car air-con)
[ZA] Hot rolled steel
[ZA] Richmart
[ZA] Wine
[ZR] B.O.P.P. machine

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Other international buy leads 20-11-2001 to 21-11-2001

Number of leads : 223

[AU] Metal manufacturing
[BD] 250 KVR(200-240 kw) gas electric generator set.
[BD] 300 MT. liner low density polythene pellets
[BD] Auto spare parts
[BD] Garments machineries, textile and acessories
[BD] House hold effects
[BD] M.S. plate, m.s. pipe
[BD] Newsprint Paper
[BD] Photocopier and Spares
[BD] Power Generation, Power Distribution equipment [BD] Straight-tube fluorescent lamp
[BD] Textile machinery
[BE] Railway equipments
[BG] Goods-blankets , gubers, covers
[BG] Medical electronics and equipment
[BG] Mustard Seed
[BJ] Electronics,computer system,dvd
[BJ] Mobile tel
[BR] Baby and Kids Socks no slip sole
[BR] Business Support
[BR] Frozen chicken & chicken parts
[BR] KOREAN Notebooks
[BR] Sugar in containers (refined, raw brown & beet)
[BR] Valves, Connections, Fittings, Roller Bearing
[CA] Aluminum Chairs
[CA] Cloth adhesive tape
[CA] Cosmetic Bottles
[CA] Flocking, silk screen.
[CA] Recycled Steel
[CA] Restaurant Supply
[CN] Toy
[CN] Abestos
[CN] Injection molding machine
[CN] Bamboo floor;Bamboo slice
[CN] Chemical equipments
[CN] Dimethane Disulfide
[CN] The products adapt to the chinese market
[CN] Methane Sulfonic Acid
[CN] Milker, muller
[CN] Plastics Resin
[CO] Any kind of cloth for underware manufacture!!!
[CO] Decorative tapes and gift paper
[CO] Motoreducer, velocity multiplier or velocity variator
[CO] Nuclear medicine and uncology diagnostic and therapy
[CO] Tag pin, tag gun, scissors, thread clips, iron and cutting machine
[DE] Food processing machinery
[DE] Special fluorescent lamps extreme low power (BER 072)
[DE] Stevia (BER 078)
[DE] Used vehicles (BER 077)
[DK] Electric golf carts, golfsets and other golf related equipment
[DK] Lace with sateen band
[DK] Maritime Products
[DK] Pearls for clothing
[DK] Used car tyres at Mombasa
[EG] Food Processing and Packaging Machines
[EG] Gymnastic and Health Equipment
[EG] Mobile phone sets
[EG] Production Line for Dry Batteries
[EG] Yarn
[ES] Adipic Acid Food Grade
[ES] Epibromidrine
[ES] Brandy towers
[FI] Promotion gifts
[GB] Branded pharmaceuticals from europe
[GB] Lithium batteries
[GH] Teak and other tropical hard woods
[GR] Automobile & motorcycle batteries
[GR] Kneeted & wooven fabrics
[GR] Laser machines for cutting iron & marble
[GR] Outside tribune & prefabricated scaffolding
[GR] Wheels & castors, tyres
[HK] Hydro phosphorous Acid
[HU] Disodium 5`-Inosinate
[HU] Sound memory chip
[ID] Lead 2,4,6-trinitroresorcinate
[IL] Aluminum portable banner display
[IL] Garden light
[IL] Gazebo kit
[IL] Kit/diy
[IL] Mini water pump
[IN] Aluminium Scrap
[IN] Calcium carbide
[IN] Cedar Pine or Spruce Wood Sleepers/Veneers
[IN] CNC laser cutting machines- 4 nos., order value: more than us$ 1.75 million
[IN] Copper, Aluminium, Steel Sheets, Bars
[IN] ISDN modem 64 k
[IN] Lock making machinery
[IN] Machines for poduction of paper cups
[IN] Muriate of potash (mop)
[IN] Polypropylene filter cartridges
[IN] PVC insulated aluminium conductor 650 v grade power cable- 6500 km
[IN] Sports goods and fitness equipments
[IN] Truck Tyres
[IN] Velux - fabrics
[IN] Aluminium Scrap
[IN] Waste plastic scrap,PVC footwears and soles
[IR] 5000 MT green banana
[IR] Fax Machines
[IR] Toys, gifts,fashions, stationery,sport goods,shoes, bags, tools, etc.
[IT] Desk top analogue AC clock
[IT] Gifts that are sold in museums
[IT] Medical disposable product
[KP] Sulphuric Acid 98% min.
[KR] All kinds of gift item
[KR] Bedding & linen
[KR] Bone of cuttlefish
[KR] DC/DC Convertor
[KR] Disposable Working Dress (Made of non-woven fabric)
[KR] Elevator & Escalator Parts
[KR] HP Original / New inkjet cartridges
[KR] Kidney bean
[KR] LCD panel and multi tap (concent)
[KR] Lubrication oil
[KR] PC 17` flat monitor
[KR] Phosphor copper
[KR] Propane-butane
[KR] Shredded steel scrap
[KR] Splint & medical supplies
[KR] Transporter, heavy equipment and plant transporter
[KR] Used car (only germany car)
[KR] Vacuum Pump
[KR] Wallets and belts
[KR] Waste oil tanker vessel
[KR] waste paper(P.C.M.C.)
[LB] Computers, phones, cameras, TV
[LB] Linings and pocketings for men`s suits
[LK] Cotton Yarn
[MA] Sports shoes
[MN] Any kind gift items
[MX] Kits to convert standard to electric bicycles.
[MY] Korean Marble / Artificial Marble
[MY] Stainless Steel Chopsticks
[MY] Waste disposable bag (biodegradable)
[NG] Outboard engine
[NL] 15`tft lcd monitors
[NZ] Compressed sponge
[PE] Polyester yarn
[PK] Acrylic tow
[PK] Combustion Analyzer
[PK] Direct reading pen type ionization chamber dosimeter and charger
[PK] Disposable razor machinery
[PK] Garment Accessories
[PK] Hydraulic grab for lifting of steel scrap
[PK] Low range gamma survey meters, tool and hardware contamination monitor
[PK] Medicine, Raw Materials for Drugs and Medicine
[PK] Polaride X-Ray Films
[PK] Polishing & Finishing Material
[PK] Ram Piston for forging Hammer
[PK] Strand wire rope armored steel
[PK] Subwhite fused corrundum
[PL] Vending
[RU] Car engine spare parts
[RU] Hair ornaments and accessories
[RU] Kids clothes
[RU] Lining fabrics
[RU] Short flax fiber
[SA] Alcohols etcs.
[SE] Dairy machinery & equipment
[SE] Grass-cloth wallpaper
[SG] Samsung Washing Machine
[SO] Ice makerCap.20 Ton/dayly and cold storage cap.300 Tones
[TH] CDR 30MB Name Card. Q`ty :2,000,000/Monthly
[TH] X-ray or bomb & metal detecting equipment
[TR] Bed sheets and towels
[TR] Cotton waste & low grade raw cotton
[TR] Essential oils(Laurel leaf oil,lemongrass oil etc.)
[TR] Fibrous Material Classifier
[TR] Monitor
[TR] Pocket handkerchief machine
[TR] Telecomunication Devices
[TR] EVA, hydrocarbon resin, polyamide resin, LDPE
[TW] Glass jar
[TW] Leather sofa, tea table and wooden furnitures
[TW] PET bottle
[TZ] Motor verhicle registration number plates,street signs, highway signs
[UA] Blankets Velours
[UA] Plastic Moulds
[UK] DVD players
[UK] New mobile phone only ex uk or germany
[UK] Sports Bags
[UK] Toilet papers and jumbo rolls for france
[US] Bandannas and Driving Gloves
[US] Brand name apparel stock lot.
[US] Butane stoves
[US] Campaign Buttons
[US] Canned Condensed Milk
[US] Car Floor Mats
[US] Carbon Steel and Industrial Knife Manufacturers
[US] CCTV, diesel generators, chillers and industrial batteries
[US] Cellulose self shrinking bands
[US] Cement Clinker
[US] Childrens shortalls and overalls
[US] Construction equipment
[US] Edam Cheese
[US] Industrial caster & wheel
[US] Men`s Jewelry, Accessories, and Watches
[US] Nescafe in Bulk
[US] Pen (Ball point, Roller ball)..... Metal & Plastic
[US] Polypropylene film
[US] Rotary File
[US] Semiconductor Devices
[US] Sulfur
[US] Tires
[US] Wood barrels for wine or liquor
[UY] Big size inflatables for open spaces (amusement, childrens playground,schools)
[UY] Home appliances
[UY] Insecticides and pesticides
[UY] Polyester fibers, yarns, raw materials needed urgent
[UY] Retractable seats for gimnasium and stadium
[VE] Antibiotics, Cyclosporine
[VE] Autoparts
[VE] Cosmetics
[VE] Paper
[VN] DC Motor
[VN] Hydraulic Press Break
[VN] Medical Equipment
[VN] Mini bus and ambulance
[VN] Used LPG Bullets

