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Company: Gamma Pack
Address: Asyut Highway Giza
Zipcode: 000
City: Cairo
Country: Egypt
Tel: +202 81 25 881
Fax: +202 81 26 595

Gamma Pack is the first factory in Egypt to produce Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) punnets for the shipping of fresh fruits and vegetables, PET sheets and PET containers for the food industry.

Mission - Our mission is to become a world leader in the packing industry. Quality and accreditation: Because of the transparency of the PET punnet and the freshness of the fruit due to ventilation, the appearance of the package is much enhanced. This makes our products more appealing to our customers.

For Gamma Pack, quality means the customers satisfaction. Our Gamma Pack team works hard to provide customers with the best merchandise they can buy. We will always go the extra mile to provide top quality service. We extended our commitment to quality and hygiene by becoming the first manufacturers of food containers in Egypt to be accredited to standards set by the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

Gamma Pack has obtained the BRC and the ISO certifications. Thus opening up new markets for us in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Products - Gamma Pack specializes in PET Sheets and PET Packaging. Our A-PET(Amorphous-polyethylene terephthalate) sheet is one kind of amorphous thermal plastics,which is composed of carbon,hydrogen and oxygen elements.It will not produce toxic gases in the process of A-PET incineration.

Instead, the product of complete combustion includes only non-toxic steam and carbon dioxide gases. Except A-PET sheet, we can also supply you G-PET or G/A/G sheet. Applications Vacuum forming, Food packaging, Boxes folding, UV offset printing, Screen printing, Stationery, card cases, collection cards...etc. G-PET or G/A/G sheet can be used in ultrasonic sealing,high frequency sealing and solvent sealing.

1. Excellent transparency and gloss
2. Excellent gas and water barrier
3. Non-toxic and non-odor
4. Excellent chemical resistance and oil resistance
5. Harmless burning of A-PET sheet waste (creates only CO2 and water)
6. Excellent toughness and stiffness, high impact resistance
7. Excellent deep forming
8. Excellent hanging strength
9. Gamma ray sterilization resistance
Our punnets are manufactured from PET and they are totally transparent, tough and 100% recyclable. The punnets are designed for optimum shipping of fresh fruit as they contain scientifically designed openings for ventilation and drainage (250 gr High, 250 gr Flat and 500 gr). This provides improved storage and shipping conditions for prolonged fruit freshness. The food containers we produce are the Rice bowls for KFC. The lid of the container is manufactured of PET and the bowl is manufactured of high impact polystyrene (PS). The rice bowls containers are designed to keep the food warm and to withstand the heat.

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