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Company: Bestretch Elastomers International Limited
Address: 4th Floor, Amar Avinash Corporate Plaza, Plot No. D-2, Bund Garden Road
Zipcode: 411001
City: Pune
Country: India
Tel: +91-20-56056072
Fax: +91-20-56024240

Bestretch is a leading manufacturer and exporter of ELASTIC RUBBER TAPES used in the following applications;
1) APPAREL - Legs, Waist of Underwear, Swimwear, Sportswear (Sports Bra, Boxer Shorts, Track Pants)
2) HOME TEXTILE - Fitted Bed Sheets, Ironing board covers
3) MEDICAL - Tourniquets, Esmarch Bandages, Rubber Sheets
4) DISPOSABLES - Elastic Rubber for use in Vacuum Bag, Disposable Apparel, Face Masks etc
5) OTHERS - Elastic rubber for use in Luggage pockets, Car seat covers, toilet seat covers, car covers etc We are ISO 9001 and OEKOTEX certified. We manufacture LATEX & LATEX FREE Elastic rubber tape as follows;
1) Widths - 1.5mm to 950mm 2) Thickness - 0.25mm to 1mm 3) Colors - Standard colors are White, Black. Any other on special order basis 5) Surface Coating - Talc or Silicon Coated

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