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Company: Lord
Address: Amreya Public Free-Zone
City: Alexandria
Country: Egypt
Tel: +2034482449
Fax: +2034487232
url: http://www.lordshave.com

LORD's launch dates back to 1930, upon the foundation of the first blades mechanized factory in the Middle-East region, currently engaged in the manufacturing of a full range of Wet-Shaving systems. LORD is at present considered as one of the six major market players, delivering its products at highly competitive rates, implementing a punctual delivery services, and quick responsiveness, without trading off between the price and the quality of our products, based on the perfectionism of more than 2200 employees in its facilities.

LORD is continuously investing in the quality researches and development, proven by the Bureau Veritas ISO 9001, & 14001 certifications for its internationally recognized range of products. LORD upholds a wide flexible spectrum of products for both sex, including traditional double edge blades, single, twin and triple blades disposable razors, twin and triple blades systems, in addition to the related shaving and face care focused cosmetics products.

LORD is at this time exporting its diversified range of products to more than 75 different countries around the globe, due to the interaction of the previously summarized factors over LORD's 75 years track record, and to Egypt's geographical location at the crossroads of the African and the Asian continents.

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