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18-10-2001 to 25-10-2001

[AE] Electromotor manufacturing machinery
[AE] Metal sheet piles
[AE] PP Sheets to manufacture Cement/Grout Bags
[AE] PVC Sheets
[AR] Grafic arts materials
[AR] Swim wear
[AT] Fatty Acid (Coconut)
[AT] PC Monitors
[AT] Rape seeds
[AT] Telephone surveillance system
[AU] Air Conditioners
[AU] BOTOX or Botulinum Toxin, Medical products
[AU] Shipping Container Castings
[AU] Tea Towel (100% Cotton)
[BA] Medical equipment
[BD] 70,000 MT Urea
[BD] Aluminum can making machine & potato chips making plant
[BD] Cotton Us origin only 1-1/8` staple length.
[BD] PP, HDPE, LDPE & LLDPE for Bangladesh
[BD] Soda Ash light
[BD] Used/recondition ?§heidelberg cord?? printing press
[BD] Video Mobile Phone
[BE] Velvet fabric
[BF] Gold dust and gold bullion bars
[BG] Insulations from micanite
[BG] Latex and rubber as raw materials
[BG] Machines for plastic cups manufacturing
[BG] Multimedia items
[BG] Paper cups, paper bags, glueing machines
[BG] Security systems
[BG] Stainless steel
[BJ] Computers & periherals
[BJ] Gsm mobile phones, computers, pharmaceutical formulations, dvd/vcd players and cosmetics/perfumes
[BJ] Medicines,animal feeds,clothings,tyres,health products
[BJ] Rice, medicines, fertilizer and animal feeds
[BR] Metering pumps, Centrifugal sanitary pumps, Magnetic pumps
[BR] Paraffin to make candle
[BR] Resin of Polystyrene
[BR] Surgical suture needles
[BR] Wood Imitation for MDF, PVC and Polystyrene
[BY] Components, Equipment for Electric Lamp
[CA] Animal Products
[CA] Art , Painting
[CA] Cloth tape
[CA] Nylon recoil hose
[CA] Nylon Thread
[CH] Snowbody skin-lightening cream made in Switzerland
[CH] Timbers, logs
[CL] Blowing injection moulds
[CL] Punching machines
[CM] Wax garments soaps and cosmetices
[CN] Accompanying teacup
[CN] All kinds of rubber
[CN] Caps or hat
[CN] Carbon black n-330
[CN] Chamomile
[CN] Cotton mops and ringer
[CN] Electric toothbrush, Massage pen
[CN] Ferrou titanium
[CN] Food and agricultural products
[CN] Fur Scrap
[CN] Garments
[CN] High carbon steel spring wire
[CN] Inside painting snuff bottle
[CN] Lanyard for ID holder or cellphone
[CN] Magnet
[CN] Medical treatment instrument and reagent
[CN] Motor
[CN] Motor
[CN] Ortho-xylene
[CN] Para - Oxydiphenylamine
[CN] Polyester yarn 100%
[CN] Potassium chloride
[CN] Printed &dyed fabrics
[CN] PVC(polyvinlychloride) oltvil dry
[CN] Red chilli color
[CN] Roller tube brush,paint brush,coating brush,emulsoid paint brush
[CN] Rosemay
[CN] Tabernacle, edquilt, Plastic tabernacle, Cotton cloth,etc
[CN] Telephone
[CN] Valve-Controlled Sealed Lead-acid Batteries
[CN] Valves
[CN] Wood slice
[CO] Oil, fuel and air filters for vehicles.
[CO] Polyethylene, pvc and bioriented polypropylene film, synthetic fabrics, padding, bandages and adhesive bandages
[CU] Polyethylene bags
[CZ] Nilon coated wire
[DE] Electric motors and handicraft machines ids-code 2406
[DE] Equipment and Spare parts for slot-machines, electronic components
[DE] Equipment for office chairs
[DE] Imitation jewellery (Svarovsky stones)
[DE] Multimedia articles, gifts, notebook holder
[DE] Screws
[DE] Silicon steel
[DE] Stainless steel
[DE] Tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol
[DK] Industrial Robots
[DK] Organic Skin Care Products
[DK] RFID readers
[DO] Hands Phone, Cellular and Accesories
[DO] Nipples
[EE] INTEL IV CPU`s1,4-1,7 GHz and RDRAM memory
[EG] Batteries for Medical Equipments
[EG] Digital Volt-meters
[EG] Excavators
[EG] Fisihg tools equipments...and accessories..
