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Bali Villas and Property

Categorized properties in Bali, Indonesia. Villas for rent and Sale, Land for sale Houses for rent. Informnation about building your own Villa in Bali


Trip business to Bali to find the hotel and some products as balinese house, Garden, furniture, handicraft, garment and other products

Export Bali

One Stop Service including Sourcing, Manufacture, Supply and Shipping of Quality Teak Furniture, Arts and Crafts and Unique Products from Bali and the islands of Indonesia.

Inovickers - Innovative furniture solution

Licensed manufacturer of office furniture, hospitality furniture, public area furniture, and isntitutional furniture - Alternatif Usaha Mandiri

To Love people, to empower people to be the best that they can be so that they ini turn can empower others to do likewise.

Rattan Furniture Store

Providing Rattan Furniture for individual buyer and wholesaler at competitive price

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