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Company: Mid-West Textile Co.
Address: 1600 E. San Antonio
Zipcode: 79901
City: El Paso
Country: USA
Tel: 1 915 533-9811
Fax: 1 915 542-0747
url: http://www.mid-westtextile.com

Mid-West Textile Company located in El Paso, Texas USA, is the largest grader and sorter of used/second hand clothing in North America. We can supply to the retail clothing, vintage clothing, wholesale clothing, and wiper markets. Our second hand and used clothing is purchased in over 100 countries. Clothing and shoes can be purchased in boxes of 50 lbs, bags of 50 - 55 lbs, small bales of between 100 - 180 lbs, and large bales of approx. 1,000 lbs. Since 1982, our buyers have come to appreciate our consistent quality and our ability to supply volume on a regular basis. We welcome buyers to visit our facility prior to purchase, and we look forward to your inquiries.

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