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Other international buy leads 16-11-2001 to 19-11-2001

Number of leads : 198

[AE] CD Games
[AE] Duplex Cardboard Machinery
[AE] Elelctricals
[AR] 50000/ 100000 pcs. of counter/ measurer plastic glass
[AR] CD-Roms R
[AT] Ophthalmic equipment
[AU] Monofilament mesh
[BD] Equipment for power plants and gas fields
[BD] Intel@pc pocket camera.
[BD] Power Transformer & Accessories
[BD] Rock Phosphate
[BD] Tablet Compressore Machine
[BE] Cosmetic brushes
[BE] Fancy jewellery
[BE] Forklifts
[BE] Inner tubes
[BE] Plastic household articles
[BE] Ready-Made Garments
[BJ] Garment/underwears
[CA] A Set of Equipments for Chicken Slaughterhouse
[CA] Gold
[CA] Mountain bikes, skis, skiwear, ski boots, motorcycle apparel, helmets, boots
[CA] Sun glasses, ski goggles, motocross goggles
[CL] Plant for generating medical oxygene
[CN] Bath trays, natural soap
[CN] Cable materials
[CN] Circuit breakers
[CN] Coating/paint
[CN] Dyed Cow Leather For Furniture
[CN] Hardware
[CN] Opp sealing tape,stationery tape,acetate tape...
[CN] Purchase bath trays, natural soap
[CN] Scrapped of non-ferrous metal
[CN] Sport shoes working shoes leather shoes
[CN] Steel Scrap Wanted. 600000MT
[CO] Activated carbon, sodium cyanide, sodium bichromate, monosodium / disodium phosphate, isobutil alcohol, sodium silicate, sodium bisulphite, sodium sulphide
[CO] Counting billets machine
[CO] Electronics components, computers, musical instruments, sound and ligthing
[CO] Findings for earings
[CY] Polishing stainless steel
[CZ] Hardboard,plywood
[DE] Pharmaceutical material, medical equipment
[EG] Asphalt Additives
[EG] Glow Play for Buses
[EG] P.S.F. P.O.Y and Viscose Staple Fiber
[EG] Production Line for Hot Wire Galvanizing
[EG] Ready made garments
[EG] Used vispa piaggio from italy
[GB] Body piercing jewellery
[GB] Precision Engineered Components
[GB] WTB Softtouch
[GR] Brake pads & brake systems, rubber air spring, air tube, punch press for rivets [GR] CDs & cassetes
[GR] Extruders for doors and windows profiles are needed
[GR] Fishing accessories
[GR] Hair wigs
[GR] Immitation jewels - hair ornaments and accessories
[GR] KIA spare parts
[GR] Marine equipment
[GR] Orthopaedic beds and mattresses
[GR] Polyester fiber
[GR] Underwear bands
[GS] A Set of Equipments for Chicken Slaughterhouse
[HK] New snack
[HK] Tea strainer
[IL] Aluminum portable banner display
[IL] Canned food & cigaretes
[IL] Solar led traffic safety products
[IN] 12 Fibre Single Mode Optical Fibre Cable
[IN] Air circuit breakers
[IN] All aluminium alloy conductor- 23882 km
[IN] Conductor Package and Insulator Package for 400 kV D/C Transmission Line
[IN] Copper Concentrate- 1000 /- 10% DMT
[IN] Curtain Rails
[IN] Light Crude oil Sulphur %0,60 (2,000,000BBB/montly)
[IN] Mri machine, medical lab instrument
[IN] Online inspection through intelligent
[IN] Optical fibre cable-single mode-twelve fibre
[IR] Coconutpowder
[IR] Chenille & fancy yarn
[IR] Clutch Assy
[IR] New or refurbished 21` monitors needed
[IT] Fruit and vegetables
[KE] Solar Panels and Accessories
[KG] All types of promotional goods
[KR] Abrasive base paper
[KR] Artifical Hair Making Machine.
[KR] Asking for cross flow fan
[KR] Auto Transmission parts-cars
[KR] Blind rivet, blind nut, threaded insert, rivet/nut tools
[KR] Branded Luxury Goods
[KR] Calculator
[KR] Canned kernel corn
[KR] CD vinyl packing (wrapping) machine
[KR] Computer accessory
[KR] Cosmetics and Perfumes
[KR] Diamond tools and grinding wheels ,laboratory mounted points
[KR] Empty perfume bottle
[KR] Fasteners
[KR] Multimeter
[KR] New and great funtional items for Mail-orders etc,
[KR] PCB assembly
[KR] Penteum 3 (800-850) CPU
[KR] Plastic resins and products
[KR] Scrap metal or anything relative to this
[KR] Sprocket and chain gears
[KR] Sterling Silver/Gold Jewelry
[KR] Used Car BMW, Benz, etc
[LK] Packaged type Air Conditioners
[MY] 003Modulator Valve
[MY] Automotive Electric Mirrors
[MY] Automotive Item
[MY] Computer parts, pc`s note books
[MY] Fiber, non woven product & furniture hardware
[MY] Fully electrically adjustable Automotive Seats
[MY] Jaguar Tail lights
[MY] Stocks bras and underwear womans
[NG] Garments
[NL] New monitors only
[NZ] Heater packs or heating pack or heating bag.
[NZ] Stretch film for pallet wrap
[PE] Party ballons, pp fancy ribbons
[PK] `O` Rings made of Synthtic/Natural Rubber, Nitrile
[PK] 20 KGS Oxatomide
[PK] Air conditioners
[PK] All Defence Item
[PK] Auto Parts
[PK] Hatcheries, Seeds, Aquaculture Fish-Shrimp
[PK] Heat Exchanger Parts(Ckd for Evaporator, Condensor)
[PK] High Fraquency Welding Parts
[PK] Indenter
[PK] Lining Materials
[PK] Parts for Alco, General Motors Diesel Electric Locomotives
[PK] Poly Carbonate Sheets
[PK] Polyester yarn, cotton yarn, silk yarn.
[PK] Shoes, Shoes making Plant
[PK] Studs & Nuts.
[PL] Feeders for cleaning systems
[RO] Crude essential oils
[RO] Second hand sewing machine and second hand kniting machine
[RU] Giftware, ad. arts & printing
[SA] Alcohols ETCS.
[SA] Internet via satellite system (both that can send and receive)
[SE] Old Kuwaiti Dinars OKD
[SG] Books on China
[SN] Partnership
[SN] Spare parts for injection motor
[SY] Polyester POY
[TC] Confectionary Goods
[TH] Nokia 22 or Nokia 11
[TR] Frozen Tomatos
[TR] Fruit juice concentrates
[TR] Mining Equipmets
[TR] Tomato paste
[TW] Hammer in japanese style
[TW] Rotational machines for plastic
[TW] Sodium persulfate
[UK] KIA sports car
[UK] Pharmaceutical chemicals
[UK] Printer ink laser toner compatible manufacturers
[UK] Proton elan style sports car
[US] Coiled aluminum sheet and fiberglass reinforcement products
[US] Commodities requests.
[US] Corrugated Boxes for Gift Items
[US] Duvet/blanket, pillow cover
[US] Extract Tea!!!!
[US] G655 High Quality Optical Fiber
[US] General Merchandise
[US] Grated Parmasan and Mozzarella
[US] Hair Extension
[US] Hip Hop Urban Fashion Apparel Stock lots
[US] Lamb and Rabbit Coats
[US] L-Glutamine
[US] Media Supplies
[US] NBC Civilian Protective Gear
[US] New automobiles Skoda and Subaru
[US] Numeric & Electronic Actuator
[US] Office Furniture Parts and Components
[US] Office/School stationary, educational toys and food items etc.
[US] Packing Material
[US] Pen( Ball point, Roller ball)..... Metal & Plastic
[US] Pressure Vessels and Pipes
[US] Reliable Laptop,Desktop & Monitor Manufacturer!
[US] Rice, sugar, cement, steel and feed
[US] Scrap metal,steel,iron and etc
[UY] Autoparts and accesories for koreans and japaneses cars
[UY] High quality bathroom accesories
[UY] Steam irons for use in textile industry, laundry, etc..
[VN] Conductor
[VN] Machine
[VN] Medical equipment
[VN] Second-hand machines for silk yarn manufacturing
[VN] Shampoo bottle
[VN] Steel manufacturing machine
[VN] Used LPG Bullets
[VN] Wooden packing machine
[ZA] Glass & plastic beads

