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12-10-2001 to 17-10-2001

[AE] Conecting rod and bearing of motorcycles.
[AE] Stainless steel pipes
[AE] Steel Nails
[AE] Washer 10, 12, 16, 20, 24
[AE] Zinc Ash.
[AR] Ricoh 6655 Copiers and Toner
[AT] Rice seedlings plantation machine
[AU] Butter
[AU] Industrial Diesel Engine
[AU] Printed Circuit Boards
[AU] Rubber and PVC Coated Fabrics
[BD] Auto vanishing pen
[BD] Coated Duplex Board
[BD] Cultured Pearl
[BD] Machinery and Equipments for Preparing Resin Emulsion
[BE] Bulletproof vests
[BE] Parasols
[BE] Satellite receiver
[BE] Suede fabric
[BG] Electronic components
[BG] Equipments for hydro-sistems, hotel equipments
[BG] Plastic disposable cups
[BG] Semiconductors
[BG] Transformators for energetics
[BR] Chemicals
[BR] Colouring for Laboratory and Biological Procedures
[BR] Cooling Fan for PC
[BR] Liquid Resin - Photopolymer for the Professional Stamp Manufacturer 50 Shore
[BR] Machines that manufacture CDs
[BR] Plastic for Lamination of documents
[BR] Sewing Machine
[BY] Different products
[BY] Used monitors
[CA] Cloth tape
[CA] Low Cost Rubber Belting
[CA] Sack kraft paper for making cement bag
[CA] Sub woofers
[CA] Sub woofers
[CH] All kind of tools......
[CH] Lamp
[CL] Chemicals
[CL] Combination locks
[CL] Machinery
[CL] Public phones
[CL] Sinthetic paper
[CN] Ceramic cups, dolls, other ceramic goods
[CN] Chamomile
[CN] Chromic acid, Boric acid,Nickel chloride,sulfamate,sulfate, enthone OMI Anker1127/3
[CN] Circuit breakers
[CN] Coke,brown fuse alumina,kaolin
[CN] Electrical,plastic
[CN] Granite Thin Tiles
[CN] Kite
[CN] Lantern emergency battery ups
[CN] Maleic Anhydride
[CN] Mini-refrigeratory to use in car
[CN] Naphthalene
[CN] P-Phthalid acid
[CN] Silicon metal, silicon
[CN] Thiophene
[CN] Thiophene
[CN] Underwear
[CO] Aluminium foil cutter machine
[CO] Blankets
[CO] Electronic roulet
[CO] Garment bags, boutique bags, plastic bags sealer machines, hdpe and ldpe polyethylene.
[CO] Lineal actuators (buses)
[CO] Sound amplifiers and parts
[CO] Spare parts for vehicles
[CO] Wire (music, phospore-bronze, stainless, hard draw and chrome- silicom)
[CR] Offices supplies
[DE] GSM Phones
[DE] Mobile phones nokia 8850,6210,8210,8310
[DK] Coffee mill
[DO] Celular
[DO] Electric Tools
[EG] Calcium oxide machinary
[EG] Compact Disks
[EG] Dicalcum phosphate
[EG] Galvanized Steel Pipes and Water Pumps
[EG] Inner Tube for Bicycle Tyres
[EG] Machines for Metal Manufacturing
[EG] Medical Equipment and Requisities
[EG] Pipes, Tubes, Fitting and Chemicals
[EG] Seagate HDD
[EG] Sponge and Abrasives
[EG] Steel Mills
[EG] Synthetic rubber
[EG] Syringe Production Lines
[EG] Used cars
[EG] Used Texturing Machines
[EG] Yarn
[ES] Caned fruit,olive oil,olives in can,pates,beer,sunflower oil,wine
[ES] Galvanized steel coils
[ES] Monosodium Glutamate
[ES] Papeleria
[FR] Used Offset Printing Equipment, Graphics
[GB] 12,000 Eva Mats
[GB] ACTERNA measuring instruments
[GB] Chocolate syrup and perfume
[GB] Dive gear
[GB] Plain White espresso cup & Saucer
[GH] Designer clothings
[GR] Athletic shoes
[GR] Oval type bulkhead lihghts
[HK] Gift
[HK] Laminated Adhesive for Printed Matter
[HK] Plastic scraps - PC, Acrylic, POM
[HK] Sewing thread and fabric for hook & eye tapa
[HK] Tea Towel (100% Cotton)
[HK] Xenon light
[ID] Camera or digital camera
[ID] Catalytic converter
[ID] Computer Casing
[ID] Large qty vcd player portable type.