[EG] Hard disk drive
[EG] Promotional and stationery products
[EG] Steel Pipes and Sheets
[EG] Texturing and Polypropylene Used Machines
[EG] Used Feed Production Line
[EG] Water Treatment
[ES] Galvanized steel coils
[ET] Rubber machinary and acessaries
[ET] Safty match
[FR] Electronic cables
[FR] Small historical figurines in pewter or/and resin (tin soldiers)
[FR] WTB Tools
[GB] Ferrle.ore
[GB] Fleece and Vellux Blankets
[GB] GSM Mobile phones
[GB] Telephone headsets & accessories
[GT] Electrical Tape, similar to 3M
[GT] Wire and Cable, Aluminum and Copper Building Wire (THHN, SPT, ACSR, Coaxial)
[HK] 8X40` containers 100% carded cotton 40x40 96x96 54`` gre
[HK] Adult Toys (4 Containers each Order)
[HK] Atactic polypropylene (app)
[HK] Car gps systems
[HK] Electronic Signal-light waving Stick
[HK] Lube Bass Oil SN500/HV1160
[HK] PVC/vinyl table cloth sheets
[HK] Sewing thread and fabric for hook & eye tapa
[HR] Children`s clothing
[HR] Leather products
[HR] Martial art suits
[HR] Paper machine
[HU] Gardening tools
[HU] Photocopier
[HU] Taps
[ID] Alumunium extrusion
[ID] Badge A Minit pin/button maker machine compatible
[ID] Bitumen Feed Stock or Bitumen Grade 60/70
[ID] Crystal in original stone shape
[ID] Polyester net
[ID] Secondhand heidelberg speedmaster
[ID] Used Mitsubishi Trucks
[IL] 2-way radios
[IL] Aluminum portable banner display
[IL] Auto Faucet with battery
[IL] LCD monitor
[IN] 2nd hand carpet weaving and finishing machines
[IN] Acrylic,psf and yarns wanted for italy market
[IN] Aluminium Extrusion Scrap
[IN] Builder hardware - Door & window fittings
[IN] Cedar Pine or Spruce Wood Sleepers/Veneers
[IN] Curtain fabrics-100% polyester jacquard/voil
[IN] Fibres and yarn
[IN] Flavours & binders
[IN] Glass Bottles for Pharmaceutical Use
[IN] Hardware and Software on board Vessel, deployed for Marine seismic Operations in the offshore areas
[IN] Health & hygine products
[IN] Hot & Cold Wet Towel dispensers required for India
[IN] Itoh make Paper Cutting Machine
[IN] Microwave absorbers
[IN] New Concept Medical/Surgicals
[IN] Novelty inovative toys gifts promotional items.
[IN] Panasonic 12 Volt 7.2 AH, Lead Acid SMF Battery
[IN] Pharmaceuticals
[IN] Rails and hms 1&2
[IN] Regular purchase of tungsten metal
[IN] Sand Control Through Gravel pack in Oil Fields- on rent
[IN] Stocklot of branded garments.
[IN] Stocklot of garments & fabrics.
[IN] Stocklot or surplus of 14.5 oz. denim fabric.
[IN] Stocklots of branded garments.
[IN] Textile raw materials.
[IN] Two for one twister
[IN] Umbrellas
[IN] Wedge Base Bulbs
[IN] Wireless Walkie Talkie sets
[IN] Zippers, buttons, pocketing fabrics, etc.
[IR] Amplifier
[IR] Cosmetic and hygienic products
[IR] Earasers
[IR] Fax Machines
[IR] Formic acid
[IR] Full line hydrophile cotton swabs Machineries
[IR] Potassium permanganate
[IR] Switch mode power supplies
[IR] Tires 155/65 R13
[IR] Washing mashin
[IT] 4 and 6` NEMA stainless steel submersible body pumps
[IT] Body piercing
[IT] Garments stocklots
[IT] Nickel metalhidrate batteries
[IT] Polypropylene raffia
[IT] Pumps
[IT] Stainless steel pumps manufacturers wanted
[IT] Stainless steel submersible Drain multicellulars water pumps manufacturers
[IT] Used Machines for Textile, Mattress, Springs
[JO] 100% spun polyester sewing threads
[JO] Adhesive glue
[JO] Alominia bricks
[JO] Denomination / diod (147-1137-8) for furnaces induction
[JO] Mapo
[JO] Medical raw materials & lab disposables
[JO] Nokia mobiles
[JO] Oil Pumps
[JO] Paper Sacks for cement
[JO] Plexi glass
[JP] Cap
[JP] Clinic digital thermometer
[JP] Communications Satellite Tuners
[KE] Unninterruptible power supply units.