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Other international buy leads 12-11-2001 to 15-11-2001

Number of leads : 179

[AE] Cigarette packing machinary
[AE] Duplex cardboard machinery
[AR] Polyester Foil with adhesive to hot stamped onto Fabrics
[AR] Swim wear
[AT] Spring-and Easter decorations
[AU] Bubble Tea
[AU] Computer Mainboards
[AU] Graphic cards
[AU] MP3 player
[BD] Wooden Ice-Cream Sticks
[BJ] Watch/clocks
[BO] Glucantime amp - methotrexate tab
[CA] Computer Components
[CA] Mountain bike, snowboard, skis, motorcycle helmets, skiwear
[CA] Satellite access cards
[CH] Displays
[CI] Copra
[CM] 45000 t shirt, underwears and polo
[CN] Beijing yeboss sell men`s sweaters.
[CN] Coating
[CN] Scrapped of all kinds of non-ferrous metal
[CN] Scrapped of non-ferrous metal
[CN] Shoes,sandals,slipper,boots
[CN] Small black kidney beans
[CN] Sport shoes working shoes leather shoes
[CN] Toy
[CO] Advertising articles and ergonomic chairs for
[CO] Glass packing for make-up
[CO] Hoist (cable and chain electrical)
[CO] Transfer foil for fabrics
[CY] Plastic machinery
[DE] Acrylic glass sheets
[DE] Computer, games
[DE] Data projector (multimedia)
[DE] Golf Products
[DE] Recycling equipment for electronic scrap (refrigerators)
[DE] Wheel bearings for rail vehicles
[DK] Ceramic Cartridges for Faucets
[DK] Computer equipment & Accessories
[DK] Steel Pipes & other steel products
[EG] Digital Satellite Internet PC Card
[ES] Lala Bikes
[GH] Pencils,pens,erasers
[GR] Eyeshadow kits
[HK] 10000pcs electronic games wanted!
[HK] Diesel Jeans & Footwear
[HR] TV tuner for Plasma Display
[ID] 40 Ton Weighing Machine
[ID] Bullet Detonating Machine
[ID] Garlic n large onion, for any kind
[ID] Lead Styphnate
[ID] Natrium Nitrate
[IL] Canned foodn & cigarets
[IN] Adhesive,adhesive tape,reflective glass
[IN] Aluminium flouride- 6500 mt and more
[IN] Large Quantities of Flat Screen Moniters for Computers
[IN] Liquid caustic soda
[IN] Optical fibre cable
[IN] Printing on Pouches
[IN] Ships for Demolition
[IN] Unplastisized PVC pipes - 1406266 Metres
[IR] Clutch ASSy
[IR] Machines
[IT] Cosmetic containers/Cosmetic packaging
[IT] Optical Instruments
[JO] Fertilizers
[JO] Raw meterial manufacturing of Copper and Aluminim Wires, Cables an Codnuctors
[JP] Auto Parts
[JP] Scent balls
[KR] `A` type and `B` type sprockets....
[KR] 7` TFT LCD color panel or video monitor
[KR] Alibendol
[KR] Aluminium Adodizing Grade
[KR] Boxer & Muffler
[KR] Calculator
[KR] Circuit breakers,fuses,ac contactors, ups, relays, switches, nylon cable ties
[KR] Flashing ball with musical sound
[KR] Glove
[KR] Paper shopping bag
[KR] PCB(Printed circuit board) maker.
[KR] Pipe clip
[KR] Soft Guns & Hard Ball
[KR] Spare parts for printer
[KR] The dried leaves of Oak
[KR] Transparent Soap
[KR] Used Shrink Wrapping Machine
[KR] Wabco air brake parts
[KZ] Lead metal concentrate, lead scrap, lead wire,accumulator scrap
[LB] Elevators & escalators
[LB] Home appliances & gift items
[MN] All products and tools
[MN] Chemical products
[MN] Equipments and hi tech wanted
[MN] Food staffs KOREAN MADE
[MN] Made in korea products
[MN] Winter shoes
[MN] Wool yarn and wool dyeing machinery
[MX] Batching Machine
[MX] Foundry Equipment
[MX] Mixer
[MX] Toothpick
[MY] Graphic Arts Films for use in Printing Industry
[MY] Inter national agency wanted noni juice noni capsule tongkat ali capsu
[NL] Leads
[NZ] Microfibre cloth
[PE] Hammermill molino de martillos
[PE] Promotional products
[PE] Tyres
[PK] `Blanco` powder for cleaning Army web equipment
[PK] Computer Parts, ATX Cases, Power Suplies, Mouse, Fax Modem Card
[PK] Cotton of us or australian origin
[PK] Metals
[PK] Poly Carbonate Sheet
[PK] Styrene Monomer
[PK] Syringes Disposable all Size, I.V Cannulas, G-18, G-20, G24 and G26
[PK] Textile and leather dyes and chemicals
[PK] Water Jet Loom Parts
[PL] AC adapters for laptops
[PL] Deep drawing foil machines
[PL] Machines
[PL] Modacrylic and kenekalon fibers
[PL] Steel products
[PL] Tool steel
[PL] Tools
[RO] Metallic materials, bearings
[SG] Used or scrape computer pherphials notebooks etc
[SI] Confectionary Goods
[SI] LDPE/HDPE/PP waste material
[SN] Chicken
[SN] Paraffin
[SY] All types of polyestter, viscose, and cotton yarns
[TC] Confectionary Goods
[TH] 1.165 Metric Tons of Aluminum Ingots for Electrical Conductor for 500 KV
[TH] A lot of Urethane products, Cleaning Blade
[TH] Canned seafood
[TH] Formic Acid
[TR] Catridges blank cd
[TR] Copper or brass ingot
[TR] EU origin wheat
[TR] Flash stamp machines
[TR] Home furniture
[TR] Laminators
[TR] Metallic Embroidery Threads
[TR] Plastic rivets
[TR] Refurbished FDD
[TR] Secondhand pasta factorys machine
[TR] Timber
[TW] Bathrobe
[TW] Thermal Fax Paper
[UK] Empty Injet Cartridges for recycling
[UK] Handbags
[UK] Recordable media
[US] Contro cables/ push pull
[US] Hardware, security devices, and software for laptops and desktops
[US] Heineken Beer
[US] Newsprint
[US] Polyester Waste Fiber
[US] Silver Jewelry
[US] Sunflower Seeds
[US] Surveillance/Security Devices..
[US] Toner catridge, inkjet cartridge, copier/fax toner
[US] Wheat Flour
[US] Wide Cut Pork Belly Ribs
[UY] Raw materials for plastics, construction and building materials
[UZ] Disposable syringes of 2, 5, and 10 ml
[VN] Charcoal filter
[VN] Ductile Iron Pipe and Bend & Tee (HAN-131)
[VN] Equipment & instrument for hydrology laboratory
[VN] Red clay brick making machine
[VN] Second-hand printing machines and
[VN] Squid liver oil and aquavet
[YU] Hibiscus
[ZA] Hot rolled steel sheet
[ZA] South african wines

