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Company: Pannext fittings corporation
Address: 8989 westheimer suite226
Zipcode: 77063
City: Houston Texas
Country: USA
Tel: 713-785-8866 ext111
Fax: 713-785-8855
url: http://www.pannext.comemail:

Pannext was established in 1993 in Houston Texas , We have a manufacture in China that produces malleable iron pipe fittings and bronze fittings. We are one of the biggest pipe fittings manufactures and exporters in China. Our products are know for its smooth finish and dependability have a solid sales record in the United States. Our manufacture facility is about forty thousand square feet.

We have over seven hundred staff members who are devoted to produce the best quality and durable products. Our products meet the standards-and the quality expectations for the European market. We have the UL and the ISO Certificates pipe fittings list includes Bushing, Cap, Couplingd, Crosses, Elbow45, Elbow90, Extention piece, Floor flange, Locknut, Nipple, Plugs, Reducing coupling, Reducing elbow, Reducing Tee2, Tee3, Service tee, Elbows45, Street elbow90, Tees and Union. Our manufacture could produce the pipe fittings for your specification to meet your needs.

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