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Company: Hal & Hal Llc.
Address: Kolibri str. 10/d
Zipcode: 1173
City: Budapest
Country: Hungary
Tel: + 36 20 333 99 64
Fax: + 36 1 257 54 78
url: http://www.ruoma.com

Hal & Hal Llc. was established in 1996. We are an intermediary agent acting on behalf of our partners - mainly Hungarian, partially other Eastern-European enterprises. We only promote unique products/inventions that are currently in the initial phase of their business/trade life. Therefore our main task is to let the World realize that eventually they are born. Herebelow you may find a short description of our "diamonds" as follows;

1. Thermo-Press PVC bottle shrinking household appliance: shrinks all types of plastic bottles to 12% of their original shape in 20 seconds. The volume of household garbage is drastically reduced. An eco-friendly product.
2. Prince-Europe Classic 21, entirely hand-made wooden powerboat; the Rolls-Royce of Boats. Manufactured of precious wood, equipped with VOLVO engine
3. DreamPower fuel additive; reduce fuel consumption by 12-18%, reduct harmful emission, increase lifespan of engine. Recommended dilution 1 ; 1.000. Good for ALL kinds of engines (petrol-gasoline, Diesel, gas)
4. Budafilter water well drilling system: a technology completely based on PVC spare parts & elements. Special patented product; wire wound screen.
5. ECOTRON scrap tyre processing equipment; a revolutionary eco-friendly technology. No pollution. All end-products are of high value.
6. Puzzles for promotional purposes; any type & size & form & pattern & colour jigsaw produced according to the requirements of the customer.

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