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Company: The Eagle Promotion Centre
Address: Byslawska 87/1
Zipcode: 04-968
City: Warszawa
Country: Poland
Tel: 48 22 357 58 39
Fax: 48 22 671 83 77

The Eagle Promotion Centre is active in several areas of business. We offer services in promotion of businesses, matching business partners and carrying out various project, both locally and abroad.

We are currently working on new opportunities for Polish furniture manufacturers who focus on increasing their exports. The furniture they manufacture in Poland is of high quality and the producers are widely recognized in Europe. Reasonable and customer friendly prices make it known as " offered at the lowest prices on the continent". The furniture is so popular with the clients because it combines elegant designs with comfort and functionality.

The Eagle Promotion Centre is one of the first private sector recruitment institutions registered and licensed before 2004. We have been on the market since then and now we are working on a large project with our partners from Finland.

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