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Company: M/s. Kingfisher Twines & Ropes
Address: 2, Ajanta Apartments, 75,SBS Road, Colaba bus station
Zipcode: 400005
City: Mumbai
Country: India
Tel: +91-22-22182993/22187420
Fax: +91-22-22161378 , +91-22-22187532

KINGFISHER TWINES & ROPES is one of the leading manufacturer exporter from India of PP (Polypropylene) ropes, (High Density Polyethylene) monofilament ropes, and Polypropylene baler twine & all other types of twines for fishing & industrial applications, Cotton & other natural fibres.

Our products are well accepted in various overseas markets.

Narweker Group of Industries Head Office located at Mumbai (India), Established in 1928, as M/S M. N. Narweker & Co., being the parent company. The group is engaged in, Twines; Ropes & Net making activities, engineering activity, Agricultural, Horticultural & Hoteling activity. Way back in 1928 started with manufacturing twines, ropes & nets out of hemp, jute, & cotton then went on adding polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon, polyester, Teflon, acrylic & the combination of these for making ropes , twines,& nets. Special purpose nets, in however small quantities, also interests us. Innovative application of Nets in any industry/use; is accomplished taking it up as a challenge.

Major Applications of our Products
·Fisheries - Winch ropes, Head and Foot ropes, Anchor ropes, Fishing twines, long lines etc.
·Engineering & Construction Industry - For Material handling as slings.
·Transport Industry - On trucks for tying and securing the load.
·Shipping Industry - For Towing and Mooring of small vessels.
·Stevedores - As cargo net and slings for loading and unloading the cargo.
·Electricity Boards - For Line Stringing and Tower Erection. Spiral wrap twines.
·Telephone Departments - for cable pulling and laying application.
·Sugar Factories - As Slings for loading and unloading of sugar cane and also Bag closing threads.
·Fertilizer - Bag closing thread.
·Agriculture - Baler twine, Bag closing, agriculture nettings, Tea bag threads, fruit plucking nets.
·Sports - Nets, jumping pits, Ball carrying nets, Barrier nets, Kite strings, Ski ropes
·Pets - Cat’s playing thread, Canine ropes.
·Household - Clothesline, Scotchline, General purpose line, tying thread, wrapping thread.

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