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Company: Amon Gold
Address: 92 elmoez ledeen ellah alfatmy
Zipcode: 11290
City: Cairo
Country: Egypt
Tel: 20 02 7863746
Fax: 20 02 7863746

We specialize in manual old pharonic golden, diamond and silver jewelry. Our factory is one of the oldest Egyptian factories in this field , not only in Egypt but also in middle east , we inherited this industry from our ancestors and we have a great history in such works , in fact our experience exceeds half a century.

Our business is well known and we have customers from inside and outside Egypt We work manually in a way, which is no longer used in gold industry and we will on working manually without using modern machines as we inherited this hard labor from our ancestors to be always the best the greatest and the most unique in this field.

We have large numbers of clients in Arab and European countries. We are keen to deal with more countries, achieve much greater success and ambition. And in the last years we have added the handmade gifts to our products such as ( alabaster - glass - papyrus ) and much more ... just visit our site and you will see what will make you pleased. New clients are always welcome.

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