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Company: Peiyork Int'l Co., Inc./Hongfa Embroidery Co. Ltd.
Address: No.6, Chunhui West Rd., Xishan Ind. District
Zipcode: 214102
City: Wuxi City, Jiangsu province
Country: China
Tel: +086-510-88262668
Fax: +086-510-88260878

Peiyork International started embroidery business in 1982. Reliability, fast delivery, superior service, and top quality have been the main reasons that keep our business growing. In 1997, our production facility was relocated from Taiwan to Dong-Guan, China, known as Hongta Embroidery Manufactory. In 2002, our second plant (Hongfa Embroidery Co., Ltd.) was established in Wuxi, China to serve more customers and provide faster delivery.

Our sales/accounting office is located in San Diego, United States, providing full services for customers worldwide, including quotation, design consultation, order processing, payments, shipment arrangement, etc. We’ll arrange preproduction samples and all shipments to be shipped from China to you directly.

We make all kinds of embroidered patches, embroidered badges, and embroidered appliques, embroidered wristbnads, transfer letters, letter appliques, for many different purposes, such as corporation ID, promotions, schools, police, military, girl scouts, boy scouts, uniforms, fashion apparel, licensed products, etc. Most of them are custom-made to meet each client’s individual needs.For your convenience, we offer several different payment options: T/T, Paypal, and credit card.

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