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Company: Klas oil Ltd.
Address: Karapelit/Dobrich - Bulgaria
Zipcode: 9300
City: Dobrich
Country: Bulgaria
Tel: 00359896660873
Fax: 0035957142564
url: http://www.klasbiodiesel.com

The company "Klas Oil" Ltd. has been a leading one in the food industry for ten years and it has enjoyed a great popularity at the Bulgarian market. The perfect combination of natural resources and contemporary technologies have been incorporated in the production complex "Klas" located right in the heart of "Golden Dobrudja".

There is an oil production factory working in the complex and since 13/07/2006 "Klas Oil" Ltd. has been produceing bio-diesel and it has become the first producer in Bulgaria possessing a license for production, sale and export of Bio-diesel with trade mark "Klass Biodiesel". The Bio-diesel offers the world a possibilaty to enjoy all the advantages resulting from the use of powerful sorce of energy, without worrying about the ecological conseqences. The European standards serve as the basis of all the facilities built, equiped and operating in the complex "Klas Oil"

The successfull production and sale of "Klas Oil" Ltd. products been warranted by the 35-year expirience of the owner in the oil extracting industry, by the good management, structure and organization. The success achieved, the confidence gained and the solid position at the Bulgarian market oblige the management of "Klas Oil" Ltd. to continue working loyally with its partners and consumers.

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