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Company: Cosmitaly, Srl
Address: Via Aldo Moro No. 42
Zipcode: 00055
City: Rome
Country: Italy
Tel: 0039069947867
Fax: 00390699223269

Our company Cosmitaly, Srl located just outside of Rome is the original creater and manufacturer of "Masks and Patches" beauty products the first developed in its category "COSMECEUTICALS" registered under U.S. patent 4748976. Cosmitaly, Srl has been manufacturing since 1984 the most complete and efficient line of intensive treatments for skin imperfections, developed for beauty spas, institutions, professionals and at home use. Amazing results can be obtained by the effectiveness of the patches through its intense application process which increases the penetration process on the skin of the areas being treated. Masks and patches are anatomical shapes used for body treatments which are impregnated with a combination of pharmaceuticals and the active ingredients found in cosmetics. We have developed an extensive line of full face masks and anotomical shapes to treat diverse areas of the body such as the face, eyes, lips, chin, decollette, inner thigh, outer thigh, inner arm, abdomen, forehead,neck, breasts, hips, hands and also sell small circular and triangular shapes to place on certain areas of the face. Some of the active ingredients used in our products are botexpression, collagen, hyaluronic acid etc..Cosmitaly trades under its own brand "professionals" and private label worldwide.

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