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20-09-2001 to 01-10-2001

[AE] Chinees agricultural product magazine
[AE] Cigarette Paper and Aluminum Foil
[AE] Electrical equipment
[AE] Kia motor parts
[AE] Nylon Threads
[AE] Submersible pumps made in china
[AE] Used & new block concrete block making machines.
[AR] Microswitches
[AR] Oil filled radiator heaters
[AT] Automatic bread maker
[AT] Computer housing
[AU] Computer Equipment
[AU] Gift wrapipng
[AU] Health products ---home spa
[AU] Lingerie and sleepwear
[AU] LPG Gas Cylinder for Automobile
[AU] Massagers & massage chairs &steam sauna bath
[AU] Nails
[AU] Pen mechanisms
[AU] Stainless Steel D Rings
[BD] Airconditioning plant
[BD] Baby products
[BD] Buy nescafe clasic
[BD] Condensate Fractionation Plant
[BD] Plastic Garbage Bags/Carry Bags
[BD] Potato chips/Crackers making unit
[BD] Power Plant
[BD] Stitching Wire 2.5 MM for use Packaging Industry
[BD] T V in CKD condition(Black & White and colour)
[BG] Canned sweet corn
[BG] Tie clips
[BJ] All kinds of electronics,computers
[BR] Turbo Charges, Spare Parts
[CA] Any Korean products
[CA] Art and Collectibles
[CA] Cast iron, red bronze, material industrial drains
[CA] Computer Peripherals
[CA] Different types of Buckles for belts
[CA] Fancy glass or acrylic rings and bangles
[CA] Flags
[CA] Food products
[CA] Urgent Yellow corn
[CH] Cement CPA32
[CH] Electrical conductive oil
[CH] Metal-working, plastic processing, electronic engineering
[CH] Mono-Sodium-Glutamat (msg)
[CH] Protector with 10/15a,250v
[CH] Tattoo Machine and Needle
[CH] Used rubber conveyor belt
[CL] Car air conditioner/motor starter/alternators/electronic inj
[CL] Public phones
[CL] Steel wire rope
[CM] Electronics
[CM] Mobile Phones/accessories
[CN] 150,000 mt fuel oil
[CN] Band saw
[CN] Cummins piston ring
[CN] Dyestuff, yarn, fabric, textile, apparel stock
[CN] Folding shopping cart
[CN] Galv. aluminum iron board
[CN] Gift & Promotional Items
[CN] High quality protector with 10/15A,250V from Taiwan or
[CN] Lamps
[CN] Laser head fittings for VCD
[CN] Leather belts
[CN] Massage nozzle
[CN] Medical treatment instrument and reagent
[CN] Motherboard
[CN] PE packing film
[CN] Printing inks needed urgently
[CN] Relays
[CN] Safe air guard
[CN] Shoe polisher
[CN] SMD-tweezers
[CN] Soybean protein seperation DECANTER
[CN] Spare parts
[CN] Stainless steel pipe
[CN] T-mark cord set
[CN] Used forklift
[CN] Warming spring - hotel service
[CN] Warp knitting machines
[CN] World top brand chocolate
[CN] Zippers and sliders
[CO] Electric Tooth Brush
[CO] High and low density polyethylene and polypropylene for injection
[CY] Infos - Condoms - Sex Toys
[CY] Plugs, Sockets & RG6 Coaxial
[CZ] CCTV cameras
[CZ] Chain parts
[CZ] CNC Lathes
[CZ] Drills
[CZ] Grinding machines
[CZ] Machine tools
[CZ] Screw taps
[CZ] Spare parts
[CZ] Thermostats
[CZ] Welding machines
[DE] Abrasives
[DE] Cigarettes 555
[DE] Drills, cutters
[DE] Gillette, branded toiletries
[DE] Screw-nuts
[DE] Small cosmetic mirrors; Lip-gloss-tips (applicators)
[DE] Steel parts (screws, turnbuckles, nuts etc.)
[DE] Tiled stoves, ovens
[DE] Used or new teabag packing machine
[DE] Used or new teabag packing machine
[DO] Office furniture and supplies
[EC] Vinyl and rubber carpet
[EG] Diving & Swiming Tackles
[EG] Hotel and Office Supplies
[EG] Microprocessor controlled Air Condition Sets
[EG] Road Construction
[EG] Road Construction
[EG] Uniform Making Requirements
[EG] Used & Reconditioned Machine Tools
[EG] Used Aluminium Die-Casting Machine
[EG] Used Machines
[EG] Water Tankers with Pumps
[EG] Welding Electrodes
[ES] Electronic soft & hard needed for phone calls
[ES] Kraftliner and white kraftliner paper
[ES] Mobile phones
[ES] Paper A4 fotocopy
[ES] Slim audio video camera
[GB] Blanket
[GB] Floral accessories/decorations
[GB] Vending machines
[GE] Screws, screw
[GH] Paddy rice
[HK] Battery charger
[HK] Brassieres stocks
[HK] Illuminate sheet, cellulose acetate plastic sheet
[HK] LI-ION battery pack & mobile phone accessories
[HK] Phenol crystals
[HK] Plastic
[HK] Urea formaldehyde moulding compound
[ID] Alumunium extrusion
[ID] Benzyl Alcohol, Benzyldimethylamine & Nonylphenol
[ID] Casted metal for jewelry
[ID] Chemicals
[ID] Container scanner inspection needed
[ID] Gate Valve for petrochem & PP roll for belt conveyer
[ID] Men-Buttons from ABS
[ID] Pit Pump for Water Treatment Steel Making
[ID] Rayon & BHY
[ID] Upholstery / Curtain/ BHY Fabric & rayon grey
[IL] Air-Condition COMPRESSORS
[IL] Medical innovations - disposables
[IL] Mobile Phone
[IL] Twin tub Washing machine (big capacity 8-10 Kg),T.V,s, DVD , Ect.
[IN] 2nd hand carpet weaving and finishing machines
[IN] Adhesive tape
[IN] Aluminium Scrap
[IN] API 5L Gr X 60 Electric Welded Bare Line Pipe, Qty: 219.1 (mm) x 6.4 (mm) x 64100 (metres).
[IN] Barium Carbonate
[IN] Battery plate pasting machine
[IN] Calcium Carbonate LM 3003 - 2 FCL CIF India Port
[IN] CD-R manufacturing equipment
[IN] CNC hydraulic turret punch press (two packet system)
[IN] Compact disc (CD-R)
[IN] Computers
[IN] Electric Blankets
[IN] Embroidery cloth & lace
[IN] Fresh Yarn and Stock Fabric
[IN] High temperature furnace for graphitization of calcined petroleum coke
[IN] Iso propyl alcohol,methylene dichloride,propylene glycol,glycerine,phenol
[IN] Magnetic base drill machine, broach cutter, drill grinder
[IN] Miscellanious products
[IN] Paracetamol i.p 500mg available
[IN] Particle Size Analyser for testing of Particle size of range 0.02 to 2000 Micron in all elemental powders
[IN] Pen / pencils / colour pencils / note books from china.
