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Company: Mid-West Textile Co.
Address: 1600 E. San Antonio
Zipcode: 79901
City: El Paso
Country: USA
Tel: 915 533 9811
Fax: 915 542 0747
url: http://www.midwest-textile.com

Mid-West Textile Co. in El Paso, Texas, USA, is the largest North American graders and sorter of recycled used and credential clothing.

Our 400 workers ensure that the quality and product you require are sorted to your satisfaction. We export our product in both large and small compressed bales of (450 kgs to 45 kgs), and also boxes of (22kgs to 10 kgs). We sellto both the wholesale and retail markets, and our staff is always available to serve you.

Our customer base has slowly expanded over the last 24 years, and we are particularily interested in increasing our presence in Eastern Europe and the Middle Eastern markets. We look forward to hearing from you.

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