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Company: Zimbano co. ltd
Address: 4-3 Jhengsin Rd. Dou-Liou
Zipcode: 640
City: Yun-Lin County
Country: Taiwan
Tel: 886-5-5519023
Fax: 886-5-5510867
url: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/zimbano

We are a professional vendor/exporter of Plastic consumer products, our offer including;
1. Computer related accessories; multifunction mouse pad, keyboard support, monitor support rack, etc.
2. Garden items; glowing fence set, bird feeder, rain gauge, hose guider, seeding pot, squirrel baffle, plant hybernating cover, etc. 3. Kitchen items; tissue clamp holder, spicy dispenser, spice grinder, tableware drying rack, dumpling maker, cookie cutters, food preserver, cream stencil, fruit & mushroom slicer, salad spinner, etc. 4. Bathroom item; hair shaving support, facial hair remover, tile cleaning scrub, 3/4 tier corner rack, bath sealant, towel rack, flash/shower guard, suction hair trap, sucktion hook, shwer squeegee, back brush, bathtube chair, hair shampooing tray, etc. 5. Health & Care items; snore stopper, toe seperator/jamming, figner cover, heel cushion, foot cushion, magnetic insole, pedicure set, toe insole, bra strap cushion, toe straightener, tubular bandage, physiotherapy foot teeter, disposable dental hygiene set, etc. 6. Household items; drawer organizer, valance pleater, laundry ball, expandable curtain rod, make-up cotton pad dispenser, paint spout, zig-zag parting comb, dust cleaner, hair spray mask, car dent puller, clothes drying bar, window anti-UV film, foldable water tank, etc. 7. Stationery items; tape dispenser, scissor sharpener, battery case, pencil holder, moveable blackboard, hand writing helper, magazine holder, etc. 8. Pet items; dog/kitty comb, dog playing ball, excrement collector, food measuring cup, water feeder, etc.
WE also offer series of metal frame furniture, including office work station and home living stands!

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