[IN] Perforated polyethylene
[IN] Pharmaceuticals(finished products) herbal extracts,otc,
[IN] Polyester Partially oriented yarn
[IN] Polyproplene Yarn For Socks
[IN] Polypropylene Bag
[IN] POY (Polyester partially oriented yarn)
[IN] Pressure aging vessel for accelerated aging of asphalt
[IN] PVC emulsion
[IN] Rectified spirit
[IN] Sanitary napkins/pads
[IN] Scientific / biotechnology / instruments
[IN] Scrap Inner Tubes ( Butyl Rubber )
[IN] Second hand Cogen Plant URGENTLY NEEDED ! 2 to 5 MW
[IN] Second Hand Textile Machines
[IN] Stainless Steel Pipe
[IN] Swivel Joints and Repair Kits
[IN] Technology Transfer
[IN] Tomato paste
[IN] Toys, Gift & Novelty item Umbrella,
[IN] Urea formaldehyde
[IN] Welding rods
[IN] Wheel bearing test rig
[IN] Winter games products like sledges
[IR] Alime of chipboard
[IR] Automatic brush making machines
[IR] Cold Rolled Spring Steel
[IR] Flower tape & stem warp
[IR] Generator
[IR] New toys & stocklots of toys
[IR] Snowboard & binding
[IR] Used Generators
[IT] Cable
[IT] Hydraulics - oil and oildynamic components
[IT] Suitcase
[JO] Cranes & parking arms
[JO] Full refrigerated anhydrous ammonia
[JO] Ladies underwear
[JO] Metals
[JO] Robusta Coffee beans
[JO] Wood free paper
[JP] Factory of underwear in korea
[JP] Silicone
[JP] Soft drink
[JP] Tester for Used Car Parts
[KR] 100% Broken White Rice
[KR] 2,4,6-TriFluoro-5-ChloroPyrimidine
[KR] A type of banana for fried banana
[KR] A4 paper/HPgeunine ink
[KR] Agriculture products
[KR] All kinds of imitation jewelry
[KR] Axial flow fan for cooling tower
[KR] Bathroom,Kitchen accessories
[KR] Batteries for remote control
[KR] Bicycle
[KR] Biscuit like cod, pollack which length, width 6-8cm, thickness 0.8cm.
[KR] Bleaching powder
[KR] Car interior vacuum cleaning machine
[KR] Coffee
[KR] Confectionary & beverages
[KR] Diamond powder
[KR] Electrical conductive oil
[KR] Fabrics for swimming & aerobic wear.
[KR] Filter Element
[KR] Fitness watch paroos
[KR] Foods
[KR] G shock cell phone
[KR] Galv. aluminum iron board
[KR] Garlic
[KR] Glasses
[KR] Glitter Powder for Textile Application
[KR] Glutamic Acid
[KR] GSM phone
[KR] Hand tools
[KR] Hands-Free Kits!!
[KR] Herb Extract and Herbs.
[KR] Iron power
[KR] Lamb leather
[KR] Laser toner cartridges
[KR] Leisure goods
[KR] NLB for Satellite.
[KR] Novelty items / idea items / gift items
[KR] NTC-thermistor
[KR] Nylon yarns
[KR] Oakley Sunglass
[KR] OPP hologram gift wrap
[KR] Othopedic implants
[KR] PC camera
[KR] Pharmaceutical herbal otc generic cosmetic
[KR] Plastic bathroom products
[KR] Refined paraffine
[KR] Rotation plate
[KR] Steel H-beam.
[KR] Steel products
[KR] Stone cookware
[KR] Test strip - Bayer, Lifescan, Roche
[KR] Tile
[KR] Used aircondition sets (window type)
[KR] Various items
[KR] Various typies of garment
[KR] Watch movement
[KR] Water-Entanglement Spunlace Non-Woven Fabric
[KW] Electic items/ Pipe
[KW] Machineries for Making Baby Milk
[KW] Paper machinery
[LB] Auto spare parts for peugeot, renault & citroen cars
[LB] Industrial knitting machinery needles
[LB] Lawnmowers, chain saws & pruning scissors and shears
[LB] Woolen textile for men suits
[LK] Engine for Normal Bicycle
[LK] Machine
[LK] Mortuary Cooler
[LK] Out door sign ink jet printer
[LK] Packaged type Air Condition
[LK] Pre Coiling Wall products / Heat resistant roofing foils
[LK] Pre Cured Rubber Thread and Synthetic Rubbers for tyre industry
[LK] PVC doors / ceilings / windows & Heat resistant roofing foils (heat insulation foils)
[LK] Rigid pvc film for vaccum machines
[LY] Ambulance
[LY] Machinery for making daily household chemicas
[ML] Bag jute
[MM] Used pc computer
[MO] Indian Beaded Disposable Lighter Holder
[MT] Bare Copper Conductors
[MT] Milling Wheat and/or Durum Wheat for Libya
[MU] PVC Tarpaulin fabrics
[MY] Artificial (PVC) leather materials for making car seat cover
[MY] Automatic Pipe clamps
[MY] Automotive Tail Light
[MY] Electric Sunroof Required From Taiwan
[MY] Thermal printers of miniature type.
[MY] Water pump, lamp cover
[NG] Badge making machine.
[NL] Autocar repairing tools
[NL] Gazelle engines oh
[NL] Korean Airport Lighting Parts
[NL] Revlon shampoo
[NP] Liquid Glocose
[NZ] Cell Phones
[NZ] Cocoon Bobbin for quiliting machine wanted
[NZ] Isophthalic Acid, Cumene Hydroperoxide, Dibuty Maleate, Drethylene Glycol, ISO Butanonal
[NZ] Maleic Anhydride, Phthalic Anhydride, Gum Rosin
[NZ] Tents of marquees
[PE] Diamond cutting disc and caps
[PE] Textile detergent and acrylic fiber
[PK] Abrasive Products All Types
[PK] Bicycle & Its Parts
[PK] Blankets,Garment Accessories
[PK] Compounding of Cacium Carbonate for LDPE/PP Film
[PK] Cotton Yarn
[PK] DOP (Dioctyl pthalate
[PK] Dress shirts
[PK] Flourescent Tubes, Compact Lamps
[PK] Garments Material, Packaging Material
[PK] Hosiery Knitting M/C, Knitting Yarn
[PK] Lace & accessories for brassiere
[PK] Machinery For Footwear
[PK] Metals, Marbles
[PK] Methanol
[PK] Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK)
[PK] Motorcycle parts
[PK] Normal Butyl Acetate
[PK] Nylon yarns for velcro / hook and loop
[PK] P.P yarn making plant for webbing belts
[PK] Packaging Material
[PK] Packaging Material, Plastic Moulding Compund
[PK] Pharmaceutical raw and packing materials
[PK] Phenol (Ice Crystal)
[PK] Polyester Fabrics
[PK] Polyester film and Bopp film manufactureres
[PK] Polyester Film,Bopp Film
[PK] PU Leather, Filter Paper (Automotive)
[PK] PVC K-68 & K-70
[PK] Sulphonic Acid (Hard and Soft) LABSA, DDBSA
[PK] Textile Goods
[PK] Textile Machine ( New / Used)
[PK] Used Clothing
[PL] Boilers and heat pumps
[PT] Aramida
[PY] Goods for Industrial Safety
[RO] Bath towel
[RO] Steel rods
[RU] Dental materials & equipment
[RU] Equipment for production of soft rolled roofing
[RU] Finished pharmaceutical formulations
[RU] Hyundai Memory
[RU] Medical stuff
[RU] Memory
[RU] Vinyl siding
[SA] Truck parts and reefers.
