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09-10-2001 to 11-10-2001

[AE] Ships
[AU] Apple parer, slicer and corer
[AU] Motorized or Electric Bicycles
[AU] Pet Supplies
[BD] ERW m.s. Pip e, electronic meter for measuring consumption of electricity
[BE] Fishing accessories
[BR] Ballscrews, Linear Bearing, Electromagnetics Clutches and Brakes
[BR] Decorative Lighting
[BR] Machinery to produce Spring for mattressess
[BR] Pet Resin
[BR] Rice Processing Machinery, Rice Huller, Rice Polisher
[BR] Woman HandBags, Wallet
[CA] Polyester spun
[CN] Calcite
[CN] Lantern emergency battery ups
[CN] Many kinds of gloves
[CO] Pigments (organic, inorganic, fluorescent, metallized, pearlescent, phosphorescent)
[CY] Nivea and Jade Mascara
[DE] Acetate/rayon
[DE] Equipment and Spare parts for slot-machines, electronic components (BER 051)
[DE] Equipment for office chairs (BER 052)
[DE] Pressure vessels, tank farms
[DE] Screws (BER 053)
[DK] Fur Collar
[DK] Plywood and Hardwood
[DO] Washer Machine Spare
[EG] Air-Conditioner Fan Motor
[EG] Aluminum Strips
[EG] Fabric Machines
[EG] Gas Machinery and Equipment
[EG] Metallic Materials
[EG] Production line for Juice Industry
[EG] Used Concrete Blocks Manufacturing Plant
[FI] A new telecommunication product in South Korea
[FR] Harbour equipment (rubber protection)
[HK] Gift
[HK] PC, POM, Acrylic plastic scraps
[HK] Plastic scraps - PC, POM, Acrylic
[HN] Electronic controler for animals
[ID] Computer Casing
[ID] Gold bullion
[ID] Radio transceiver
[IL] PP big bag
[IN] Air And Water Pollution Monitoring instruments
[IN] Canned button mushroom whole
[IN] Crane Water Test Bag for Load Testing the Cranes at Offshore Platforms
[IN] Dry Flower Buds-Urgent
[IN] Flavours & binders
[IN] FMCG Products
[IN] Glass
[IN] Insecticide / Pesticide : 1) Aluminium Phosphide, 2) Deitamethrin, B) Polythene Covers etc
[IN] Itoh make Paper Cutting Machine
[IN] MDF, plywood, gypsumboard, chipboard
[IN] PVC emulsion
[IN] Used monitors/pcs/hms scrap/hdpe ldpe granules
[IN] Yarn/fabrics
[IR] Fax Machines
[IR] Switch mode power supplies
[IT] Custume jewelry/rings,bracelet,brooch
[IT] Electric toothbrushes
[IT] Latex mattress / spring mattress
[IT] Mobile Phones / Sony Playstation / Digital Sat Receivers
[IT] Satellite receivers
[JO] Air condition parts
[JO] Raw materials for pharmaceuticals
[JO] Wood working m/c & tools
[KR] Canned mushroom whole and sliced
[KR] Car audio
[KR] Fabric
[KR] Golf Balls
[KR] MIXED C4 raw materials
[KR] Motor Scrap And Mixed Metal Scrap
[KR] Motorola IC MDC1000A
[KR] NON-WOVEN for synethetic leather
[KR] Polymer
[KR] RAFFINATE-1 raw materials
[KR] Rexroth spare part etc
[KR] Safety equipments
[KR] School desk & chair
[KR] TFT-LCD(5.8 inch : Taiwan makers)
[KR] Used Motorola Microtac Phones
[KR] Used spinning machine line
[KR] Wireless walkie-talkie sets
[KW] Bruched back satin- crepe de-cheen
[KW] High Pressure gas cylinder manufacturers
[KW] P.V.C. Plain Sheet
[KW] Steel Drum (55 Gallon) manufacturing Project - Kuwait
[KW] Tapes
[LB] DECODERS for car radio
[LB] Sandwich wrapping paper
[LB] Stainless stell sheets AISI 304 (61 Tons).
