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Company: Midtronics, Inc.
Address: 7000 Monroe Street
Zipcode: 60527
City: Willowbrook
Country: USA
Tel: 630-323-2800
Fax: 630-323-2844
url: www.midtronics.com

Midtronics, Inc. manufactures a full line of hand-held, industrial battery Conductance testing equipment and battery health diagnostic products as well as full-time battery health monitoring equipment and monitoring services. We also provide software applications to manage battery test data effectively. Our products can be use to test/monitor all types of batteries including VRLA and wet (flooded) cell batteries.

These products are used for telecommunications, CATV, Power Utility, UPS and many other battery testing/monitoring applications. Seminars on battery maintenance and testing are also available. Midtronics, Inc. also manufactures automotive battery testing equipment, battery health monitors and battery chargers with battery diagnostic capabilities. We are a Global leader in industrial and automotive battery testing, monitoring and charging.

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