[KR] 10 socks knitting machine
[KR] 2nd-hand machine
[KR] All kinds of gift item
[KR] Anti-radiation for cell phone, computer, TV
[KR] Ash tree
[KR] Ash tree(wood not board, pannel)
[KR] Bag
[KR] Battery hydrometer
[KR] Blank computer CD-R
[KR] Blueberry and Cranberry powder.
[KR] Car interior vacuum cleaning machine
[KR] Ceramic tableware, heat-resistant glass
[KR] Chop stick
[KR] Confectionery, candy, biscuit, gum, chocolate, jelly
[KR] Diaper
[KR] Disposable Working Dress (Made of non-woven fabric)
[KR] Electrolytic tinplate waste/waste
[KR] Fabric for Men,s pants.
[KR] Fabrics
[KR] Fresh ginger(thin body)!
[KR] Friction and Sealing Products
[KR] GA-7DX (ver.4.0) Motherboard
[KR] Gas mask
[KR] Gift item
[KR] Glass and plastic kitchenware
[KR] Gypsum board
[KR] Handcraft, pottery, painting and so on
[KR] HARD Disk drives
[KR] Hastelloy gate valve
[KR] HDPE Compounds
[KR] HDPE recycled scrape & palletized
[KR] Hoses
[KR] HP Original / New inkjet cartridges
[KR] Hydraulic operated power take off(PTO) For Marine
[KR] Key Chain
[KR] Kitchen legs
[KR] Kitchen products
[KR] Kitchen wares and untencils
[KR] Lab/labs
[KR] LCD panel and multi tap (concent)
[KR] Lead concentrate
[KR] Low alcohol beer (under the 1% of alcohol)
[KR] MS connector
[KR] Name Branded Women`s bag
[KR] Paper for drawing book
[KR] Parts for golf shoes
[KR] PET film
[KR] Pharmaceuticals
[KR] Plastic bathroom products
[KR] Plastic resins and chemical products
[KR] Polymer
[KR] Portable HIV supplier
[KR] Promotional Iced Tea Spoons
[KR] PTFE rod
[KR] Scania 113 & Benz Truck Engine
[KR] Sesame toys
[KR] Skate (frozen) from chile
[KR] Sodium lauryl sulfate
[KR] Synthetic diamonds
[KR] Tacker, tacker pin
[KR] Talc
[KR] Teaching items
[KR] The new product for Christmas season
[KR] Used cellular phones for Nokia and Ericsson
[KR] Used Cummins Marine Engine
[KR] Used Shrink Wrap System
[KR] Used shrink wrapping machine
[KR] Wedding Album
[KR] Wire rope clip
[KR] Woolen, viscose, pashminas shawls, sacrves, hand bags, stole
[KW] Contracting Companies For Major Projects in Oil
[KW] Plastic Pipes and Fitthings
[LB] 20 showcases of refrigerators
[LB] Automotive batteries and tires for cars & trucks
[LB] Fire fighting trucks
[LB] Full line factory for natural herbs
[LB] Industrial knitting machinery needles
[LB] Spare parts for caterpillar engines/ trucks/ construction m/c
[LK] Positive films
[LK] Sewing Thread
[MA] Ginseng powder
[MM] Pc Computer
[MN] Any kind of traditional medical products and equipments
[MN] Dental clinic all of related used or new equipments and other medical
[MN] Digital camera for used or new brand
[MN] Electricric and electronics products for any kind
[MN] Toys
[MN] Used clothes and shoes and home appliances
[MN] Used construction equipments for any kind
[MN] Used home any kind of appliances
[MN] Used or new brand electric & electronics products
[MN] Used or new brand sport complex related equipments
[MT] a4 paper 80 gsm 95% bright
[MX] Brandy Torres 10
[MY] Automatic Pipe clamps
[MY] Automotive Electric Mirrors
[MY] Automotive Item
[MY] Econo Floss Stainless Steel Cotton Candy MAchine, Snow Cone Machine
[MY] Graphic Arts Films and PS Plates
[MY] Squeegee
[NG] Chemicals(solvent)
[NG] Computer Parts, Sewing Machine Parts, Needles, Kerosine Stoves, etc
[NG] Doors locks
[NG] Foundry & mettallurgical; laboratory & scientific equipmet
[NG] GSM hand sets & accessories
[NG] Laboratory equipment
[NG] Machinery for plastic & petrochemicals
[NG] Packgaging Materials for Shirts(UNISEX)
[NG] PET granules
[NG] Pharmaceuticals & general chemicals
[NG] Plastic carpets(pvc)
[NG] Poly/nylon ropes making machine
[NG] Preservatives for vegetable; plant disease control & amusement park equipment