[LK] Aluminium Die Casting M/C
[LK] Pharmaceuticals and Surgical Disposable products
[LY] Computerized car scanning equipment
[MN] Any kind used or new equipments for university
[MN] Used & New Security products
[MN] Used home appliances
[MY] Automatic Pipe clamps
[MY] Electric Metal / Glass Sunroof for cars
[NG] Industrial chemicals
[NL] Real human hair wigs
[NZ] Hardboard, MDF or similiar Door Skins
[PK] Audio Jumbo webs
[PK] PET Preforms scrape
[PK] Zinc Scrap In The Shap Of Power,Dust&Mound Form Etc.
[PL] Medical equipment
[RO] Auto spare parts
[RO] Welding equipments, elevating equipments
[RU] Electric tilt melting furnace, 0.5 MT/hour.
[RU] Furniture fabrics, MOW-01/267
[RU] Paper, film and mesh for packing flowers
[RU] Reflecting materials
[RU] Socking goods and knitted underwear
[RU] Technical fabrics
[RU] Vending machines
[SA] Tires
[SE] Antislip Mesh Latex
[SY] Blended yarn
[SY] Semi- finish product ( jumbo rolls ) of all range of surgical adhesive tape and first aid dressing
[TH] Computer Keyboard
[TH] Melamine
[TR] Car air fresheners & franrances
[TR] Corduroy
[TR] Ferro Alloys
[TR] Lighters
[TR] Stainles steal Factory
[TR] Urea 46-DAP
[TW] Furniture
[UK] Candles 240,000 sought from europe
[UK] Guitars
[UK] Mobile Phones And Accessories
[UK] Recyled toilet rolls/jumbo rolls 2ply, napkins
[US] Cellular Phones, Smoke Detectors, and Fire Extinguishers,
[US] Cokacola
[US] Conspicuity reflective tape used on trucks in usa
[US] Cookware as a small gift item
[US] Men`s sportswear for US market
[US] Oem multi-system VCR
[US] Pens in a poly bag set
[US] Plastic vynil holder
[US] Playstation and Gameboy Software For UK
[US] Raschel Lace
[US] Reflective Conspicuity Tape for USA
[US] Soap bars
[US] Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls
[VE] Mercury vapor lamps, sodium vapor lamps , self-ballasted mercury vapor lamps
[VE] Surgical instrumentation, pulse oximeter, lagingoscope.
[VE] Surgical medical instruments.
[VN] Angora Gloves (HAN-112)
[VN] Antibiotic
[VN] Ceramic & Porcelain Wares
[VN] Ceramic Sanitary
[VN] Chemicals
[VN] Electronic Appliances
[VN] Generator
[VN] Injection molds for footwear production
[VN] Zinc ingot

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01-10-2001 to 08-10-2001

[AE] Acrylic Yarn
[AE] Aluminium foil sheets
[AE] Analyzers
[AE] Conecting rod and bearing of motorcycles.
[AE] Continuous filament polyester
[AE] Emergency & Exit Lights
[AE] Laundry soap bar
[AE] Nickel Cadmium Batteries
[AE] PP Sheets to manufacture Cement/Grout Bags
[AE] PVC Sheets
[AE] Soft Toys
[AE] Steel
[AE] Washer 10, 12, 16, 20, 24
[AE] Zinc Ash.
[AL] Clutches and brakes
[AR] Celluar Accesories
[AR] Ethil-vinil-acetate
[AR] Pumps for graphic m/c
[AR] Tires
[AU] Currency
[AU] Mercerized cotton
[AU] Tablet press
[BD] 100,000 MT urea
[BD] Ball & Gate Valve, Pipe Fittings, Gas Equipment and Wood Free White Printing Paper
[BD] Calcom ACP for rubber industry
[BD] Laptop(note book computer) second hand.