[ID] Motor oil & car care product
[ID] Plastic container for suppository shells
[ID] PVC product
[ID] Steel
[ID] Used cellular phone
[IL] Air-Condition COMPRESSORS
[IL] Auto Faucet with battery
[IL] Garden light
[IL] Gazebo kit
[IL] Roll screen portable
[IN] 10 socks knitting machine
[IN] 11 KV CT PT Sets (4500 Nos)
[IN] Aluminium Scrap
[IN] Automatic paper bag manufacturing machinery
[IN] Auxiliary Transformers For Power House
[IN] Beauty, health & medical, household items and gilfts & toys
[IN] CNC Electron Beam welding machine
[IN] Compact Energy Saving Lamps
[IN] Conductor Package and Insulator Package for 400 kV D/C Transmission Line
[IN] Diamond cutting wheels
[IN] Glass hydrometers, thermomrters
[IN] Heat transfer printing paper
[IN] Low Maintenance Lead Acid Battery 8 V/500 AH Specn
[IN] Minerals & Metals
[IN] Mobile phone
[IN] New Concept Medical/Surgicals
[IN] Pick and place machine (SMT facility)
[IN] Plywood MDF gypsumboard chipboard
[IN] Poplar Face Veneer
[IN] Pulses, Agri commodities
[IN] Second hand cement equipment
[IN] Short range Wireless Walkie Talkie pairs
[IN] Silicon rubber tape htv
[IN] Video conferencing network (Videonet)
[IN] Vitrified floor tiles
[IN] Walkie talkie sets
[IR] Alkyl betaine
[IR] Brush making machine
[IR] Forklift spare parts
[IR] Motor
[IR] OPP (Transparent and Metallized)
[IR] Phtalic anhydride and Styrene Monomer
[IR] Pocket knives
[IR] Top surgery needle and more .......
[IR] Wire Mesh
[IR] Yeast plant
[IT] Articles
[IT] Electronic drives for motors
[IT] Electronic parts
[IT] Mobile phones / Sony Playstation / Digital sat receivers
[IT] Stainless steel submersible body pumps WANTED
[JO] Baby diaper & sanitary pads mfg m/c
[JO] Denomination / diod (147-1137-8) for furnaces induction
[JO] Hot-dipped galvanized steel coils
[JO] Kerosene heater
[JO] Medical raw materials & lab disposables
[JO] Nitrile rubber (nbr)
[JO] Plexi glass
[JO] PVC pipes and valves
[JO] PVC woven sheets & water proof sheet
[JO] Rectification units
[JO] Truck mounted aerial lift
[JO] Valves
[JP] Pipe,Plate,Flange,Bolt,Nut,Forging
[KE] Unninterruptible power supply units.
[KR] 7` TFT LCD Color Panel or Video Monitor
[KR] Activated Carbon
[KR] Air bed and air pillow
[KR] Air tacker(stapler)
[KR] All kinds of adult goods
[KR] Antibiotic
[KR] Automotor toy
[KR] Box chain
[KR] Car AV System
[KR] Cellular Phone Accessories
[KR] Ceramic ware
[KR] Chemicals
[KR] Chocolate syrup and perfume
[KR] Christmas Gifts and Santa Claus
[KR] Compound Fertilizer
[KR] Computer
[KR] Computer peripherals
[KR] Cotton Waste(Without Seed)
[KR] Craft
[KR] Distributing laboratories and medical equipments.
[KR] Electromotor manufacturing machinery
[KR] EPS Form sheet manufacturing extruder
[KR] Feed addictives
[KR] Ferromanganese-Silicon
[KR] Fresh ginger
[KR] Fused Magnesite
[KR] Gift item
[KR] Hands Free Car Kit (Universal Type)
[KR] Hershey`s chocolate syrup
[KR] Horse Riding Boots,Helmet,Vest,Goods & ETC
[KR] Household Sewing M/C
[KR] Johnston 600k spare parts
[KR] Kitchenware, Pans, from Italy
[KR] Lignin Sulfonate
[KR] Motorola IC MDC1000A
[KR] Nike, Adidas And Other Brand
[KR] Note book
[KR] Nursery Monitor
[KR] Oak charcoal
[KR] Plastic Package for nose fresh in lipstick size
[KR] Polymer
[KR] Portable fish finder
[KR] Promotional Iced Tea Spoons
[KR] Rain coat
[KR] Rectangular inexpensive magnet (2` X 3`) with 2 to 3 colors
[KR] Required 6,7,8 digits numbering machine.