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Other international buy leads 09-11-2001 to 11-11-2001

Number of leads : 192

[AR] Men`s clothes
[AR] Thermoadhesive Vinyls
[AU] Aircraft Model Kits,Complete with out. Engine & Radio Control
[AU] Freight Management Software - Business Opportunity
[AU] Paper for Automotive Filters (Korean Supplier Wanted)
[AU] Tida machine works shetsu shihlin taiwan
[BD] 77 ct Ceapest blanket for refugee
[BD] G. I. Wire
[BD] Security Cheque Paper
[BJ] Electronics, computers, pharmaceutical formulations and gsm mobile tels
[BJ] Medicine and drugs/antibiotic medicines
[BR] Playstation 2
[BR] Stainless Wire, Galvanized Wire
[CA] Cast Aluminium
[CA] Clinical Digital Thermometers to buy
[CA] Computer Components
[CA] Molds for making foo-dogs, buddhas,figurines, etc.
[CA] Satellite access cards
[CA] Thermostats/ airconditioning/zone valves/refrigeration
[CH] Digital Cameras & Memory Cards
[CM] 45000 t shirt, underwears and polo
[CN] DENIM, conditions follows
[CN] EAS soft tag production machines
[CN] Ignition cable
[CN] Motorcar
[CN] Polytetrafluoroethylene Micro hole Membrane
[CN] PTC960L
[CN] Regular demand of barium carbonate
[CN] Scraps of all kinds of non-ferrous metal
[CN] Steel Scrap Wanted. 600000MT
[CO] Air conditiones fo bus (thermoking)
[CO] CCTV equipments
[CO] Clothing and tennis shoes
[CO] Compressors and their accesories
[CO] Computer parts and medical disposable supplies
[CO] Copper tube, bnc and tungsten contacts for manufacturers telescopic antennas
[CO] Electrical forklift
[CO] Inner tube, tire andrazor blades
[CO] Quicklimer or caustic lime, sodium carbonate, caustic soda, barytine
[CO] Razor blades
[CO] Steel cold rolled sheet
[CO] Velcro or tape and silicon bar
[CR] Spry paint, acrilic paint in spry
[DE] INA or KOYO bearings
[ES] Golf Ball, Golf Tees
[ES] Golf gloves
[ES] Torres 10, and vodka finland
[ET] Oxygen Cylinder Valve
[HK] Portable DVD player
[HK] Snack Food
[IL] Aluminum portable banner display
[IL] Solar led traffic safety products
[IN] Anhydrous sodium sulphate
[IN] Bulb Type Turbine Generators
[IN] Liquid caustic soda
[IN] Mobile Tel Instrument
[IN] Non Sparking Hand Tool Kits both Magnetic / Non magnetic
[IN] Phenayl Acetic Acid
[IN] Potassium Phenayl Acetate
[IN] Screw - M5 x 12.8 mm Zinc Plated - White
[IN] Ships for Demolition / Scrap
[IN] Transient Limiter With Voice Processing Facility- 10 Nos
[IR] Spare parts for printer
[IR] Tetrapak packing paper producer machines
[JP] Eagerly want manufacturer of metal products
[JP] HDPE polyethlene membrane
[JP] Plastic flowerpot
[KP] Canned kernel corn
[KR] 432 vessels ( ships )
[KR] Agricultural implements & gardentools
[KR] Aluminium Adodizing Grade
[KR] Aminocaproic acid
[KR] Ammonium Nitrate
[KR] Blind rivet, blind nut, threaded insert, rivet/nut tools
[KR] CD vinyl packing (wrapping) machine
[KR] Charactor Mouse
[KR] Cotton Yarn
[KR] Cross flow fan
[KR] Electric Bicycles
[KR] Fancy Bag
[KR] Fasteners
[KR] Fibers, lucent or corning fibers
[KR] Finance
[KR] Glove
[KR] Hard & cd-rom
[KR] Memory module/chips
[KR] Nylon Glove
[KR] PCB(printed circuit board)
[KR] River Run Gravel, 38~51mm
[KR] Satellite access cards
[KR] Scrapped of all kinds of non ferrous metals
[KR] Steel scrap
[KR] Toy-Shotguns with Hardballs
[KR] Ultrasonic cleaner
[KR] Used cloth from Japan
[KR] Used disposable camera shells
[KR] Wabco air brake parts
[LB] Air conditions (window type).
[LK] Aquarium Supplies
[LV] Food & Beverages
[LY] Poultry food processing line
[LY] Sugar cube making machine
[MA] Denim fabrics ( jeans )
[MA] Manufacturing plant, and machinery
[MY] Modulator Valve
[MY] Automatic Pipe clamps
[MY] Automotive Electric Mirrors
[MY] Automotive Tail Light
[MY] Computer parts, pc`s note books
[MY] Corrosion Inhibitors.
[MY] Frozen Chicken Wing, Chicken Frank & Beef Products
[MY] Frozen Foods
[MY] Fully electrically adjustable Automotive Seats
[MY] Jaguar Tail lights
[MY] Secondhand Fishing Boat (Made of Fibre)
[MY] Single Line Tel Set
[MY] Sodium Sulphate
[NG] Consumer Goods
[PE] Hammermill molino de martillos
[PK] All kind of Gloves
[PK] Computer Parts, ATX Cases, Power Suplies, Mouse, Fax Modem Card
[PK] Garments & textile made ups
[PK] Grinding Machine
[PK] Metal cutting band saw blades
[PK] Plate heat exchangers
[PK] Polyester satin milky coated
[PK] Shearing blade (knife)
[PK] Testing instrument (defecto scope `s` portable type with handle)
[PK] Vaccines for Veterinary and Poultry Medicines.
[PK] Welding Machine
[RU] Dental equipment
[SA] Auto spare parts
[SA] Computer and its accessories
[SA] Sanitary ware & plumbing materials
[SA] Toners, inkjet , ribbons, cd`s .
[SG] CD-R`s
[SG] Letter of Credit / BG for you
[SI] LDPE/HDPE/PP waste material
[TH] Palm Acid Oil
[TH] Powder Milk
[TH] Pure Silver Granule
[TH] Solar Cells
[TR] Catridges blank CD
[TR] Crude sunflower oil (5,000mt) sunflower seed (20,000mt)
[TR] Energy saving products for household
[TR] Film for photo camera
[TR] Food oil
[TR] Paper
[TR] Secondhand pasta factorys machine
[TR] Tomato paste 70gr and 128 gr and also chickpea thinned,
[TR] Yarn dyed upholstery jacq
[TW] Air grinder, abrasive bristle roller, horsehair roller, brass wire roller
[TW] Li-Ion, Li MNO2 battery
[TW] Milling machine, CNC machine, wood carving
[UG] Blood Bags
[UG] HIV test kits, Syphillis kits, etc
[UG] Motor Cycles
[UK] Blanket & bed spread
[UK] Empty inkjet cartridges
[UK] Polyester yarn and wire
[UK] Sequin trimmings, glitter powder, rhinestone trimming, buttons, imitation pearl
[US] Cell Tel with speaker and accessories
[US] Children`s Socks
[US] Electronics, Electronic Components and Parts
[US] Fibers, Lucent or Corning Fibers
[US] Gilf, jewelry, sporting goods
[US] Magnets, Neo
[US] Pent.4 !.7ghz--wanted 150K
[US] Plastic Bags
[US] Rice machinery
[US] Skirts & Sweaters
[US] Surveillance/Security Devices..
[US] Very small diesel cars and trucks
[US] Wide Cut Pork Belly Ribs
[UY] Polyester fiber manufacturers for supply uruguay market
[VN] Construction Machinery
[VN] Corrugated board making machine & carton box making machine
[VN] Hot-Dep Gavalnize
[VN] Hydraulic guillotine shears
[VN] Hydraulic pump- Diesel
[VN] Hydraulic Swaging Press 3000T
[VN] Hydraulic winch - Diesel
[VN] Offset printer (Second hand)
[VN] PC Based diesel fuel pump test
[VN] Second-hand machines for silk yarn manufacturing
[VN] Stainless steel sheet
[VN] Steel manufacturing machine
[VN] Surface Materials
[VN] Used pachinko machine & equipment & ect...
[ZA] Hot rolled steel
[ZA] Musical Birthday Cards
[ZA] South african wines