[BD] Motorcycle spares
[BD] Poly Sign carbon materials
[BD] Printing Machine
[BD] Refurbished color svga monitor
[BD] Resins & Plastics
[BD] Table Clock.
[BE] Automotive packaging systems
[BE] Beauty accessories
[BE] Car rearview system
[BE] Cyclosporine
[BE] Digital satellite video receivers
[BE] Disposable medical
[BE] Hairdresser`s tools
[BE] Imitation jewellery
[BE] Interlining fabrics
[BE] Machine tools
[BE] Oil testing/analyzing instruments
[BE] Packaging machines
[BE] Plastic household items
[BE] Power tools
[BE] Recorders
[BE] Satellite finders
[BE] Telephonic equipment
[BE] UPS-uninterruptible power supply)
[BE] Welding machines & access.
[BF] Gold
[BG] Christmas dekoratiom items
[BR] Borescope
[BR] Knives, Blades, Saw
[BR] Leather garment
[BR] Polipropylene
[BR] Soldering Station, Soldering Iron
[CA] Margarine
[CA] Numerous good
[CA] Pop Bottling Equipment
[CH] Evelyn cosmetic
[CH] Gift,craft,present,souvenir
[CL] Automotive equipment
[CL] Car lifts, autoparts
[CL] Construction materials and hardware
[CL] Containers for cosmetics/latex condoms
[CL] Data logger/digital thermometers
[CL] Digital blood pressure meters
[CL] Electronic components/gas boilers
[CL] Gas boilers domestic use
[CL] Hair ornaments parts
[CL] Rubber sole/eva sponge sheet
[CL] Steel cable
[CN] Band saw
[CN] Base oil, lubricant
[CN] Cashmere waste
[CN] Chromite
[CN] DVD case
[CN] Engine oil, antifreeze and coolant
[CN] Gift and Promotion Items
[CN] Granite and marble!
[CN] Knitting fabric
[CN] L-Cystine
[CN] Metal detection equipment
[CN] PC Portrait & Painting M/C
[CN] Pharmaceutics Equipment for capsule printing filling polishing packing machine
[CN] Refurbished and Used GSM cell phones
[CN] Relays
[CN] Tellurium ingot
[CN] Tube rotary swaging machine,air pinbender,expander,finpress machineries
[CO] Enameled steel sheet
[CO] High and low density polyethylene and polypropylene
[CO] Polyester staple fiber
[CO] Snack`s dispenser and self - cleaning articles`s dispenser
[CZ] Bearings, packings, hydraulics
[CZ] Boxes, bags, machines
[CZ] Conveyors
[CZ] Hydroclamping chuck
[CZ] Injection moulds
[CZ] Machine tools, forming machines
[CZ] Moulds
[CZ] Paper machines
[CZ] PC components
[CZ] Piano wires and laser imprinter
[CZ] Used machinery
[DE] Plastic Blow moulding machine for water jug of 30 - 50 Liter
[DE] Sodium Cyanide
[DE] Spare parts
[DE] Teabag packing machine
[DK] Doll House and Doll wagon
[DK] GSM mobile phones, new and used in good condition
[DK] Heat Packs/ Warm Packs
[DK] SAGEM 920, SAGEM 926, Ericsson T20e, GSM mobile phones
[DK] Wooden Toys
[EG] Calcium oxide machinary
[EG] Computer Components
[EG] Diesel Engine Tester
[EG] Full Motorcycles and Spare Parts
[EG] Galvanized Stitching Wire
[EG] Jumbo Bags
[EG] Medical Equipment and Material
[EG] Packaging Machines
[EG] Plastic Raw Materials
[EG] Steel Rolls and Manual Stappler
[EG] Textile and Yarn
[EG] Transparent Chair Mate
[EG] Tyres
[EG] Used bakery and dairy machines
[EG] Used Concrete Blocks Manufacturing Plant
