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26-10-2001 to 30-10-2001

[AE] Body tattoos
[AE] Bopp
[AE] Cosmetics, beauty equipment
[AE] Cosmetics, imitation jewellery, hair accessories
[AR] Antigas Mask
[AT] Artificial flowers,fruits,leaves
[AT] Cordless headTels
[AT] Lime and acacia honey
[AT] TFT LCD Monitors
[AT] Tiny stuffed or straw toys
[AT] Wellness shops
[AU] Glass Wine Bottles
[AU] Plastic water absorbent cloth
[AU] Random Copolymer.
[AU] Unusual gifts & funny products
[BD] Aluminum can making machine & potato chips making plan
[BD] Crystal, white, purifying salt processing plant
[BD] Herbal medicine for loosing fat
[BD] Herbal medicine for quiting smoking habit
[BD] Medical Equipment
[BD] PP Resin
[BE] Polyester textured yarns
[BG] Automotive filters - air, oil and fuel
[BG] Ladies sanitary napkins with wings
[BG] Mustard Seed
[BJ] Computers systems,cellular tels,watches,electronics, garments, hand bags,jewelries
[BJ] Sport goods
[CA] Condoms
[CA] Leather motorcycle clothing. sports type. private label
[CA] Nylon recoil hose
[CA] Suppliers and manufacturers
[CN] 100% silk necktie
[CN] All kinds of rubber
[CN] Anti-radiation
[CN] Choline Chloride 50% CORN COBS
[CN] Cooperation software development
[CN] Cotton mops and ringer
[CN] CPU,mainboard,hard disk,ram,...
[CN] Dehydrated garlic
[CN] Flatweave rugs and pile rugs
[CN] Food and agricultural products
[CN] Glassware products
[CN] GSM cell tel, nokia, ericsson etc
[CN] Hydraulic hose;Agricultural Belts
[CN] IC, amplifier and other devices for metal detector
[CN] Scrap 304 stainless steel
[CN] Special tools for power plant
[CN] Tanning lights
[CN] Thermal laminating film
[CO] Bobbin of textiles of 21` x 30`
[CO] Boiler
[CO] Cutters, pencil and pens, colors, correctors pens and type..
[CO] Dacroon and microfibers fabrics
[CO] Electronic components
[CO] Fabrics
[CO] Latex gloves
[CO] Office furniture, bedding furniture and ktchen furniture
[CO] Optical frames
[CO] Polyestyrene sheet machine
[CO] Polypropylene fibers and highlights
[CO] Rubber sheet for gasketing
[CO] Scissors
[CO] Steel sheet
[CO] Used clothings& textile garments,used electronice,walking sticks
[CR] Best online sportsbook
[DE] Medical handgloves
[DE] Nail files, needle files
[DE] Playstation memory cards
[DE] Special steel bars
[EG] Airport Lighting Systems
[EG] Citroin C5 Car model 2001/2002
[EG] Copper & brass tubes, brass sheets
[EG] Emulsified Oil
[EG] Fishing tools and equipments..( Urgent )
[EG] Laboratory Disposables and Equipment
[EG] Recovered Crude Oil
[EG] Residual Oil
[EG] Salt plant
[ES] High Visibility Vest (EAN 471)
[ES] Kraftliner and white kraftliner paper
[ES] Wood for Pallet
[GB] All Vehicles
[GB] Nintendo Game Boy Color and Advance
[GR] Forklift spare parts
[GT] Electrical Tape, similar to 3M
[GT] Wire and Cable, Aluminum and Copper Building Wire (THHN, SPT, ACSR, Coaxial)
[HK] 40D 290T nylon taffeta stocks
[HK] Electronic light Stick
[HK] Gift
[HK] Opp jumbo rolls & tapes (water base)
[HK] Plastic parts by extrusion
[HK] Smoke detector
[HR] Consumer goods of various kinds (especially household products etc)
[HR] Laser Diodes
[ID] `Fuel cokes` material
[ID] Crystal in original stone shape
[ID] Stock of knitting fabrics
[IL] LCD monitor
[IL] Mini water pump
[IN] Acetic Acid
[IN] All branded toiletries and cosmetics
[IN] Aluminium scrap
[IN] Anti Static (Non Sparking) Hand Tool Kits both Magnetic / Non Magnetic
[IN] Artificial fur/man made fur
[IN] Cassia whole
[IN] CD-recrdable
[IN] CNC profile slotting machine- 1 no
[IN] CNC spot welding machine complete
[IN] Crankshafts for locomotives-5nos
[IN] Crystal powder
[IN] Drill Point Grinder
[IN] Fresh catalyst for use in Petroleum refinery catalytic cracking unit
[IN] Furuniture
[IN] Hydraulic Jacks of 200T capacity
[IN] Levodopa
[IN] Medium carbon ferro manganese- 610 mt
[IN] New Concept Medical/Surgical Supplies
[IN] Novelty Inovative Toys Gifts Promotional Items.