[SE] Body piercing and body jewelry products
[SE] Brand name Sportshoes
[SE] Domestic fire alarm
[SE] Fashion jewlery
[SE] Hair extension products
[SE] Programable Electronic Timer
[SE] Tire and tubes for tractors and farming machinery
[SE] Various Components in the area of RF, Microwave and Fiber Optics
[SE] Wire rope
[SG] Float glass from china
[SG] Jewelries , cosmetics, health, nutrition, medicines, beauty products
[SG] Jewelries and precious stones
[SG] Power outlets and telephone outlets
[SG] Stocklots Branded Perfumes and cosmetics
[SK] Bearings
[SY] Aluminium profiles, gear wheels
[SY] Out door sign ink jet printer
[SY] Rigid pvc film for vaccum machines
[SY] Tender for spinning line
[TH] Glass bottles
[TH] Insulating varnish, bearing lubricant for motor, polyester film for motor and compressor etc
[TH] POY, T/C, Cotton, CVC yarn
[TR] Adhesives
[TR] Aluminium
[TR] APP and Copolimer
[TR] Blotting Paper for Car Airfresheners
[TR] Cpu-Memory Module-Motherboard-Vga Card-Cpu Fan-Cd-r disc
[TR] Energy saving lamps
[TR] Lighting parabolic reflector
[TR] Magnesium Phosphite
[TR] Parabolic reflector
[TR] Perchlorethilene
[TR] Polypropilene granule
[TR] Roller Brush
[TR] Sport shoes
[TR] Steel rods for concrete
[TR] Used moulds for Car Spare Parts
[TR] Zipper
[TW] Adult live eel
[TW] CNC Lathes, Horizontal Machine Centers
[TW] Fabric
[TW] Frozen Black Tiger Head On
[TW] Frozen Peas
[TW] Furniture
[TW] Hand stainless steel pumps (ss304/316)
[TW] High stable vitamn c in powder form reach 120c
[TW] Mineral Stone for water purifier
[TW] Polyphosphate vitamin C(Ascorbicacid)
[TW] Punch-press machine- looking for second hand punch-pressing
[TW] Steering damper for motorcycle
[TW] Tuna
[TW] Umbrella
[TW] Various safety pins, badge clips, lanyards, key
[UA] Commerce-Banner Advertising.
[UA] Gel pen
[UA] Mobile phones GSM900
[UA] Used computers
[UG] Pipe threader
[UK] Blanket
[UK] Caps crochet
[UK] Carpets & rugs
[UK] Decoration pieces
[UK] Engineering/Electrical Equipment
[UK] Frozen straw berry for marmalade and jams to eur
[UK] Plastic granules and magnetic steel
[UK] Safety eyewear & fabrics
[UK] Towel sheets for pilgrims
[US] Adult & child israeli gas masks & filters
[US] Adult Diaper
[US] American Flags
[US] Bags - for phenolic resins
[US] Bamboo Sushimats
[US] Binoculars
[US] Board game components
[US] Bronze Castings
[US] Chinese Manufactured Lapidary Equipment
[US] Citronella Candles
[US] Cobalt Ingots 99.50% Plus
[US] Color Lamp Boxes
[US] Computer components
[US] Computer w/monitor intel 166 mmx
[US] Cuckoo clock movement
[US] Demand nokia 9210 & 9290
[US] Emeralds
[US] FLAGS Patch 50,000 size 2 1/4 x 3 1/4
[US] Flat screen LCD monitors for home and Office use
[US] Handy tools
[US] Hydraulic hose cutting and crimping machine
[US] Intel/pentium computers 166/200/233/266 mmx
[US] Jewelry
[US] Keyboard Arm
[US] Korean Heavy Construction Equipments
[US] Long distance calling cards.
[US] Machinery for bags
[US] Medical examination table
[US] Metal
[US] Metal Chrismass Ornaments
[US] Microscope supplier
[US] Mini Bikes
[US] Mini phones
[US] Mobile phones
[US] Musical instruments
[US] New and Used laptops, monitors, hard drives, computer parts and systems
[US] Newly invented health, medical products
[US] Newsprint
[US] Oxygen and Gas Masks
[US] Palm and Coconut Oil Processting Machine
[US] Petrochemical products
[US] Plasma TV, PDP, television
[US] Printing
[US] Printing services
[US] Sony Vaio FX290 FX290k
[US] Swimming pool accessories
[US] Wireless
[UY] Computer hardware and peripherals
[UY] Computers peripherals and accesories
[UY] Hydraulic pumps for heavy construction equipment
[UY] Solar energy products like solar systems, solar batteries, solar equipment for buildings, houses and farm installations.
[UZ] A small one man operated plant.
[UZ] Equipment for assembling video cassettes
[UZ] I need a partner in a joint venture to grow red pepper.
[VE] Candle making machine
[VE] Guns,rifle, flowerts and other guns for civil use
[VN] Aluminum front panel for karaoke amplifiers
[VN] Cylindrical locksets with Nickel keys
[VN] Dyestuff for textile industry
[VN] Finished pharmaceutical products to Vietnam
[VN] Hydraulic Press Brake
[VN] Make-up brush
[VN] Medical equipment
[VN] Plastic Bathroom Accessories
[VN] PP, PE, PVC ... Compound Resin
[VN] Production line making concrete pipe
[VN] Second-hand air-compressors for industrial refrigerating equipment
[VN] Second-hand milling machines
[VN] Security Equipment
[VN] The Cooler ( Fin) production Line ( for Air conditioner)
[VN] The Feldspar Exploiting mine line
[VN] Tin plate
[VN] Used Truck mounted Concrete Pump
[VN] Welding electrode
[VN] Wrapping Machine
[YU] Aluminium Sheets
[YU] Transportation
[ZA] Machinery for the manufacture of condoms
[ZA] Wooden Photo Frames

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09-09-2001 to 19-09-2001

[AE] Carboxy Methyl Cellulose
[AE] Dreamcast
[AE] Electrical cables
[AE] Embroidery machine with 12 needles
[AE] Fresh garlic from China
[AE] Galvanized steel coil
[AE] Liquid chlorine
[AE] Long Boots
[AE] PE tarpaulline
[AE] Steel coil
[AE] Used monitors
[AG] Second hand clothes
[AR] Arge silk
[AR] Charcoal
[AR] Heaters
[AR] Industrial Type Fans 26`` and 30``
[AR] Inks for offset printers
[AR] Microwave ovens
[AR] Sponge head applicator
[AT] Home coffee roaster, coffee machine,steam iron
[AT] Inkjet Fax machines
[AT] Juice extractor, food mixer
[AT] Steel wire ropes
[AU] FABRICS for Sleepwear needed
[AU] Brass Waste / grate Chrome plated
[AU] Cheap Original DVDs
[AU] Glow sticks
[AU] Lurex yarn
[AU] Pen mechanisms
[AU] Polyethylene Pipefittings for natural gas distribution
[BB] Ladies Shoes in Plus Sizes
[BD] 100% cotton sheeting and poplin
[BD] Book Binding Machinery
[BD] Bra Cup
[BD] Brass Pin (For apparel finishing)making machine
[BD] Cold Finished ERW Carbon Steel Straight Tubes
[BD] Complete spinning plant
[BD] Fresh Garlic
[BD] Garments Eyelet & Bar tek machine
[BD] Gas Opperated Generator
[BD] Heavy Eqyipments
[BD] Machinery for Gum Tape and Self Adhesive Label Paper
[BD] Marine desel engine.