[KR] Salted Small Shrimps
[KR] Snowboard
[KR] Socks
[KR] Spare part johnston 600k sweeper truck
[KR] Stock shoe of all kind of shoe
[KR] Synethic leather for shoes
[KR] Textile machines
[KR] TFT-LCD (5.8`) for Car TV
[KR] Transistor (TR)
[KR] Used Clothes Buying(mixed bale)
[KR] Used Computer Monitors and Parts
[KR] Used one-stage stretch blow molding machine
[KR] Used spinning machine line
[KR] Wate Aluminum Can for Recycling
[KR] White Coat for Doctor
[KR] Wood free paper
[KW] Leather boots
[KW] Pipe cutting Machine
[LB] Banner/ flex material (wide format digital printing)
[LB] Gantry cranes, RTG, reach stacker, trailer...
[LB] Hydraulic hoses, pumps, o-rings, seals.
[LB] OPTICAL: lenses, frames, sunglasses, accessories...
[LB] Packaging machines & materials.
[LB] Polyethylene granules: high/ linear low/ low density polyethylene.
[LB] Stainless steel: bars(flat, round, square), laminated steel sheets.
[LB] Upholstery leather (artificial and genuine)
[LK] Generators / Garbage Disposable M/C and supply of Cement
[LK] Heavy Industrial Tyres
[LK] Military Uniform Material, Shoes, POuches etc.
[LK] Moulds for solid tyre manufacture
[LK] Out - Board Motors
[LK] Shutter Slats
[LK] Teslin Synthetic Printing Sheets / Laminating Sheets
[LY] Machinery,equipment, special vehicles & others.
[MK] Electronical instruments
[MM] Pc Computer
[MN] Any kind of traditional medical products and equipments
[MN] Sport center complex related used or new equipments
[MN] Sports & leisure goods
[MN] Used computers and monitors and medical equipments
[MN] Used or new brand sewing small and medium factory equipments
[MN] Used or new kitchenware & any kind kitchen room products
[MY] Automotive Item
[MY] Magnetic cards readers
[MY] Retort Pouch
[NG] Acrylic Hardner ( Chemical).
[NG] Electronics And Motor Cycle etc.
[NG] Floor and wall tiles
[NG] New seamless steel pipes
[NL] Cellular phone accessories
[NL] Kitchenware
[NL] Ladies under Garments
[NZ] Ballet shoes
[NZ] Brass Tube
[NZ] Good quality Korean pottery and ceramics
[NZ] Hardboard, MDF or similiar Door Skins
[NZ] Medical gypsum cast
[NZ] Plated wire Fish shape Grill
[NZ] Sony Tape
[NZ] Surgical instrument
[NZ] Truck Tires
[PH] Disposable ball pens
[PH] Language translator/ headphone
[PK] Blankets and relief tents
[PK] Computer Accessories
[PK] Consumer electronic products
[PK] Disel engines fr.china
[PK] Embrodiery machinery / multi head
[PK] Extrusion Machines
[PK] Feed grade Minerals,Vitamins& Medicines
[PK] Ferro alloys
[PK] Hardenss tester
[PK] Homeo pathic, allu pathic…
[PK] Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings
[PK] Pipe seamless (square)
[PK] Rice Process Plant
[PK] Satin & Nylon Taffeta Roll and Ribbons Reel
[PK] Scrap Telephone exchanges,petrol pumps,alternators starters
[PK] Shot Blast Machine
[PK] Silica bricks
[PK] Spares ans Asccessories (Rubbur Cots, Apron, Wax
[PK] Steel cord conveyor belt
[PK] Steel sheets
[PK] Steel suppliers
[PK] Textiles and high cuality cloth
[PK] Thermocouples
[PK] Thyristors
[PK] Tiles (fused cast basalt)
[PL] Power Electronics Equipment
[RO] Genuine and artificail leather for furniture
[RO] Prosthesis
[RU] Agricultural Machinery
[RU] Agricultural Tools
[RU] Car rediators
[RU] Electric motors for fans being used in house ventilation system
[RU] Flower packaging
[RU] GSM phones with good prices
[RU] Instant noodle (ramyon) & mayonnaise
[RU] Labeling machine
[RU] LINE for sawing stockings
[RU] Office chairs
[RU] Optical Instruments
[RU] Paints
[RU] Re-conditioned engines for cars & commercial vehicles
[RU] Sandwich panel
[RU] Second-hand off-road car
[RU] Woodworking equipment
[SA] Automative filters
[SA] B.O.P.P. machine
[SA] Communications
[SA] Electric Steam press MAchines
[SA] Perfume bottles
[SA] Vending machines
[SE] Hair accessories
[SE] Imitation jewellary
[SG] Gillette Mach 3 / Excel /Sensor And Other Items.
