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Company: VAKO Sp.z.o.o.
Address: ul. Chlebowa 26, 61-003 Poznan
Zipcode: 61-003
City: Poznan
Country: Poland
Tel: 48-61-652-91-89
Fax: 48-61-652-91-88

Established since 1989, Handsfull Technology Corporation is a global company that has rapidly become a leading firm amongst competitors. In addition to the head office located in Taiwan, we also have sales branches across Europe and North America with other sales force in South East Asia and Africa. Handsfull supplies computer and office accessories under the brand VAKOSS to distributers and wholesalers across the world.

During our ten years in Poznan, Poland, Vako Sp Zo.O has been a successful leader in the European market. While our newest branch to date, located in Toronto, Canada is also developing rapidly and striving to achieve the same success in North America as we have throughout Asia and Europe.

Our international brand, VAKOSS produces top quality optical storage media and computer accessories. ( In 2001, following tests carried out in a German laboratory, formerly named AKOSS was recognized by Polish magazine, “Komputer Swiat” Computer World, for outstanding Price and Quality of CD-R, surpassing many top named competitors). VAKOSS CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, and DVD-RW has always kept at the front line of optical data storage technology and maintained at the top level of customer satisfaction. VAKOSS optical data storage product also has the highest platform compatibility.

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