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Company: Deestone International Co., Ltd
Address: 4 Moo 7 Banglane-Kohrat rd
Zipcode: 73130
City: Nakornpathom
Country: Thailand
Tel: 034-234-799
Fax: 034-234-800

DEESTONE INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LIMTED commenced operations in 1995 amid attractive signs of fantastic success and rapid expansion in the future. From the very start of producing bicycle tyres, we were just a small part of the renowned Deestone Limited, one of the biggest tyres & tubes manufacturers in Thailand.

With over 10 years of experience, we have been expanding tremendously in terms of sales, thus providing us with considerably opportunities to set up our own enterprise in 1994. We are now having good chance to advance and diversify our product ranges to include every categories of bicycle tyres & tubes. Our extensive portfolio of brands encompasses the well-known Deestone and Deerubber, which have been enjoying wide and increasing popularity and rapidly rising sales, both in Thailand and overseas markets which currently include the EU and the US.

Along with our ambitious growth, the new facility in Banglane, Nakornpathom now comprises over 1,400 factorys and office staff members. As part of our ongoing effort to develop and improve the quality of our human resources, we have been training our workers and staff member regularly in various aspects of the industry. This effort means nothing but only to be able to serve our customers the best service. In addition to very competitive prices and top-of-the-line services, one of the key factors contributing to our magnificent achievements in our strong emphasis on quality and quality control.

Our bicycle tyres and tubes are meticulously produced from the best raw materials to ensure the greatest resistance to wear and tear, the best traction and effective heat resistance, resulting in much longer durability, greater safety and smoother ride. They come in various sizes and different patterns and designs, giviing you great variety of choices depending on the type of your bicycles.

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