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01-11-2001 to 08-11-2001

Number of leads : 611

[AE] B-Grade and factory rejected BOPP film
[AE] CNC full automatic spinning machines
[AE] Computers & mobile tels
[AE] Computers & peripherals
[AE] Computers, home electronics, furniture & fabrics
[AE] IT products
[AE] Lead
[AE] Micro voice chips
[AE] Pet film 20 micron width 32` stocklot, rejected
[AE] Satellite receivers (digital & analogue)
[AR] Gillette mach3 or similar 3 blade
[AT] Decorative ceramic figurines
[AT] DVD players with Mp3 play function
[AT] Felt fabric, viscose bast bundles
[AT] Garment accessories (braids,strings,trimmings,edgings)
[AT] Ribbons on rolls
[AT] Various types of scissors
[AT] Wax pearls
[AU] 12volt dc spotlights
[AU] Acrylic bathtubs - basins - associated tapware / shower spou
[AU] Borax Decahydrate & Boric Acid
[AU] Industrial sulphur
[AU] Insulation Foil
[AU] Key-finder keyring
[AU] Knitted Webbing (PE YARN) - Korean Companies Only
[AU] KRAFT Paper (Brown) for insulation industry
[AU] Neck ties-mens apparel
[AU] Non Woven Glass Fibre Scrim
[AU] Nylon and PE Yarn Manufacturers
[AU] Polypropylrene or Polyethylene Coated Bags for Garden
[AU] Rod Coater / Clay coater Machine
[AU] Sulphur
[AU] Wire for fencing (Korean companies required)
[AU] Woven Coated Polypropylene, Building Scrim.
[BD] 100% cotton fabrics
[BD] 100% cotton fabrics
[BD] CD-R manufacturing plant.
[BD] G. I. Wire
[BD] Iron Scrap 2,000ton/week
[BD] Submicro filter of glass fiber
[BE] Fluorspar
[BE] PP / PE bags
[BG] Hot foil stamping and embossing
[BG] Women`s apparel
[BJ] Cellular Tel/mobile Tels
[BJ] Electronics like VCD , watches , radios videos ,
[BJ] Medicine and drugs/antibiotic medicines
[BJ] Mobile phone
[BJ] Textile materials
[BR] Body piercing jewelry
[BR] Color Pencil, Color Pen, Marker, Stampler, Punch
[BR] Fabric non woven
[BR] Machines that manufacture Blank CD\`s (Korean)
[BR] Polycarbonate Plates
[BR] Sesame Hull Machine
[BR] Valves, Connections, Fittings, Roller Bearing
[CA] Carbon fiber hoods for cars.
[CA] Gold
[CA] Hand Held Electronic Fish Finder
[CA] Plastic Pump wet-ends or whirlpool pumps
[CA] Production gold
[CA] Whole rebuild alternators and starter line
[CI] Medical products
[CI] Original inkjet cartridge of HP
[CI] Used engines, used & new automotive parts
[CL] Copper wire
[CN] 20,000 Sets PDA
[CN] BOPP Film For Food-Packing
[CN] CDMA repeater, cdma rf amp-power
[CN] Cheap ball
[CN] Cooperation transportation
[CN] Drug Injection
[CN] Educational investment of 0.4Million US dollar
[CN] Energy saving lamp
[CN] Flint pebbles ball for grinding in ceramic industry
[CN] Foxskin scrap and minkskin scrap
[CN] Garbage bags
[CN] Glass beads microsphere,reflective material
[CN] IC, diodes, transistors and sensors
[CN] Iron-core for transformer
[CN] Machinery for making cotton bud & cotton ball
[CN] Naphtalene
[CN] Non-ferrous metal
[CN] Packing M/C for Vegetable Juice
[CN] Para - Oxydiphenylamine
[CN] Photo paper
[CN] Polytetrafluoroethylene Micro hole Membrane
[CN] Potassium metal
[CN] Products adapt to the chinese market
[CN] Products as follows.
[CN] Rice
[CN] Rubber expansion pipe
[CN] Scraps of all kinds of non-ferrous metal
[CN] Small black kidney beans
[CN] Special Printing Machine and Materials
[CN] Various non-ferrous metal
[CN] Waterpower electric generator
[CN] Water-proof building material
[CO] Actuators and valves
[CO] Actuators and valves
[CO] Adhesive tapesfor packing
[CO] Aluminiun wheels, power windows, central locking systems and sun roofs
[CO] Auto spare parts
[CO] Bed clothing and fabrics for manufacturer bed clothing
[CO] Chemicals
[CO] Compressor for refrigeration, contactors, breakers, relays, cables, optical fiber
[CO] Extrusor for manufacturer industrial hoses
[CO] Felt fabrics for manufacturer stuffed toys
[CO] Games, souvenirs and suncaps in eva material
[CO] Globes
[CO] Gynaecology articles and surgical clothing
[CO] Human medicines
[CO] Iron works and stationery
[CO] Jewerly, body piercing jewerly
[CO] Medical equipment and gas sensors
[CO] Oil seals for vehicle, trucks and heavy machinery
[CO] Parts for sport shoes
[CO] Polyethylene
[CO] Polyvinyl alcohol pva
[CO] Stainless steel rod
[CO] Surimi
[CO] Technetium-99m sestamibi injection and other uncology and diagnostic products
[CO] Vapor traps and thermostatic valves
[CR] Ofices articles
[CY] All items for education , arts and crafts , hobbies and creative work at schools
[CY] Biocleanact
[CZ] Absorption heat pumps
[CZ] SDRAM module
[DE] Beet sugar
[DE] Binding wires, Tel cables, aluminium conductors
[DE] Caps for dowels and Traffic Cones (BER 066)
[DE] Dredger ship
[DE] Glass, metal (BER 064)
[DE] Material for interior decoration (BER 065)
[DE] MIG-MAG, TIG und Startersystemen
[DE] NOKIA, Siemens Mobile Tels
[DE] Polyester, polypropylenes, viscose plastics
[DE] Porcelain (china) - vases and dishes
[DE] Steel scrap
[DK] Basketball Accessories
[DK] Furniture
[DK] GSM SIM unlocking kits
[DK] Pre-Qualification for supplying: Insulated PEX cables for Powerplant
[DO] Plastic pencils
[DO] Telecommunications products
[EE] Home appliances
