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Category: Real Estate Georgia
Company: Dempsey Auction Company
Address: 302 W 3rd Street
Zipcode: GA 30162
City: Rome
Country: USA
Tel: +1 706 291 0746
Fax: +1 706 291 2984
Dempsey Auction Co Inc is a business steeped in the tradition of family and built upon the belief that personal service to its clients is necessary to achieve maximum results. From the founding of the company by Sproull Dempsey, Sr in 1965 to the present, this company has developed and maintained a team spirit that pervades every auction. The company's two principals, Ray Dempsey-President and Lynn Dempsey-Sec./Treasurer, have created a sense of belonging for those working with them and when the Dempsey Team springs into action, a total group effort is exerted for every client. In other words, the total resources of over 85 years of auction experience backs every sales effort of Dempsey Auction Co Inc.

Licensed in every state in the southeast and having represented a myriad of clients, Dempsey Auction Co has sold every type of real estate and equipment imaginable. Its personnel are active members of the National Auctioneer's Association and have held every office of leadership of the Georgia Auctioneer's Association. Dempsey believes in the auction method of marketing and sale, and offers its clients the most current knowledge available in the industry. Dempsey's auctioneers do not follow the trends-Dempsey sets them!

The combination of experience, knowledge and enthusiasm that Dempsey Auction Co offers its clients, delivers the crowd to the sale and achieves the maximum results upon which this company had dedicated itself!


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