[NG] Steel plates(m/s)-deformed iron rod
[NG] Textiles & food items
[NG] Used computer accessories & periherals
[NG] Writing board and adhesive tapes
[NL] Alcoholtester
[NL] Anthrax
[NP] Chemicals
[NP] Magic seal/ zipper seal polythene bag making machinery
[NZ] Antrax test kits
[NZ] Forklift parts and attachments
[NZ] Polythene liners for shipping containers
[PE] Emergency Lights
[PH] Burner & Geared Motor
[PH] FRP pipes
[PH] Portland cement
[PH] PVC Pipes
[PK] 100% Cotton VAT Printed Fabric
[PK] A.C. slip ring motors
[PK] Attention mink blanket manufacturer and traders
[PK] Automatic Match Making Machines
[PK] Butterfly valves
[PK] Calcium lignosulphonate
[PK] Cellulose fiber
[PK] Chemical standards for steel industry
[PK] Computer Peripherals
[PK] Fabrics of stocklot/leftover
[PK] Ferro silicon
[PK] Forging of traction gear (60 teeth)
[PK] Glitter
[PK] Grinding wheels, abrasives.
[PK] Hydraulic/penumatic valves, sealing kits gear pumps, piston pumps, hyd
[PK] Inuction motors
[PK] Load cell
[PK] Looms for Woven Labels for Knitwear and other Products
[PK] Magnetic particle testing equipment
[PK] Men shirts
[PK] Packaging Machines fro Pharmaceutical
[PK] Packing Material and Hosiery Knitting Machinery
[PK] Plate 2
[PK] Refractory bricks and blocks
[PK] Slag Alloy
[PK] Spark Plug, Brake Shoes, Brake Pads
[PK] Steel cord conveyor belt
[PK] Steel plate
[PK] Sulphite cellulose
[PK] Textile fabrics
[PK] Tinplate
[PK] Top sow block for air hammer.
[PK] Valve, pipes and pipe fittings
[PL] Bathroom and kitchen accessories
[PL] Chipcards
[PL] Machines
[PL] Machines for producing toilet paper
[RO] Arc-cutting electrodes
[RO] PCB, electric components, equipments
[RU] Boron 99,5%
[RU] Containers
[RU] Cylindrical quartz resanators (mow-01/279)
[RU] Earth drilling machine (tower)
[RU] Electric motors for fans being used in house ventilation system
[RU] Electrical high (medium) voltage equipment (mow-01/264)
[RU] Instant noodle (ramyon) & mayonnaise
[RU] OIL drilling rig (tower)
[RU] Pail
[RU] Pate
[RU] PUMPS and other equipment for freon
[RU] TV sets
[RU] TV sets and gsm phones from manufacturers
[SA] B.O.P.P. machine
[SA] Color pigments for cement, pavement board block
[SA] Enquiry for glass beads
[SA] Furniture manufacturing machinery
[SA] Probe cover for thermometers
[SG] All kind of Bearings & Roller Bearings, Oil Seal,etc
[SG] Balloon
[SG] Electricity energy saving products
[SG] Electronic kit
[SG] Scrap Latex Examination and Surgical Gloves
[SY] Latex balloons
[TH] Carbon Black (HI BLACK 10)
[TH] Cellophane film (PT300/MSAT300)
[TH] Garment Accessories for T-shirt
[TR] 60gr. and 55gr. PAPER
[TR] Autocopy paper
[TR] Brother sewing machine
[TR] CD cases and diskette cases
[TR] CD-R and diskette
[TR] Cell phones
[TR] Clothes for winter
[TR] Concrete Batching Plant
[TR] Glass lens blanks
[TR] GSM mobil phone
[TR] Laserdraw system machines
[TR] Low quality raw cotton & cotton waste
[TR] Machinery for wooden ice-cream sticks
[TR] Mirror
[TR] Mobile phone
[TR] Petrocoke
[TR] Printer cartridge
[TR] Promotional Products, Gift Items
[TR] PVC sheets & foam boards
[TR] Sewing machine`s needle
[TR] Speaker
[TR] Sun flower oil
[TR] Universal hardness testers
[TR] Various components
[TR] Viscose yarns
[TR] Wet wipes packing machine
[TW] Beach Umbrellas
[TW] Copper ship propeller scrap
[TW] Dies for manufacturing Guns
[TW] Disposable camera
[TW] Electric Mini Scooters
[TW] Fly traps
[TW] Furniture
[TW] Night light
[TW] Plastic agriculture pe film
[TW] Polymar item
[TW] Summer & Beach or Outdoor Items
[TW] Swarf Conveyor
[TW] Synchronous Motor
[TW] Used hdd 1-4gb from ASIA
[TW] Wire o spiralmachinery
[UA] Car radio
[UA] Packing equipment and material
[UK] Badges, ties, scarves, heraldic shields, belts&bags, etc.
