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Company: Chengdu Kang Quan health product Co.,Ltd.
Address: room 316 manhattan building No.49 renmin south road
Zipcode: 610041
City: chengdu
Country: China
Tel: 0086-28-85259241
Fax: 0086-28-85259240

we are a reputable chinese factory in the field of natural food supplements, manufacture under GMP conditions, strong in R & D, OEM is available, custom-designed service is available too. Exciting Dragon capsule ( herbal viagra ) is our best selling product, developed from mysterious Tibetan formula, extracting potent ingredients from tens of Tibetan herbs, which grows naturally in 4000 meters above sea level Himalayas mountain. the crude extract of these herbs showed some similar reaction to that of male pill: Viagra. they show vasodilatation effect the same as in the Viagra Tablet. it also promote energetic body without any nervous or muscular or cardiac overstimulation. this is the reason why this herbal product can be studied and promoted to be the " herbal viagra".

while the commercial Erectile Dysfunction-treated drug is a great interesting product despite its serious adverse effect which some are related to death, a herbal product such as dragon capsule with soft action should be an alternative.

Mostly we do private labeling for customers, like MaxStamina (in USA, Florida state ), DURASEX (in USA, RI state), Extra Strong (in UK), Grinex (in Turkey).

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