[SG] Heineken lager beer can/bottle 33cl
[SG] Kodak Colour Film
[SG] Original Coffee Bean and Instant Coffee Powder
[SG] PET Film on rolls, transparent clear
[SG] Scrap Latex Examination Gloves
[SI] Calibration and metrology
[TH] Basic chemical
[TH] Nike, Adidas sportshoes
[TH] Nonyl phenol 9
[TH] Plastic reisn
[TH] Textile chemical and auxilary
[TH] Water Purifier
[TR] ABS and HIPS scrap,regrind,pellet or Prime Virgin
[TR] Computer parts
[TR] Cosmetic puffs
[TR] Crepe Paper
[TR] Galvanised steel omega shaped profil
[TR] Medical Equipments for hospitals and laboratories.
[TR] Photocamera accesories
[TR] Porcelain bulb socket
[TR] Second hand color tv
[TR] Sport shoes,ladies shoes,soccer shoes
[TR] Textile
[TR] Urea 46-DAP
[TR] Various components
[TW] Computer Keyboard
[TW] Fire-works/fire crakers
[TW] Flash camera
[TW] Grey fabric
[TW] Home health care products
[TW] Intel or MSD Penteum 4 motherboard
[TW] Ladie`s underwear
[TW] Rosebud (dry) to making the herb tea
[TW] Wire -o-spiral machine
[UA] Compressors, Pumps
[UA] Fiber Film, Attendant Equipment
[UA] Package equipment
[UA] Packing equipment and material (URGENT PURCHASE)
[UK] Belkin power surge protector
[UK] DVD players
[UK] Plastic connectors
[UK] Toilet papers and jumbo rolls for france
[US] All kind of hand tools and fire extinguisher
[US] Aluminium & brass machined components
[US] Aluminum scrap nuggets
[US] Any item
[US] Box
[US] Brass & Aluminium machined components
[US] Butter and Cheese Knife
[US] Cell phone accessories
[US] Cleaning chemicals
[US] Convex truck mirrors and vehicle fire extinguishers
[US] Corrugated cardboard and boxes
[US] Cosmetic Component Manufacturers
[US] Electronic Components for Security Monitor
[US] Feed through, electrical
[US] Footwear
[US] Garment & fabrice
[US] Generators, Electric Sedans and Convertibles, Scooters, Diesel Farm Tractors, Wind Mills
[US] Ginseng Extract Powder
[US] GSM or CDMA phone
[US] Hermetic glass to metal seal feed through
[US] Icing inhibitor
[US] Machined aluminum tubing
[US] Men`s Jewelry, Accessories, and Watches
[US] Playstation and Gameboy Software For UK
[US] Primary aluminum ingots & copper cathodes
[US] Skateboard Shoes
[US] Software
[US] Stainless Steel Utensils, Cookware, and Anodized Non-Stick Metals
[US] Uncut (rough) Gemstones
[US] Wheel chocks for trucks - rubber
[UZ] Parts of Hyundai and Daewoo passenger cars
[VN] CCTV, observation cameras, alrming systems
[VN] Computer part
[VN] Electrical storage water heater and shower head and wire
[VN] Medical equipment
[VN] Plastic Button
[VN] Seafood, contruction machine spare parts
[VN] Water steel pipes & ductile iron pipes
[VN] Wheat flour testing equipment
[YU] Cellphone
[YU] Various Medical Consumables
[ZA] Night light
[ZA] Toilet tissue paper rolls
[ZA] X-Ray Machines

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