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Company: Emco Ltd
Address: Zirovnicka 2389
Zipcode: 106 00
City: Praha
Country: Czech Republic
Tel: +420 267 182 107
Fax: +420 272 656 181
url: http://www.emco.eu

EMCO Ltd is one of the most important producers and distributors of high-quality food products in the Czech Republic such as müsli, oat meals, cereal flakes mixtures, müsli biscuits, etc - products that represent the healthy lifestyle trend. In this category Emco holds 45% share in the Czech and Slovak market.

Emco is strongly marketing oriented company bringing innovations that are based on the experience of being the biggest oat flakes processor in the Central Europe. The latest example is the launch of Organic assortment under the Bio brand.

The quality of Emco products is already recognised by customers and consumers in 35 countries worldwide and the demand is steadily growing. Our goal is to achieve long term relationship with our partners and together build strong position of Emco brand. At the same time, based on good experience with private label products, Emco can offer a wide assortment of private label packaging and flavours.

Having obtained the ISO, HACCP, BRC and certificate for Organic foodstuff, Emco confirms its attitude towards quality management.

Would you like to receive more information and become our partner on your market, please visit our site or contact Mr. Jiri Frodl, Director for International Development.

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