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Company: Designs on Beauty Ltd
Address: ABCare House
Zipcode: DH8 7NU
City: Consett
Country: UK
Tel: +44 207 591099
Fax: +44 207 591098

Designs on Beauty is a young innovative and dynamic cosmetics company that specialises in budget priced, premium quality colour cosmetics, facial make-up products and beauty tools. With several unique product ranges, Designs on Beauty supplies products for women of all ages who have designs on beauty. As well as our year-round cosmetic ranges, our portfolio also offers a range of over 200 gift items for the Christmas sales period.

We are currently seeking distribution partners throughout Europe to represent us in their countries. Our management team is highly skilled, with over fifty years of collective experience within the cosmetics and beauty accessories industry. It is dedicated to providing excellent value quality products promptly to our customers.

Our centrally located warehouse means that Designs on Beauty is ideally situated to guarantee prompt despatch of our products to our customers throughout Europe, and our experienced logistics team work hard to ensure our customers receive a top class delivery service.

Alfie Harris
Managing Director

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