[EG] Used Fishing Vessels
[EG] Watches and Goggles
[EG] Yarns and Textiles
[ES] All kind of food products
[ES] Zinc Ingot
[GB] 100% Fleece Blankets
[GB] Hardware items for Construction Industry
[GB] High quality glassware
[GB] Reconditioned air-con units
[GH] Rice,sugar,edible oil and jute bags/sacks
[GR] Brass bulkhead lights for outdoor
[GR] Oval type bulkhead lihghts
[GT] Glass for construction
[HK] Brassieres stocks
[HK] Creative product
[HK] Full set carton making machine
[HK] PU Coated Non-Woven Microfibre
[HK] Stock - 5.6 inch TFT LCD panel
[HK] Student Socks
[HK] Temporary tattoo sticker
[HR] Glasses & frames
[HR] Household furniture
[HR] Sport`s footwear
[HU] Original HP cartridges and toners
[HU] Photo album
[ID] Catalytic Converter Manufacturer
[ID] Chitin
[ID] Food preparation machinery
[ID] Large onion
[ID] Outdoor furniture importer
[ID] Streptomycin sulfate 20% wp (bactericide)
[ID] Wavetek Wandel Golterman Equipment
[IE] Flat pack kitchens
[IL] Air-Condition COMPRESSORS
[IL] Scent Balls
[IL] T.V,s , Hi-Fi , branded electronics stocklot like SONY , JVC , AIWA, LG
[IL] Welding/cutting metal equipment
[IN] `INTEL` cpu cooling fan
[IN] 2000 ps shimano 18 speed gears for mtb bicycles.
[IN] Air starting motor for GM-EMD-710, 16 cylinder diesel engine with essential accessories
[IN] Ammonia Evacuation Compressor Reciprocating- 1 No.
[IN] Anti radiation chips for cellular phones
[IN] Beauty equipment and instruments
[IN] BP monitors, glucometers,pace mak
[IN] Bullet Proof Jackets
[IN] Camouflage printed waterproof fabrics
[IN] Canned mushroom
[IN] Cell phone
[IN] Cellophane paper ---white and colour.
[IN] Chainsaws , Chains , guidebars
[IN] CNC hydraulic turret punch press (two packet system)
[IN] Dry Fruits
[IN] Fabrics and garments accessories
[IN] Fabrics+Accessories
[IN] FMCG Products
[IN] Gift & toys
[IN] Gifts and toys
[IN] Glass
[IN] Glass Cord for Timing Belts
[IN] HT electronic trivectormeters in pilfer proof boxes- 10,000 nos
[IN] Injection molds for plastic chairs and tables
[IN] Iron and steel scrap
[IN] Keyboard , mouse , speakers
[IN] Machine Cut Crystal Chatons
[IN] Machinery for EOU Tarpauline Plant
[IN] Metal scrap
[IN] Natural Flowers -Lamp Shades and Wall hangings
[IN] Newsprint
[IN] Non Sharpened Pencils / Bullet Pencils
[IN] Paper Cutting Machine( Guillotione)
[IN] Piezo electric accelerometers
[IN] PP CAPS for PET Bottles
[IN] Pumps-centrifugal horizontal (variable speed) to api 610, 8th edition
[IN] PVC emulsion
[IN] PVC films for water pouch manufacturing
[IN] Quilting Machines
[IN] Radar Type Tank Level Measuring System With All Accessories
[IN] Radio Remote Controllers for Cranes
[IN] Railway Track Equipment
[IN] Refractive Bathing Set
[IN] Scrap Inner Tubes ( Butyl Rubber )
[IN] Semi Autoanalyser--50 Nos- for Medical centres
[IN] Shredder--30 Nos, Use: In Medical centres/Health systems
[IN] Solar products
[IN] Solid surface sheets & sinks
[IN] Sports Shoes e.g. Cricket Shoes, Running Shoes with Spikes
[IN] Teflon powder