[BD] Papercup machine
[BD] Phenolic Moulding Powder
[BD] Poultry food processing machinery
[BD] Set-up for a High Pressure District Regulating Station
[BD] Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks
[BD] Toys
[BD] Yarn Sizing Machinery for Singles and the Winding unit
[BG] Tie clips
[BH] A machine
[BJ] Hardware tools
[BJ] Mobile Phones
[BR] Gifts
[BR] Glove Knitting Machine
[BR] Touchscreen Kiosk
[CA] All types of products
[CA] Aubusson Tapestry
[CA] Beauty products
[CA] Challenger Big Eye Roller - Cut Bait Head
[CA] Clear PVC Files/Document Bags
[CA] Filters for water bottles
[CA] Frozen Fruit
[CA] Hot gas by pass valve - refrigeration
[CA] Optical products
[CA] Plumbing in general
[CA] Products.
[CA] Red split lentils & white beans
[CA] School Uniforms
[CA] Your products.
[CH] Clothes for women
[CH] Gift boxes for tie-pin & cuff-link
[CH] Glass candle holder
[CH] Household products, stationeries and exercise equipments
[CH] PMA and PP piece
[CH] Scale model trains
[CH] Serious Cosmetic and health products.
[CH] Snowbody skin-lightening cream made in Switzerland
[CH] Tender for shirt & blouse
[CL] Used refurbished laptop or notebook
[CM] Cosmetic umbrellas, computers, garment, cell phones, umbrellars, foodstuffs of all kindsetc
[CM] foodstuff
[CM] Garment,umbrellars
[CM] Handbag,travelbags,umbrellars,garments,wrist watch, schoolbags
[CM] Lingeries
[CM] PP Woven Bags For Packaging Of Wheat Flour
[CM] Sadines canned fish and foodstuffs
[CM] umrellars,Garment,Foodstuff,cosmetics,atificial hair, underwear,detergent,soap,
[CM] Underwears/Lingeries
[CM] Used rails
[CN] AD7870JP 1000PCS AD
[CN] Automatic washer & filler
[CN] Beef
[CN] Canvas Cloth
[CN] Cement in bulk
[CN] Christmas trees,china,magic duster,
[CN] Chrome ore
[CN] Complete pp/pet nonwoven fabrics/geotextiles
[CN] Dynamic Balance Machine
[CN] Electrical and electric production
[CN] Electrical conductive oil
[CN] Enamelware products
[CN] Filter
[CN] Functional fabric
[CN] Genuine autoparts of HYUNDAI, DAEWOO, SsangYong and KIA
[CN] Glass candle holder
[CN] Hello miss
[CN] Hingquality Enamelled Matreial
[CN] Home supplies and office supplies
[CN] Korean Garment
[CN] Large stock lots of general household products
[CN] Machines to produce batteries
[CN] Manufacture equipment of enamel
[CN] Material Of Polyethylene
[CN] Molybdenum concentrate
[CN] MP3 - digital products
[CN] Natural gemstone and created gemstone
[CN] Natural lecithin
[CN] Overstocked casio,yamaha keyboards
[CN] Pickles
[CN] Plastic bags(PE.PP), Vinyl, Plastic (PP.PE.ABS.BOTTLE.PVC.AS)
[CN] PMA and PP Piece
[CN] Polyester Fabric
[CN] Pp material
[CN] Semiconductor--photomodule,serial eeprom,thermistor
[CN] Special Printing Machine and Materials
[CN] Steel billet
[CN] TDA5200 IC
[CN] Tech
[CN] Transformer, circuit breaker,relay,meter.and so on
[CN] Used or waste plastic bag & vinyl
[CN] Used rubber conveyor belt
[CN] Want baby red eared turtle
[CO] All kind of office equipment
[CO] Aluminium barrel with nylon bristle stem
[CO] Assembly insole and eva sheet
[CO] Chain and fittings and other supplies for imitation jewerly
[CO] Electronic ballast
[CO] Ingredients or raw materials for food industry
[CO] Karaoke
[CO] Opthalmic lenses
[CO] Ovenproof or heat resistant glass
[CO] Painting in powder
[CO] Paper and paper board for printing
[CO] Shock absorvers for light vehicles
[CO] Shoes insole
[CO] Spare parts for vehicles, chemical products and medical equipment
[CO] Stationery battery, ups, telecommunication rectifiers
[CO] Transistors, I.C. & TV Tuners
[CO] Transparency film, overhead proyectors, proyection screens and proyection lamps
[CY] Detergents, tooth paste, soaps, tooth brushes...
[CY] Pen Assembly Machinery
[CZ] PC Related parts
[DE] Bracelets, T-shirts, wushu weapons + equipment, buddhas, VCD, DVD, books.
[DE] Electronic Coffee Maker and Steam Iron
[DE] Granulates, PUR, Teflon
[DE] Raw cotton
[DE] Self adhesive tapes ids-code 2306
[DE] SKF Bearings
[DK] Gas tank containers
[DK] Laboratory ,Gloves,UltrasoundGel,Bandages,Electrosurgical
[DK] Medical Equipment & Laboratory Supplies
[DZ] Computer parts
[DZ] Icecream factory
[EC] Baby gym. (directions guide included)
[EC] Balls
[EC] Giant balls (directions guide included)
[EC] Mounting blocks
[EC] Movable toys
[EC] Set of toy cars
[EC] Shapes games (directions guide included)
[EG] Car Bodies and Accessories and Sports Shoes
[EG] Computer Components
[EG] Food industry or cloths industry
[EG] Herbal and natural raw material
[EG] Nylon Thread & Polyester Thread
[EG] Peugeot cars engine spare parts
[EG] Plant for Optical Fibers
[EG] Production Line for Automobile Parts
[EG] Production Line for Juice Bottling
[EG] Sponge Machines
[EG] Used passanger cars and spare parts..
[ES] 12.000 Computer monitors - size 17\`
[ES] 50.000 GSM 900/1800/1900 MHz Nokia/Ericsson/Motorola
[ES] 50.000 GSM OEM Nokia/Ericsson/Motorola
[ES] Biotin 2%
[ES] Canned food,ecological wine and sweets
[ES] Fiberglass cloth in bandage/tgape form
[ES] Fresh fish
[ES] Medical devices M-2A
[ES] Mobile phones
[ES] Plastic to granulate
[ES] Virgin olive oil and wine
[ES] Wood planks
[ET] Kichenware etc.
