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Company: MA International
Address: 109/112, Adamjee Nagar, block A
Zipcode: 75350
City: Karachi
Country: Pakistan
Tel: 4539021
Fax: 4539021

I would like to introduce my self as the buying agent of Knits and Woven garments. We are based in Karachi, Pakistan. We have several years of experience in developing and producing quality garments. We have worked for and are working with several importers in U.S.A. who in turn are suppling our goods to big stores like Target, Walmart, JC Penny, Kohls, Rue 21, Nordstrom, etc. In Europe, we have worked for small importers and small volumes compared to U.S.A. We would like to increase our customer base and volume in Europe and at the same time catering to our customers in U.S.A. by providing them development support and quality products. Our staff is very well equipped to face the challenges development and production. Besides, our strength also lies in our manufacturing concerns which we represent. All of them are very responsible with respect to quality and timely delivery. We also believe that a product without one of the above (quality and timely delivery) doesnot conform to quality standards.

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