[IN] Pet hollow flagged bristles
[IN] Portable vcd players
[IN] Sporting Goods
[IN] Sulfasalazine
[IN] Various garment accessories such as zippers, button
[IR] Chassis
[IR] Cosmetics & perfumes
[IR] Earasers in fancy shapes
[IR] Fax Roll,for panasonic and remanufactured cartridge
[IR] Two container of tyres
[IT] Elastic knitwear fabric for clothes
[IT] Shipping/Naval equipment
[JM] 100% spun polyester sewing threads
[JO] Pager System
[JO] Water pumps
[JP] Clinic digital thermometer
[JP] Video tape case and photo album for wedding
[KR] AC Relay for Microwave oven
[KR] Aluminium/Silicon alloy
[KR] Amps tranceiver
[KR] Ashes chest of jade
[KR] Car accessary
[KR] CD for computer & Ink cartridges
[KR] Conveyor, Dip soldering M/C & Lead cutting M/C
[KR] Cosmetics
[KR] E.V.A. foam sole
[KR] Fish bait & fish feed
[KR] Gas Mask for Military and Civil Defence
[KR] Gift item
[KR] Gifts & fancy products
[KR] Insert chain conveyor, Dip Soldering M/C & Lead cutting M/C
[KR] Medium voltage Auto Booster
[KR] Mini TeleTel
[KR] Personnel computer accessories and casings
[KR] Polymer
[KR] PTFE for PTFE thread seal
[KR] Pump spares
[KR] Red hard glass bulb 118
[KR] RUD\`s Non-Skid Chain
[KR] Salt plant
[KR] Scania 113 & Benz Truck Engine
[KR] Stand lamp
[KR] Suspender
[KR] T/C 65/35% blend yarn dyed check fabric
[KR] Tacker, tacker pin
[KR] Tire outside Paint
[KR] Transformer for Zimbabwe
[KR] Used 2,500 ton forging press
[KR] Used carbide insert
[KR] Used metal moulds
[KR] Used Motorola Microtac Tels
[KR] Used Shrink Wrap System
[KR] Used wires & used aluminiums
[KR] Used wooden railway sleeper
[KR] VM003 Vacuum Modulator Valve
[KR] Yanmar diesel engine
[KR] Yarns and Fibers
[KW] Machines
[KW] Oil and Gas Companies
[KW] Textile fabrics stock lot
[LB] Cars, tires, car batteries
[LB] Home appliances
[LB] Natural extract (raw ingredients): vit c, retinol, aloe vera, propolis..
[LB] Offset woodfree papers
[LB] Passive network products; cabinets, patch panels/ cords...
[LB] Photocopiers & mobile tel accessories
[LB] Shoes for ball room dancing.
[LT] Sunflower seeds&soybeans
[LV] Food & Beverages
[LY] Medical equiment & necessities
[LY] Molds for decorative henna designs
[MA] Detergent cleaning products
[MN] Any kind used or new equipments for university
[MN] Used home any kind of appliances
[MX] Brandy Torres 10
[MY] Automotive Electric Mirrors
[MY] Hardware Item
[MY] PVC coating machine
[MY] Reseable double sided tape (hot melt grade) for plastic bag
[MY] Used metal coil slitting machine
[MY] Zinc Ammonium Chloride
[NA] Hardboard, MDF or similiar Door Skins
[NG] Fairly used motorcycles and spare parts
[NG] PVC shopping bags
[NG] Transmission line towers
[NL] ``NOKIA`s` 8210
[NL] Sheetmoulding Compound
[NL] Warehousing
[NP] Catheter
[NZ] Chemicals for food and medication
[NZ] Hot dip galvanised wire
[PK] 1X20 ft FCL 100% Polyester Filament Yarn.30D/IF, Semi Dull Raw White
[PK] Bicycles, motorbikes.
