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Company: Godakanda Herbals (Pvt) Ltd.
Address: 102, Kandy Road
City: Weveldeniya
Country: Sri Lanka
Tel: +91942760850 and +919825034534
Fax: +917926640196
url: http://www.vendolinternational.com

Having carried out a thorough research on the traditional Sri Lankan indigenous herbal preparations, Godakanda Herbals headed by Dr. Godakanda ventured into the manufacture of herbal Toothpaste using modern technology incorporating the herbal ingredients of ancient herbal preparations, which have been used over 3000 years ago.

Godakanda Herbals (Pvt) Ltd., was established as the manufacturing arm of Vendol Lanka Co. (Pvt) Ltd., which had been manufacturing and distributing herbal products under the brand name of VENDOL since 1982.

We have modern machineries and experienced staff to produce quality products in large scale. We are ISO 9002;2002

VENDOL toothpaste is an ideal combination of traditional and modern ingredients - rare herbs and conventional additives to make a unique toothpaste which has no parallel in the world. In fact herbs used in toothpaste alone provides complete oral hygiene but to make this formulation acceptable, the additives are used which add a touch of modernity.

VENDOL TOOTHPASTE provides complete ORAL HYGIENE FOMULATION for TEETH and GUM and prevents BAD ODOUR with help of extract of 18 HERBS MIXED IN GINGELY OIL.

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