[UK] Computers, satellite tv receivers, small electircal kitchen appliaces
[UK] Cycle safety flashing light, worn by rider
[UK] Electric gopeds
[UK] Electric hand dryer
[UK] Electrical items.
[UK] Fuel injection pump
[UK] GSM Mobile phones
[UK] High quality plastic cutlery
[UK] Laces
[UK] Linear motion products
[UK] Lithium batteries
[UK] Military type jeeps
[UK] Photographic equipment and accessories
[UK] Recordable greeting cards
[UK] Sewing machines
[UK] Supplier
[UK] The metal hairgrips and pins
[US] Abrasive Paper
[US] Aluminum circles
[US] Anthrax Test Kits
[US] Autoparts
[US] Bags and shoes
[US] Biotin, pahrmaceutical supplies and feed additives
[US] Blow Molded Protecitive Case
[US] Brass & aluminium machined parts
[US] Copper circles
[US] Copper tube
[US] Custom Sew, Cotton Sock, footie Style
[US] Dairy Products
[US] Diapers
[US] Drawlatch suppliers
[US] Electronic parts
[US] Energy saver and reqular light bulbs
[US] Equipments for Diamond exploration
[US] Excess supplies in stock
[US] Fiasco Bottles
[US] Fiber optic (cats eye) beads and semi-precious gemstone beads
[US] Flat Screen (LVD) Monitors
[US] From China,containers of tarpaulin,textiles.
[US] Gift items
[US] Giftware
[US] Gold Bullion
[US] Lighting products
[US] Man`s Denim Shirt
[US] Medical supplies
[US] Metals, minerals
[US] Mill Rolls for Steel Mills
[US] Nitrile
[US] Non-Dairy Creamer
[US] Petri Dishes
[US] Plastic Bottles-Containers for Cosmetics
[US] Plastic or rubber plate
[US] Polystyrene
[US] Power Tools
[US] Radio Alarm Clock
[US] Rope twine 1/4` 50` mini coil 2x 40` containers pm
[US] Ropes and webbing
[US] Rotary lime kiln
[US] Router bit sets
[US] Salvage
[US] Satelitte DirecTV or Dish Network
[US] Sockets
[US] Sport Court Equipment
[US] Steel products
[US] Tarpaulin,pvc coated fabrics,vinyls,texttiles,fabrics
[US] Timers
[US] T-Shirts, Sweaters, and Jackets in bulk ASPA
[US] White Copy Paper
[US] Window film
[US] Wire mesh
[UY] All kind o security products
[UY] Electric hand tools for o.e.m. production
[UY] Furnitures
[UY] Optical frames and glasses lens
[UY] Tires crushers machinery for apply in recycle use
[VN] Air Seperation Plant/ Unit
[VN] CCTV, observation cameras, alrming systems
[VN] Cellophane Membrane
[VN] Environmental Equipment
[VN] High quality for elastic cloth made of polyester, nylon, cotton
[VN] Machine of ink filling pump of Gelpen
[VN] Machines for making ceramic products
[VN] Medical & lab equipment & devices
[VN] Photocopy paper and Fax paper
[VN] Plastic Bathroom Accessories
[VN] Pressure Regulator
[VN] Scrap metals
[VN] Second-hand trucks, buses and heavy equipment
[VN] Spandex fabrics for making ladies\` underwear
[VN] Steel Scrap Suppliers
[YE] Fish,sugar,riz,
[YE] Ink , hp, epson, toner
[YU] Pistachios, hazelnuts, peanuts, dates, figs, sugar, rice, etc
[YU] Various Medical Consumables
[YU] Various Medicines in ampules
[ZA] Haloperidol DecanoateI
[ZA] Wooden Photo Frames

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