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Company: Qingdao Wellrun Sourcing Ltd
Address: No. 9 Zhanzhou II Road
Zipcode: 266071
City: Qingdao
Country: China
Tel: +86 532 85764209
Fax: +86 532 85739647
url: http://www.wellrun.cn

Sourcing Furniture for you in China.When Mr. Ted Qi ,GM of Qingdao Wellrun Sourcing Ltd.,working in a furniture giant company in Europe, he travelled to a lot of countries, i.e. Europe, American ,Japan, and so on. He knows there're many furniture importers who needs the best furniture with best price and best service but unfortunately not easily to find a suitable business partner here in China. Eventhough China is becoming the biggest factory in the World, It's even more difficult for the importers to have a right business cooperator here in China since it's not easy to handle the business with too many qualified and unqualified manufacturers and to travel so far to the countryside.

Qingdao Wellrun Sourcing Ltd., as a trading company, is set up from Year 2001.It targets to help importers of EU, USA, Japan, etc. buy qualified furniture from China with best service.

Except OEM,we've designed many furniture.More and more new products are showing and shall be showed in our homepage.Today we have a wide product range for our customers in different market.Our main products are bentwood furniture,solid pine furniture,solid birch furniture,solid oak furniture and other solid wood furniture.

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