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Company: Mesut Cosan

Address: Okul s. 6/7 erzurum site altunizade uskudar
Zipcode: 81190
City: Istanbul
Country: Turkey

Tel: 05334243673
Fax: 0212 567 74 90

After different types of schools for 8 years, I have studied Bogazici College for 4 years on full English class. (You study every lesson in English) I graduated in advanced level from here in English especially. After that I graduated four year degree (No 32908234270, Certificate no 2003-30214) at Anadolu University ( on management and organization. Then years passed in different works like programming CNC machines and working at sales and marketing.

At that time to keep my language fresh, I watched movies or foreign channels like CNN, CNBC etc. Mostly films and computer games help me to stay in touch. I am interested in them. So, It came up today to my translation work in a consulting firm here in Istanbul. I have been working here for two years and making translations from magazines like TIME, NEWSWEEK, ECONOMIST etc. for our news report on net. I can use touch system on keyboard. I thought I would translate films in English to Turkish.

I want now, for example translate English movies to Turkish for bridge through cultures by opinions, thoughts or feelings. I am on the track of creativity every new day with differentiating them each other. I am happy if I can make reform everyday in advance. I saw some words on internet like discovering people. This is very important. I hope the more that count increases, the more we see successful and happy people around. Sincerely, A. Mesut Cosan

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