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Company: Foreign Trade Linker
Address: M-13,Trade avenue,I.I Chundirigar Road
Zipcode: 07755
City: Karachi
Country: Pakistan
Tel: +92215400940
Fax: +92215390370
url: -

We are the exporters and growers of fresh fruits and vegetables in Pakistan. We can provide you best quality of fruits with european standard packing on reasonable rates. We exports huge quantity of fresh fruits like Apples, grapes, Oranges, Mangoes etc and vegetables like Cucumber, Potatoes, Onions, Lady finger and Tomatoes etc yearly all over the world. We also export salt and rice to many countries.Now a days we are doing export of oranges/Kinnow.We have our own farm and processing plant of oranges. We are providing oranges in carton or in wooden packing.If u want to do trust ful and good business with us please contact us.
Brand name - suns shine
Season of kinnow - november to april (8Kg,10Kg,13Kg carton or wooden box)
Season of mangoes - may to september (As per requirement of buyer)
Season of apples - june to december (Packing - 10kg or 20kg or as per requirement of buyer)
Season of grapes - august to november (Packing - 2KG per carton)

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