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Company: Apres velo
Address: po box 6475 south sydney park, alexandria, nsw Australia 2015
Zipcode: 2015
City: Sydney
Country: Australia
Tel: 61 2 83374102
Fax: 61 2 83388303
url: http://www.apresvelo.com

APRES VELO (AV) rolled out in 2006, to fill the void within the cycling industries casual clothing and lifestyle offering. AV is focussed on developing ongoing stylish and edgy casual clothing for men and women, to meet the cultural requirments of the cycling community. AV reflects not just a sport, but a lifestyle filled with tradition, beauty and epic struggle. Our designs mirror the contradictory aspects of the cycling world, and include a blend of heritage designs and quircky graphics. Our designs cover a broad cross section of graphics and are geared towards On Road cycling, Mountain Biking and general commuting. Our current product ranges include summer and winter T's with attitude, caps, calendars, placemats,coasters and posters.

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