[IN] Textile fabrics, sundries
[IN] Wireless walkie talkie sets
[IR] Bath and basine accessories
[IR] Card board
[IR] Citric acid mono
[IR] Cotton Linter
[IR] Electric Audio and Video goods
[IR] Flower tape & stem warp
[IR] Phtalic anhydride and Styrene Monomer
[IR] Stocks textile, microfiber, sports wears cloth
[IS] GSM mobile phone
[IT] Body piercing
[IT] Branded perfume
[IT] Polyester yarn
[IT] Single phase capacitor start motors serie 2,4 poles From 0,12 up to 3 hp
[IT] Stainless steel submersible body pumps
[IT] Suitcase
[IT] Wood
[JO] Air seperation plant
[JO] Graphite electrods & nipples
[JO] Home appliances
[JO] Joint-venture for textile factory
[JO] Machines and raw materials to produce rubber tires
[JO] Metal strips, tubes and sheets
[JO] Plant to produce automobile hoes
[JO] Polyester hollow
[JO] Raw materials
[JO] Seals and locking devices
[JO] Tender for naphtenic base oil
[JP] Component parts
[JP] Great hardware namufacturer
[JP] Non-ferrous metals
[JP] Security camera
[JP] Silicon GEL sheet
[KG] Mayonnaise, corn, soybean, sunflower oil, and also LCD screen monitors
[KR] (Cooling tower) filler making machine
[KR] 100% rayon printed fabrics.
[KR] 100%cotton c20xc20/108x58 58` pd
[KR] Acrylic Hardner ( Chemical).
[KR] Aluminium foil sheets
[KR] Aluminium ingot ( 99.7% or lower grade)
[KR] Aramid Fiber
[KR] Beauty, health & fitness, and beauty equipment
[KR] Black eyed bean
[KR] Bulk ink
[KR] Bull(cow ) horns
[KR] Carbon Steel Strip for Knit Needle.
[KR] Cellophane paper ---white and colour.
[KR] Ceramic Sanitary (washbowl)
[KR] Chip (Voice changer)
[KR] Chopstick(wooden)
[KR] Chrome Steel Ball with round hole
[KR] Coffins casket
[KR] Condensed milk
[KR] Cosmetics
[KR] Cotton Waste(Without Seed)
[KR] Disposable cameras
[KR] Dried seacuucmber ,dried shark`sfin, frozen abalone meat
[KR] Fancy item
[KR] Filler Making Machine/Filler use for Cooling Tower
[KR] Fuel pumps & Fuel Filters
[KR] Glitters
[KR] Hardware
[KR] Japanese TAIYO printer
[KR] Laser toner cartridges
[KR] Lead acid battery agm seperator
[KR] Mobile phones in stock
[KR] Motor scrap and mixed metal scrap
[KR] NON-WOVEN for synethetic leather
[KR] PC camera
[KR] PCM ( Phase Change Material ) from Russia or CIS
[KR] PE foam pad
[KR] Pet-goods
[KR] Pig iron
[KR] Poly taffeta 75D and Nylon oxford 210D
[KR] Polyethylene(PE) foam tape
[KR] PVA Film
[KR] Pyrolysis gasoline
[KR] Rain coat
[KR] Refined white sugar
[KR] Replica handbags supplier
[KR] Resturant equipment (used)
[KR] Rotation plate
[KR] Rubber air pump
[KR] Security product
[KR] Serum bottle(Vacutainer)
[KR] Shredded steel scrap
[KR] Steel billet
[KR] Synethic leather for shoes
[KR] Used Clothes(Mixed Bale)
[KR] Used computer monitors and parts
[KR] Used Nissei PF6-2B machine
[KR] Waste Copper cement
[KR] Water flow meter
[KR] Water Purifying Filter made of Synthetic Fiber
[KR] Wire rope clips
[KR] Zinc alloy ingot
[KW] Bruched back satin- crepe de-cheen
[KW] Leather boots manufacturer
[LB] Payphone system & Intelligent network platform bids.
