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Company: Binary resource (UK) Ltd
Address: Lombard House, 12 - 17 Upper Bridge Street
Zipcode: CT1 2NF
City: Canterbury
Country: UK
Tel: Europe +33 321.86.76.17 - UK Toll Free 0800 404 9282
Fax: Europe +33 321.86.76.68 - UK Toll Free 0800 404 9286

Binary Resource (UK) Ltd. is a UK-based and registered subsidiary of Binary Research International Inc. (BRI) which is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.
Company History
BRI evolved from Binary Research Ltd., the New Zealand company which created the world’s first PC Cloning software, Ghost. BRI was formed in order to better market Ghost in the USA, a strategy which culminated in the sale of Ghost to Symantec Corporation. For a time, Ghost’s name was changed to Norton Ghost and it is now known as Symantec Ghost. BRI continues to sell Symantec products within North America and has also taken a number of other products to Market in the States, including
3am Labs’, Remotely Anywhere (Hungarian)Spinnaker Software’s, NewsClipper (American… OpenSource)Inzone Software’s, Click-to-Convert (New Zealand)Arcadian Software’s, Win Squared (Win2) (American)Marshal Software’s, WebMarshal (New Zealand)Marshal Software’s, MailMarshal (New Zealand)
BRI and BR(UK) have, together, built a worldwide Reseller and Distribution network for various other software products, including their current offerings;
Big Bang Software’s, Universal Imaging Utility (UIU)Sprite Software’s, Sprite CloneSkunkLabs Software’s, Liquid Media

Our Solutions and Services
The Universal Imaging Utility (UIU) is a unique software utility that works hand-in-hand with your existing Windows disk-Imaging software, allowing you to create a single master Image, which can be easily deployed onto any Windows 2000 or XP desktop or laptop in your organisation. UIU is the only software on the market that enhances your existing disk-Imaging tool to provide fast and successful multiple-Image deployment while dramatically decreasing your IT Imaging costs.

UIU works by setting up your "master" computer so that the Image that is subsequently created from it (using your favourite cloning application) can be deployed smoothly and reliably to multiple hardware platforms. It is ideal for new Image-deployments, software and operating system upgrades, Windows security updates and new system builds, just to mention a few.

Liquid Media is a powerful Windows-based program that allows its Users to create complex interactive Multimedia Presentations. It’s intuitive interface and in-depth documentation, along with the fact that you can import and enhance existing PowerPoint Presentations yet work in a non-linear manner (enabling the Presenter to have total control in a Live environment) makes Liquid Media the obvious choice for those who want to create stunning Presentations without a huge learning curve or vast expenditure of money. Liquid Media was featured on Dave Graveline's “Into Tomorrow” Radio Broadcast. A greatly-enhanced version of Liquid Media is expected to be released during 2006.

BRI/Binary Resource has also developed (and delivers, using its own team of certificated Trainers, plus Training Partners) Ghost Training Courses, both for itself and for Symantec Corporation. To-date these courses have been conducted from BRI’s and Big Bang Software’s own Milwaukee-based facilities, Labs across the USA and on-site, throughout the United States, with several courses having also been delivered in the UK. Training has recently also been developed for Symantec AntiVirus (SAV).

A team of BRI Ghost Specialists is also available to help organizations (worldwide) assess their Ghost needs and, if necessary, assist with installations.

Primary Contact Information
In 2002, to help coordinate operations related to all of the above, Geoff McIntosh (formerly of Binary Research Ltd. and still President of Binary Research International Inc.) formed Binary Resource (UK) Ltd., of which he is Managing Director. Binary Resource (UK) Ltd. should be the first stop for all UK and European questions about the above products and services and we also welcome Reseller, Sub-Distributor and OEM enquiries.

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