[EE] Sugar
[EG] CCTV Systems and Optical Connectors
[EG] Disc Brake Pad Production Line and Raw Materials
[EG] Medical Products
[EG] Printer and copier toner
[EG] Stainless sheets
[EG] Telecommunications and Power Supply
[EG] Yarn
[ES] Beisball Caps
[ES] Coca-cola
[ES] DVD last generation
[ES] Green Wet suits (Urgent)
[ES] Johnny walker red label whisky
[ES] Kraftliner and white kraftliner paper
[ES] Slim audio video camera
[ET] Konica color print paper
[FI] Cellular telephones and accessories
[FR] 300 petrol lamps (little size)
[FR] Body piercing jewelry
[FR] Fishing equipments n products
[FR] TFT/LCD monitors
[FR] Valves for diesel engines
[GB] Branded Consumer Items
[GB] Coffee sachets with milk
[GB] Electronic hand held fish finder
[GB] Flourescent light fittings
[GB] GSM Mobile Tels
[GB] Lithium batteries
[GB] Toaster machines 2or 4
[GR] Brass bulkhead lights for outdoor
[GR] Glass washbasin(glass sink)
[GR] Office machinery
[GR] Oval type bulkhead lihghts
[GR] Tablecloths
[GR] Tools, industrial clothing
[GR] Used kubota engines
[HK] Dupont brand yarn
[HK] Electronic components
[HK] Ionizer wire
[HK] Spring or Miniral Water
[HK] Syringes
[HK] Used rails
[HR] Laser Diodes
[HR] Windshield wipers &washers
[HR] Winshield wipers & washers
[HT] Propane and butane gas
[HU] Clothing
[HU] Timber
[HU] Used vehicle with Thermo King, 30 m3
[ID] Aluminium coil printing machine
[ID] Garlic n big onion
[ID] Highcut Police boot
[ID] Marking machine ex-hsiu fong mach
[ID] New of LG Electro &Yo Sung Electric Co.
[ID] Wood flooring
[IL] Baby`s and Children 0-8 Garment (Clothes)
[IL] Knitting factory for sale
[IL] NOKIA 8210
[IL] Pumice 0--8mm 3000T shipments
[IL] Solar led traffic safety products
[IN] 20W/40W Radio frequency Transreceiver RFT`S (C-BAND) IN 1 1 CONFIGURATION - 5NOS.
[IN] 315 KVA Distribution Transformers- 182 No
[IN] Adhesives for wood
[IN] Air starting motor for GM-EMD-710, 16 cylinder diesel engine with essential accessories
[IN] Aluminium flouride-6500 mt
[IN] BAERINGS for Steel Plant
[IN] Berths for clean cargo on bot basis
[IN] Bulb type turbine generators alongwith their associated and auxiliary equipment
[IN] Car audio
[IN] CNC Electrone Beam welding machine
[IN] CNC profile slotting machine- 1 no.
[IN] Combine Harvesters, Chaff cutters, Thrashers, Hydraulic Iron Workers, Hydraulic Presses
[IN] Crane Water Test Bag for Load Testing the Cranes at Offshore Platforms
[IN] Dragon brand cigarette paper from china
[IN] First and off grade textile fibres and wastes.
[IN] Four ball friction, wear
[IN] Fresh catalyst for fluid catalytic cracking unit - 1200 Mts
[IN] Hiring of Hardware and Software on board Vessel, deployed for Marine seismic Operations
[IN] Hot fix stones and fixing machines.
[IN] Hydraulic Jack of 200T capacity
[IN] Hydraulic press brake 350 ton- 1 no.
[IN] Low Maintenance Lead Acid Battery 8 V/500 AH Specn. DEL/SPN/193 ALT.R-S
[IN] Machine Cut Crystal Chatons ( MC Chatons )
[IN] Magnetic Fluid Conditioner- 38 Nos
[IN] Match boxes in bulk
[IN] Medical disposables
[IN] Medical test kits- Elisa, pregnancy,etc.
[IN] Medium carbon ferro manganese- 610 mt
[IN] Micro Silica
[IN] Microwave absorbers
[IN] Microwave link of 8mbps, 2 ghz frequency band in 1 1 hot
[IN] Motorcycle chain manufacturing complete plant
[IN] MOV actuators and conversion of HOV`S to MOV`S for API-6D Ga
[IN] Non sharpened pencils / bullet pencils
[IN] Oil film thickness measuring instrument
[IN] Pick and place machine (SMT facility)- 1 No, New
[IN] Plywood
[IN] Power wrench set for cylinder head nut alco cat. no. 24701943 sw no. 30151 - 16 nos
[IN] Pressure control valve
[IN] Radiator assembly for wdm2ca
[IN] Rail cum road vehicle- 600 ton trailing load (on rails)
[IN] Rapid prototyping machine
[IN] Req: compact disc blanks, un broken
[IN] Rescue Apparatus, Eq and other accessories for coal Mines as safety equipment
[IN] Rockwoo/mineralwool mattress
[IN] Rotoviscometer with software temperature control unit, refrigerator circulator
[IN] Ships for Demolition / Scrap
[IN] Soya bean, Barley and Popcorn
[IN] Spectrum Analyser along with accessories
[IN] Steel line pipe
[IN] Thermo-oxidation engine oil simulation
[IN] Thermo-oxidation engine oil simulation
[IN] Transient limiter with voice processing
[IN] Travel bags, school bags etc
[IN] Truck/carrier mounted non-fired nitrogen pumping unit with all accessories
[IN] Twin roll model support system for 1.2 m wind tunnel
[IN] Twin spindle cnc chucker- 2 nos.
[IR] Acetyl Acetone Peroxide
[IR] Chassis
[IR] Mirror making machinaries and formulations
[IR] Preform for single mode G655
[IR] Used Tetra Pack packing system
[IT] Glass tumblers
[IT] Zipper for clothes
[JO] Imitation Orange Needles
[JO] LPG valves and cylinders
[JO] PVC pipes and valves
[JO] Sewage water treatment plant
[JO] Steel pipes, valves, casing
[JP] Capsuled Toys
[JP] Cuprous bromide(solid)
[JP] Electrical Equipment
[JP] Emblems, Badges, Pins
[JP] Garlic
[JP] Lapel Pins - see photo
[JP] Magic tape/ velcro tape
[JP] Pin Badges - Lapel Pins
[JP] Smiley
[JP] Sports badge
[KE] Sisal
[KR] Electric Bicycles
[KR] 2nd handed trawlers-vessel
