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Company: Acme Engineering s.r.l.
Address: Via L. nobili, 2
Zipcode: 61032
City: Fano (PU)
Country: Italy
Tel: +39 0721 862811
Fax: +39 0721 820182

Acme Engineering srl is a companie that have for years a great passion for sculpture and art in general, notably for the ancient works of art arising from far eras which represent our historical and artistic heritage. In time, this passion has created a considerable collection of articles and sculptures, which we reproduce with the same charming patina that time has given to the original ones, by using procedures that we conceive and jealously preserve.

The articles we create undergo different phases which include the study of shapes and sizes, the selection of the materials and the feasible design; all these phases are supervised by our architects who commit the execution to skilful Master sculptores, inlayers, engravers of the century-old "Scuola Fiorentina".

The knowledge of charming secrets of the ancient "artistic and crafts traditions" from Tuscany, allows us to offer our customers the chance to duplicate any object, by using different materials such as marble and various stones, reconstructed Carrara marble, lost-wax bronze, "Impruneta" bricks. However, our reproduction techniques are in constant development just as the attentive search for alternative materials; this allows us to plan and create interior and exterior fittings, floorings and sheathings using different materials with exclusive inlayed designs and many other products, at definitely competitive costs.

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