[PK] Continuous casting refractories for steel industries
[PK] Ferro manganese 65%
[PK] Glass
[PK] Head Seat Cutters
[PK] Laboratory chemicals, reagents
[PK] Machinery
[PK] Medical equipments
[PK] N.T. reflector multi quoted eye glass
[PK] Non carbon paper
[PK] Pesta&pizzas wanted supliers
[PK] Pharma raw material &farmulations
[PK] Pharmaceutical and injection farmulations
[PK] Refractory Paste
[PK] Rigid pvc films for blaster packing/stamping foil
[PK] Russian steel mill
[PK] Veterinary and Poultry Medicines. Pharmaceutical, Pharma relate
[PL] Diodes, resistors, transistors, light bulbs
[PL] Machines for producing shutters
[RO] 30,000 m. rope lights imitating Christmas branch
[RO] Cold Rolled Steel
[RO] Cooper
[RO] New or second hand milling and grinding machine for screw compressor
[RU] Plastic furniture for supermarkets
[RU] Pure lead (mow-01/232)
[RU] Welding equipment
[SA] Glass beads
[SA] Perfumes
[SA] Toothbrushes
[SG] LPG tanker
[SI] Golf ball
[TH] IC`s to buy:SAF-C505CA-4EM
[TH] New promotion wear
[TH] Pigments for Ink and Plastic applications
[TH] Reamers
[TN] Stainless steel blades for making scissors
[TR] ABS and HIPS scrap,regrind,pellet or Prime Virgin
[TR] All products
[TR] Chemical,aliminium sheets
[TR] Dried Apricots
[TR] Faces of hen Treatment system
[TR] Glass mosaic machine
[TR] Medical and surg?cal products
[TR] Multiheads embroidery machine
[TR] Photo paper and film
[TR] Polyster
[TR] Porcelain bulb socket
[TR] Portland Cement
[TR] PVC and alem?n?um produc?ng mach?nes
[TR] Urea 46-DAP
[TR] Viscose yarn and cloth
[TR] Wet wipes packing machines
[TW] Die-casted housing for floodlights
[TW] Frozen Peas
[TW] Jewelry ` white metal `
[TW] Resin for adhesive
[TZ] Metals, minerals
[UA] Medical stuff, mefical& analitical equipment
[UG] AIDS-Tb drugs
[UG] Medical Equipment and Generators
[UK] Computer hardware
[US] 8-10 Oz.denim shirt stock lot.
[US] Belt sander
[US] Coffee cups, pitcher, coffee pot body
[US] Conveyor Belts
[US] Cotton T-shirt
[US] Denim Jeans for Children
[US] Foam Processing Trays
[US] Hand blown glass globes
[US] High Voltage Fuse for Microwave oven
[US] Human hair and synthetic hair products
[US] Irradiation Devices
[US] Irradiation Systems
[US] Nido Nestles Milk Powder
[US] Nylon Zippers &Assessories
[US] Outerwear Lace for Dress Apparel
[US] Papier mache animal
[US] Plastic tubing
[US] Seamless pipes
[US] Security screening
[US] Sulfur
[US] Used computers p233-300mmx
[UY] Gas boilers,and all type of elements and accesories related with this industry.
[UY] Keychains, pens, pencils and markers, stationery, wrist watches, lighters, ties,
[UY] Knitting machines and textile linking machinery
[UY] Professionals steam irons for textile industry, laundry, etc
[VN] Aliminium sealing liner for oil botlle cap
[VN] Designing of power transformer
[VN] Electric cable
[VN] Hydrofoil
[VN] Medical equipment
[VN] Paper for labels and stickers
[VN] Phenyl Thiouracin
[YU] Steel rain forcement for concrete
[ZA] Blankets
[ZA] Electrical Mosquito Coils


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