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Company: Oriensea Intl.
Address: Jan Van Galen straat
Zipcode: 1051 KM
City: Amsterdam
Country: Netherlands
Tel: +31-6-28947147
Fax: +31-29-4257006

Oriensea is a high standard SEAFOOD company importing a wide selection of seafood products from Myanmar, Thailand and India. Our high quality products are based primarily on sea catch with it's known taste and quality. We do, however, import aqua culture prawns as well. Due to our unique connections in India we are dealing only with the top processing factories in the country .We have a joint venture with one of the most established companies in India . In Myanmar and Thailand we are working only with the highest quality factories.

We have the ability to find the best combination of price and quality for each of our customers, adapted to his own clients. Our sources are reliable and strictly comply with high international standards of quality control (HACCP ,ISO 9002 ,BRC). We guarantee the quality to your door.

Efficiency, timing and service are of utmost importance to us. We will be happy to make an appointment, at a place of your convenience, to enable you to see, test and taste our samples, Examine our prices and then decide.

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