[LB] Physiotherapy equipment, medical aids, rehabilitation & soft goods
[LB] Socks for men & children
[LK] Blank Video Cassettes, Video Pancake
[LK] Sock making machinery
[LK] Tapaulin, polyester, tools used for making shoes
[LK] Tapioca starch.(super high grade)
[LV] Mazut M100& M40
[MG] ISP equipments
[MN] Gold mining and geology realted new or used equipments
[MN] Measuring apparatus and equipments
[MN] Used & New Security products
[MN] Used computers and monitors and medical equipments
[MN] Used electric and electronic products
[MN] Used Gold Mining related equipment
[MN] Used home appliances
[MN] Used transportation equipment
[MY] Artificial (PVC) leather materials for making car seat cover
[MY] Automatic Pipe clamps
[MY] Automotive Item
[MY] Automotive Tail Light
[MY] Electric Metal / Glass Sunroof for cars
[MY] Special Keychain
[MY] Various items
[NG] Acrylic Hardner ( Chemical).
[NG] Garments, Electronics,GSM Mobile phones, Computer and accessories,Printers,Cosmetics, pharmaceutical products , office equipments etc.
[NG] Glass bottles
[NG] Industrial chemicals
[NG] Safety boots
[NG] Safety boots
[NG] Used laptops
[NP] Dried green peas
[NZ] Consumer electronic products
[NZ] Golf Balls
[NZ] Liquid Nails, No More Gaps, Silicon
[NZ] Moorine lines
[NZ] Plated wire Fish shape Grill
[PE] Showcase frames
[PH] Rubber stamp, cleanroom item, corrugated pp boare sheet
[PH] Softgel encapsulating m/c
[PH] Various agricultural products
[PK] All kind of used machinery
[PK] Aluminium Alloy
[PK] Bristle
[PK] Chemicals, Plastic Raw Materials
[PK] Electronic products
[PK] Engine for Generator-Diesel Parts
[PK] Ferro silicone / ferro magnese
[PK] Filter Paper of Automative Vehicles, Non Woven, Interior
[PK] Gas water heater (gyser) thermostate
[PK] Graphite Electrode and Ferro Alloys
[PK] LDPE Cable Grade
[PK] Modern Latest Update Textile Machinery
[PK] Nylon Tyre Cord
[PK] Pesta&pizzas
[PK] Photographic Paper & Print Materials
[PK] Poly Extruder Laminater, Packaging Machinery
[PK] Polyester t yarns
[PK] Polypropylene Granules(Raw Materials)
[PK] PP (tape grade)
[PK] PVC rigid film
[PK] Safty Match Making Plant
[PK] Seamless pipes
[PK] Seven Used Merrow Machines
[PK] Spare Parts for Sharp Photocopiers
[PK] Sports football etc
[PK] Steel sheets
[PK] TMB 2000 Tons, Tin Plate
[PK] Used Computer Monitors and Parts
[PK] Used woven label looms
[PK] Weaving Textiles Machinery
[PK] Woven label looms
[PL] Cotton protection gloves
[PL] Fabrics for womens` garments
[PL] Kitchen and bathroom textiles
[PL] Protection clothes
[PL] Sportswear
[PL] Stones for Baduk
[PL] Straws
[PY] ACTERNA measuring instrument
[RO] Chemicals
[RO] Equipment for manufacturing lighters
[RU] Ceramic pots, envelopes for bouquets packing, tape for bouquets packing
[RU] Egg powder&egg/milk powder substitutes.
[RU] Offset paints, laminating film, foil for embossment
[RU] Spare parts for electric loaders
[RU] Wrapping paper, film, tape & mesh for flowers and gifts
[SA] Medical & Straw Board Mill
[SA] Perfume bottles
[SE] Unsalted and salted Butter and Cheddar Cheese
[SG] Business & management consultancy services
[SG] Gillette Mach 3 / Excel /Sensor And Other Items.