[KR] Air leak tester
[KR] Aluminium heat dissipator
[KR] Aluminum CD Holders
[KR] Aminocaproic acid
[KR] Ammonium Nitrate
[KR] Aramid Fiber
[KR] Ash tree 1,000m3
[KR] Bags & Skin Products
[KR] Beauty/health products,cosmetics
[KR] Brand name garments and levi`s jean
[KR] Branded sportwear and clothing
[KR] Bulb for Auto lamps
[KR] Cathode Copper
[KR] Chinese-made color television
[KR] Cigar Jack Adapter
[KR] Compressor, Solenoid, Fan motor, oil Separator, Refrigerant
[KR] Copper & Aluminium Rod
[KR] Cow leather
[KR] DVD player for car and related items
[KR] Euro calculator
[KR] Frozen black tiger shrimp
[KR] GLASS-BEAD for Reflective Fabric
[KR] Goldplater
[KR] Goloshes
[KR] Hot & cold water dispenser , purifier
[KR] Household textile-hurry
[KR] HP Original / New inkjet cartridges
[KR] Insert chain conveyor, Dip Soldering M/C & Lead cutting M/C
[KR] Key Chain
[KR] Key-finder keyring
[KR] Kitchen wares and untencils
[KR] LCD panel and multi tap (concent)
[KR] Medicines
[KR] Medium voltage Auto Booster
[KR] Melody Box(Orgel)
[KR] Metal zipper
[KR] Metallic film and Yarn
[KR] New and used tyres
[KR] Nitrile flocklined gloves
[KR] OPP film or tape used for packing! urgently
[KR] Paper & ink
[KR] Paper and ink
[KR] Paraformaldehyde
[KR] Pine cigarette
[KR] Plastics popsicle stick
[KR] Portable Fish Finder
[KR] Product of file.
[KR] R404a compressor
[KR] Rain coat
[KR] Regenerated fiber
[KR] River-Run Gravel
[KR] Rotation plate with bearing
[KR] RUD\`s Non-Skid Chain
[KR] Sawdust briquette charcoal
[KR] Second hand cloth
[KR] Security detection products
[KR] Shredded steel scrap
[KR] Ski(carve type) and ski wear
[KR] Sodium silicofluoride
[KR] Stainless steel scrap ( 18-8 type)
[KR] Steel & iron sheets and coial
[KR] Tantalite ore , Ta2O5
[KR] The jujube powder
[KR] Tin ingot and Aluminium strip
[KR] Tungsten carbide saw tip
[KR] Tyre with inner tube & flap
[KR] Used disposable camera shells
[KR] Used HP printer cartridges and toner cartridges
[KR] Used Shrink Wrapping Machine
[KR] Used spinning machine line
[KR] Used tires
[KR] Viscose Rayon Filament Yarn
[KR] Wabco part
[KR] Water Dispenser
[KR] Wired/Wireless Bioelectric Signal Measurement System, Time Series Analysis Program Package, Brain
[KW] MPW Pre-Qualification For Construction
[KW] Plates/ Bars/ Chemicals/ Pipes/ Valves/ Bolts and Nuts
[KW] Police Uniform s and Fabrics
[KW] Pre-qualification to participate in a tender for Construction
[KZ] Stretch Film
[LB] Auto lights & truck lights
[LB] Auto spare parts
[LB] Brand name imitation: bags & shoes, clothing, watches.
[LB] Computer hardware & accessories
[LB] Mushroom production plant(full line).
[LB] New and used tyres
[LB] Port equipments:gantry cranes,handling equipments...
[LB] Tyres
[LK] Acsessories and buttons for shirt menufecturing
[LK] Badminton racketts etc.
[LK] Stainless Steel Flatware / Tableware
[LK] Water Dispencer Manufacturers
[LY] Musical instruments
[LY] Plastic processing machinery
[MA] Agriculture Barley Grain Supplier
[MA] Bath and sanitary accessories
[MA] Detergent cleaning products
[MA] Tourist train
[MN] Any kind gift items
[MN] Car alarm system
[MN] Kitchenware and kitchen related products
[MN] Used computer and software realted parts and processors
[MN] Used or new agriculture and farming
[MT] Automobile mufflers
[MW] Econo Floss Stainless Steel Cotton Candy MAchine, Snow Cone
[MX] Machinery for Bronze Sculpturing
[MX] Valves, Tubes and couples
[MY] 003Modulator Valve
[MY] Automotive Electric Mirrors
[MY] Bolt an nut / impact socket
[MY] Chicken Manure Drying and Fermentation Machine
[MY] Fully electrically adjustable Automotive Seats
[MY] Micro Fabric Flock Velvet: For Furniture
[MY] New products made from food, seafood, herbs or something else
[MY] Packing Machine
[MY] Rice and Sugar
[NG] Bonnylight crudeoil
[NG] Branded GSM Mobile Tels & Accessories
[NG] Garments, electronics
[NG] Meter folio jacket binder with post metals
[NG] Pharmeceuticals Products
[NG] Plastic injection machine,mould & accessories, pure water sterilizing & making machine
[NL] Fishing hooks & other terminal sea fishing tackle
[NL] Glass, wood or ceramic products
[NL] Military stocklots
[NL] Power Supply
[NZ] Dental accessories and adrenaline free dental anaesthesia
[NZ] Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules
[NZ] Erotic Clothing and Lingerie
[NZ] Fish meal (animal additives)
[NZ] Gelatin powder for pharmaceuticals and food industries
[NZ] Hebarin sodium
[NZ] Human Albumin
[NZ] Lanolin anhydrous and chemicals suppliers
[NZ] Truck Tires
[NZ] Tylenol tablets
[PE] Amusement machines s.parts
[PE] Computers
[PE] Semiconductors
[PK] A.C. slip ring motors
[PK] Aluzinc Coils Crystelise Quality)
[PK] Bus Aircondition, A/C Part Accessories
[PK] Computerized Numerical Controlled (CNC)
[PK] Electrical motors
[PK] Glass for ampules making
[PK] High density polyethylene black colour
[PK] Hot Rolled plate
[PK] Iron, steel , tin plate , cuttings (scrap )
[PK] Machinery for jelly filled cable manufacturing plant
[PK] Machinery/Equipment for Separating Date Seeds Kernals from Hard Shell of Date Seeds
[PK] Magnetic particle testing equipment