[ET] Rercement Bar or Deformed Bar
[FR] Cosmetic product
[FR] Interested in Carabiner & Steel Hooks for security works
[FR] Sony Playstation one 102-C
[GB] Nokia, ericsson, alcatel sagem mobile phones
[GB] Plastic humananoid figures
[GH] Handicrafts
[GH] Soap & Watch
[GT] Dermatron
[HK] 50M Ton of Stainless Steel 304 Sheet
[HK] Compressed Sponge for Promotional products
[HK] Galvanized Steel Inner Wire for Motorcycle Brake
[HK] Liquid packing Board
[HK] Louis Vuitton (Monogram & EPI Series)
[HK] Mobile phones
[HK] Plastic Candy box for Chinese New Year
[HK] Ribbons as a flower shape
[HK] Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes
[HK] Stell Plate 0.8mm
[HM] Cellular firewall and accesories
[HU] Champignon
[HU] Cutting machine for self adhesive tape
[HU] Medicines
[HU] Optical cable
[HU] Polyester staple fiber
[ID] DVD movie titles
[ID] Generator Machine From Japan
[ID] Home electrical appliances
[ID] Large Onion
[ID] Transmitter, actuator, pressure gauge
[IE] Cylindars & Tanks for use with Liquefied Petrolium Gas
[IE] Golf Clothing/Goods
[IE] Hygiene Products
[IE] Label printing, converting and application machinery
[IE] Polyester and plastic coated steel coils
[IE] Toolroom
[IL] Electoral ink
[IL] Manganese Copper Master Alloy
[IL] Plyester socks
[IL] Socks
[IL] Twin tub washing machine, Refrigerators & freezers, T.V,s (21,25,29,34), DVD PLAYER`S
[IL] Water Saving Appliances
[IL] Wooden paper tray - desk set
[IN Scraps
[IN] 100% cotton shirts& pants for men`s in
[IN] 11kv ug xlpe 3c cable 20 km, of 300 square mm with kits and
[IN] 11kv vacuum circuit breakers with ct`s and cr panels
[IN] 3D, co-ordinate measuring machine
[IN] 400 MHz ft nmr spectrometer- one
[IN] 800 Mhz Digital Radio Trunking System
[IN] All facilities for in-line blending of high speed diesel with blend ratio software
[IN] Aluminium Aerosol Can
[IN] Aluminium extrusion
[IN] API 5L Gr X 60 Electric Welded Bare Line Pipe, Qty: 219.1 (mm) x 6.4 (mm) x 64100 (metres).
[IN] API-6D SWING CHECK VALVE of size 14`-600 Sr, F/F, A/G,
[IN] Bath towel,beach
[IN] Bauxite
[IN] Bicycle spares.
[IN] Boiler, Power And petrochemical
[IN] Borax decahydrate
[IN] Boron amorphous powder- 190 kgs
[IN] Business Trip to Korea for the import of velvet and suitings
[IN] Butter oil
[IN] Carbon Anodes- 3000 pieces-baked
[IN] Carboxy Methyl Cellulose (LVG), Aa Oil field chemical
[IN] Caustic soda lye 1,00,000 tons
[IN] Caustic Soda Lye-Quantity (Dmt): 100,000 (100% NaOH Basis)
[IN] CD -RW Media fcl
[IN] Chemicals
[IN] Chinese Shoe Buckles
[IN] CNC Laser Cutting Machine(Gantry Type)
[IN] CNC spot welding machine complete
[IN] CNC Vertical Jig Boring Machine For Tool Room With Grinding Attachment
[IN] Coaxialcable - RG 11 , RG 6
[IN] Copper Electrolytic, Tough Pitch, High Conductivity
[IN] Corrugated box scrap
[IN] Cosmetic lenses
[IN] Demulsifier - 70 MT
[IN] Dispensing Pumps Suitable For Dispensing Petrol / Diesel
[IN] Double Rack Pressure Cooker Type Steam Sterliser
[IN] DVD player
[IN] Electronic Goods
[IN] Fabric
[IN] Fertilizer for agriculture
[IN] Flourspar for Welding Industry
[IN] Garment
[IN] Gifts etc.
[IN] Glass Film
[IN] Haemodialysis machines-- 2nos
[IN] HDPE Granules Grade 600, Film Grade
[IN] High Frequency Reciprocating Ring System (Hfrr)
[IN] High Pressure (Closure Type) Breech Lock Heat Exchangers
[IN] High Pressure Grinding Roll/Roller Press Pilot Unit
[IN] High Temperature Furnace For Graphitization Of Calcined Petroleum Coke
[IN] HMS Steel Scrap
[IN] Hospital machines
[IN] Hydraulic excavator-cum loaders-- 12nos
[IN] Hydrazine hydrate
[IN] Hydrogen determinator, complete apparatus
[IN] Ice Lined Refrigerator : Large (79 Nos.), Small (2394 Nos.) and Deep Freezer : Large (308 Nos.)
[IN] Ice Lined Refrigerators and Deep Freezers-400 large and 3600 big
[IN] Indi 3.0 Den 44MM Raw White Semi Dull
[IN] Integrated Computerised Instruments Calibration Management System 2 Sets.
[IN] Korean Tea
[IN] Lab instruments
[IN] Leather transfer foil
[IN] Liquid Coal Tar Pitch At Temperatures 180 Degree C /-10
[IN] Liquid nitrogen containers
[IN] Machine made synthetic carpets
[IN] Machinery for Optical Frames
[IN] Materials handling equipments and different type of doors.
[IN] Mechanically bonded radiator assembly for wdm2ca
[IN] Mould bases for Tool
[IN] Non ferrous scrap
[IN] Nylon bristles for paint brushes
[IN] Paper bags making machines from China / Korea
[IN] Paraffin wax 100 ton
[IN] Paraffin wax,slack wax
[IN] Particle Size Analyser for testing of Particle size of range 0.02 to 2000 Micron in all elemental powders
[IN] Pharmaceutical and vaccines Ferrous Sulphate with Folic Acid (large)
[IN] Methyl Ergomtrine Maleate Tablets IP
[IN] Pharmaceutical raw materials and laboratory chemicals and reagents.
[IN] Polyester & Nylon Nets Fabric
[IN] Polyester Base Vacuum Metalised clear text Security Thread- 3 MT
[IN] Polyester Film/Pet Film
[IN] Polyester Untwisted Yarn Manufacurers - Attention
[IN] Portable vcd players
[IN] Poy (Polyester Oriented Yarn),Texturised Yarn
[IN] Pressure Accumulator
[IN] PVC film
[IN] Quality Indian Seafoods
[IN] Radiator assembly for wdm2ca
[IN] Refurbished computers
[IN] Resinated Lignite, an Oil field chemical
[IN] Screen printing materials for garments & leather
[IN] SDRAM PC100 , PC133 , Pref: Hundai/NCP
[IN] Sea Foods
[IN] Soda ash
[IN] Spiral ct scan machine- 1 pc
[IN] Stainless steel hr coils
[IN] Stainless steel scrap
[IN] Stand alone digital seismic equipment- 1
[IN] Steel Line Pipe, Seamless, API 5L, Grade `B`, Bevel End
[IN] Steel Scrap / NOKIA Phones
[IN] Swivel Joints and Repair Kits
[IN] Tetra ethylene glycol (tteg) on phased delivery basis. -70 mt.