[SG] Kodak colour film
[SK] Cables
[SY] Blended yarn
[SY] Dyeing machine for jeans fabrics
[SY] Nonwoven fabrics
[SY] Polyester weaving yarn
[SY] PVC tarpaulin
[SY] Sewing thread
[TH] New toy `bow-lingual`
[TH] Water proofing membranes
[TR] Air fresheners
[TR] Anti-pilling polar
[TR] APP and Copolimer
[TR] Bulk ink
[TR] Cartridge
[TR] Inkjet cartridges for hp
[TR] Lighters
[TR] Necktie
[TR] OPP resealable bag machinery
[TR] Phenylethylalcohol
[TR] Raised Wood Door Skin
[TW] Acrylic board, anti-stroke board, fog board
[TW] Blood Bag
[TW] Computer Keyboard
[TW] Door handles
[TW] Fabric
[TW] Furniture
[TW] Mobile case which made by NAPA EMB. PVC SPONGE
[TW] Nike apparels, nike shoes, nike golf items, etc.
[UK] Beads , wanted to buy. Plastic and rubber type.
[UK] Beads. Plastic and rubber type.
[UK] Children`s clothing
[UK] Designer Glassware / Professional Glassware
[UK] Espresso cup & Saucer
[UK] Gas Masks
[UK] Gloves
[UK] Hard Drives
[UK] Laundry film/dry cleaning bag, resealable bag
[UK] Plain White espresso cup & Saucer
[UK] Socks
[UK] Stamping Paper/Decorative Foil For Melamine Tableware(dishware).
[UK] Urgently sought toilet rolls from malaysia
[US] Astor Gel for Manufacture of Fiber Cable
[US] Batteries for electronics
[US] Cell phone accessories
[US] Cement - portland
[US] Ceramic magnet ball
[US] Computer components
[US] Computers
[US] Containers
[US] Crocodile or alligator print ankle high,highheel boot
[US] Custom ties, scarfs and vests
[US] Electro Luminescent flat material
[US] Electromechanical Devices/Switches
[US] Ericson t28w
[US] Finance for Gold Mine
[US] Fruit jello
[US] Hard disk drive
[US] Heavy truck oil wheel seals
[US] Hot rolled steel billets
[US] Intel/pentium computers 166/200/233/266 mmx
[US] Jewelry gold, silver,diamonds,coins
[US] Jewelry, Electronics, and General Merchandise
[US] Lighing Fixtures, Outdoor
[US] LLDPE Roto Molding
[US] Mobile phones
[US] New Desktop and Latop Computers
[US] Newly invented health, medical products
[US] Newsprint
[US] NOKIA 8850
[US] Office supplies
[US] Plastic tool (pharmacy)
[US] Polyethylene Zipper Profile
[US] PVC or Nylon Cordura Carrying case
[US] Replica handbags
[US] Sneakers
[US] Software
[US] Steel billets 240 000MT
[US] Tequila
[US] Toys
[US] Toys
[US] Unit Bed LINEN
[US] Used/ Refurbished NOTEBOOK Dell, Compaq, Toshiba
[US] Watches and Pocket knives
[US] Wheelbarrows, Garden
[UY] Bionriented polypropilen
[UY] Plastic laminated sheets (polipropilene and polyester film)
[UZ] Storing and handling equipment
[VE] Ftalato dioctilo / dioctyl phithalate / bistouri
[VN] Aluminum front panel for karaoke amplifiers
[VN] Building Materials/Furniture
[VN] Chemicals
[VN] Clarithromycin tablet is manufactured in India
[VN] Crane
[VN] Electrical accesories & equipment
[VN] Electronic Appliances
[VN] Gabion
[VN] Generator
[VN] Grinding machine for milling fresh chili and tomato
[VN] Medical equipment
[VN] PC/Electronics
[VN] Polyester yarn for weaving fabrics for making neckties
[VN] Pulp Moulding Machine
[VN] Rolling machine
[VN] Stainless Steel Coil
[VN] Wrapping Machine
[YU] Cell phone
[ZA] Hospital and medical equipment
[ZA] Photo frames

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