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Company: Krishna exports
Address: 120 shiv nagar-II murlipura scheme near narmada hospital
Zipcode: 302013
City: jaipur
Country: India
Tel: +91 9314622044

Krishna Exports. established in 2004, a two years old company promoting trade across the world through it's expertise in web based niche-marketing strategy, which has established a landmark in the history of the company. Today the company is marketing for their products and services. A recognized name bearing global reputation belongs to a team of young entrepreneurs who are dedicated to create the best. Being among the pioneers in trade in Rajasthan. Krishna Exports has always been prominent for the quality which it promises.

Today the company has various divisions to handle it's operation since 2004 the team of Krishna Exports focused all it's concentration on manufacturing and promoting Wooden Sculptures, Copper Statues, Brass Statues, Bell Metal Sculptures , Tribal Art Sculptures, Neem Wood , Marble Statues Sculptures , Jewelry Sets, Necklaces, Pendants, Bangles, Earrings, Bracelets, Rings, Pearl Jewelry, Coconut Wood Jewelry, Eastern Tribal Jewelry, Terracotta Jewelry, Designer Bags, Embroidery Handbags, Applique Handbags, Cane Craft Handbags, Wooden Decoratives, Buddhist Art, Brass Decoratives, Cushion Covers, Bamboo Decorations, Leather Goods, Wrought Iron Products, Papier Mache Products, Rajasthani Dolls, Bidri Art Decorative, Wallnut Wood decoratives, Cane Decoratives, White Metal Products, Wood Lacquer Product, Coconut Wood Decoratives, Fusion Art Decoratives, Leather Keyrings, Leather Products, Wood Carved Decoratives, Ceramic Decoratives, Block Print Bed Spreads, Batik Bed Spreads, Embroidery Bed Spreads, Block Print Bedsheet, Glass Paintings, Madhubani Paintings, Miniature Paintings, Tribal Paintings, Warli Paintings, Phad Paintings, Thangka Paintings, Patachitra, Contemporary Indian Art, Batik Paintings, kalamkari Paintings, Classical Painting, Gujrati Wall Hangings, Gujrati Runners, Embroidery Wall Hangings, Applique Wallhangings, Goat Leather Wallhangings , Rajasthani Wallhangings, Ceramic Product hangings, Brass Wares , Christmas range, Office Stationary, Bathroom Accessories , Cutlery , Handmade Notepads, Camel Leather Diary, Ceramic Pottery , Brass Candle Holder, Rajasthani Furniture, Eco Friendly Furniture, Bidri Art Box, Brass Inlaid Decorative Box, Wallnut Decorative Box, Leather Boxes, Wood Carved Box, Brass Inlaid Wooden picture Frame, Camel Leather Photo Album , Leather Photo Frames , Ceramic Photo Frames, Footwear, Pearl Watches, Terracotta Watches, Applique Lampshades, Goat Leather Lampshades, Brass inlaid Wooden Lampshades, Wallnut Wood Lamps, Coconut Wood Lamps, Yantras, Crystal Items, Rudraksha, Spritual Items are the business interests of the Krishna Exports.

Diversified and stretched in global area. The company adopted practical measures to contribute not only to market it's own products but also taken a lead to promote other companies also taking the advantage of equipped with latest technologies and contributed their share towards nation building by embedding their experience in products and technology advancement in the growing stem of the economics of the nation to strengthen and vitalize it to meet the clarion of the ever increasing pace of survival. The products which were facing an eclipse in the early decades of the century, has been resurrected in the form of finest collection of artistic legacy. Krishna Exports endeavors to continue this campaign alive in order to give you the best.

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