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Company: Industrias Aguayo
Address: Av. Independencia 1813
Zipcode: 000001
City: Santo Domingo
Country: Dominican Republic
Tel: 809-533-3161
Fax: 809-533-5755

Industrias Aguayo is the largest manufacturer of handmade cement tiles (also known as encaustic tiles) in the Dominican Republic. Since 1948 we've been producing high quality tiles for residential and commercial applications, with major projects including the restoration of historical sites in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, and a wide variety of hotels, restaurants and shops in the United States, Jamaica and The Bahamas.

Our cement tiles (baldosa hidrŠulica in Spanish and carreaux en ciment in French) are manufactured with white cement, gray cement, marble dust and mineral pigments of the highest quality. We currently have more than 50 colors available and over 60 different designs with new designs being introduce constantly. Many of the designs are new, but the majority are exact reproductions of designs from the Modernist era in the beginning of the 20th century. We can also develop custom colors and create custom designs.

We are currently seeking for distributors for our cement tiles, as well as for other products, in Europe and South America.

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