[IN] Thermal analyzer with dilatometer attachment
[IN] Underground Fibre Optical Cable Package of Western Region System Co-ordination and Control
[IN] VHF equipment- 1150 sets
[IN] Wheel bearing test rig
[IN] XLPE Compounds
[IN] Zinc ingots
[IR] 1 unit dredger
[IR] All kinds of industrial electricall products
[IR] Bentonite
[IR] Commerce GuestBook-Vegetable Oil Filling Machine
[IR] Dairy Laboratory products
[IR] Drive shaft for Renalt car
[IR] Electric maintenance workshop machinery
[IR] Interested in eyewear , spectacles , lenses and frames
[IR] Optical lenses and frames
[IR] Paper & Board
[IR] Phtalic anhydride and Styrene Monomer
[IR] Plate loop count
[IR] PVC Copolymer HANWHA CP-427
[IR] Rail heavy cranes
[IR] Switch Water Thermo
[IR] Wound pad cutting machine
[IT] Cup mugs
[IT] Fuel tanker
[IT] Garments stock lots
[IT] Laser at 1625 nm (nanometer), pin diode array receiver,
[IT] N. 10 forklift
[IT] Parts and components for bathtub
[IT] Polyester yarn
[IT] Polypropilene raffia
[IT] Supplier for suitcase and travel bag
[IT] Truck tractor
[IT] Tyres requeste, the chepest the best
[IT] Water tanker
[IT] Wound care & pen needle
[JO] Chemicals
[JO] CNC wire cut EDM M/C
[JO] External internal grinding m/c
[JO] Full refrigerated anhydrous ammonia
[JO] Heat exchanger
[JO] Heavy eqpt spare parts
[JO] Hp printers ink and toners
[JO] LPG gas cylinders
[JO] Lpg gas mixture
[JO] Mens sports shoes and dress shoes
[JO] Modernisation of learning resources
[JO] Plates & Bars
[JO] Pressure vessel
[JO] Seamless Pipes
[JO] Steel Ball
[JO] Stock lots of men leather sports shoes and men dress shoes
[JO] Welding M/C TIG
[JP] Back light units for LCD
[JP] Bucket type strainer
[JP] E-glass fiber
[JP] Fluff pulp for making the feminine hygiene products,
[JP] Ice refrigerant & ice pad (including sap)
[JP] Mags &tyres
[JP] Paprika, chrysanthemum
[JP] Plastic stick
[JP] Semi Precious Stone Accesories and Silver Accesories
[JP] Vacuum blower
[KE] Compaq computers
[KE] Gemstones, Industrial Minerals,Timber & Animal Products
[KE] Petrochemicals:Polyol & TDI
[KE] PVC Resin and HDPE Prime Pipe Grade
[KP] Bedding
[KR Blade of plug(110V for japan)
[KR Used Tyres and Rims
[KR] \`Disposable Apron\`
[KR] 2nd hand embroidery machine made by hitachi seiki - model 19
[KR] 60 Degree angle & Pig Iron, Scrap, Billters.
[KR] Adult Toys
[KR] Aluminium alloy casting mfr
[KR] ARCOFLAM Suace Pan, Frying Pan & CUTCO Studio Set
[KR] Assy
[KR] Aumatic Seeder
[KR] Batteries for remote control
[KR] Bicycly-Electrical Motor
[KR] Biscuit making plant
[KR] Blank CD...(CDR)
[KR] Body care products
[KR] Boot
[KR] Camouflage paints
[KR] Candy,Biscuit,Gum,Chocolate made in China
[KR] CCTV Cameras,
[KR] CCTV Controller, Multiplexer, System
[KR] CD-R Blank from China only
[KR] Clarion car audio connector
[KR] Clip, turnbuckle & chain
[KR] Coffee Cola, Energy Drinks, soft drinks
[KR] Copper alloy scraps, Ship non-ferrous metal scrap, Steel scrap for rerolling
[KR] copy machine toner or cartrige
[KR] Cosmetic Bags or kind of Bags...
[KR] DC/DC Convertor
[KR] Dead Burnt Magnesite(DBM)
[KR] Detergents, tooth paste, tooth brushes, soaps...
[KR] DVD Player
[KR] Eel (common eel)
[KR] Electronic fan
[KR] Empty Ink Cartridge
[KR] European and American skin care and cosmetic brand
[KR] EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate e180f)
[KR] Filter media
[KR] First aid dressing, non-woven wound pad absorbent
[KR] Fishing items
[KR] Fitness Equipment-Elliptical Trainer
[KR] Gift Items
[KR] H2O2, CH3COOH, HCL, citric acid, sodium hydrosulfite,
[KR] Hair color wax
[KR] Hard & cd-rom
[KR] H-beam & angle of ss400
[KR] IC ( Micro chips)
[KR] Imitation Jewelry & Fashion Accessories
[KR] Innovative product from china
[KR] Iron roll bar
[KR] Lathe m/c, Roll Balancing m/c etc.
[KR] Leather Jacket & Coat
[KR] LED Lamp
[KR] Light barrier
[KR] Lithium carbonate
[KR] Living eel
[KR] Lobster
[KR] Long & short link chain, turnbuckle
[KR] M- Stile
[KR] Machines and natural extract for air sterilization, disinfection, deodorant, ..etc
[KR] Medicines
[KR] Milk Plant Equipment
[KR] Mini bike
[KR] Mobile Phone Accessories And Etc.............
[KR] Motorcycle Parts and Accessories
[KR] New idea goods. Promotional items,gag items, stationery, decorative items wanted
[KR] New Technology
[KR] NON-WOVEN for leather
[KR] Novelties for Kid
[KR] Novelty
[KR] Nozzle block of printhead
[KR] OPP hologram gift wrap
[KR] Optical frames and sunglasses
[KR] Optical mouse, 3 button
[KR] Outdoor power equipment(remover)for snow and ice
[KR] Paper
[KR] Paper for office from Indonesia Manufacturer only
[KR] Paraffin wax
[KR] PC camera
[KR] PC LCD monitor 500V
[KR] Phosphoric acid 70% min.(China origin)
[KR] Photo Frame
[KR] Photographic paper fro colour photography
[KR] Plastic cutlerty
[KR] Plastic resins and products
[KR] Polyester DTY Yarn
[KR] Polyester print & pd fabrics .
