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Company: Midtronics, Inc.
Address: 7000 Monroe Street
Zipcode: 60527
City: Willowbrook, Illinois
Country: USA
Tel: 630-321-8006
Fax: 630-323-2844
url: http://www.midtronics.com

Midtronics is a 20+ year old , U.S.-headquartered company providing stationary (backup) battery testing, monitoring and associated test data management software products for the Telecommunications (fixed and mobile), CATV, Power Utility and Oil & Gas provider markets as well as for the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) manufacturer and large end user market amongst many other markets. Our products employ the patented Ohmic battery testing/monitoring technology known as Conductance. This patented testing technology differentiates Midtronics products from those of its competitors.

Our products are also typically smaller, lighter in weight and easier to set up and use than the product of our competitors. Unlike many of its competitors, Midtronics is very responsive to customer needs by developing special products to solve customer stationary battery management problems. We seek to work with end customers to help solve their battery testing/monitoring problems. We also seek to offer our product line to qualified commissioned sales agents and stocking products distriburors, world-wide.

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