[PK] Metals
[PK] Opp,Bopp,Film.
[PK] Packaging tapes
[PK] Plastic Scrape or LDPE Ntural Fluff.
[PK] Rigid PVC films for blaster packing/stamping foil
[PK] Socks Knitting Machines (Used), Razors
[PK] Steel & iron sheets and coial of second & third choices
[PK] Strand wire rope armored steel
[PK] Syringes Disposable all Size, I.V Cannulas, G-18, G-20, G24 and G26
[PK] Textile Machines
[PK] Used computers and accessories.
[PK] Used Tyres
[PK] Used ultra sound machines
[PK] Used ultra sound scanners and printers
[PK] Vaccines and Finished Pharmaceuticals for Export
[PK] Vaccines for Veterinary and Poultry Medicines.
[PK] Waste Paper
[PK] Waste paper (occ & shredded books)
[PL] Horticulture machines
[PL] Household sewing machine motors and footcontrolers
[PL] Insulators
[PL] Machines for grinding
[PL] Machines for parceling
[QA] Computer components
[RO] Cold Rolled Steel
[RO] Professional sound and light systems
[RO] Security systems and heating systems
[RU] Anchor chains
[RU] Apparatus for laser polish of skin
[RU] CPU PIV 1GHz and above
[RU] Electric tilt melting furnace, 0.5 MT/hour.
[RU] Electrical components
[RU] Sewing equipment
[SA] Compuer and its accessories
[SE] Ball bearings used for the auto industry
[SE] Lab&labs
[SE] Rubber boots
[SE] Still picture camera
[SE] Underweare thonng bikini style etc lingerie
[SE] Work parts of hard metal - tungsten carbide
[SG] Baby garments
[SG] Marine Valves, Air Vent Head
[SG] PET Film on rolls, transparent clear
[SG] PET Resins
[SI] Promotional items
[SY] LCD displays
[TH] Airconditioners
[TH] Aluminium Foundry Ingot
[TH] Beautiful Live Fish
[TH] Bi-Fuel Conversion Kit for Vehicle
[TH] Blanket Manufacturers in Korea
[TH] Cartons and Bags for packing some kinds of food
[TH] Dried Taro Stems
[TH] Nike, Adidas sportshoes
[TH] Nokia 22 or Nokia 11
[TH] Production Waste of Polyamide & Aramid Fiber
[TH] Sodium bicarbonate,sodium hexametaphosphate
[TN] Raw material for making pencil
[TN] Stainless Steel Blades For Making Scissors
[TR] 2,000,000 pcs DISPOSABLE SYRINGES with needles
[TR] Acrylic sheet
[TR] Blanket
[TR] Bra-straps
[TR] Cardborad banana boxes!
[TR] Computer components
[TR] Ericsson T 28 Mobile Tels URGENT
[TR] Film and paper
[TR] Folyol Eco Fluide
[TR] Food
[TR] Frozen Tomato
[TR] Industrial power transmission
[TR] Intel pentium-4 cpu 1.5 ghz
[TR] Lighters
[TR] Paper
[TR] Pine wood
[TR] Pocket handkerchief machine
[TR] Polyester yarn waste (drawn & undrawn , white , soft
[TR] Polypropylen spunbond
[TR] Polystyrene and hdpe-ldpe granules
[TR] Resistors, capacitors, diodes & micro processors
[TR] Salep
[TR] Silver PVC
[TR] Stocklot knitted fabrics
[TR] Sunflower seed 20,000mt or crude sunflower oil 5,000mt
[TR] Thermal paper jumbo rolls
[TR] Used extrusion machine for PE pipes
[TR] Viscose yarn and cloth
[TR] Wheat
[TW] A4 Copy paper (80 gram)
[TW] Black Conductive Flexible PVC Film
[TW] Clear Conductive Flexible PVC Film
[TW] Die casting car mould (scale 1:18)
[TW] Frozen chiness Lobster
[TW] Furniture
[TW] Hair Bow
[TW] High voltage diode
[TW] Mackerel
[TW] PE recyclable chips machine
[TW] Pike Mackerel
[TW] PVC Chip for milk bottle and juice bottle
[TW] Tube molds, dies for plastic products
[TW] Used hdd 1-8.4gb ide
[UA] Deodorands, equipment
[UA] Packing equipment and material (URGENT PURCHASE)
[UG] Condoms
[UG] Selected Opportunistic Infections (SO1) Drugs
[UK] 100% acrylic blankets
[UK] Electrical items.
[UK] GSM mobile tels.
[UK] Ore Ferrle
[UK] Printed circuit boards
[US] \Solid colored\ mink blankets
[US] 50X TO 52X CD-ROM
[US] Acrylic Sheets (methyl methacrylic acid)
[US] Automotive parts for the cars of TOYOTA
[US] Bicycle alarm
[US] Cosmetic Components (Bottles, Jars, Caps)
[US] Diesel Generators
[US] Drywall
[US] Earth penetrating radar
[US] Fabric
[US] Frozen hake
[US] Fruit or Vegetable Juice Concentrates
[US] GSM or CDMA Tel
[US] Hand painted Photographic muslin backgrounds
[US] Kirkuk/Secondary contract for US destination
[US] Marine Crane - Revolving
[US] Name brand food and drug store items
[US] Polyurethane, Rubber, Garden Hose \`Coiled\`
[US] Reflective Conspicuity Tape for USA
[US] Revolving Floating Crane
[US] Semiconductor Devices
[US] Small sterling silver and gold forms cast
[US] Smartbowl
[US] Steam Generator
[US] Stickey notepads
[US] Textile Printing
[US] Used cellular Tels
[US] UV Pens and Inisible Ink
[US] Valves
[US] Wheel chocks for trucks - rubber
[US] Wooden Coaster
[UY] Plastic used good condition injection moulds-whistles etc
[VN] Antibiotic
[VN] Ceftazidim 1g, Tobramycine 80mg, Cefoperazone 1g
[VN] Cellophane Membrane
[VN] Eye glasses
[VN] Label Papaer
[VN] Machine for packing OPP bags
[VN] Mainboard for Intel Xeon PIII550
[VN] Roller, Comnpactor, Construction Investment
[VN] Textile Machinery Equipment
[VN] Used pa chin ko machine
[VN] Used RAM, CPU, HDD of Computer
[VN] Valves used in the water field
[WS] Rock phosphate
[ZA] Compressors (car air-con)
[ZA] Frozen vegetables
[ZA] Glue
[ZA] Glycerine soap
[ZA] Hot rolled steel
[ZA] Musical Birthday Cards
[ZA] Ozone Generators


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