[KR] Polyethilene
[KR] Polymer
[KR] Porcelainware ( Orchid pot only )
[KR] Portable Digital Camera : Fine Shot
[KR] Portable keychain of mini ashtray
[KR] PP woven bag
[KR] Prestigious European Fashion Brand Licensing
[KR] Pyrolysis gasoline
[KR] Rabbits
[KR] Recordable CD Rom
[KR] Ribbonfish of pakistan product
[KR] Sanitary wares, ceramic tiles
[KR] Scallop shell
[KR] Scrapped non ferrous metals
[KR] Shoes brush
[KR] Shutter Operator
[KR] Sound Card
[KR] Sprocket, chain gears
[KR] Straw making machine (only manufacturers)
[KR] Sun glasses
[KR] Tanker
[KR] TFT LCD Monitor
[KR] Toilet
[KR] TV Home Shopping Products
[KR] Ujinon laser interferometer
[KR] Used machinaries for truck engine & plate welder
[KR] Used Scraps Of Plastic Bags & Vinyl
[KR] Valve Regulated Gas Recombination Batteries
[KR] Various kind of goods for fishing
[KR] Video camera
[KR] Wadi for mineral
[KR] Wasted non ferrous metals
[KR] Watch movement
[KR] Wate ionizer
[KR] Water closet pans
[KR] Wholesler of security products
[KR] Wire & tube condenser assembly
[KR] Wood free paper
[KR] Zanthoxyli Pericarpium ( Zanthoxylum Piperitum)
[KW] Invatation for prequalifaction of manufacturers
[KW] Plates/ Bars/ Chemicals/ Pipes/ Valves/ Bolts and Nuts
[KW] Process of Biding Tender
[KW] Wire Rope
[KZ] Soft wood, plywood, veneers, mdf, etc.
[LB] Agricultural machine
[LB] Air conditions (40 units of a/c split units)
[LB] Auto airconditioning spare parts
[LB] Bathroom accessories
[LB] Batteries, tyres, pick-up double cabin 2wd, solid type irrigation system
[LB] Bladder mould, truck tire moulds, spool valve, hydraulic accumulators
[LB] Capacitive Welding Machine
[LB] Car siren / freon / cloth adhesive tapes.
[LB] Complete bleaching line.
[LB] Ductile iron pipes & valves for water application
[LB] Electronics & home appliances
[LB] FOOD: juice additives in powder (Tang), cutard (starch), jello.
[LB] Lingerie & wedding dresses
[LB] Machines to manufacture pvc pipes, slippers, and plastic water tanks.
[LB] Mini cd`s
[LB] Used hyundai aerotown buses
[LB] Wine, olive oil, fresh fruit juice
[LK] 1/2` Brass Taps
[LK] Cold Laminating Rolls / Pouches
[LK] Engine Driven Pumps
[LK] Lamination / Silicon / Magnetic Sheets
[LK] Maize (Corn)
[LK] Muriate potash
[LK] Packaged type Air Condition
[LK] Pipe couplings used for di and pvc pipes
[LK] Re-chargable lamps / lanterns + torches
[LK] Sanding Disc / Sanding Belt
[LK] Split Air Conditioners
[LK] Stainless Steel
[LK] Steel Srap/Rerolling
[LK] Wood Working Machinery
[LY] Ambulance
[MA] 7-8 Cntnrs of the Blanket
[MM] Heavy vehicles
[MU] Garment accessories and fancy goods.
[MX] Nutritional Supplements
[MY] 100% Modacrylic Flame Retardant Yarn
[MY] Automatic Pipe clams
[MY] Korean Lace
[MY] Korean Safe Box
[MY] Special Keychain
[MY] Water Vending Machine cum Ioniser
[MY] Wide format outdoor inkjet inks. Pigmented.
[NG] Aluminum wire
[NG] Garments,optical frames,cooperate gifts, underwear
[NG] GSM Phones / Computer Acessories
[NG] Home & office furniture catalogues
[NG] Industrial chemicals
[NG] Kombi laundry machine
[NG] Mobile Telephone Handsets For GSM
[NG] Polypropylene(Pp)-Raffia Grade
[NG] PVC plastic or rubber hose, high pressure hose,hydrolic hose
[NG] Sesame seed and Garlic
[NG] Soyabean & fruit juice mini processing machine
[NG] Textile (Lace & Headtie),Electronic Goods
[NL] Compact flashcards to be uesd in photogr equipment
[NL] Lavatory valves for shipping industry
[NP] Commercial ply and Teak Ply
[NP] Ply wood
[NZ] 5th string banjo capo(musical instrument accessory)
[NZ] Belt Fish (or Hair Tail Fish)
[NZ] Billiard ball
[NZ] Brass Pneumatic hose and pipe fittings
[NZ] Diesel generators
[NZ] Doll supplies (doll eyelashes, wigs, shoes, stands, socks, eyes etc.)
[NZ] Domestic stoves
[NZ] Handles
[NZ] Mens wedding tuxedos
[NZ] Socks
[NZ] Target shooting clothing
[PE] Axial extractor
[PE] Banner and magnetic vinyl
[PE] Frozen sardine!!!!!
[PE] Medical materials
[PE] Nylon tire cord
[PE] Rhinestuds & rhinestones
[PK] Second Hand Printing Machinery
[PK] 2nd Hand Embroidery Machine Made By HITACHI SEIKI - Model 1965-66 or Later.
[PK] Auto Mobils.Bulb/Tubes
[PK] Bonding chemical for spry wadding / acrylic resins
[PK] Chemicals
[PK] Coaxial cable rg-6,7,8
[PK] Computer related products
[PK] Edge Trim Recycling attachment for PP tape extrusion machine
[PK] Embroidery machine
[PK] Embroidery needles
[PK] Filter Cartrage and Parts of Water Filter
[PK] Gas Pipeline, Gas Meters
[PK] Gifts and Beauty Items
[PK] Handtools pressure gauge hardware
[PK] Lamination Machines
[PK] Machinery & Tools
[PK] Marlex Blow Moulding
[PK] Medicin/surgical
[PK] MelaminE Powder
[PK] Nonwoven line
[PK] Plywood Sheets
[PK] Polyester Hight Cubic Fabric
[PK] Polyester staple fiber & regenerates staple fiber
[PK] Polyester Texturized Yarn
[PK] Thermal bonding calenders & cards for nonwoven
[PK] TV tuners Hyperband pal or multi system
[PK] Tyre and Tubes
[PK] Used clothing and used shoes
[PK] Used machinery and surplus items
[PK] Used machinery/stock lot/used generators
[PK] Water Repellent Fabric, Fabric Polyester Viscose
[PK] White Rice from Thailand /Vietnam 25,000 M/Tons
[PL] Christmas trees and decorations
[PL] Glass fiber pipes, PP panels, PP tape
[PY] Insecticide
[QA] Plywood, Veneers, Mdf, Etc.
[QA] Production of Binding Wire for Steel Rercement & Welding Electrodes.
[QA] Soft wood, plywood, veneers, mdf, etc.
[RO] Banking security items
[RO] Coking coal for Romania
[RO] Molecular sieve
[RO] Tanned leather
[RU] Automatic cotton buds making machines
[RU] Bowling systems, billiard tables, entertainment machines
[RU] Chromium ersatz cardboard
[RU] Dismountable falsework
[RU] Faucets and accessories
[RU] First aid bandage & adhessive bandage materials
[RU] MDF panels
[RU] Packaging equipment and packaging materials
[SA] Go-Karts Spare Parts(Fun Karts) or (Buggies)
[SA] Perfume bottles, perfume box
[SA] Water softener
[SA] Wire hanger machine
[SD] Machinaries for fisheries project.
[SG] Recycled PET Resinsand PET molds.
