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Company: André Fairchild, translator & interpreter

Address: 3914 Zenobia Street
Zipcode: 80212
City: Denver, Colorado
Country: USA

Tel: 720-855-7400
Fax: 720-855-7400

I am a multilingual translator & interpreter in Denver, Colorado. I speak Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch and German. Most of the interpreting I do in Denver is medical interpreting, and I do some court interpreting, too. My Medical Links web page has about 1,730 links to medical information sites & medical dictionaries & glossaries in twenty languages. My medical resources page is a free service I offer to translators, students, interpreters and medical professional people in English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese & other languages. The DIRECTORY offers links to medical and biomedical sites & glossaries in 20 languages. Of these online medical sites & glossaries, 663 are in English, 291 are in Spanish, 212 in French, 113 in Portuguese, 106 in German, 99 in Dutch, 80 in Scandinavian languages, 16 in Finnish, 45 in Italian, and 120 in other languages or multilingual. Links to these medical glossaries & dictionaries are online at Medical links page

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