[SG] Used Oilfield API Pipes
[SR] Agro chemicals
[SY] Non-woven wound pad absorbent and non stick to the wound for first aid dressing
[SY] Non-Woven Wound Pad Absorbent And Non Stick To The Wound For First Aid Dressing
[SY] Surgical adhesive tape 2) first aid dressing
[TD] PMA and PP Piece
[TG] Computer Hardware and Software
[TG] GSM mobile phones
[TH] Hardware , machine tools and part products
[TH] Notebooks, Flat Scrren, Palm Organizer, Digital Camera, DVD Players
[TH] Shock Wave equipment for treating tendons
[TH] Tools, machine, machintools, hardware, spare of power tools
[TH] White Glue ( Latex Glue)
[TN] Pepsi cola+mirinda
[TO] DVD Machines & Disc`s
[TR] ABS and HIPS scrap,regrind or pellet
[TR] Acetic acid, n-heptane, ammonia, ethylene, ethylene di ch
[TR] Advertising display raw materials
[TR] Copper scrap - copper cathodes in big quant
[TR] Dosing valves
[TR] Gearbox Parts
[TR] Hydraulic box mould for Ford Transit (1992-1997) steering wheels 92VB-3R700-AE
[TR] LCD telephone
[TR] Mechanical Seals
[TR] Panel & Flat glass
[TR] Pet film and aluminium foil for converting
[TR] Phenolic moulding compound
[TR] PVC door and window
[TR] Sport ,soccer,ladies shoes
[TR] Telephones
[TT] Fuel Injection Pump Calibrating Test Stand
[TW] Beach Furniture
[TW] Blade,cutter,knife
[TW] Cable Connector, Accessorie, Metal parts
[TW] Carbon Billet from South and East Europe
[TW] Cataloge stand
[TW] Door closers & floor hinges
[TW] Fabric
[TW] Furniture
[TW] Handcuff
[TW] Intel or MSD Penteum 4 motherboard
[TW] Machine
[TW] Mobile Phone Case
[TW] Motherboard
[TW] Nickel Copper Alloy raw material.
[TW] Polyprophylene Resin For Bopp Film.
[TW] Snake chain
[TW] Umbrella
[TW] Vest
[TW] Whistle
[TZ] Electronic portable wheel load scales for axle load control
[TZ] Flock velvet printed required
[TZ] Limestone low silica 5%or below
[UA] Butteroil/anhydrous (AMF)
[UA] PE granulated, Food addition, Polypropelene, PVC resin
[UA] Sausage casing, spices, ingridients
[UA] Two-sided gluing film, film for pe file
[UA] Used computers and notebooks
[UA] X-Ray equipment
[UK] Calcium hypochlorite and water meters
[UK] Grey iron castings
[UK] Main power cords
[UK] Packaging materials
[UK] Rubber/PVC car mats
[UK] Stationery
[UK] Tiawan supplier of play shoes/click clacks
[UK] Tire, trucks & buses, and tft screens
[UK] Twin-tub washing machines
[US] 17` monitors
[US] A4 Paper Manufacturered in the USA/Canada
[US] Astor Gel for Manufacture of Fiber Cable
[US] Automotive tools
[US] Buy lumber made from recycled plastic
[US] Cashmere
[US] Chinese Manufactured Lapidary Equipment
[US] Computer chips
[US] Computer hardware
[US] Computer w/monitor intel 166 mmx
[US] Copper oxide
[US] Cosmetic Fillers and Injection Moulds
[US] DC motors and drives, servo motor systems, etc.
[US] Desk Accessories
[US] Dove Soap Bars
[US] Flat screen LCD monitors for home and Office use WANTED!
[US] Flourescent fixtures
[US] Fly fishing related products
[US] Gift Items
[US] Glass Burets
[US] GSM mobile phones cellular
[US] Handbags, Shoes and ladies garments
[US] Home Appliances
[US] Inexpensive flashlight
[US] Kitchenware
[US] LCD Controller Boards
[US] LCD controller boards a/d and bus controllers
[US] Lingerie/Intimate Apparel
[US] Machinery to make NE-2 miniature lamps
[US] Machinesfor compacting crashed cars
[US] Manufacturers of Ball Joint
[US] Marking pens for industrial use
[US] Materials for Wigs
[US] Mini Vacuform Thermoformer Machine
[US] Mobile phone accessories and
[US] NOKIA 9210 & 9290
[US] Nokia, motorola, ericcsson, alcatel mobile phones
[US] Nozzle block of printhead supplying Marsh ink jet systems
[US] Papaya pulp
[US] Pen
[US] Petrochemical products
[US] Reflevtive tapes & triangle
[US] Router bits and boring bits
[US] Screws and building products
[US] Screws, screw
[US] Semi Conductor and Steel Mill Waste
[US] Tagging guns
[US] Tang Drink
[US] Therapeutic Massage Body Oils
[US] Ties, Scarf and Cuff Links
[US] Tools and Toys
[US] Travel Luggage, Shoes, Hat etc.
[US] U-joints and fuel caps for heavy trucks
[US] U-joints, fuel caps
[US] Uncut (Rough) Iranian Turquoise
[US] Upscale high end authentic clothing
[US] Variety kind of Pen & Desk Accessories.
[US] Vintage Lingerie, slips, girdles, underwear, etc
[US] X-Ray Film
[UY] Ball bearings for all uses
[UY] medical equipment and medical consumers for heart surgery, neurology, catheters,
[UY] Holsters,belts (leather and synthetics) for police and sport hunting
[UY] Prefrabicated housing sytems specially sandwich pannel
[UY] Safety boxes, door locks, padlocks, keys, electronics locks
[UY] SMC (SHEET MOULDING COMPOUND), this composite material is for use in the local automobile industry
[UY] URGENT with manufacturers of BIO HEALTH HEATER in South Korea
[UZ] 4 second hand Labo trucks of Daewoo make
[VE] Spandex clear, 40 denier
[VN] Bag Making Production line
[VN] Communication Cable
[VN] Concrete pump
[VN] Cookie of 1.44MB floppy disk ( a black-magnetic round part inside 1.44MB floppy disk )
[VN] Cosmetics/Underwear
[VN] Develop your finished pharmaceutical products to Vietnam Market
[VN] Electric Cables
[VN] Finished Pharmaceutical
[VN] Fresh Apples
[VN] Fuel Economizer device
[VN] Glass fibre
[VN] Gold dust
[VN] Lather
[VN] Machine & equipment
[VN] Machine for making pasted valve sacks (bags)
[VN] Parts of diesel engines
[VN] Pharmaceutical products to supply to Vietnam market
[VN] Refregeration Valves
[VN] Second-hand air-compressors for industrial refrigerating equipment
[VN] Second-hand diesel engines & engine parts
[VN] Steel Sheet Pipe
[VN] Transportation & Construction Equipment
[VN] USED Excavator
[VN] Used Truck mounted Concrete Pump
[VN] Water faucet
[YU] Hand-held price labeling machines
[YU] Transportation
[ZA] Billiard cues manufacturers
[ZA] Blankets
[ZA] Machinery
[ZA] Marble Cheese Platters

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